What is meditation?

Meditation is prayer before the kabal took the heart from it. Meditation is sacred ritual before it became outlawed as wicca and wicked. Meditation is being one with nature before we were plugged in to the 3d matrix. Meditation is being still, at peace, present and connected. 

We meditate when we walk in nature. We meditate when we colour in. We meditate when we dance, free and connected to the music. We meditate when we quieten our ego and hear our soul. We already do it. By stepping out of the matrix, into our bubble of present we are tuning our cellular frequency to the universal vibration of love. 

When we hug a loved one we are raising our vibrations to the love wavelength. When we laugh we are releasing denser energy, lightening our energetic load. When we make love we are embracing the universal flow of love. When we smell a child’s hair we are fully present, mindful and grateful. 

The emotion, the vibration of gratitude, like love, can connect us to the higher dimensions, by its very nature it is present, graceful and humble.

By sitting still, closing our eyes, comfortable though preferably with the chakras open, lying down is good for some people, we choose to connect, to meditate. 

Using our breath we can raise the vibrations of our cellular system in turn raising the energetic frequency of our whole being. This enables us to tune in, like a tuning fork, to different wavelengths of energy. 

The matrix manipulates us into breathing in a very shallow way, barely into our throat. When people experience panic and anxiety they are told to breathe into a paper bag. This is because it slows our breathing down, helping us to reach a calmer place. This inner equilibrium is the space of meditation. Using long deep breaths we can calm our system down and raise our frequency.

Our ego (you know…that annoying voice that goes on and on in your head) faced with this calm stillness can freak out. This lessens the more you meditate as the ego is programmed to fear anything it doesn’t know, so familiarity calms it. The ego also fears this stillness as it is trained by the matrix to be ‘doing’ not meditating.  We are to obey, conform, work, rest and play. Not connect to the universal love vibrations of the multi verse. 

The ego will continue to pop thoughts of doom and gloom, fear, insecurities, anxieties and stresses into our mind, breathe these out. Reassure our ego, by giving it a hug, encouraging it to quieten down and have a rest, everything is easy.

Inhale love, peace, calm and positivity, as you exhale release tension, stress, anxiety and fear. Repeating a Mantra like: ‘I breathe in love, I release tension and doubt’ can help focus our intention, clear fear and connect us to a more expansive perspective. 

The space we enter through breath and calming our system is meditation. Reaching a state where your ego is quiet, your body is connected and your mind is open. Where we go from there is entirely up to us. Deep relaxation, chakra balancing, guided healing visualisations, higher self and guide meetings…the multi verse is our oyster.

We can ask our guides for love and protection, for healing and guidance for loved ones. We can send healing heart led love energy to people and places. We can anchor our light to the Gaia grid. We can float on a cloud in a rainbow chakra shower.

Meditation is one of the keys to awakening, transition, alignment and eventually ascension. Meditation enables us to detox from the system, to expand our hearts and our minds, release stuck karma and grow as spiritual beings. 

Meditation is the jedi tool to awakening the force within us. Embrace it, harness it and own it, making it a part of you. A key to evolutionary growth, wisdom and enlightenment and in a practical sense a brilliant way to manage stress, anxiety and tension. Can I get an Ommmm up in here! Ommmmmmm!.

Namaste _/\_.


Cosmic Call Centres – How to Dial them Using a Crystal Pendulum

Much like Harry Potter when his wand chose him, a crystal pendulum will choose you.  When you look at them, note the crystal -is it quartz, amethyst, jade or any other type of crystal?  It’s good to know some basics about crystals and the healing properties they have, but if you don’t, it’s ok because your crystal will pick you anyway!  You will be drawn to it.  It will feel comfortable in your hand.  You will stare at it a lot.  This is your crystal. Fabulous! So…what do you do with it?

Pendulum crystals can be used in different ways to aid healing, self discovery and growth and clairvoyance or channelling. When you ask a pendulum crystal a question you are essentially dialling a cosmic callcentre.  Someone will answer and they will either speak to you themselves or patch you through to the relevant department (Healing, Guides, Ancestors).  Yes! It really is like this.

We live in a quantum multi verse where all things are possible.  Our personal experience on the 3d matrix, here on planet earth, is a dense and linear existence.  Once you start meditating, breathing into the frequencies of the universe, you raise your own vibrations.  This affects the mind body spirit system in different ways (read my article Awakening Sorting Through the Confusion for help on this). 

Our mind begins to expand, we see beyond the panopticon prison of the kabal and connect with higher dimensions.  This frees our soul to communicate more with guides and higher self, allows us to feel oneness, non attachment and begin to understand being connected yet simultaneously sovereign.  We step into calm, kind, still waters.  We begin to be more conscious of our bodies, how they work, how what we consume affects us, we seek moderation, cleanliness and balance.

When we have begun this awakening journey we can raise our frequencies to get through to the cosmic callcentre.  Once through it’s up to you what you would like to use the crystal for and up to them whether you are able to. For some it may take time to build up the frequencies for others it may be instant.  Either way getting to know your pendulum crystal is a fun and thrilling experience.

What are the rules for using a pendulum crystal safely?

  1. Ask for protection from your guides, higher self and ascended masters, holding the crystal by the end of the chain.  You may want to smudge the space you are working in with sage or similar, to further clear and protect the space.
  2. Breathe slow, throat, chest, stomach to help connect to higher frequencies.
  3. Explain clearly what you would like the crystal to facilitate.  For example if you are going to use the crystal to balance a client’s chakras, explain this, ask to facilitate this type of healing.
  4. Hold the crystal over each chakra and allow her to do her thing.  Sometimes she will swing left, or right, fast or slow.  You don’t need to understand why, just facilitate its healing.
  5. The crystal pendulum will also act as a phone, a direct line to higher dimensions.  It’s important to always ask for protection when you use the crystal for this, as anyone can answer a ringing phone and say whatever they choose in this dimension or any other.  Being street wise in this reality is not any different from being street wise in cyber space or higher dimensions.  They all have potential predators who can lie, manipulate and deceive you.  So always call upon your guides for protection from lower frequencies!
  6. You can speak through the crystal telepathically, you don’t need to speak out loud.  In fact it’s easier in your head. The crystal will swing one way for yes, the opposite for no (agree this with the crystal) and back and forth to indicate hesitation, not knowing or not being able to answer the question.  It will only answer yes, no or maybe questions so you have to refine your language to enable this.
  7. Crystals need to be taken care of.  Full moon rays, rock salt, water and  ground baths, will reset the crystal, clear and balance the energies.  If you use your crystals a lot it’s a good idea to store them overnight in rock salt pots, this makes them happy.

If you do breathe, protect, dial up and get through to the cosmic callcentre you will have a direct line to several beings. One of your guides will answer.  The guide who answers can change, they appear to work in shifts (!). You can get to recognise who it is just by the tone of their answers. Or you can ask.  They won’t necessarily tell you their name, this requires channelling to hear or feel the name, and also they can be hard to pin down with names.  

You will find some guides disagree with each other on their advice.  This is important to note.  We have free will, no fate is set in stone, we can change events right up to the last moment by our thought frequencies alone.  For example you may ask your crystal one day ‘am I going to find the love of my life soon?’ And it says yes.  The next day it says no.  Any number of things can have occurred to change your timeline, or you are speaking to a different guide who sees or advises a different future path for you.  Always hold the knowledge in your heart that you are a sovereign being.  You can ask for and receive guidance, but you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

When a crystal pendulum is used for guidance or as an antennae to other frequencies, for example as part of a tarot reading or shamanic healing journey, this is a direct line to the clients’ guides, ancestors and ascended masters.  Questions can be answered, guidance sought, reported and interpreted by the reader.  

However this channel can also act as a green light above the readers hyperdimensional door, a light that shines in other dimensions.  Psychic people use this wavelength to allow clients’ relatives and ancestors to communicate if they so wish.  This can be risky as the reader becomes the antennae, aided by the crystal pendulum, but it is the reader who will channel the being (I often get grandmothers and they can be emotional, pushy folk!). 

There are five simple rules for navigating these potentially hazardous channelling waters safely:

  1. Always ask for protection from your guides and your client’s guides before beginning the reading.
  2. Clear and protect the space you are working in using sage, crystals, essential oils, ritual and/or meditation.
  3. If a being comes through to answer questions ask them to identify themselves to your client either by name, symbol or trigger that will prove they are who they say they are.  This must be meaningful to the client.
  4. When you are ready to stop the connection/channelling say clearly and firmly you are going to stop, say thankyou but it is time to leave, you are hanging up.
  5. Revitalise yourself and your crystal with salt, water or a moon bath after the reading.

The cosmos is vast and fascinating, crystals seem to occupy a powerful and mysterious place in this magical multi verse.  Treat your crystal with care and respect.  Always protect yourself and your clients.  And always say thankyou. In these wild days of mass planetary awakening the cosmic callcentres are busy places! Be grateful for the support, love and guidance, channel this gratitude through your heart. 

Relax, be street wise, laugh and enjoy your connection to your guides and higher self but don’t take every thing they say as set in stone…they are just as flawed and beautiful and kooky as us. In fact in your next life you may be one of the callcentre advisors, manning the calls from freaked out hyperdimensional beings squashed into a 3d existence and wondering what they can do about it! Wishing you safe and happy cosmic healing people.


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Super Moon Mantra

As this Super Moon reveals her true magnificence set a focused intention for yourself: I will be true to myself… (you can add specific intentions for your life). Breathe in positivity. Release negativity on the exhale. The energies of this moon will continue to affect us for the next couple of days, keep your vibrations high, rest and be kind to yourself.

Mantra – The universe will give me what I need. I am safe. I am loved. Everything is easy. In gratitude, with grace and humility, I surrender to love. I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste beautiful people _/\_.


Super Moon Groove 

Super Moon doing her ting. Beautiful. The orbs are out to play as well. Embrace these cosmic waves, find your groove, go with the flow, feel good about yourself.

Super moon mantra: I step into my power, I stand my ground, I am one with the universe. _/\_. Namaste 

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11.11 portal

Today is a beautiful day people. See the wonder in the little things, turn your face to the sunlight, breathe deep (throat, chest, stomach) exhale slowly.  

This tumultuous week is almost over. Allow a wave of deep relaxation to wash over you. Feel good about yourself, who you are, what you’ve achieved, the good things you’ve given the world. When negative thoughts bubble up gently push them away, breathe them out, focus on all the positive things in your life, in our world. Let go of the past and leave the future be, breathe in the now, the present. 

Take time for yourself today. We are OK.  Release fear, hate and anger, fill the spaces with love and gratitude.  Give yourself a hug. Give a loved one a hug. Give a stranger a hug. We all have light in us, see this light in yourself.  Breathe. Connect. Heal.

As we move through today the 11.11 portal connects us to higher frequencies of the cosmos, be positive, calm and at peace. Walk away from confrontation and drama. It will all come out in the wash. 

Take time to think of the Rainbow Warriors at Standing Rock, feel strength in your core, love in your heart, solidarity in your consciousness and share this with them.

Find your groove, your energetic centre, ask to connect to the higher frequencies of fifth dimension manifestation. Believe in a future for yourself and for Gaia of abundance, unity and peace. Sharing love and light on this special day. 

Namaste beautiful people _/\_.


T Day

Either way the outcome today was going to be a strange day for humanity.  A non choice for the American people. A new timeline for humanity, reboot and rebalancing for Gaia and her passengers, this is all part of the awakening process. Let it play out, watch but avoid engaging.  Blue pill people have made their choice, red pill people our role now, more than ever, is to stay positive, be mindful and connected to help raise the frequencies on planet earth. Hold tight beautiful people as the cosmic shakedown of our planet and the ruling elite continues. Rise above the polarity, the extremism and the fear. Mantra: I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.

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Cosmic Shifts 8.11.16

Something is happening. Can you feel it? Bigger than the US pantomime elections. More powerful than global economic meltdown. Greater than the secret space programme.  Plasma waves, solar activity, super moons, Saturn changing colour…this is celestial, this change, this shift is occurring now. Upgrades, dna activation, dimensional frequency alignment. Its happening now friends. Be awake. Be in the now. Be aligned to aid this celestial cosmic wave, this quantum leap of our mind-body-soul system reboot.  Meditate one love frequency.  Much love, light and peace friends.


11.11 Standing Rock Unite

Breathe, meditate, connect and use crystals to raise the heart led love frequency, anchoring it to the light grid of the sacred soil at Standing Rock. On 11.11 at 11.11am and 11.11 pm. What an amazing idea! Check out link below.
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Cosmic Waves Update 4.11.16

Low energy, overwhelmed by crowds, trippy sense of time? Feel like if one more person mansplains to you, you might go crazy? Absolutely had it with rude people, manipulative people, competitive people and obnoxious people? Big highs, love energy and connected beauty followed by lows of ‘beam me up scottie’ emotional roller coasters? Have an overwhelming sense to ‘run for cover’? 
Well the bad news is this is how it’s going to be until we get this uber super, mega massive full moon past us. The timing of the US elections cannot be coincidence. The kabal know their celestial events. The big shake down is coming. 

We are in a strange no man’s land of waiting, dimensional slippage; cosmic upgrades causing system overload for many of us. Our mind-body-soul systems being stretched, bridging multi dimensions, existing in the matrix and higher frequencies at once. Clashing with people not on our frequency. Many people feel bombarded with information, deceit, greed and this is generating fear, confusion and anxiety. 
Waiting to know know our political fate, caught between the devil and the deep blue sea as we watch ordinary Americans torment themselves with the non choice they’ve been given. A psychopathic war monger or a psychopathic rapist? 

If you do get it together to connect meditate and be on the love frequency don’t forget to send love vibrations to the American people, and the people living the wars caused by the US military corporation. Send love to the Rainbow Warriors gathering their clans to take back their land from the oil-dollar corporate elite. 
The good news is we’ve been preparing for this all our lives. Many of us have identified being here on this planet at this time as their mission. We have the tools, the guidance and the quantum connection experience to know what to do when things get this sticky, this tense, the energy this dense. 

Allow yourself to stop, sit, and do nothing. Put off what can wait till next week. Make do with what you’ve got. Be grateful for what you’ve got. Realign in nature and get your soul tribe round to laugh and be in the now. Release programmed expectations, pressure and stress. If you’ve not got your soul tribe in your life call them, meditate and put out the call to the universe ‘bring me, show me, connect me with my soul tribe’!
This is the time of the Moderate, the rational masses who seek nothing more than a safe and healthy life. Not yachts, penthouses, fancy frocks and gold dusted power. The time of the ordinairy person. The extremes battle it out around us, we are in a war zone for our hearts, minds and souls . If we feel tired, burnt out and emotional it’s completely natural. Just being awake is being at ground zero in the middle of a huge cosmic energetic storm of light and darkness, polarity, extremes and the fear this generates. Breathe. Rest. Share love and receive love. Take a load off yourself and take it eazy.

If you’ve experienced a break up, loss or are going through profound changes in your life know this is an organic process, we are being guided by our higher selves and other compassionate beings and ascended masters. We are to learn to trust the universe. Disconnect from the persistent and relentless fear agenda of the matrix. Step out of a linear existence obsessed with chunking life up into tiny slices, each with its own expectation and pressure. Let it go. Release it. Cry. Sleep. Breathe. Meditate. Be still in your own light and shadow, be your own alchemist: combine the shadows of your life and soul with the cosmic universal love frequency to find a flow, a groove in tune with the universe. Accept the bumps along the way. It’s OK folks! This will pass. 
Love and light beautiful people.