Increased Polarity as Timelines Shift.

Whilst we may like to entertain the ideal that all of humanity will embrace quantum upgrades, raise their vibrations and move to higher frquencies along with Gaia, this is looking less and less likely.  There is much discussion among the awakening community...what happens to the people embracing hatred, greed, fear, violence and anger? The people… Continue reading Increased Polarity as Timelines Shift.


Tune in, meditate love frequency. Breathe, throat, chest, stomach. Exhale pain and fear. Draw cosmic, healing light energy to your mind, body and spirit. Release tension and stress. Step into gratitude. Multiply the love in your life, transmute hate, welcome new beginnings. Focus intention, what do you want, need, not want? Ride fifth dimension waves… Continue reading


Cosmic Chaos & Calm February 2017

Dimensional slippage, timeline shifts, vivid, symbolic dreams, animals behaving oddly, strange weather and random flashbacks are being stirred up by the solar eclipse and new Pisces moon in these cosmic times. We are being offered the opportunity to release some dense, sticky karma with the waves of higher frequencies coming through. For those of us… Continue reading Cosmic Chaos & Calm February 2017


Disclosure February New Moon & Solar Eclipse 

Cosmic activations upgrading our dna, accelerated through 2016, recalibrate us into lighter beings, preparing us for higher frequencies. This process is reaching a peak, a point of critical mass in February 2017. 14 months of accelerated awakening has prepared us for what is to come.  Disclosure friends. We are closing in on some big higher… Continue reading Disclosure February New Moon & Solar Eclipse 

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Be the glitch in the matrix

We can all be light warriors in our own quiet ways. Smiling at strangers, being patient with our kids, taking time to look after ourselves. Slowing our lives down to take in the present, relax and just be. It's not always about big actions of resistance, defiance, growth and expression, the smaller instances of kindness… Continue reading Be the glitch in the matrix


Energy Update 14.2.17

The trinity of lunar eclipse, comet proplusion and full moon waves are deep friends. Many of us are feeling tired, restless, upset, anxious and unsettled. Headaches are common as we integrate higher frequencies. This can be interspersed with rushes of cosmic love, quantum connection to the multi verse, vivid dreams, increased synchronicity, premonitions and heightened… Continue reading Energy Update 14.2.17