Increased Polarity as Timelines Shift.

Whilst we may like to entertain the ideal that all of humanity will embrace quantum upgrades, raise their vibrations and move to higher frquencies along with Gaia, this is looking less and less likely. 

There is much discussion among the awakening community…what happens to the people embracing hatred, greed, fear, violence and anger? The people who spread hatred in their communities and on the global stage? The arms dealers, lizard politicians, trolls and everyday people who pepper their lives with fascism, racism, misogyny, hatred, violence, abuse and dark behaviour?

From a peace and love perspective we are all one maaan. We are all part of a whole. Yet it only takes two minutes of social media or msm to see the ugly truth. Many people are choosing the blue pill. Many continue to foster addiction to money, support violence, slander and insult their fellow humans, view themselves as superior to others, judge how people live and use language, physicality and the law to assert their power over others. 

This polarity has just taken another giant leap. As we upgrade in accordance with cosmic waves of higher frquencies we choose to embrace, integrate and recalibrate higher frequencies. Many are rejecting this. Many believe that more war, violence, inequality and abuse is exactly what they, and the planet, needs. We see this blue pill choice in others everyday. 

With each new timeline shift, each cosmic opportunity for individual growth and evolution, comes a greater separation between kind people and darker, energy vampires. Greed, hatred, vicious thoughts and behaviour corrode the soul, poison the mind and darken the heart. Karma, dark and sticky like tar, builds up round the energetic system. The more evil and cruel a person’s thoughts and feelings are the harder, darker, denser their mind body soul system becomes. 

Add to this ancestral and past life karma, this dedication to dark living can become part of the individual’s dna over many lifetimes. Not even the greatest shaman in the universe can clear these layered dark energies. The persons frequency will be dramatically weighed down, they will become stunted. Their mind body soul evolution stuck, locked down in heavy karmic energy, low vibrations.

This is a universal truth. We make our choices. We have free will. No one forces us to be abusive, violent or greedy. The fat cat bankers choose each day to rip ordinairy people off, line their own pockets and buy more rich boy toys. They may try and sanitise their choices, claim the system shapes them, demands it. Manipulative people have an agenda, their own needs, their own pleasures. This service to self falls on a frequency spectrum like everything else.

One world, one love, one people…really? To be programmed is different from these every day choices of morality. To be programmed by the matrix is to eat toxins because we don’t know any better. It is to be caught up in the lies and deceptions of the global elite and not know the truth. It is to be trapped in a matrix avatar due to cultural, economic or religious pressures. This is not service to self, this is programming. 

We can unplug, wake up, educate ourselves and change the way we think and live. Excuses don’t cut it karmically. For every person beaten and raped as a child who turns into a wife beater and rapist there are others seeking help, support and love to change their lives. Just as many people who suffer, step up to help those still suffering, as start to dish is out themselves. It is the mark of a persons true moral fibre, their code of conscience that drives their choices and actions. There are no excuses, we exist in a multi verse of infinite choices, timelines and karmic accumulation or release.

As more people wake up, unplug and tune their lives to higher frequencies the chasm between red pill and blue pill people widens. Is this the Separation written about in many of our religious texts? Will the matrix stay behind in the third dimension? Will it be populated? 

Is this Dante’s vision, circles of hell? All the greedy, violent, selfish, nasty, cruel depraved and deceitful people stuck on the karmic wheel of the third dimension, slow to evolve or progress due to their choices. Each one trapped in the circle appropriate to their darkness? Is this where we get the mythology around Ascension, Sin and Heaven and Hell?

Without negative people it’s quite easy to see that anywhere would be an improvement than sharing a planet, a reality, an existence with them. This may sound like hate, it isn’t. It’s real life. It’s rationalisation. It’s accepting the truth. Are we One, or are we divided by morality, inner soul sensibilities, choices and integrity, along a spectrum of infinite frequencies, positive and negative?

We are all programmed by our environment. This programming goes only so far. Our soul chooses. Our heart chooses. The ego may be manipluated but the soul knows it’s truth. We can all do and say horrible things, it’s what we do afterwards that shows the mark of us. Do we apologise, try and fix the problem or do we justify our actions to ourselves, ignore the beating wings of our angelic selves, that little instinct to do good?

Western society legitimises hate, glamorises wealth and greed and strips us back to a shallow shell of selfie culture. The corporate elite hiding in their castles, cutting off their own humanity, cold lizards choosing not to empathise with others. This will be their judgement. Not in a scary biblical way, in a very real quantum mechanics way. 

Energy goes where intention flows, always. Our energy is honest, it is us. The very deep inside of us. We can all get angry, fed up, jealous or fearful, it’s how we project these energies, how we transmute them in our mind body soul systems, that determines our soul imprint. 

We are all on our own path. This is true. We are all in the middle of a celestial cosmic shift as planet earth ascends to higher frquencies reclaiming her identity as Gaia. We are also being offered this opportunity. It’s what we do with it that counts.

The polarity of planet earth is being cranked up another notch. It appears there is a separation. To focus on our inner selves, creating a more holistic way of living with the natural world, is the only way to transition through this process of evolution without poisoning our own systems. 

We are all one in that we are all vibrational beings existing in a vast multi verse of learning and growth. But we are all very different in how we respond to these transitions. Be indignant, be angry, be upset at how people treat each other, at the catastrophes that seem to occur daily on planet earth in the name of greed and material wealth. Don’t let that anger corrode your soul. Know this is what makes us human, emotional responses. Practise intensive self care to clear strengthen and balance our energetic systems, releasing negative emotions. 

This war for our minds, bodies and souls rages around us. We can rise above it. We can retain serenity, integrity and compassion, release negative energies and practise kindness in our daily lives. 

These are grim times in the matrix for those of us unplugging and seeing through the veils of illusion. With each person that awakens and sees the good in their heart and practises this in their lives, we raise Gaia’s frequency. 

Limit what you engage with, choose your battles carefully, some people, they may be family or friends, are choosing the blue pill. We cannot change their minds. We cannot preach, shout or behave in a way to forcibly change them. We can only work on our own little sphere of influence. The information is all out there. The depraved practises of the elite cabal are there for anyone to find if they look. It is not our job to awaken others, to make people kind if they are cruel. We can only step away, put space between us and them, let the chasm of polarity and separation widen as a quantum and organic process. 

We can share love, receive love and be love without compromising our sovereignty or integrity. We can see without reacting. The change comes from within not outside. The world may seem to be getting worse and it is. This does not mean we give up or judge or preach, this simply means we take care of ourselves and our loved ones, we do our best for the planet and for those less well off than us. We are changing, evolving as a people, just not all of us. This is OK. Let it be. 

The transition process means we exist in all frequencies. With each pulse of our heart, vibration of our cellular system, we emit our frequency. As the process accelerates we will see less and less of the people and their actions on different frequencies. For now we are like ping pong balls bouncing up and down the spectrum seeing everything.

Trust this process. Try and manage the effects of the matrix and it’s extremism polarising the planet’s people’s. Stay centred in your belief that there can and will be a better world. Even on those days where despair and anger seem to eat you up from the inside out. Use your toolkit to raise your vibrations again. 

This is spiritual but not biblical. This is quantum mechanics not 3d reality. This is happening. No matter how negative and chaotic things get, look for the good in the world, it is there, it just doesn’t get airtime. A happy people are far harder to control than a miserable, hate fuelled, fearful society. Reality does bite, it hurts. Go inward for peace. Meditate love frequency, be kind to yourself. Allow mistakes, know that it is the willingness to change that counts. 

We are living through profound times of change, each one of us has choices to make everyday. Stay safe and calm, go with your flow and spread love vibrations. Namaste.

Mantra: I am a flawed, beautiful being, I can change my world.


Cosmic Dissonance 

Cosmic dissonance can be experienced as we transition between dimensions. There can be no illusions, on the world stage, in our own lives or in our hearts and minds. Transparency is authenticity. It takes time for our mind body soul system to catch up with itself in these high winds of cosmic shifts. Time for us to change habits, people and places to achieve greater alignment in our chakra system. This lag is where most of us are, whatever stage we are at in the unplugging, upgrade process, we are all raising our vibrations.

With accelerated karmic clear out in 2016, people have awakened and are living more authentic lives. Many of us are witnessing the power of manifestation in our lives, experiencing deeply held desires and dreams coming to fruition. 

Others are feeling a bit battered and bruised from these powerful and profound energetic winds of change. Each day passes and a new one beckons. We are all on our own pathways, grooves in time and space, interwoven in quantum dimensions. There is no judgement. 

As more people awaken, more dark karma is released, feelings of despair and depression can permeate the atmosphere. Weighing heavy on our energetic system, drawing some of us down a rabbit hole of sadness, blame, envy, pain, regret or shame. Others may be unable to shake a heavy feeling of confusion or despair. Learning to make peace with our vulnerabilities, failings and perceived mistakes is part of the recalibration process. 

Run an internal diagnostic reading, is it your despair? If you can’t think of a reason for feeling negative, you may well be empathic or a transmuter, soaking up the energies of those around you and in the energetic ambience of Gaia. 

If you can identify a reason for feeling low, work through it. Explore, understand and own the feeling and the reason for it. Look for solutions, ask your guides for help, rest and be kind to yourself. 

If you are upset by the state of the world then this too is completely understandable. The world is in a pretty bad state. But we are changing it. Look at small ways to make a difference, sign a petition, learn to cook a meal from scratch, volunteer at your local homeless shelter. We change the world by starting with our own mini world. 

Learning about holistic healing helps us by equipping us with tools to manage trickier days. Meditation is often seen as the holy grail of spiritual peace and awakening, and it is. But it’s not the only one, nature, water, quiet reflection and solitude can also bring us enlightenment and calm. 

Physical symptoms are also common as we upgrade our mind body soul system. Skin irritations, dehydration, fluctuations in appetite, disturbed sleep, heaviness of limbs, unusual headaches, irritability and tiredness. Problems managing matrix pressures and expectations, forgetfulness, spaciness, bouts of intense focus and creativity are also common. 

Floaty feelings, lightness of being, quantum experiences like flashes of light, seeing orbs or auras, premonitions and synchronicity can occur. Try to listen to your body, ask it what does it need? Reassure your ego that everything is OK. Open your heart to gratitude for the good in your life and in the world.

As we transition we become more adept at integrating the higher dimensions with the third. Don’t feel bad if you slip up, make mistakes or mess up. These are deeply challenging times, many people are checking out. If you’re still in the game you know the good that comes after the bad is released. The blissful feeling of Oneness, connected and sovereign simultaneously. 

Our guides and higher self steer us towards a flow, an energetic groove that we can lock into with daily practise. Balancing our chakras allows this free flow of energy connecting us more to our groove, our path of surrender, integration and higher frequencies. This is key to surviving dimensional transition. Yoga, meditation and nature are the best ways to encourage this free flow of energy through our mind body soul chakra system. 

Stay centred and calm, refuse to let external or internal drama dominate your day. Be kind to yourself. Manifest your dreams. Sending love and light, namaste.

Mantra: I am safe, I am calm, I am love.


New moon & Solar Eclipse Owl totem

We are coming to the peak of this new moon solar eclipse. The owl is a beautiful totem for the cosmic shifts we are experiencing. Inner wisdom, intuition and clarity, third eye activation and trusting our instincts are the owls teaching. Sight in the dark, using our inner wisdom to see through the shadows of deception. 

We are awakening beings, learning to shed our matrix avatar and step into cosmic love frequencies. We are becoming our authentic selves, releasing fear, toxins and heavy karma. Stay strong, centred and in the love frequency friends. When the high winds of quantum energy push and pull us allow the flow, embrace the energies of change. Breathe and releeeeaaaase. 

These are the beginning times, a new age of compassion, justice and equality. Freedom from matrix programming, unplugging. Who are we really? Are we a violent, vicious virus on the planet or are we an oppressed, kind, peaceful people, about to step out of the shadows and into our power? 

This is spiritual. This is cosmic. This is real and it’s happening now friends. Be like the owl, bring truth, sight and wisdom, illuminate the darkness. Embrace, upgrade and align, manifest your dreams as we surf these magical waves of transition and transformation. Much love and light beautiful people. Namaste.

Mantra: I share love, I receive love, I am love


Tune in, meditate love frequency. Breathe, throat, chest, stomach. Exhale pain and fear. Draw cosmic, healing light energy to your mind, body and spirit. Release tension and stress. Step into gratitude. Multiply the love in your life, transmute hate, welcome new beginnings. Focus intention, what do you want, need, not want? Ride fifth dimension waves of bliss, strengthen, balance and flow. Let energy do the talking, trust it. In love and light, namaste.
Mantra: I share love, I receive love, I am love. 

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Cosmic Chaos & Calm February 2017

Dimensional slippage, timeline shifts, vivid, symbolic dreams, animals behaving oddly, strange weather and random flashbacks are being stirred up by the solar eclipse and new Pisces moon in these cosmic times. We are being offered the opportunity to release some dense, sticky karma with the waves of higher frequencies coming through.

For those of us drawn to our crown chakra, escaping reality, meditation, esoteric expansion of consciousness, academia, imagination and creativity call. The danger of such a cosmic combination is not being grounded. We can be swept away on creative, fifth dimensional higher vibrations. Losing our footing, feeling dizzy or becoming disconnected. Repeating the mantra ‘I am grounded’ throughout the day will help. If you feel particularly lightheaded, floaty, unable to focus, use the mantra ‘I am moving my spirit back into my body’ to regain mind body spirit equilibrium.

For those of us who are more grounded in this dimension, who feel secure with the routines and regulations here, an activation of higher chakras, throat, third eye and crown is being offered. To access these upgrades use the mantra ‘I open my mind body soul to intuition, reflection and expanded consciousness’. Take time for yourself, for inner journeys and meditation. Quieten your mind through self care and nature, turn up the volume of your soul. Raise your vibrations to embrace cosmic waves of lighter frequencies.

Old habits, repetitive behaviours, matrix crutches masquerading as pleasures, may be holding many of us back. We are being asked to look at our behaviours, our thought patterns, our belief systems and the more structured, locked down elements of our lives. We are being encouraged to remove blockages to allow energies to flow through us. To trust the natural balance of the universe to align and balance us.

Our root chakras are being stirred up, bringing the opportunity to release older karma, maybe ancestral, maybe from this lifetime’s childhood or traumatic experiences. This will require a heightened awareness of sudden memories, vivid dreams. Be alert and aware of the language our guides use, numbers, symbols, animals, synchronicity and Deja vu.

Seeking balance between crown chakra expansion and enlightenment, third eye chakra connection to higher dimensions, and being grounded in this lifetime, mindful and present, is the holy grail we seek. To be aligned is to be connected on all levels of our system. 

As our throat chakras experience further activation we are being offered the chance to express ourselves more clearly. Humanity’s evolution rests on us finding our true voice, coming together as a people with one voice. A voice for freedom, equality and ultimately evolution.

If we are too grounded, we may miss the opportunity to expand our consciousness and change our reality through positive manifestation. If we are not grounded enough we risk injury, neglect of our bodies, stabilising routines and nourishing people in our lives. Knowing when to be present, when to release karma and when to embrace higher frequencies requires integrating a natural flow of quantum consciousness, and trusting it.  

Disconnection is a real danger for those of us struggling to be grounded. Missing out on expansion of our mind body soul systems because we are too plugged in, is the risk for very grounded people. It’s all about balance and alignment in high winds people, staying afloat as the cosmic waves of higher frequencies thrash and swell around us.

We are experiencing profound times cosmologically. We are witnessing the exposure of the elite, their darkness and their depravity. Disclosure of an intergalactic nature is also upon us. It’s all coming together in a bigger picture, as the age of Aquarius and the Aquarius full moon of this month herald. How we face these truths, exposures and disclosures, will determine our future. 

To see only a part of the picture, the elite’s greed, the intergalactic truths or the poisons of the matrix, is to limit our understanding and ability to process and integrate fully into higher frequencies. We strive for the bigger picture, the mind body soul trinity picture. Open our mind, take care of the body and get to know our soul, this is the challenge at the heart of awakening and ascension to higher dimensions of being.

I would say stay in this weekend if you can! Avoid crowds, transport, and over exposure to darker energy fields. Taking care of our energy field helps us integrate upgrades to our dna. Anything synthetic can block this process. Meditate to clear, strengthen and balance your mind body soul system before and after exposure to the matrix.

We are looking into a cosmic karmic mirror, what is holding us back? What behaviours do we hold onto that prevent us from transitioning to lighter beings? What emotional triggers are we susceptible to? What are the causes and effects? Are there emotional places we have to go to release some deep pain, traumatic energies trapped in our root and sacral chakras, possibly blocking our heart chakra? What needs to be surrendered? How can we procrastinate less and be more productive?

This is a turning point for humanity and Gaia’s evolution. Will we clear bad karma and release it, lightening ourselves to become more connected to the universal love frequencies? Can we trust there is purpose in the pandemonium, truth in the madness, authenticity spreading its wings from the chrysalis of chaos? Pain has to be released. It will pass, it always passes. Be grounded, expansive and centred friends, we’ve got stormy seas ahead, laugh and love, reflect and maybe cry, grow and believe in a better future.

Mantras: I embrace the new, I release the old. I am grounded and expansive, I am love.


Disclosure February New Moon & Solar Eclipse 

Cosmic activations upgrading our dna, accelerated through 2016, recalibrate us into lighter beings, preparing us for higher frequencies. This process is reaching a peak, a point of critical mass in February 2017. 14 months of accelerated awakening has prepared us for what is to come. 

Disclosure friends. We are closing in on some big higher frequency energetic activity. Solar eclipse propulsion, with new moon cosmic waves of awakening, will thin the veils dramatically. 

We are seeing through the illusions in our own lives and on the world stage. Truths are being exposed. Kansas is going bye bye. High winds, weird weather brings restless energy. Chaotic vibes. Choppy waters to surf on. 

We can breathe into this. We can centre and align ourselves allowing activations to flow through us. The cosmic waves are bringing more upgrades to our throat chakra. Channelled through our heart chakras we can ride these waves cocooned in love. 

Ask guides and higher self for help and guidance if faced with tricky situations. Seek their reassurance if deep emotional responses are triggered. It all has to come out in the wash. 

As our throat chakras recalibrate, come online, we shed our matrix avatars and begin to find our true selves. This authenticity activation flows through all of Gaia. Deceptions, deceit and darkness will be exposed. Be prepared to see the bigger picture. Honour the pisces new moon and the Age of Aquarius, expand our consciousness and raise our vibrational frequency.

We open our minds to new truths, new realities and new hope. We hold onto belief in a fair future on Gaia. The elite must come down, as they do their shadows will be illuminated, their dark depravity exposed. 

Filter what you read, hear and see from social media and mainstream media. Know all is happening for a reason. Know we reset the timelines in late 2016, humanity rose and changed her future. Know we are all connected, we journey through many lifetimes together. 

Open our minds to intergalactic intervention, community and guidance. Understand the multi verse is complex and convoluted, interwoven dimensions of frequencies. Gaia continues to raise her frequency to the universal vibration of love.  

Allow toxins to be released without giving into fear in your heart. Fear freezes the flow of heat, warmth compassion and love through our mind body soul system. 

Be in nature, feel her fury, her beauty and her ascension. We and Gaia will rise above the darkness of the matrix, the elite’s crumbling pyramid of power. Draw all energies and emotions through your heart, reassure your mind, all this is necessary to clear out the old and make space for the new. 

We are transitioning as a people and planet to higher dimensions. It’s bound to be a bit rocky at times! Manifest wisely and with love beautiful people.

Mantra: I am protected, I am love, I am grounded. 


February 2017 Moon Magic

Portals and stargates open, guided by the tides of the moon, creating cosmic waves, time fluctuations, dimensional magic. If we tune out our ego and tune up our chakras we can hear and feel the waves ebb and flow. Like a tide they move higher frequency energy back and forth through us and Gaia. 

2016 saw three tsunamis of mass awakening, recalibration and upgrades. As we progress through this month’s Aquarius moon we are experiencing an awakening of our authentic selves. Activated by the solar eclipse new moon our throat chakras open, thoughts challenge us, trigger us, move us forward. 

This karmic release is no less profound for being activated by gentler swells and waves, and requires self care. Proplusion of karmic release comes from the big waves, accelerating dna upgrades. We then reflect, recalibrate, integrate and consolidate. 

Meditate and listen to the frequencies around you, connect to the multi verse and know we are not alone. Seek comfort, guidance and healing from guides and higher self.  

This month’s cosmic combination of new moon and solar eclipse on 26th will herald a new way of thinking, a new perspective on a global and individual scale. Micro to macro cosm. We are riding these waves to higher consciousness friends, discovering our truths and creating our future. Namaste.

Mantra: I see my truth, I own my truth, I am my truth.

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Be the glitch in the matrix

We can all be light warriors in our own quiet ways. Smiling at strangers, being patient with our kids, taking time to look after ourselves. Slowing our lives down to take in the present, relax and just be. It’s not always about big actions of resistance, defiance, growth and expression, the smaller instances of kindness and compassion are also glitches in the matrix. Not being drones or sheeple by thinking for ourselves and taking better care of our environment goes against the programming of the matrix. 

Human spirit, human connection, human decency this is what makes us special, better than the elite want us to be. Hug yourself, hug a friend, hug a pet, hug a stranger. The baddies always underestimate the strength of the human spirit to create, survive and flourish. They are underestimating us right now. Sending love and light beautiful people.


Energy Update 14.2.17

The trinity of lunar eclipse, comet proplusion and full moon waves are deep friends. Many of us are feeling tired, restless, upset, anxious and unsettled. Headaches are common as we integrate higher frequencies. This can be interspersed with rushes of cosmic love, quantum connection to the multi verse, vivid dreams, increased synchronicity, premonitions and heightened sensitivity to other people’s energy fields.

Triggers may be spinning us out making us question what we thought we knew or pushing us to hard places of fear, grief, negative thoughts and behavior patterns. Memories flashing through our minds and hearts. Good and bad memories, random images, sounds and smells taking us back to emotional places we maybe thought we had made peace with. 

There is always more shadow work to be done, each wave penetrates deeper levels of our karma, like an onion, we release karma, layer by layer. We can get stuck on one layer, become scared or obstinate, refuse to experience, own, understand and let go. Some triggers can knock us off balance, shift our thinking, cause us to inhabit darker spaces. 

Make room for karmic release, try and not fight it. Practise mindfulness to bring you back into the now, the present. Use your breath to reconnect your spirit to your body, breathe in throat, chest, stomach and exhale. Remind your soul that we are here for a reason, to reconnect, recalibrate, realign whilst remaining grounded. Knowing we belong here, on Gaia, an integral part of this rare, cosmic, celestial awakening of a planet and her people. 

The waves are deep and powerful, each of us experiencing them in our own way. Align our chakras to balance our Mind-Body-Soul system through meditation, spiritual yoga, exercise and rest. To become lighter beings, we must let go of present, ancestral and past life karma. 

Be kind to yourself. Listen to your gut, your solar plexus, your higher self. Reassure your ego, don’t let it dominate or control your feelings or actions. Our guides and higher self are there to help us, use them. Start a dialogue with them in your head, in meditation. Listen and look for their replies in synchronicity, number sequences, dreams and your intuition. Know you are not alone.  

We are all riding these waves friends, discovering our wings, our truths. We can do this. We can surf the higher frequencies together. We can rise above polarity of existence. We can be compassionate, grateful and humble in our lives. We can regain our balance and grow with each wave. 

We are lightworkers, earth warriors, teachers, healers, creators of our own world. Manifest love even from the darkest places of your soul. Draw your energies into your heart chakra. Love is the language of the universe. Take your rightful place and be heard. Much love and light beautiful people. Namaste.