Earth Warriors & the New World

There is a war going on, not the wars we know about, this is a war of energy, of dimensional frequencies. The matrix is being decommissioned. Some of it we see, some we don’t. This is a war for Gaia, for our minds, bodies and souls. To fight this unseen war is to raise our vibrations. It’s to stay positive, to choose love vibration and reject fear frequency. 

The political elite, the propaganda of Hollywood, music industry puppets, the big corporations, the aristocracy, they are all feeling the burn. They know we and our intergalactic friends are coming for them. 

The time for freedom is now, as predicted for millenia, by many races here and elsewhere. This is cosmic, celestial, rare and necessary. Our free will has been compromised, our intergalactic allies are now directly involved. 

Expect controlled and manipluated disclosure soon. Be rational, calm and intellectual in how you approach this coming knowledge. The cabal in power on planet earth are far scarier than anything out there. We have been living with the enemy for thousands of years, it’s time to reclaim what is ours, our lands, our minds, hearts and souls and our lives.

Turn off all advertising and mainstream media, it is all programming. Programming how we feel, see, eat, want and believe. Be wary of rules, of commands, of anything that labels and boxes us in. Seek freedom of choice, listening to our heart, not our ego. 

Approach all mainstream culture with caution, the agenda is forced, desperate and powerful. Designed to mould our children, to programme polarity of thinking from a young age. Misogyny and sexualistation of children is rife in US media exports, switch them off!

We are right in the middle of a storm, a silent storm, a cosmic storm, at its heart, a war for energetic frequencies. The more people the elite can keep in the holographic third dimension, the more energy they harvest. 

Unseen friends are tackling the military elite, sources report the US FEMA camps are being disbanded. There is a lot of activity behind the smokescreen of pantomime politics being played out in world mainstream media.

To play our part, to be an earth warrior is to wake up, unplug, activate our chakra system. Clearing, strengthening and balancing our systems helps us stay centred, be fluid and flow with waves of frequency ascension. Enjoy being here on planet earth, feel the seasons change, breathe long and deep. Reconnect to Gaia and the vibration of nature, of universal love.

The matrix feeds on our vulnerabilities, our weaknesses, our childhood and ancestral karma. It persuades us it can fill the hole, carved by the elite to make us pliable, in our soul. It can’t. Only we can fill that hole, with love energy. 

Become more compassionate, calmer and clearer thinking beings. Let universal love energy become part of you, let it integrate with your cellular and soul being. Our inner world becomes our outer experience. Manifest abundance, equality, freedom and love in your life and on Gaia. 

Mantra: I release fear, I embrace love.  

By Morag awakening5dhealing Facebook, wordpress, YouTube.



A holistic approach to our wellbeing means just that…taking care of our mind, body and soul. This trinity of care is underpinned by frequencies. Matrix toxins, fear, hate and greed, fed to us through mainstream media, religion, education and economics poison our minds, programming us with dense, low frequencies. 

Consuming fake, synthetic, gm, over processed foods and drinks, lower our vibrations, they cannot be broken down organically. They leave residue, toxic waste that rots inside us, literally weighing us down. 

Cutting off connectivity to our soul prevents us from seeing and being part of the bigger picture, the multi dimensional universe. Our cellular vibration is capped, limited to lower, heavier frequencies.

Consciousness expansion, clean living, committing to living through love not fear, through our hearts,  raises our vibrations. Cosmic events propel recalibration. We have a unique opportunity to release karma, evolve as individuals and as a people to higher dimensions. 

Take this rare chance, unplug and tune into universal love. Practise self care, rate yourself as worthy of love, compassion and expansion of consciousness. Welcome love into your life. 

Mantra: I am awake, I am calm, I am love.


3 Methods to aid Manifestation

Fluctuations in our frequencies create dimensional slippage. We can feel floaty and peaceful, secure in our understanding that we are connected to a multi verse of love vibrations. We can also feel intensely 3d, we can understand the incredulity of those not awakened to quantum spirituality.

This spectrum of frequencies is determined by our inner vibration, the cosmic waves around us, and our sensitivity to other people’s energy qfields. Triggers to release karma through activations of our chakra system. Higher dimensional experiences like premonitions, synchronicity, number sequences and magical interactions with nature occur as we raise our vibrations.

Riding waves of awakening can be disconcerting, making us feel unstable or overly sensitive to our environment. Managing fluctuations in our system, interacting with friends, family, colleagues and other people, we have many challenges to face to keep ourselves aligned and balanced. 

Ultimately the process aims to raise our vibrations high enough that we can stabilise in the fifth, or higher, dimension. We can step into the magic of manifestation.

We shed layers of karma, lightening our energetic load, creating lighter mind body soul systems for integrating higher frequencies. This release of karma can push many people to a point where ‘checking out’, whether consciously or subconsciously, seems the only answer. 

Watching people close to us wake up too quickly or refuse to wake up can be frustrating and upsetting. We can feel anxious they will ‘miss the boat’, get stuck on third dimension Gaia. Practising non attachment, accepting we are all on our own path, helps to stabilise our own needs and wants, we grow spiritually as sovereign beings.

We can neither make nor persuade anyone to meditate and find their frequency. We cannot make someone who has woken up too quickly to ground themselves back into Gaia. We cannot make anyone to reconnect, realign and recalibrate their chakra system if they are not ready. It’s a wholly personal experience.

We can practise self care. We can treat our bodies respectfully. We can open our minds and we can connect to our soul. There are three simple ways we can regain energetic equilibrium and begin to integrate manifestation as quantum recalibration. 

1. Using daily focused intentions can have a powerful impact on stabilising our day to day experiences.

2. Opening communication with our guides and higher self through meditation and direct dialogue. 

3. Learning to take care of our chakra system through exercise, meditation and yoga strengthening the foundations of our trinity being. 

We have been shown or given tools to help us manage this raising of our frequencies, it’s up to us to find and use them. 

Dimensional slippage can be scary or exciting, frightening or fun. Our perspective, our contextual perception of reality determines how we respond and the experiences we have. We choose to come from a place of fear or love. It really is that simple. Fear or love. Choose love and love will choose you. Manifest wisely friends. Much love and light beautiful people.


7 Ways our Multi Dimensional Soul Tribe Communicate & How we can Communicate with them.

As we travel this time space continuum we call life, we are not alone. We are connected as beings of frequencies, to a multi verse of quantum dimensions. We are also connected to our soul tribe and that greater part of us, our higher self.

Some of us may be fortunate enough to have members of our soul tribe living and breathing in this reality with us. But we all have members of our soul tribe on hand, at all times, in higher dimensions, ready to guide, protect, heal and recharge us.

As a tribe we rotate lifetimes, some lifetimes we do and our tribal comrades man the home station, or travel with us. They may stay close from the fourth dimension as ancestral guides, or in the fifth or higher dimensions as guides and angels.

With each new lifetime our pack rotates experiences. Next lifetime we may well be the ones acting as guide to our soul mate on another planet, existing as another type of being. It’s all part of the grand school of life, filling our soul jars with wisdom, experience and love.

There are 7 main ways our tribe in the other dimensions can communicate with us.

  1. psychic ability some have retained or regained psychic ability and can either hear, see or feel messages directly.
  2. using  tools cards, runes, crystal pendulums, crystal ball etc., offering a common language we can communicate with our guides through.
  3. synchronicity our guides can create glitches in the matrix to prod us, nudge us in the right direction, warn us or awaken us.
  4. number sequences, a very clear and direct way for guides to communicate with us especially since the matrix operates in numbers. We see numbers everywhere, all day. Lots of opportunity for our tribe to drop us messages. Websites like sacredscribes and angelnumbers are excellent as quick go to checks for symbolism and meanings behind number sequences.
  5. nature and animals our guides can interact with us through nature and animals. Seeing animals appear in unusual places or at unusual times, or behave in a strange way is also a common language. The symbolism and meaning of many animals and much of nature has been passed down for millennia on Gaia, it is relatively easy to check the meanings.
  6. gut feelings powerful instinctive responses usually felt in the stomach or solar plexus area. Sometimes experienced as sudden headaches, nausea or dizziness. These emotional and physical responses can be prompted by the frequency alignment we share with our guides, they can zap them if you like, give us a jolt. What we do with that is up to us.
  7. meditation authentic prayer (not rote) and dreamstate, open gateways to higher dimensions, activating our third eye and crown chakras, making lines of communication clearer and easier to navigate.

We can keep alert and aware for messages, guidance and communication from our guides, and we can also communicate back with them. Opening a dialogue with our guides and higher self is a wonderful thing to do.

Understandably this requires some deprogramming on our part. In a society where hearing voices is directly equated with being crazy, the elite’s manipulation and oppression of our thought processes limits our existential experience of being human. We can be hesitant to explore this.

We can use affirmations, mantras, meditation, ritual and focused intention to directly communicate with our higher dimension soul tribe. Here are some simple ways to open dialogue with your guides and higher self, encouraging alignment with manifestation and the general magical wonder of the universe.


I ask my guides to protect me from lower frequencies.

I am going to have a calm, (insert relevant adjective) day.


I ask my guides and higher self to protect and heal me.

I send love to my (insert injured body part, illness etc). Running the palm of your hand a couple of inches above the injury, whilst repeating this mantra, can help as well.


I ask my guides and higher self to help me make the right choice, to show me the direction I should take.

Mantra: I am one with universal love frequency.


I move my spirit back into my body with the protection and love of my guides and higher self.

Mantra: I am connected to the multi verse, I am powerful and wise in my core, I am grounded back into Gaia.


I ask that all upgrades appropriate for me at this time, be activated under the protection and healing love light of my guides and higher self.

Mantra: I share love, I receive love, I am love.

The rule of three always applies, repeat each meditation or mantra three times, with meaning.

Breathwork, lengthening and deepening our breathing, as we say the words in our head, raises our vibrations at a cellular level, helping us tune into higher frequencies.

Breath into throat, chest, stomach. You will feel your heartbeat slow, blood pressure decrease, your body become calm, your ego will quieten and you will be able to hear and see from an energetic perspective.

It is good practise to connect to the energy of gratitude, to express humility with grace and love. Namaste.

These, and simple mantras like them, can be done anywhere, anytime, on the bus, before a meeting, before a family dinner (!), even during an interview or stressful experience. Breathe deep, three times, and say in your head…doing this as often or as little as you want or need.

Setting focused intentions as part of our morning routines, are a powerful tool for manifestation and spiritual growth. These intentions can also be revisited throughout the day to recentre and balance our energies.

We can also communicate directly with our body, sending love and healing using the power of words and intent, healing love frequency. Focusing our energetic intention on sending healing to our body nourishes it and draws the trinity of mind body soul more into balance as an energetic being.

A bedtime routine, like prayer, or cleansing our chakras, rebalancing our spiritual system, can be as simple as saying the mantra: I strengthen, balance and clear my energetic system of lower frequencies and vibrations, under the protection and guidance of my guides and higher self. Combined with breathwork and quiet meditation, we can learn to balance our own systems.

Like good friends, soul mates in our lives, our higher frequency soul tribe love us, know us, in the case of the higher self are us, and have our best interests at heart. Open up a dialogue with them, don’t be scared of what you may hear, see, feel in return. Trust that all will be communicated at a level we are prepared to handle.

We are part of a tribe, a pack, a crew of souls and we travel together across time and space, each taking their turn on the karmic wheel of life. Call to them, activate your third eye and recognise their messages. They are here for us, to love, heal, guide and protect us. Welcome them with open arms, open heart and open mind. Much love beautiful people.


Are we alone in the universe?

As Gaia raises her frequencies, triggered by waves of cosmic light energy, we experience an accelerated awakening. As a people, a society, a global population, our perceived differences are being exposed as elitist strategy to divide, conquer, control and oppresss. The veils are lifting. Catalysts activate upgrades on a cellular level and awakening on a global scale.

Much of the darkness at the heart of the cabal matrix rests in one major ‘belief’, sold as fact, ‘we are alone in the universe’. We are the only intelligent life forms in the universe. Any scientist, free thinker, alchemist, psychic or guru who has queried this has been ruthlessly and relentlessly discredited, bullied, intimidated or mocked by the establishment.

Applying just a fraction of common sense to this theory blows it to smithereens. It is an arrogant assumption at best, a powerful tool for control of a dumbed down population at worse. The suppression of science and scientists, the oppression of people through the maligned teaching of religious texts, propaganda fed through education, has kept the population in a state of controlled ignorance for thousands of years.

When we talk of the veils lifting, of seeing through the illusions of the matrix, the issue of disclosure is key. Disclosure of an intergalactic, spiritualised, technologically advanced, complex community watching, waiting, maybe interfering as we wake up en masse. 

We can use Hollywood as a fairly secure tracking device to see what the elite want us to know. Films like Arrival indicate strategy to control the knowledge once it comes out. The American military will be the only trustworthy government to handle revelation of an alien presence, if we are to believe the movie.

More intriguingly Arrival explores quantum existence. The word quantum is not mentioned once yet the alien language, their non linear existence, the linguist morphing into their quantum perspective, is subtle disclosure. 

The tale at the heart of the film is awakening, it’s raising frequencies to become a quantum being. It is answering the age old question, are we alone? The answer being no. There is intelligent life out there. 

This is the big one. The big lie. The big cover up. The elite have literally buried the truth, ancient relics of wisdom and knowledge of the skies and their inhabitants, hidden from view. Places like Gobekli Tepe tell a very different story of our origins challenging the cabal’s spun narrative that we are alone. 

The multi verse is complex and convoluted, there is good and evil, there is politics and war, there are different levels of technological advancement. There is also quantum spirituality. Frequencies determining our perception of reality, our karmic growth and our understanding of manifestation. Are ETs angels and vice versa? Are gods and saints more advanced aliens? Are our body’s suits we wear when we experience a lifetime on heavier planets?

These questions are rational, logical and probing. In the matrix they are seen as radical, revolutionary, frightening or simply stupid. Waking up is all of this and more. It requires openness, fearlessness and trust that there is more than the violent, hate fuelled greed we see everyday. 

Waking up as an evolving human means letting go of the linear limitations of the matrix. Peering beyond the panoptican prison walls and seeing a much bigger, sometimes scary, but ultimately reassuring picture, that there is more than us and planet earth.

There is a thriving, complicated and busy intergalactic community out there, and we are expected to take our rightful place as a free people caring for their planet. 

We can ride waves of accelerated recalibration and upgrades. We can rise above the polarity of the third dimension, beyond this extremist society. We can feed the hungry, clothe the poor, nourish our spirits and bodies, live as one with the land. We can do this. By embracing our quantum existence we can keep ourselves above water, float, swim, surf and sail the stormy seas of cosmic transition.

Maybe the time for stealth mode is almost over and we can start questioning more openly, talking about angels and ETs, planets and frequencies, technology and meditation. There is a movement of change, of awakening, sweeping over this planet, this reality. As it increases momentum we will flash back and forth on the frequency spectrum.

We are in a deeply profound time in space, a time predicted for millennia. Don’t feel alone. Reach out and find others at similar stages to you. Take good care of yourself and be kind to others. Be prepared for controlled disclosure regarding intergalactic community. 

There is a whole new world out there for us to explore, be excited to see the end of the old and embrace the new. Manifest love, peace and abundance on Gaia beautiful people. Namaste.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.