10 Tools for Successful Cosmic Surfing.

When we ride waves of higher frequencies, enabling recalibration of our mind body soul system, we take control of our own evolution. Using the tools we have been taught, understanding when and how to use them, gives us a sense of balance, of belonging to a multi dimensional world. We can ride tidal waves of DNA upgrades safely, releasing karma, embracing love and realigning our energetic systems.

10 key tools for successful cosmic zen surfing.

1. Self care – recognising matrix poisons and clearing them from our diet, our mind and our spirit. Aspiring to moderation, to cleaner, simpler living.

2. Understanding we exist in the matrix, being kind to ourselves when we get pulled into dramas, toxins or lower vibrations. Forgiving ourselves.

3. Stepping into the energetic emotion of gratitude. Consciously releasing competitive, negative matrix ego programming by embracing gratitude.

4. Practising focused intentions and mantras daily to keep balanced and calm. 

5. Learning the power of mindfulness and mantras to create our reality. Learning to manifest.

6. Meditation becoming part of the daily fabric of our lives. Using it for protection, healing, karmic growth, manifestation and guidance. Accessing Love frequency.

7. Learning about and using healing practises to consciously rebalance and realign our chakra system. Reiki, sound baths, meditative yoga, chi gong to encourage fluid energetic flow through our system.

8. Being more aware of our intuition, trusting our instincts to inform our actions. Rejecting cultural, religious or economic convention, programming in favour of gut feelings, hunches and heart led choices.

9. Increasingly seeing and enjoying number sequences, synchronicity, interaction with nature and dreamstate visions. Third eye activation.

10. Recognising the magik trinity of our mind body soul system, linking and connecting everything as energy. Beginning to understand this on a deep level, often triggered by time and dimensional slippage, strange experiences and quantum glitches in the matrix.

We are learning to surf cosmic seas of higher vibrations. These are more than lifestyle changes. As we align with universal love frequency we find the flow, the groove of this wavelength, we relax into quantum existence. 

We trust our instincts more, we learn to speak Energy, to read energy fields around us and be aware of our own responses. To adjust our speech, behaviour and thought processes to kinder, positive wavelengths. 

We step out of fear and into love. We leave envy and competition in favour of gratitude and humility. We see the whole, the collective, the planet as one, interwoven in the great fabric of time and space. 

We are being shown the tools for safe surfing, for quantum recalibration, activated in this great ocean of cosmic upgrades on Gaia. Stay centred, true to yourself and energetically balanced as we surf these stormy seas friends. 

The upside is when we learn to surf we ride the highs, we get the zen vibe, we feel the love, we connect to the love, we become one with the love vibration. This is where we find peace, abundance, equality and beauty. This is the future, the new earth. 

The more people who awaken and come online the more we spread the love frequency round the planet. Little dots of light joining together protecting, healing and raising the vibrations on Gaia. We are the light warriors, the creators of the new earth. Safe surfing beautiful people. 

Mantra: I connect to universal flow of love energy. I bathe in cosmic light. I am grateful, with grace and in humility. Namaste.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook, WordPress and YouTube.


Quantum Surfing 

Incoming energy wave. Get balanced. Practise selfcare. Be heartled. Stay centred. Breathe out the negative. Inhale the love. Higher frequencies alert. Ear popping, nausea, heaviness of limbs, spacy, low blood pressure, stay hydrated. Think Da Vinci’s geometric man, we are maths. We are cosmic energetic beings. We are sown into the fabric of time, space continuum. 

Quantum surfing is like being in hamster ball in a tidal wave. We are surfing in 5d, up, down, front, back and all around. We find balance in our core centre. We retain balance by endeavouring to align our chakra system. Maintaining a fluid, free flow of energy through our mind body soul system. 

Listen to your body, if it tells you to do stuff, do stuff, if it says rest, cut back your to do list and slow down. 

Our intuition is the mouthpiece of our energetic system, reading and responding to the energies around it. Avoid drama. Other people can embroil us in a hotbed of low vibration emotion, blocking our ability to ride higher waves of cosmic frequencies. 

This is the spin cycle friends. The shakedown. The heat is going to rise, the stains, the shadows, the dirt coming out in the wash. Stay calm. Find and go with the flow. Remember we have been here before with solar eclipses, super moons, comets, solar flares and all that jazz. Meditate, reflect, tune into guides. Keep soul tribe close. Enjoy solitude.

Cyber chatter is hitting a Resistance high. Silicon Valley are rumoured to be obsessed with cracking the matrix. A scientist has translated England’s crop circles (a new crop circle appeared early April). There are several new heat sources being detected in the great pyramid of Giza. 

Alternative news bubbles with ufo and military activity at Antarctica. NASA has announced its going to put people on the moon to live there. We have new planetary, new solar systems and even new universes being discovered. Closer to home we must be close to saturation with war and global corporate politics. The planet is crying out for some tender loving care.   

The cracks are beginning to show. Frayed edges revealing truth on a planetary and individual scale. Throat chakra activation, upgrades propelling us to greater understanding of what it is to be quantum. To be more than 3d. 

Get the love frequency in your heart chakra. Feel the warmth. Feel the protection, compassion and optimism of heart wavelength. Connect to gratitude. Embrace humility. Seek grace in energetic flow. We are riding quantum evolution. Draw your energy into your solar plexus, your core. Strengthen, balance and clear in meditation and exercise. Keep the flow of energy going with selfcare and self love. Safe surfing beautiful people _/\_.

Mantra: I am calm, I am protected, I am love. I am a balanced, fluid being. I draw universal love light into my solar plexus, strengthening, balancing and clearing. Namaste.

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Energy update – discord, retrograde, quantum spincycle

The energy is dense, heavy, sticky and tricky. The retrograde, the discord, the pull back of the elastic chasm of polarity, is releasing some really deep karma on planet earth. Daily life may feel like wading through mud. Upgrades use up lots of energy, we are being encouraged to slow down. We are being shown cosmic flow. 

Unplugging from the matrix means in part releasing linear existence. Money, time, numbers dividing up our lives chunking our days into little bits of stress and pressure. Release anxiety. We do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. 

Avoid forcing yourself beyond your energetic fuel gauge. Each chakra is being upgraded. Root to crown and everything in between. We are all at different stages in this quantum mulit universe of complex infinite choice and lifetimes. We are all unplugging from the matrix. 

This is a deep process of recalibration. Upgrades at a DNA level are bringing our mind body spirit system online to higher frequencies. Relinquishing the dense, linear, boxed in algorithms of the matrix reality. This process is being done outside of us in the stratosphere round the planet, the macrocosm. And internally in our own cellular construction, the microcosm. 

Be gentle with yourself. Triggers are occurring, people are leaving this world at an accelerated rate as the frequencies get cranked up. Grief, guilt, sadness and anger may be brought up to the surface for clearing. 

Emotional places we thought were excavated open again to reveal hidden depths. Behaviour patterns, habits, thought processes embedded in the fear frequency of the matrix requiring release.

Recognising we are transitioning from carbon base to crystalline beings of higher vibrations, helps put much of what we are currently experiencing into perspective. Fluctuations in time, speeding up, slowing down can make us feel a little lightheaded, even nauseous. Drink water and rest.

Memory triggers flood us with unexpected emotions, this can cause dimensional slippage as we remember vividly these past experiences. Some may be experiencing past life memories in dream state as more root karma is dug up. 

Throat chakra upgrades require all lower chakras to be activated and brought online. To step into our power, embrace and express our authentic selves is throat chakra algorithm. It is the pulse of awakening. The tipping point of quantum transformation. Breathe into your throat, stretch, release and strengthen. In love and light. 

Mantra: I know myself, I own myself, I love my self.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


I am a quantum being

Waves of recalibration are powerful.and profound as we make our way deeper into 2017. Many of us are feeling tired, restless, upset, anxious and unsettled. Headaches are common as we integrate higher frequencies. This can be interspersed with rushes of cosmic love, quantum connection to the multi verse, vivid dreams, increased synchronicity, premonitions and heightened sensitivity to other people’s energy fields.

Triggers may be spinning us out making us question what we thought we knew or pushing us to hard places of fear, grief, negative thoughts and behavior patterns. Memories flashing through our minds and hearts. Good and bad memories, random images, sounds and smells taking us back to emotional places we maybe thought we had made peace with. 

There is always more shadow work to be done, each wave penetrates deeper levels of our karma, like an onion, we release karma, layer by layer. We can get stuck on one layer, become scared or obstinate, refuse to experience, own, understand and let go. Some triggers can knock us off balance, shift our thinking, cause us to inhabit darker spaces. 

Make room for karmic release, try and not fight it. Practise mindfulness to bring you back into the now, the present. Use your breath to reconnect your spirit to your body, breathe in throat, chest, stomach and exhale. Remind your soul that we are here for a reason, to reconnect, recalibrate, realign whilst remaining grounded. Knowing we belong here, on Gaia, an integral part of this rare, cosmic, celestial awakening of a planet and her people. 

The waves are deep and powerful, each of us experiencing them in our own way. Align our chakras to balance our Mind-Body-Soul system through meditation, spiritual yoga, exercise and rest. To become lighter beings, we must let go of present, ancestral and past life karma. 

Be kind to yourself. Listen to your gut, your solar plexus, your higher self. Reassure your ego, don’t let it dominate or control your feelings or actions. Our guides and higher self are there to help us, use them. Start a dialogue with them in your head, in meditation. Listen and look for their replies in synchronicity, number sequences, dreams and your intuition. Know you are not alone.  

We are all riding these waves friends, discovering our wings, our truths. We can do this. We can surf the higher frequencies together. We can rise above polarity of existence. We can be compassionate, grateful and humble in our lives. We can regain our balance and grow with each wave. 

We are lightworkers, earth warriors, teachers, healers, creators of our own world. Manifest love even from the darkest places of your soul. Draw your energies into your heart chakra. Love is the language of the universe. Take your rightful place and be heard. Much love and light beautiful people. Namaste.


Everything is Energy #readenergynotavatars

There are many rumours, channellings, theories and questions buzzing round at the moment. For some this cosmic quantum leap of Gaia is a stretch too far, they feel safer with the status quo. For others the rumours, ancient myths and legends, offer hope of a better future. 

Once we transition to energy as our main source of information about people and places a whole new world opens up. It’s the same world but we interpret it differently. 

A homeless person becomes an aura, an energy field of colours and resonance, just as a banker stops being a suit. We see through the matrix camouflage to truth. 

This is third eye activation, heart led thinking and throat chakra opening. We can encourage this transition by tuning into our hidden senses, reading energy not appearance. 

People often say they ‘had a bad feeling about a person, event or place’. This is intuition. This is third eye sight. Trust these hunches, they are more reliable than anything our eyes tell us. 

Through meditation we can expand our consciousness, open doors of perception to encourage flow of energy throughout our whole mind body spirit beings. We will create synaptic grooves in our brains, new ways to interpret and understand the world around us. 

We can actively deprogramme from matrix algorithms by avoiding mainstream media with its fear mongering and capitalist corporate agenda. Finding the courage to reveal who we truly are and to view our world as energy changes us at a dna level. Strands activated, triggered and brought online. 

We are in a pressure cooker on Gaia with cosmic events cranking up the frequencies around us day by day. We can transform, we can raise our frequencies to match the incoming waves of quantum enlightenment. 

Use the internet as source of verifiable information. Trust your instincts about the people you meet here. This is where the ordinairy folk hang out. Not the elite with their dark agendas. Like anywgere else, being streetwise in the cyber world is advised. We wouldn’t choose to walk down a dark alley, late at night in this world so don’t do it in cyber land. 

Trust the energy that vibrates from people, from information and sources. Look for what resonates. Follow your sixth sense down the rabbit hole of discovery. The answers aren’t in the established narrative, they are in the stories, the feelings, the experiences of ordinairy people, the internet is where we can share. 

We are riding profound waves of awakening. Tune into your secret being, the energy that runs through everything. Trust instincts, gut feelings and whispers in your heart. This is you as an energetic being, responding and interacting with the energy fields around you. This is quantum existence. This is the future. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I breathe in light, positive energy, I release dark, heavier energy, I embrace myself as an energetic being.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


The polarity chasm, cabal chaos & cosmic flow.

The polarity chasm is being stretched back further, like elastic, we feel the tension build. Exposing fundamental differences in people in our lives and on the world stage. 

As the elastic stretches, the chasm widens, we are being compelled to expose, release and eliminate pollutants in our mind body soul systems. Let go of our own and ancestral karma and deprogramme from the algorithms of the matrix. 

Without wanting to feed the fear of religious conditioning, hell, heaven and a patriarchal God of fire and brimstone, we do seem to be penetrating this imagery in an increasingly literal way. 

Many in the world may say we are at the end times, engulfed in war, violence, oppression and cruelty. Globally things aren’t looking great, even apocalyptic? MSM headlines get more extreme, as do our governments, just when we really need things to level out.

As a population our energy, our vibrations directly affects the polarisation of existence on planet earth. We are inching closer to critical mass, the tipping point between dimensional frequencies. The veils are thinning between all worlds, the 3rd, 4th, 5th dimensions and beyond.

This chasm, this energetic vacuum of karmic depths, is being exposed, stretched, pulled back whether we are ready or not. There have been warnings, prophesies from around the globe of this time in humanities evolution. 

Due to thousands of years of militarised control and esoteric oppression many of us remain ignorant of the truth in these myths. Programmed in black and white, them or us, wrong or right, we are struggling to see the shadows, the rays of frequency light and dark that have always been there. 

Drastic triggers are being implemented. The tipping point can only come when all has been revealed. What we do with that knowledge is the manifestation of future evolution of Gaia and humanity. 

Will we bury our heads in the sands of matrix lies or will we crawl out of the quick sand of 3rd dimension karmic weight, see opportunity to change, improve and fix the problems?

We have enigmatic heart led leaders on both sides of the Atlantic. Earth warriors taking the lizard establishment head on. Fighting the fascist corporate MSM one on one and en masse. We can vote for these individuals, these lightworkers of the frontline. 

We can protect and listen to brave whistleblowers willing to risk their and their families safety to expose truth. 

We can change what we eat, how we view success, how we create, manage and sustain our family and communities. 

We can listen to the visionaries in our midst who see the architecture of a new world based on peace and abundance. 

We can do all of this.

We will come up against the other side, the blue pill people who will become more entrenched in their fear driven ethos. Times are changing, different rules apply. 

Our families have already begun the journey of exposure, social media creating a platform for truth when previously convention kept things hidden. Defriending, creating energetic space, cutting chords with people whose energy drains yours. 

Sides are being taken, lines drawn in the sand, votes cast, the truth of principle and integrity being revealed as the elastic chasm widens. We will be shouting from one side, as we move further away from each other. We will stop engaging. Increasingly one will not hear the other. 

We will be increasingly challenged in a very direct way through our personal relationships to make a stand, declare our true selves, step into our power. The effects will be traumatic as ancestral and past life karma gets lanced deeper. 

Karmic release works like an onion, layer upon layer of energetic emotion stuck fast, holding our true selves captor at its core. The release is relentless. No reprieve if you are red pill and have chosen to embrace this journey of spiritual enlightenment, Zen growth, DNA upgrades and recalibration. 

Gaia is separating in quantum dimensions. For now we fly up and down the frequency spectrum releasing, riding, and trying to keep our balance as the waves get higher, the ripples powerful and profound. 

At some point this elastic chasm will be pulled to its max. Saturation point. No more give, no more stretch. Is this the separation of Abrahamic religious propaganda? Of ancient prophesy? 

Will we know our existence has changed? Will we simply assume the world found its perspective, it’s heart and it’s Zen. 

Will we be too busy rebuilding, recycling, redesigning to notice some people, maybe even places, have disappeared? Been erased? Wiped from our existence? 

For those still on 3rd dimension Gaia, will they simply assume the wailing, moaning lefties, the freaky UFO geeks and the crazy, spiritualized folk have finally seen sense and shut up? Will they be too busy blowing each other up, conveting gold, trophies, territory and power to notice?

Or will it be a huge jolt? Will we feel the stretching, the cracking, the fraying as Gaia consolidates her place in the fifth dimension? We are deep in this process already experiencing huge jolts, cosmic catalysts of truth and transition. 

We can only roll with the tough times. To bury our head in the sand is to build walls in our energetic systems. It is to solidify blockages. To create concrete where flow could be. Cancers, tumours, diabetes and depression, many of the matrix sicknesses, are a result of these energetic frequency cross roads being cut off at the core. Flow stops. 

To clean up Gaia is to clean up ourselves, our mind body spirit system. To create space for peace and love on Gaia is to change our own lives at a fundamental level. It is to exist as energetic beings not 3d avatars, programmed, functioning stepford people. To be quantum not quashed. To be United with Gaia. 

This is a tall order as we are bombarded every day with fear, war, poverty and injustice. To turn inwards. To face the dark night of the soul, to push through the deepest of shadow work, excavating till we get to truth, freedom and love. This is our task. Free our minds, clean our bodies and step into heart led living. To flow with higher frequencies.

We will feel anger, resentment, envy, spite, fear and stress. All the negative emotions our ego, plugged into the matrix, thrives on. To be calm, confident, secure in our actions is to unplug from capitalist, cabal algorithms of control. To untangle from other people’s control dramas and limit and manage our own, is to attain Zen sovereignty. 

Holistic healing therapies are our connection to ancient knowledge and wisdom. Gaia gives us everything we need. Energy heals and protects. Meditate to create and increase energetic flow. 

The children, rainbow warriors, upgraded humanity sing the songs of our times. The film Frozen captured a time of global purge, karmic release, Let It Go sung by children all over the world. 

Now we have Moana reaching for the place where the sun meets the sea, for the unknown, the buried, the mystical and the mysterious. We can sail our warrior ships to freedom, find and free the divine goddess, return the heart to Gaia. The grandmother ignites the grandaughter with ancient knowledge, truth and female power. The return of the divine feminine. 

Ironically or maybe karmically, two prophetic films born in the heart of Disney cabal darkness. Lightworkers get around don’t they? 

The answer to the question ‘who are we meant to be?’ is ours to answer. As individual, sovereign beings interwoven with quantum existence we will manifest our inner truth. 

Meditate love frequency friends, even when the going gets really tough. Send love where you want to send hate. Allow dark feelings to bubble to the surface, accept them and breathe them out. 

We are all lightworkers, ignite your light and shine bright in stormy seas.

Mantra: I see truth, I see love, I see the new earth, peaceful and abundant. Namaste

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


Get to know your chi.

We all have chi, we all move and manipulate it every day, we just don’t realise it. Take responsiblity for your energy field, your mind body spirit being. 

Take care of yourself as a multi dimensional being not as a 2d cardboard cut out. We have depths, excavate them, clear the clutter and fill the spaces with love. 

It’s all about energy, good energy and bad energy. Move energy round and through our system with fluid motions. Breathe, release and realign. Bring each chakra online starting with root chakra. Breathe deep. Ground through our feet. 

Draw lighter crystalline energy up into each chakra, clearing, strengthening and balancing. Connect to the light energy, feel it clear and power you up. 

Be calm and measured, ignore mansplaining and other people’s drama. It’s about their fragile egos not you, let them rumble on or move away. 

We can all do this, we can all unplug and come online with higher frequencies, dimensions of peace and compassion. We stay focused and connected. We meditate love frequency sending our light out into the world. Namaste.

Mantra: I am calm, I am balanced, I am love.


Riding the Cosmic Rollercoaster of Recalibration

Bouncing up and down the frequency spectrum means reacting to and manifesting our daily lives whilst on a crazy, cosmic rollercoaster. 

One day we can be flying on higher, lighter wavelengths of being. Seeing with our third eye, connected and at one with the world. The next we are crashing down through tidal waves of mayhem and madness. Matrix eyes wide open, everything in plain sight. 

Throughout this accelerated upgrade we go to work, do the school run, walk the dog, interact with people, live our lives. 

For some the highs of 5th dimensional being can be too much, too scary, they seek the security of grounded routines, clear and concise thinking. For others the 5th dimension is where they want to be softening the raw edges of planet earth 2017. Daily routines, linear living, can be a struggle. 

It’s all a ride, a fast tracked path of evolution. Accelerated reboot of humanity. We’re part of it. Riding it. Some days may feel way too 3d, others way too 5d. 

Strip it all back. Embrace solitude for reflection, guidance, meditation and growth. Embrace who you are when no one is looking. Sad, happy, raw, enraged, bewildered, besotted, whoever and whatever we are at that given moment is the real-ist thing we can be. 

Pull back layers of matrix programming. Meet, embrace, forgive, accept and seek peace with your self. Ride this crazy cosmic rollercoaster on love frequency.

Mantra: I forgive myself, I accept myself, I love my self. Namaste.

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Full Moon Shake Down

A trusted soul mate said the other day ‘I feel discombobulated’. We talked of feelings of disconnection, mood swings that were unsettling and a recurrence of karmic issues we both thought we had lanced, released and laid to rest. 

When the cosmic waves soar and everything gets cocooned in a protective layer of higher frequencies, filtering harsh reality is easier. Losing yourself in the peace of meditation can be challenging when there are constant demands and pressures. When we are bombarded with cruelty every day. 

I live in East London, a thriving dynamic community around me. Hidden in plain sight I see sick, elderly and addicted people sleeping on the streets. I see cultural clashes, police activity and lost souls. I see the beauty and grace in people whose lives are too harsh, too challenging. 

And I see the march of property developers devouring everything cultural, caring and compassionate in our community for profit. Our local mosque, our Caribbean square of culture, a local garden cafe, ringletted in fairy lights, all fighting to survive the property developers never ending greed. More flats, more rent, more money. 

Charities that were already plugging a sinking ship closed down without a second thought for the people who relied on their support. 

I wrote an article last week on deconstructing the paedophilia agenda in advertising, Hollywood and msm. I haven’t published it because I don’t want to be responsible for waking people up to this horrific and prolific agenda. Everywhere I look I see it, all the harsh truths hidden in plain sight. 

I try to eat well and feed my family clean food but inevitably the pace of life, my own lack of confidence and knowledge of cooking leads to shop-bought-God-only-knows -what’s-in-it meals. I send my kids to school everyday knowing they are sausage meat factories for matrix programming. But they have friends and they fit in. So I do it. I conform. 

Every day I try to use meditation, yoga, reading, nature, gratitude and mindfulness to quell the anger, panic, fear and anxiety being here on planet earth fills me with. 

The true nature of people remains a mystery to me. People reveal themselves as violent sociopaths. We push on. The other day I helped an older Jamaican man get off the road in his wheelchair. He cried. He asked if I could heal him. I held him. I gave him a crystal. I asked his guides and angels to speak louder so he could hear them. What else could I do? What kind of world is this? 

5dhealing is where I show my true self. My authentic self with all the kooky, crazy concepts that buzz in my head all day, every day. I thank you for listening. For sharing. If it wasn’t for this forum and the lovely people who visit me here I wonder if maybe I would have imploded by now. 

Some days I could crawl out my own skin with anger and shock at what goes on everyday for millions of people. I sign petitions. I meditate love frequency. I keep trusted people close. 

Thankyou for coming to my page here and on Facebook, and liking what you see. This is where I heal my hurt, this is where I pray, this is where I feel human empathy and love. My mantra for this evening: I receive love, I share love, I am grateful. Namaste.


April full moon #cosmicsurfer

Full moons affect us in ways we can’t fathom. We are mostly made of water. This planet is mostly water (whoever came up with Planet Earth was having a laugh). The moons energetic waves push and pull the water round this planet. We are inherently part of this process. We are moved at a cellular level by the frequencies of the moon. Her influence on our mind body soul beings is deep and dynamic. 

She has been worshipped as a goddess. She may be an integral part of this holographic reality. Or she may be intricately linked to our evolution in magical, mysterious ways. Quantum mechanics ways. Multi dimensional ways. 

Gaia is ascending to higher planes of existence and we have the chance to ride waves of awakening and recalibrate to these higher frequencies. The cycle of the moon and stars takes on greater more profound significance during this celestial time of transition and transformation. 

The push and pull, ebb and flow of the moon creates tidal waves of energy moving through us. Realignment and recalibration of our carbon based systems to crystalline structure is taking place aided by these cosmic moon waves. 

Clumsiness, shaky limbs, nausea and dizziness can be experienced. Our physical bodies are changing, we are affected in a gravitational sense. The very fabric of our world is being recalibrated, transformed into something else, something lighter, where energies pulse with love, light, peace and abundance. 

Releasing little (and big) orbs of karma with every ripple; flashbacks, time fluctuations, dimensional slippage can occur. We may find adhering to the strict limits of this linear matrix increasingly challenging, yearning for a more free and fluid existence. 

This is the 5th dimension calling. A recognition that the 9-5 working ethos is not conducive to humanity’s evolution. It has stunted it. Blocked it. On the other side of things many millions fight simply to survive another day. 

We are shedding this low vibration, this boxed in, blocked and battered frequency, like a goddess released from her chains. 

The constellations, the configuration of the stars on our little galaxy, illuminate and guide us through karmic evolution. April’s full moon in Libra, moving to Scorpio, lights the dark path of cosmic transition. 

Full moons offer a chance to begin again. To break old habits, to step our of our matrix avatar a little bit more. To walk through doors of change and see where they take us. 

Moving to Scorpio highlights those darker elements of human nature. The mysterious, magical elements of ourselves the matrix doesn’t allow us to express. The esoteric, the erotic, the eclectic and the creative facets of our humanity. To become more rounded beings, less 2d labelled stepford people. 

Welcome the quirkiness of your nature, the artist, the thinker, the daydream believer. Loosen the ties of convention and expectation and look inside yourself. 

What do you really want to do, be? Who, what do you love, feel passionate about? What gets you excited about life? Who or what gives you that buzz in your gut, the solar plexus charge up of light energy. Boom. This is where you want to be. This is who you want to be. 

Meditate on past memories that pop up over these few days of beautiful full moon magic. Muse and meander in your mind through old passageways and find new doors, halls, corridors and rooms to wander through. 

We can’t welcome the new until we clear the clutter, the things that hold us back. Block our actions, undermine our judgement, muffle our senses, our true instincts. 

Create space for the new. Take some time for reflection. Walk, swim, enjoy nature, sit and think. The thoughts we have are not so random as we are led to believe. They are lights leading us down paths of karmic release, of tears, fears, fun and future possibility. 

We can all learn to surf waves of cosmic light upgrades, balanced, centred, our heads held high. Strengthen your chakras in meditation, yoga and energetic exercise like Xi gong to help restore and retain core strength. 

Ritualise the full moon’s power to reboot, with smudging, crystals, candles incantation and gratitude. Capitalise on the full moon tidal waves of higher frequencies, integrate, recalibrate and consolidate with self care. These are amazing times to be alive, enjoy full moon surfing friends. 

Mantra: I am a fluid being, bathing in the light of the moon goddess, in gratitude, grace and humility. Namaste.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.