Space Meditation Activate Upgrades

Portals now open to soul tribe activation. 

Tune in to beautiful, epic, gorgeous, high frequency meditation music. Get comfortable, breathe deep and set your spirit free. 

The music will raise your vibrations, align your energetic flow and balance your chakras, your mind body soul system. 

Embrace upgrades appropriate for you under the protection of higher self. Connect to and meditate love frequency. Call soul tribe to you. Embrace love.

Sending love & light _/\_ x


I am a fluid being of love and light.

I call upon my soul tribe, I am ready for you.

I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid.

I am one with the universe, a sovereign being of love and light.



11.11 Quantum Calling!

11.11 is the Wake Up call. Quantum calling! Becoming a being of frequency, of light, of dimensional fluidity. Seeing above, beyond, behind the holographic walls of the matrix. Deprogramming. Unplugging. Learning to ride waves of higher consciousness, bringing awareness of the non physical world, of other worlds and dimensions.

Do we choose the blue pill? Trumpocalypse, war, poverty and predators? Or do we choose the red pill and let the rabbit hole show us the cosmic truth?

More and more people are being pushed to the point of choice. Red or blue pill? Believe or give up? Change or accept the status quo. To give up is to check out or surrender to the matrix. To fight is to breathe deep, seek stillness, release karma and connect to those other worlds.

Quantum existence is a feeling, a knowing, an expansion of consciousness. It is a state of being. Of fluctuation and slippage, highs and lows. It is being more than a matrix avatar, a yes man, a service to self slave. It is rising above polarity, hate and fear. Speaking frequency as a language. Conscious awareness of energy as a living breathing force, as everything. 

To tune in we seek stillness. Finding a quiet space for meditation, reflection, energetic expansion. Embracing a new perspective on the world, the universe and everything. We practise mindfulness. We are present. We are grateful.

Heart led living is the effect of heart chakra activation. Of being in the love frequency. To reach this vibration fear must be let go, anger and hate released. Stillness acquired. Balance and alignment sought.

11.11 is the ‘wake up’ activation code. It is also your welcome hug from the fifth dimension. There is reassurance in the code, love and hope in the numbers. There is more to the world than meets the eye, so much more. And this is a wondergul thing, a beautiful thing to be part of.

Embrace the wake up call. Surrender to higher vibrations of love. Release fear. Learn to surf waves of quantum evolution. Is it not better to be surfing than drowning? To be riding waves of recalibration, upgrades to a better way of being.

It’s ok. 1111 is not scary. Being in the matrix forever is the scary. Come online and join the fun. Be loving, be kind, be grateful. Step out of fear and into love. Sending love and light to you x

Mantra: I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I am grateful for all that is true, beautiful and magical in my life.



Incoming Energetic Upgrades 

Further recalibration of our mind body soul system is kicking in. Huge shifts in consciousness are now available. Chakra activation and expansion requires self care, listening to our changing needs and responding. 

Root chakra excavation is ongoing. Releasing stuck dense childhood, ancestral and past life karma drains us. This can also affect our digestion and ability to process heavier foods. Raw food, salads and vegetables help to keep things moving, energetic flow. 

A growing awareness of meat as animal is common, we may feel unable to consume meat the way we used to. Plastic wrapped meat has disconnected us from the animal, the living creature. Seek alternatives in your diet. 

Solar plexus and sacral chakra upgrades can make us feel sea sick. Lightening our system, unplugging from matrix toxins, is a very physical element of this transition to crystalline beings. Many will be experiencing upset stomachs, digestion issues and loss of appetite. 

Let go of old behaviour patterns. Listen to your body. Aim for smaller, regular portions of healthy food. This offers our systems clean fuel every 2 to 3 hours to power us through this transition.

We are craving sugar and caffeine as our energy levels drop significantly during these intense periods of DNA upgrades. 

The matrix conditions us to reach for stimulants when we feel tired. We are cogs in their wheel, programmed to work work work. Deprogramming requires we tune into our system, we respond to need not expectations or habit. 

Aches and pains in our limbs, back, neck and shoulders can make us feel rundown. Stay hydrated. Many of us are drinking water all the time yet still experiencing dry skin, irritations and achiness. 

The recalibration process requires massive amounts of water keeping our sysyems hydrated. We can’t really drink enough water. Aim to replace fizzy drinks, synthetic fruit juices and caffeine based drinks with water. Squeeze fresh fruit like lime or lemon into cold water to clean our tubes from the inside out. This will reenergise us. 

Use deep moisturisers regularly on skin to avoid infection. Have moisture baths using essential oils to ease this deep and profound process of change.

Chakra activations to the throat, third eye and crown can really mess with our heads! Headaches, sudden tiredness, spaciness, struggling with linear living, forgetting appointments, feeling fuzzy and averse to comittments of our time can all be experienced. 

If you find yourself needing to lie down, rest and even sleep in the day, this is not lazy or lax as the matrix tells us. This is an energetic response to the intense shifts in frequencies 2017 is bringing. 

We use up lots of energy recalibrating our system. It’s important we allow ourselves to rest, give our systems the space to expand, strengthen and clear.

Heart and throat chakra expansion cause physical symptoms like heart palpitations, lower blood pressure, chest infections, coughs and flu symptoms. The stuck energy, the lower vibrations need to be loosened, shaken up and released. We expel mucus, a physical manifestation of energetic karma. 

Dry stubborn coughs indicate trouble finding your voice. Feeling like something is caught in our throat or chest can signify blocks to heart led living or stepping into our true identity. 

We can clear energetic discord and matrix interference enabling free flow through our energetic system. Seek rest, talk less, let your system realign itself with simpler living. Energy work like yoga, tai chi, reiki, sound baths can all help this process. 

Ear popping, buzzing sounds and earache signify upper chakras coming online. We can hear the changes in frequency around us. This can make us feel sea sick as our systems adjust and try and stay balanced. 

An overhaul of our general lifestyle may be required, unsurprising when you consider the incredible process we are experiencing. Accelerated evolution was never going to be easy. Tune up your antennae to your body, treat yourself gently.

This is going to be quite a ride beautiful people. Take care of your physical self to enable full appreciation of the upgrades available. Be kind to yourself. Slow down. 

Seek soul nourishment with good people, good food and practising mindfulness. Staying in the present, sleeping when you need to, feeling the flow of gratitude for all that is good in our lives help steady our boats in these cosmic seas of transition. 

Mantra: I ask for appropriate upgrades under the protection of my guides.

I send my body love. I open my mind to possibility and hope. 

I am a sovereign being connected at all times to universal love light frequency. Namaste.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook WordPress and YouTube.


Calling all Jedi Knights 

We are getting closer to throat chakra activated truth on planet earth. The rabbit hole of global corporate politics gets deeper. 2012 kickstarted mass awakening, a global purge creating space for truth and compassion. Many can now recognise Trump as a magician’s trick, a puppet to distract us from the real global power struggle. 

Disclosure promises truth on a multi universe scale, other races, other species, some seeded with us or even by us in distant past, others predators raping Gaia ruthlessly. 

We know of sex slave rings, paedophile rings, arms and drug cartels all operating, sanctioned by, and profitting the elite. We are seeing the manipulation of humans through the holographic matrix reality. Making people slaves, cogs in a wheel, holding up the elite’s pyramid of power for thousands of years. 

There is something very wrong in the state of planet earth. Something very dark, sinister and appalling needs to be excavated, dug up, released and transformed. This sickness in our world has caused enough damage. 

We are being offered enlightenment. This is choice, red pill, wake up ‘our world is in serious trouble let’s do something about it’ enlightenment.

Jedi knights are breaking cover for freedom, information and change. People are risking their lives every day to speak out against the establishment. 

The fascist rhetoric of mainstream media continues to programme, it’s algorithms of oppression hardwired into the system. The slander, the innuendo, the outright lies, the threats and deceit of our corporate funded governments must be stopped. 

Jedi knights Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders, Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda, bring wisdom, deep knowledge of the cabal and how they operate. They offer illumination in the ways of the Force, in courage and optimism. We need the Skywalkers to step up. As we meditate love frequency unite in calling those young Jedi still in stealth mode to break cover, call them to our cause. 

We are all Jedi knights learning the ways of the force. We can all tune up our third eye, open our heart chakras and connect to and harness love light frequency. We can manifest a new earth. We unite in mind body soul. 

We make concerted effort to wean ourselves off the poisons of the matrix, to clean our system for lighter ways of being. Humanity needs to rise to this challenge. Unplug, break the chains of oppression and breathe new life into our world. 

The matrix confuses us, depresses us, frightens and poisons us. It’s time to push back, to step into the light, to stand up, vote and be counted. 

We are service to others. We are the red pill people, the lightworkers, the new earth warriors and we will raise the vibrations on Gaia with love light frequency. 

We will ride tidal waves of recalibration balanced and strengthened, embrace our right to freedom, peace and abundance. Teach yourself the language of the matrix, deprogramme yourself and your children. 

The future is ours to create and we will create it with courage, commitment and compassion. This is our planet and it’s time to take it back. 

Channel the force beautiful people, keep the love vibration powered up, pulsating out into the universe with every heart beat. We can do this, we know how to do it, we are earth warriors and we will save this planet with truth, human decency and love. 

Mantra: I know my truth, I share my truth, I am my truth. 

Meditation: We call upon all Jedi Knights, the light warriors, we are with you. We use the Force to raise the vibrations on Gaia together. Namaste.