Cosmic upgrades, the matrix and free will. 

When we awaken to quantum existence, when we first experience the weirdness and wonder of the universe, we can feel as though the rug has been pulled from under our feet. Everything we’ve been taught and told about the world is challenged. We are not alone in the universe. The universe is not governed by linear time. We are far more powerful than we could imagine. 

The cosmic activation of dormant DNA triggers clearing and expansion of our energetic chakra system. This raises our vibration. We know something, maybe everything, has shifted, yet our physical reality appears unchanged. We are transitioning through cosmic waves of recalibration raising the cellular vibration of us and our planet. This ascension of our frequencies opens us to quantum existence. We begin to understand our potential as creators, able to manifest our reality. 

This transition, recalibration, is being hampered by HAARP, Cern and chemtrails, weapons used by the elite to delay or prevent this process of awakening. The cabal, the aristocracy, the elite, the super rich do not want us awake. We are no good to them. Like Star Wars the dark side never give up, their addiction to wealth and obsession with power consumes them. They seek to maintain control, to keep the stays quo. Their predatory destruction of Gaia has damaged the planet, kept humanity in chains and resulted in death, destruction, violence and fear, exactly how they want it. 

Yet the matrix is home, it is where we interact with nature, people and places. It is the fabric of our perceived existence. We may feel resistant to this activation of our chakra system, the pull to unplug from matrix toxins because they taste, feel, look good. We may resist karmic release, choosing to suppress, ignore, avoid those niggling bubbles of tough-to-face emotions. We may resist deprogramming ourselves from thought grooves, behaviour patterns, algorithms of familiarity and comfort. We are not monks levitating in Tibet. We are ordinary people battling to remain present in busy, pressured, polarising lives. We eat chocolate. We drink and smoke. We surf waves of cosmic upgrades as best we can.

To awaken is to expand our consciousness, let go of all preconceived ideas of what time, the universe and reality is. It is to face the dark night of the soul. To lighten our energetic load, promote fluid flow of energy through our mind body soul system. To consciously change our choice of language, in our head, towards others and our bodies. Language is the gear stick of our perceived existence. If the language we use is negative our world will feel, be negative. When we learn this we begin to understand the power we have over our own lives. I can instead of can’t, I will instead of might, I do instead of should. Mantras of focused intention create new, positive grooves of synaptic light, reprogramming our brains to higher wavelengths.

We are in a hostile environment. We are under constant fire. As the matrix is decommissioned it goes down screaming and fighting. Rumours of a global financial reset, a release of all hidden reserves into the global economy, bubble away. Jedi knights Obi Wan Corbyn and Yoda Bernie relentlessly weild their lightsabers in the face of the corporate, political, blue blood elite. And we are learning to meditate love frequency, coming online like fairy lights, anchoring our light to Gaia’s grid.

Exert you Free Will, reset the algorithms of your language, seek peace and inner calm. Realign your system ready to embrace higher dimensions of existence. We are all in this together. Frontline warriors manifest Enlightened Unity Consciousness on Gaia. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I will have a calm, magical day.

I am one with universal love light energy. 

I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid, expanding my energy to higher frequencies, sharing healing, love and peace.


Timeline shifts, Solar Plexus activation and Enlightened Unity Consciouness 

Timelines are shifting like the Hogwarts staircases in Harry Potter. Our thoughts and actions, our vibration and energy flow determine which stairs we climb, which timeline we choose. Gaia is dropping a gear, revving up, and accelerating towards higher frequencies, dimensions and planes of existence. Planetary evolution, transition to Enlightened Unity Consciousness as prophesied by the Mayans. 

Our Solar plexus chakra is being triggered. Loss of apetite, stomach upsets, disturbed sleep, palpitations, fluttering, trembling and pulsation in the centre of our being. Release of fears stored in our gut, anxiety held in our solar plexus, self doubt being unearthed, brought to the surface. Shakiness, nausea, light headed woozy senstaions, sudden drops and surges in energy levels can be experienced. Increased flexibility round our middle, hips and shoulders as flow of higher frequencies increases through our mind body soul system. 

Cosmic activation of dormant DNA strands uses a lot of energy. During deep, celluar reprogramming other parts of our system may go offline for short periods to compensate, causing us to feel spacey or shaky. Negative feelings, weakness in our body, doubt in our mind, pain in our heart, can overwhelm us. This is balanced by bouts of core strength kicking in, igniting our inner warrior, stepping into our power.

Energy is the language of the universe. We speak it every day, every second of every day, we communicate with our environment all the time. We are unaware of this largely because we have been programmed to distrust gut feelings, hunches and instinct. Mindfulness, meditation and gratitude raise our vibrations, breaking down matrix conditioning and expanding our consciousness.

The matrix looks like a 3d playstation game. It has clearly defined streets, pathways, hills to climb, hamster wheels to run round, day and night. It wants us to see rules, blocks, bricks and mortar obstructing our way. In the multiverse there are no external boundaries, barriers, limitations or blockages. There is flow of energy creating a spectrum of frequencies, wavelengths of quantum existence. Meditation opens the door, nature opens the door, organic psychedelics open the door…the doors of perception. The expansion of consciousness, the awakening of the mind body soul system.

To survive the matrix many of us constructed suits of karmic armour around us. This was camouflage, stealth mode, conforming to the norm. This process starts at home for many and is consolidated in school, religion and work. Conform, conform, conform is the matrix message.

This survival strategy is becoming obsolete. In order to free up the energy flow to and from our solar plexus and all other chakras, we remove our armour, take down our defences, release our energetic sytems from the bondage of matrix control. Bit by bit we let go of fears, opening our system to universal flow of love light energy. 

Ascended masters teach us the more we trust the universal flow of love energy, the more our lives will improve. We relinquish ego led control, expectation and ambition and simply be who we are, mindful and present. When we raise our vibrations , we experience higher frequencies, we become quantum. We break free from narrow matrix wavelengths. 

As a global community we are experiencing this cosmic evolution, the Mayan Prophesy of Enlightened Unity Consciousness. Gaia is coming online, upgrading, to higher frequencies. We seek inner stillness, core calm, ego at rest, chakra alignment, integrating free flow through our energetic system. We have been clearing root and sacral chakra karma since 2011, heart and throat chakra since 2015/16. May 2017 is triggering the solar plexus.  

Shamans, indigenous peoples, poets, philosophers, beatniks and hippies have all shared the same message – go with the flow. The energy all around us and our own systems interact constantly, resetting and realigning our experience of reality within the matrix. To go with the flow is to come online from our core, integrating energetic fluidity in our mind body soul systems creating balance and harmony.

Enjoy this transition, welcome upgrades, seek inner calm, strength and flow. Recognise negative feelings as release of karma, be gentle with yourself. We are deep in a fundamental timeline shift, embrace Enlightened Unity Consciousness. Seek the path of your true self, your passions, your truth. In light and love beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal flow of love light energy. I draw this healing light into my solar plexus, sure, clearing and balancing. In gratitude, with grace and humility. Namaste.

Prophesy, tragedy and cosmic crossroads of consciousness

As Therese May’s manifesto is shredded on social media, and the vicious mainstream media attack on Jeremy Corbyn continues, Britain is plunged once again into tragedy and fear. In the face of such atrocity, ordinary people overwhelmingly respond in love and support. The human spirit, at its best in adversity. We send healing love to all those affected by the attack in Manchester. We are in awe of your compassion and resilience. We extend this healing love to all those affected by violence on Gaia.

This cosmic transition is really starting to bite. Is this the Mayan prophesy of a crossroads, a timeline shift towards Enlightened Unity Consciousness? Our personal lives are challenged, fractured and fraught with open wounds, scars and conflict. Our communities ripped apart by violence, weapons and atrocity. Economic struggles, health worries, a work, work, work culture, religious expectation, cultural programming, fear mongering, political game playing all adds up to a potent brew of pressure, stress and anxiety. 

Many of us are not sleeping well, we are running on empty. Despite efforts for self care, we face day to day struggles that wear us down, corroding our confidence, our self belief, and our sanity. Horror, terror, violence and fear flood us, too much emotion to function. To be mindful when tragedy strikes is a tall order. To exist in love frequency when images of destruction and death overwhelm, is an enormous challenge. To remain calm when loved ones are hurt, bullied, attacked or beleaguered is a tough space to inhabit.

The paradox of release karma, maintain high vibrations, whilst still being in the matrix, can tie us up in knots. We may have stomach upsets as the maelstrom of emotional energies overload our system. Upgrades can cause shaking, heart palpitations, dimensional slippage, flu symptoms, eye problems, skin irritations, changes to our digestion and apetites. We may crave all the things we know are bad for us, drugs, alcohol, sugar and caffeine. To boost our energy levels, to disconnect us from reality, to take the edge off life as we know it. 

In these times of frontline trench warfare for our hearts, souls and minds, be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Mistakes get made, conflict occurs, grief can strike us down, fear can paralyze us. Our spiritual evolution, enlightenment as a people and planet is like birth. It’s going to hurt, tear, there will be bloodshed, pain and trauma. We are deep in this birthing process. 

Mayan Prophesy indicates we are reaching the tipping point, the point of critical mass. At this time, if you can, meditate love frequency, be heart led, truth slaying warriors. If you can’t, let it go, it’s ok. Feelings of despair, despondency and depression can overwhelm us, beam me up Scottie, game over, exit stage left. Fight that feeling, leave all the raising of vibrations to others. Concentrate on yourself, your own mental health and stability. Rest. Cry. Shout. Hug. Bathe. Be. Ask for help from others. Take time off work if you are unwell, cancel events you are dreading, change what you do with your free time. Prioritise mental and physical health over matrix pressures or expectations.

We are all in this together. Know you are not alone. Know we are here for a reason, to be love, and that starts with loving and caring for yourself. Set reasonable targets, take energy diagnostics when you remember, reset and realign if you are able. Reach out to soul tribe. Recharge in water and nature. Seek solace in fiction, creative outlets and being present in the moment. Stay hydrated. These are trying times friends, cut yourself some slack, give yourself some me time. Sending healing, love light, in gratitude for all that is beautiful in this world. 

Mantra: I will have a calm (gentle, efficient, nourishing, creative, safe) day.

I am grateful for all that is beautiful, kind and caring in our world. I release anxiety, pain and fear. I am one with universal love. Namaste.

Mayan prophesy, dimensional slippage & triggering timelines.

These coming few days, weeks and months are going to challenge us at the deepest level of our being. The energies have been building towards a whopping tidal wave of higher frequencies over 24th May, predicted by The Mayans. 

Planet earth is experiencing profound changes. How these changes show themselves in our daily existence depends on our level of awareness. To be hyper aware of energy is to be constantly responding and transmuting negative energies. If this sounds like you, listening to your own system is paramount, take extra good care of your energetic field.

The sun, moon and nature are like chargers, they can power us up when we’re running low. If Sun bathing or moon gazing are tricky for you, visualise being bathed in warm, golden sunlight or cool, clear moonlight to help cleanse your energetic field. Selfcare of our trinity being helps us connect to higher frequencies. 

Upgrades take a lot out of us. Each new wave of higher frequencies brings upgrades, rebooting our mind body spirit system. Bringing our chakras online and offering harmony, balance and alignment. Like any kind of reboot our system may need to shut down for awhile, conserve energy, consolidate changes, erase outdaged algorithms and create new grooves online. 

How we view the world will determine how we experience it. Yet the world also happens to us, we reprogramme our responses to aid the upgrade in our energetic flow. As we integrate upgrades, lighten our karmic load and unplug from the matrix we can experience dimensional slippage, frequency fluctuations in our daily lives. This is us moving around the spectrum of frequencies, the fabric of time and space.

How to spot telltale signs that you are experiencing a different world from others, dimensional fluctuations. 

Do people talk of incidents occurring close to where you were but you experienced something different? 

Do people say they were somewhere you were but you didn’t see each other and you should have? 

Are you aware, at the edges of your mind, of ripples in time, of sliding doors moments? A sense of alternative timelines echoing in your subconscious?

Has your awareness of time done a backflip? Can a day feel like a month and a month feel like a day? 

Do you increasingly feel disconnected to your daily routines, sleepwalking through, vaguely aware at all times that something else is going on, a change you can’t see? A shadow, flickering on the periphery of your vision.

Do you sometimes feel other people do not see or hear you? People may even bump into you or almost collide with you? 

Are you experiencing vivid dreams, visions or a translucency in your field of vision? Orbs, shadows, lights of different colours? 

Have you experienced rushes of love, of higher vibration that have profoundly changed your perception of reality?

As our crown chakra is activated the veils between worlds thin, our heightened awareness picks up on this. 

If the world is separating what happens in the middle bit, the bit where the separation occurs? Is this the cosmic space we are navigating? This is not an exclusive club. This middle space on the ftrquency spectrum has no blocks no tests to pass to get to the next level no hurdles to jump. 

At anytime we can choose the red pill, a little bit at a time. We can welcome meditation into our lives. Seek quiet reflection. Learn about chakras and energy flow. There is no brick wall to climb, no battle to be fought, this is a gear change. Slowing down. Turning down matrix static tuning into our mind body and soul being. It can never be too late. There is no finish line, no end of game deadline. Only frequencies, a spectrum of existence. As sovereign beings we can turn our own dial to whichever frequency or wavelength we choose. 

Language like awakening, ascension, quantum and portals can trigger negative emotional responses programmed into us by the elite. Step away from the language if it makes you uncomfortable. Avoid labelling or boxing what you choose to do, see, feel and think. Trust yourself more not less. Who the architect is, why the galaxies and solar systems exist are the big questions. Leave them be if they don’t resonate. Start smaller and simpler. 

To describe people as red or blue pill is in itself a misnomer. The labelling sounds definitive, a done deal. This is not the case. We can adjust our daily lives just a little bit here and there to embrace different paths, different timelines. Love not fear. Compassion not hatred. Hope not despair. We are all human in this existence and none of us are perfect, none of us are impervious to matrix programming. How we manage this is an ongoing challenge. Stay alert to signs of dimensional slippage, welcome affirmation in our ability to manifest a brighter future on planet earth. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I am a sovereign being, I have the freedom to choose who and what I allow into my mind, heart and soul. I share love I receive love I am love.

Cosmic discord, global chaos and mental wellbeing

Depression is clawing at the edges of many awakened and awakening people’s being. It can feel as if the inner stuffing, our internal soul wellbeing, is being knocked out of us. Cosmic discord and global chaos challenging our mental health.

The polarity is tearing us apart literally. Relationships, families, colleagues, there are fewer places to hide. Global and local politics is forcing everyone off the fence, declare our hand, this is our truth. No more hiding for the sake of convention. Social programming to not rock the boat battles with our internal radar, tuned up and beeping louder, screaming aversion to some people and places. 

Blue pill people and red pill people moving further away from each other. What will the tipping point bring us? Will we have raised the vibes enough? Activated enough people, woken up from matrix avatar existence.  

How do we stay afloat? Not fall off, crash into the depths of despair? How do we stay upright, pushing forward, however slowly. We release our armour, our karmic camouflage, to lighten our vibration. Cosmic propulsion tosses us around like dolls in a storm. Planetary politics cuts deep into our being, triggering fear, fury and frustration. 

On the homefront we see people without their masks, we see truth in their eyes, in their actions and words. We are triggered every day by the matrix. It comes at us through people, marketing, religion, culture and education. Up we get every day, to work, care for others, earn a crust, keep our heads above water, trapped in a system rigged against us. How do we free ourselves? How do we light the way? 

By being human. By being flawed. By making mistakes and apologising. Writing our wrongs. Accepting imperfection. Being authentic can mean being authentically angry, sad, fed up. Choosing gratitude, heart led living, doesn’t just happen. Every day we are challenged. We all make mistakes. We all get it wrong sometimes. 

We are not plastic perfect people. We are raw, beautiful, sensitive beings with a spectrum of emotion many other species, from far off galaxies, are in awe of. Shadows dance in our hearts second to second. We can feel multiple emotions in a moment. Our energy fields flickering, shimmering with continual fluctuations, a rainbow of movement and magic. We are deeeeep beings, people. 

The matrix molds and makes us cardboard cutouts, synthetic fake people, but we’re not. We are complex, complicated, mercurial beings of light and dark and every shade in between. Finding balance, alignment in our core, in our energetic system, accepting who we are, warts and all. Knowing we are woven into the fabric of time and space, unique, rare, unpredictable and potentially magical.

I have no great revelations, no sort-it-all-out answers. Some days crawling out my own skin seems the only option. The smell of my children’s hair, a wink from my cats, writing to you guys, keeps me afloat. I wobble, I slip and slide round my surf board, sometimes holding on for dear life as waves of wild cosmic energy thrash around inside and out. 

Mindfulness, nature, soul tribe nourishment all work. Meditation, generating energetic flow through movement can realign us. Mantras, intentions, rituals can help us draw a line under some emotions, focus us to manifest serenity, still calm waters, moonlight flickering as we rest and star gaze. 

Yet they come again, the clash, the combat of crashing waves of recalibration colliding with matrix reality. Continuing to work on strengthening our mind body soul is an ongoing task. Release shame, stress and fear, matrix toxins used to drag us down. We are not perfect. We are human, humble and a little lost.

There is no magic wand but there is acceptance, accepting good days and bad days. Follow gut instincts, try and not let matrix algorithms cloud our judgement, with interference, static, manipluation or intimidation. Put energetic shields up from people we suspect are hacking into our systems. 

Ask for protection and guidance from higher self and guides. The law of free will means they can’t interfere until we ask them. So ask them for help when you need it. Take that leap of faith, retrain your own algorithms to a new way of seeing and trusting the world. Of energy, frequency and vibrations, not concrete walls and blocks. 

Everything is fluctuating, wavering, translucent and transient. We can affect, change and manage our lives. And on those days, hours, minutes, nights and weeks when we can’t connect to our warrior, when we feel lost and untethered, reach out to your people on the other side. They’re cheering for you. Relatives who have passed, soul mates and tribe who chose different paths. Our guides are here to support us through this tremendous quantum transition. They are all at the edges of the matrix board game, cheering us on “you’re amazing, you’re amazing.” They call to us, whispers in the wind of change. Embrace their love. 

Open connection to higher self, who knows all our flaws, all our weaknesses and knows who we can become. Let them in to help us navigate, stay afloat and surf cosmic waves. Stand on the board, hold the balance in our core, fluid limbs taking the reverbations, allowing flow of energy, riding the fluctuating frequencies around us. We will be ok. Each and every one of us can do this. Reach out, trust resonance and seek healing. The universe will answer. In love & light beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal love light energy. I draw this healing light into my heart chakra restoring balance, into my crown chakra restoring calm and into my feet grounding me back into Gaia. 

I ask my guides and higher self to power up my shield of protection. Shield up.


Mayan Prophesy 24.05.17

The Age of Aquarius, of Awakening, the Return of the Divine Feminine, the apocalypse, all have been predicted on planet earth for many eons. That time is now. Planet earth circa 2017 is transitioning, it is experiencing all of the above.

Ancient wisdom, teachings of Da Vinci, Einstein and Tesla (among others) and modern technology should have prepared us for the quantum spiritual evolution of humanity and Gaia. Liberation, awakening, enlightenment has been suppressed by the elite. As a global population we are largely ignorant of the process we are all embedded in.

Ancient cultures like the Mayans link our past with our future. Celestial knowledge equipped them with the tools for dowsing Gaia’s future. Whilst 12.21.12 was the big date MSM pounced on to try and own, subvert and control. The date itself is largely meaningless in the Mayan calender. The Mayans believed 2011/12 were the trigger years, the kickstart of global waking up, activated by cosmic waves of higher frequencies.

May 2017 plays an important role in Mayan predictions concerning the Ninth Wave. A new ‘Day’ begins within the Ninth Wave triggering Enlightened Unity Consciousness. It seems we are reaching a huge timeline shift, a cosmic crossroads of consciousness. 

To manifest a better world we dim the red alert lights of the matrix and turn up the emerald green lights of heart led Gaia healing. We are being asked to return the heart to Gaia, to heed our grandmother’s tales, the ancient ripples of truth, of enlightenment. To disengage from the darkness of the third dimension. Battle lines drawn. Service to self or service to others, our core truth, determine the frequencies our cellular sysyem vibrates at. The point of critical mass is being reached. 

We can all feel the density of the energy. The conflict, the chaos and the control of the elite is creating a build up of tension, of energetic weight to be released. We know the barbarism going on. We can see, smell and revel in the beauty of nature, the wonder of soul tribe nourishment and the magic in mindful existence to counteract this pull, this separation of dimensional existence.

These next few weeks and months our challenge is to integrate, attune our mind body soul system to higher frequencies on Gaia. To prioritise self care. To manage stress. To simplify our lives. To seek stillness and calm within. To believe and vote for a better future, a future where people take care of each other. 

This is our mission as lightworkers, earth warriors, teachers and healers. To raise the vibrations. To be heart led.  To send ripples of emerald heart energy out into the world.  May 24 may or may not be the catalyst, but it certainly confirms a feeling many of us have shared these last few weeks, the time is now.  

There will be fluctuations, blocks and flow for many years. This is not instant, this is not a one day ascension drama. This is ongoing, riding the waves aligned and balanced. Connected and part of everything. Committed to change. To improvement. To creating a better world.

Resonate Enlightened Unity Consciousness in the face of fear. Get to know the ebb and flow of higher consciousness awakening. Be the change we want to see in the world beautful people.

Mantra: I am a sovereign being connected at all times to universal love light.

I see a better world, I believe in peace, I am love. 

I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid. I send healing love light to Gaia and her people.

In gratitude with grace and humility. Namaste.


Link to the Ignite the One Heart Fire ceremony 24 May 2017 below.

Earth Warriors, the Frontline and trusting our instincts.

What do we do when the danger gets close? When the unravelling of matrix controlled society comes knocking on our door? Psycho manipulators revealed in our lives, violence on our streets, confrontation and conflict in our communities?

Watching the political apocalypse tear itself apart on the global stage is unnerving, scary, worrying. The resultant breakdown of our communities, starved of basic rights, struggling to survive, means we are entrenched in this war for Gaia, our rights, our souls.

We may have a ‘beam me up Scottie’ reaction. Enough is enough. Too much to handle. We may retreat into our homes, avoiding people. We may become angry, drown our emotions in drink and pharnaceuticals, matrix tools of control. We can become disconnected, paranoid, fearful people unable and unwilling to trust this world.

Day to day expectations of matrix existence, our lives boxed into hours, minutes, roles, routines, locked in and scrutinised. To stay under the radar we must adopt stealth mode, head down, do as we’re told. Work, pay our taxes, rent, bills.

The matrix challenges us every day. Sometimes it gets very close to home. Cuts deep. Scars and wounds us. This is the frontline friends. Shield up. Sense danger and move away from it. Be streetwise. Look for tell tale signs of maniplulation in our lives. All the while war, violence, hate and fear continue on the periphery of our vision. Poverty, famine, disease, child slavery the list of atrocities goes on and on. We know all the time.

We are to rise above fear, release anxiety, steady our core, balance and breathe. Embrace love vibration through gratitude and mindfulness. We manoeuvre our way by listening closely to our instincts, intuition and third eye. The closer we can connect our mind to body to soul, the safer we will be.

Our whole system tells us when we are in danger. It’s in our bodies, in our minds and beating wings of guidance in our soul. Listen to your hunches friends, particularly when they challenge us. Don’t go down that street, make that call, speak to this person if you feel dread, a great drop in energy, sudden headache or unsettled in our stomachs. Change your route even if it makes you late. Call later, when you feel better. Avoid that person, for now.

There are subtle shifts in timelines happening all the time. We are becoming increasingly aware of alternative timelines, how we are being guided towards one timeline over another. The timeline manifesting love and peace. When we ignore these tugs, nudges, taps and prods from our guides and higher self we are instigating or triggering alternative timelines.

The veils are becoming so thin now. The frequencies pulling apart, reality fraying at the edges, tears in the fabric of our third dimension existence. The separation of frequencies, dimensional existence is accelerating, the tipping point is close.

This is the frontline friends. Zen up. Protection in place. Activate mind body soul connection. Stay hyper aware of physical responses to people, places and events. Listen to this language, adapt and adhere as much as possible. Manage your day, your work, family, lives according to energy as much as possible.

There will be good days and bad days. Days for efficiency, doing, ticking off the list, and days where energy is low, pare back your activities. Respond to your sysyem, it knows more than your mind. There will also be days when the warrior in you is out in full force. Days when you are soaring higher wavelengths, connected to everything. Days of solitude and peace and crazy, mixed up, cosmic days.

Realigning to universal flow of love light energy is the art of listening to your body. Heeding the language of your energetic system. The trinity of mind body soul working in balance, harmony and flow. The matrix conditions us to operate to its objectives. Cogs in the wheel of profit and greed. By tuning into our intuition, the mouthpiece of our energy field, guides and higher self, we adapt our behaviour to the information these sources give us. This is key to surfing awakening safely whilst still existing in 3rd dimension chaos.

Stealth mode, authentic relationships, meditating to trigger chakra activation. Seeking nature to reboot us. Most of all its about trusting ourselves. Those gut instincts we all have. Trusting our heart to take us on the right path, the safest path, the path to the fifth dimension.

Be alert to number sequences, dimensional slippage, time fluctuations and synchronicity. Timeline ‘sliding doors’ moments are intensifying, stay tuned in to your energy, keep selfcare a priority and zen up beautiful people.

Mantra: I trust my body, I activate my third eye, I embrace love frequency. Namaste.