The Ebb and Flow of Cosmic Evolution 

The universe is spiral, it’s quantum, it’s multi dimensional and possibly infinite. We are knitted into the fabric of this time space continuum. Everything is in constant fluctuation, vibrating at different frequencies, existing in different dimensions. Our karmic load, the energy we carry, can determine our frequency, where we vibrate on the grand spectrum of life, the universe and everything.

Shadow work is the name of this cosmic evolution game. Shadow work is karmic release. Shadow work is hard, challenging us to our very core. Like an onion we have layers, the deeper we go the more we clear, the lighter our mind body spirit being becomes.

Waves of higher frequencies of energy wash over us and Gaia, triggering chakra activations. Each chakra holds our hurts, traumas and truths. Kundilini light is switched on, woken up, sparked into life. As it rises through our chakra system we clear blockages, remove hard layers of emotional energy. The higher it gets towards our crown chakra the more we evolve as crystalline beings, shedding our carbon based system.

Places, music, film, smells, people can all trigger little bubbles of stuck karma to rise to the surface. How much we’re prepared to face, to feel, allow, own and release is up to us. Some layers can and will leave us in foetal position on the kitchen floor, shaking, sobbing, letting go. 

We may think we have excavated all we can from a relationship or a situation yet back we go again reliving, crying, learning, clearing and releasing. This is an ongoing process of organic evolution. 

As each wave of higher frequencies ebb and flow around and through us, we are drawn to where, who, what, we need to release. We are shown the emotional places to go to. 

Bringing our chakra system into alignment, strengthening our bodies and opening our hearts and minds is the path of growth as quantum beings. Balance reflection, meditation and karmic excavation rooted in grounding, matrix routines helps retain our equilibrium.

Allow yourself to bob on the tide of change, to float, tread water, surf, swim and sail as each wave requires. Going with the flow of energetic transition, helps us find balance in a topsy-turvy world. Breathe and release. Ebb and flow. Peace and love. Sending love and light beautiful people.

Manra: I am calm, I am safe, I am love, I move with ease through my life. Namaste.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


Transmute Hate to Love

People can hurt our feelings with a look, cruel words or behaviour. How we respond is about us not them. If you feel anger, release it, have a rant with a trusted loved one, meditate, exercise, get it out your system. 

Hate becomes dark, nasty, sticky energy in our mind body soul system. It will corrupt us from the inside out. Hate becomes bitterness. It is sour and toxic. 

We only damage ourselves by indulging it for too long. Step away quietly from the individual, create space between you. Protect yourself. To go back for more is to enable them and subjugate yourself. 

Only we can set our own boundaries of self respect, no one else. Stay tuned to love frequency despite any efforts to bring you down or make you feel low. 

Mantra: I feel hurt, I feel angry, I feel low, I release these emotions and draw in love to fill the spaces. Namaste.

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Cosmic Love Frequency

Humanity is emerging from its chrysalis of captivity. Channel your earth warrior and break the chains of convention and competition. Discover who you really are not what you’ve been told to be. 

As the world political scene implodes around us we retain our balance with good food, good people, good energy and meditation. Keep focused on your own world, everyday interactions. Smile at people, show and share love. Embrace all aspects of yourself, dark and light. Pat yourself on the back for all that you have achieved, accept failings and mistakes, grow and evolve. 

This is a beautiful planet populated by kind, loving people. Remember this. Separate the system from the people. Let go of hate, fear and anxiety. We are becoming something new, something better, lighter, connected to an intergalactic world of opportunity. Embrace this. 

We are not alone. We belong. We are an integral part of the fabric of interdimensional life. Breathe, sun bathe, moon bathe, align with nature. Be light, be love, be magic.

Mantra: I am one with universal love frequency, I connect, balance, align and bathe in love vibrations. Namaste.

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Silver Lining

This is our challenge, to see the silver lining in every storm cloud. Others can hurt, abuse, damage and traumatise us. Such events will change us forever, they don’t need to destroy us. Understanding, loving ourselves in all our vulnerable, flawed beauty helps us keep the magic inside alive. 

Mantra: I receive love, I share love, I am love. 

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Cosmic Waves of Recalibration #seetruth

The veils thin between worlds, dimensions and our perception of reality. As truth reveals itself we wake up. We begin to see with our third eye, responding to energy frequencies more and outward appearance and language less. We feel our consciousness expand, our intuition and instincts heighten as our systems transition to higher vibrations.

The systems and structures, procedures and processes of the matrix are designed to hamper our evolution. Others in our lives may be fighting this process, stubbornly sticking to their guns. Fear is a powerful motivator for rejecting change. As is religious, cultural, economic and social programming. 

The secret to surviving waking up in the matrix is spiritual engagement. Holding the palms of our hands together, closing our eyes, lengthening our breath and actively raising our vibrations in meditation. We come online, disconnect from the frequency of the matrix and connect to higher frequencies.

To unplug is to still the chatter of our ego, the voice that bombards us every day with negativity. Fuelled by everything we see around us from billboard advertising, our colleagues or congregation to music, film and particularly television. 

The pressures to conform to the matrix are immense. Subliminal and overt messages in advertising rewire our brains to the algorithms of the matrix. 

To see truth we learn to deconstruct the images, music and rhetoric surrounding us. To see truth we step away from convention locked down in racist and misogynistic programming. To see truth we look at people in our lives with new eyes, authentic eyes, our vision clears. 

Lies and liars reveal themselves. Predators and narcissists are exposed from the shadow of manipulation. Users and abusers show their true face. All masks disintegrate as cosmic waves of awakening raise our frequencies. 

Global leaders, cultural icons, TV talking heads display increasing signs of malfunction as their masks loosen, slip and slide. Their camouflage failing as the matrix is decommissioned. 

Dark workers in our lives display increasingly extreme behaviours. Aggression, violence, unpredictability and rashness triggered by confusion. They are no longer able to smooth talk or slither their way round the matrix as they used to. 

Throat chakra activation affects everyone, we see ourselves and project ourselves to the world more authentically. The layers of camouflage come off. The polarity between service to self and service to others widens. 

The great challenge we all experience is awakening within the system. We change the system from the inside out. We search for the good in the processes and procedures. The heart led people functioning in stealth mode, in banks, corporations, government, healthcare and education. We celebrate their courage and we are grateful for their comittment. 

This is a planet in transition from 3rd to 5th dimension, from lies to truth, from fear to love. We contribute to this by believing in a better world, fighting to change the spaces we exist in, sending out ripples of love frequency, no matter what or who challenges, backstabs, trips us up or attacks us. 

Each one of us has the warrior inside them, step into this power. Seek clarity of vision, activate your third eye to penetrate deception and deceit, quieten your ego with love and reassurance. Trust your intuition for it is our true sight in these stormy cosmic seas of transition. Be love, be peace, be strong beautiful people.

Mantra I am truth, I am light, I am love.


Energy waves

The energies are high friends. Meditate love frequency. Keep your vibrations raised with love, gratitude and compassion. 

Make a wish! Today is a day for manifestation, what do you want, who do you want to be, where do you want to be? Lock into these emotions, breathe into them, believe and be present. 

Balance chakras, release tension, dance, laugh, hug and share love. 

Mantra: I connect to universal love frequency, I strengthen, balance and clear each chakra, I am peace, I am quantum, I am love. Namaste.


Trolls and love frequency

When we read or hear hate spouted by those living in fear, it can be distressing. Social media trolls reveal an underbelly of racism, fascism, misogyny and aggression in our society. The aftermath of London’s false flag attack leaves a bitter taste. Every thought and action we have can be boiled down to one of two emotions – love or fear. 

People who exist in fear become defensive, aggressive, easy to manipulate and potentially harmful. 

Not giving up on this world is paramount to manifesting a safer world.  Fight fear frequency. Mainstream media penetrates our psyche with hate filled language. Switch it off. 

The chasm between the fearful and the loving is stretching wider everyday. Balancing our inner world helps us maintain equilibrium. Meditate, be mindful, step into compassion but don’t drop your energetic defenses. This planet is a war zone for our mind body and souls, know this. To rise above hate, to Zen up and be free of fear is our goal. Our frequencies determine our reality, exist in gratitude, love and compassion. 

These are challenging times friends, we must stick together and spread love vibrations as authentically as we can. Use healing therapies to release fear, practise self care, rest and recharge. 

2017 is going to shake us down to our core, our moral fibre, who and what we truly are will be revealed. Embrace this evolution of consciousness, be relieved and reassured things are changing. In meditation send healing love light to Gaia, her people and those affected by this attack. Sending love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I connect to universal healing love energy, I share this with Gaia, those in need, my family, friends and my self.


Rockefeller & false flag London 

Ding dong the witch is dead and the internet is buzzing with rumours and revelations. The death of David Rockefeller, rumoured head of the 13 families of the cabal, is a marker heralding the end of their long campaign of control. Today we see panic on the streets of London. Terrorist attack at Westminster. We are bombarded by a pantomime of fear drama, just as the internet gets flooded with investigation and illumination of who and what Rockefeller was. 

Once again they try to distract us with fear and violence just when many are about to see truth. 

Rockefeller is still the real news. His death is a quantum signpost of awakening and ultimately freedom. 

The head of the snake is dead, we make sure it doesn’t grow a new one. Keep signing petitions, demonstrating for equal rights, researching and talking about all the uncomfortable truths in this world, finding ways to change and improve things. 

Keep your vibrations high friends, the elite are mortally wounded, their ship is sinking, their hold on our world slipping, we will see more deaths, more malfunctions, more glaring inconsistencies, greed and lies revealed. 

Hold our space of love vibration, eat, sleep, breathe kindness, compassion and gratitude. Refuse to let fear take your inner peace. Life is risky, period. Keep a perspective on today’s occurrence in London. I am a Londoner and this will not curb my movements round this city or my love for it, many will feel the same. My heart goes out to those affected.

The force is getting stronger every day, channel it in your own life, connect, heal and bathe in its light. Much love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with the force and the force is one with me.


Pisces Equinox Update Recalibration of our Chakra System

Energy levels are low due to the Pisces equinox. A benchmark of recalibration for many of us, as our carbon based systems transform to a crystalline base. 

‘Junk’ dna is being activated and our cellular frequencies rise. We are being brought online with higher frequency dimensions. As each strand of dna is activated, codes set many moons ago are triggered, our systems are being rebooted. 

Locked down by the matrix we have operated in a fraction of the universe that is out there. Like mice in a maze we have been limited in our outlook, our perspective, our understanding of life, the world, the universe and our place in it. 

The matrix narrative that we are alone in the universe, apart from a mostly patriarchal domineering god figure, has prevented us from evolving organically. This is changing. After thousands of years of oppression the planet’s population is being given the opportunity to upgrade, to be brought online with quantum existence.

What this actually means for us down here at ground zero, is a whole bunch of symptoms as we recalibrate our mind-body-soul system. Click here for ’10 Signs you are experiencing a recalibration of your mind-body-soul system  this will shed light on what this process entails.

We are finding a flow, a groove with universal love frequency. Our ego, relentlessly programmed by the matrix, will badger, nag, bully and undermine our natural instincts. Our instincts are the flow, the groove. They are the connection to our guides, higher self, the universal flow of energy. This is what the matrix does not want us to connect to. 

Being plugged in, asleep, means we believe fulfilment will come from things. In a divided world where survival is paramount for some and others spend their days taking selfies, this chasm of inequality creates a negative maelstrom of energy. Recalibration asks us to switch off the fear frequency and fully integrate love frequency whichever circumstances we are in. 

The matrix disconnects us from our chakra system. It is this system that is being switched on with each upgrade of our dna. From root to crown, our 7 main chakras activate karmic release and realignment to quantum lightness of being. Our whole being, all chakra points of energy, are being triggered, switched on. How we respond to this determines our journey of ascension.

This is a tough process, we are being asked to raise our frequencies and transition within the matrix. This is challenging particularly since we are all upgrading at different rates. 

We may feel anxious that loved ones are still asleep, that they may miss a window of recalibration. We may feel frustrated that we are not transitioning as quickly as others seem to be. This pressure to compete, to compare ourselves is matrix programming. Release it. Trust the process and understand we cannot rush ours or other people’s awakening.

Fear, panic, stress, a need to always be doing or a catatonic state of procrastination will all hold us back. Listening to our bodies, trusting the moment, learning to calm our ego, our inner child, and listen to our gut and our heart is key to surviving this process.

Quietening our systems, stepping away from internal and external drama, aids the process. Tuning up our cellular frequency through healing therapies, helps us release negative energy and integrate fully these upgrades.

Breathe into this Equinox Transition. Listen to your inner voice, not the rabbiting ego, the quieter softer voice of love, reason and peace. We are reaching a crossroads, a timeline shift. Be calm and mindful. Be prepared for more changes in your relationships, job, even home. Meditate. Create. 

Channel the Piscean, swim like a fish through these cosmic waves of transition. Go with the flow. Trust your instincts. Much love beautiful people. Namaste.

Mantra: I am one with universal love light flow, healing, guiding and protecting me.


Pisces Equinox 2017

The transition from February’s rare celestial activity to this month’s calmer, deep waters has been one of integration and consolidation. Our mind body soul system has been working hard to become more fluid, ready for the deeper levels of recalibration coming our way. 

We have been influenced by the sign Pisces. This Pisces equinox, we are delving deeper into ourselves, excavating, clearing and expanding our consciousness. 

Pisces is the sign of mystery, of secrets, hidden depths and big thinking. Those of us not used to reflection, meditation, soul searching will have been pulled along by this Piscean wave of energy. 

To different degrees we have all enjoyed the opportunity to get to know and understand ourselves better. We begin to see relationships, behaviours, habits and belief systems fluctuate, change and transform.

Equinoxes signify transition, change, revelation, release of the old and embrace of the new. We can feel restless and agitated as we get closer to the equinox. The flow is where we want to be, to connect with and experience growth and dimensional shifts. 

We can feel anxious to let go of the old, comfortable places we have been and desperately excited to embrace and get to grips with the new. This can be confusing. This can make us feel a bit lost. It’s a natural process, like winter transforming to spring. 

The process of shedding, of letting go, can be uncomfortable and liberating simultabeously. The less fear we inhabit the more we will enjoy the process of change, of transition.

Be like the Piscean, open your third eye and explore other worlds. View the world with humble eyes, outside our little matrix box, stretch your consciousness towards new horizons. 

Rest your body, nourish your soul, expand your mind. Shed old skin, release old baggage, move on, step into your true self, grow and develop as a quantum being.

Equinox Transition Ceremony – all you need is a candle, some sage (or similar), paper and pen, circle of crystals is always good. 

On the day or night of the equinox, light your candle, clean your space (burn sage). Open your ceremony by sharing love with your guides, your people, yourself. Ask your guides for protection. 

Write three things you want to release, get rid of, shake off, change, let go of, on separate bits of paper. Breathe deep. Take each piece of paper and gently burn it in the flame of the candle. As you do think, feel, visualise all you can, to do with this release, why, who, what, when… Do this for each. 

Ask the universe to help you make these changes, create space for the things you want in your life. 

Take a moment, close your eyes and connect to who, what you want from the future. Take as long or as little time as you need here. 

When you are finished, thank your guides, share love with Gaia, blow out your candle and Namaste.

Equinox mantra: I let go of the old, embrace the new, seeking alignment with my true self.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.