UK General Election the truth is out there

Here in London the tension is almost unbearable. Surrounded by tabloid trolls, propaganda, lies, hate and greed. Many have been canvassing tirelessly for #labour #obiwancorbyn #peace for weeks. How many times can you say the Tories are destroying our public services, selling to the highest bidder, in bed with terrorists, traitors and tyrants. Corbyn has redefined British potlitics. True socialism, fair distribution of wealth, eradication of a tiny mega wealthy elite sucking the rest of us, and Gaia, dry, is firmly back on the agenda. 

Lifelong Labour members rejoice whatever the outcome. The tide is turning. After decades of middle to right politics. Open mockery of the concept of sharing. Persistent, relentless dismissal of the idea of a society that takes care of itself and it’s environment responsibly. We have Rational Politics in the form of Jeremy Corbyn and his team of real, dedicated people looking to improve life for the many and raid the super rich to fund this. Jedi knights looking to logically construct a fair society where nets do catch us when we fall. A society that takes care of it’s own. A heart led world. 

Britain will be a very different place this time tomorrow. The truth is out there. The ultimate litmus test, a barometer of people. Are we more selfless than selfish? Maybe it will hang in the balance, a waiting room of time and space. A hung parliament giving us a chance to keep fighting for freedom, equality and a fair society. And if the tories win by a landslide, legitimately? Many of us have plan B stockpiled, opt out and go off grid. Lots of people have done it, why can’t we? With no healthcare, sausage meat factories for schools and our sick, disabled and elderly treated like lepers? Not much reason to stay. 

In 24 hours we will know. Timeline shift happened, exit closed. Imperialist Britain. Seed of the colonial, twisted world we exist in. A hotbed of intellectual debate and fervour. Politicised, fearful, hopeful… Corbyn and his crew have changed this world even for a few months, they have held up the light and shown us how we could live. How to construct and build a gentle, caring, loving society. I know who I’m voting for. I know I won’t be the only one. Meditate love frequency in and to the UK friends, we are in the depths of intensive timeline shift. We need all the good vibrations we can get! In love & light brothers and sisters _/\_ namaste.


Cosmic crossroads of consciousness and our momentum for peace

Energetic waves of higher frequencies are increasingly intense, anchoring us to quantum vibrations of existence. Activation codes trigger our DNA, bringing our energetic system online. To integrate these higher frequencies we seek alignment, flow and balance in our mind body soul system. 

June’s strawberry full moon heralds a cosmic crossroads of consciousness. The Mayan prediction of Enlightened Unity Consciousness is within our grasp. With Gaia, humanity can drop a gear, accelerate and power up towards higher planes of existence. We are riding karmic waves of realignment, we are released from chains, our Free Will kickstarterd, activated. 

Matrix programming is breaking down, disintegrating around us. Manipulation in the form of language, images and ideology is being exposed on a global scale. We are told there will be financial collapse if the establishment, the blue blood-corporate-political-military-religious matrix of control, is decommissioned. The word collapse is emotive, it is fear mongering, divisive and scary. The more rational, sensible approach would be a financial reset. Maybe a release of all reserves of gold and currency into the global economy. Maybe online bitcoin, maybe a rejection of money altogether and return to exchange based society. A reset not a collapse. 

We are frightened by the word terror on a daily basis. ‘Terrorists, campaign of terror, terror attack’ permeates our day to day existence. Constantly reprogramming us to fear frequency. Rhetoric mind control conditioning, once exposed, loses all its power, we become immune to its triggers. Filter mainstream media closely. Stay positive. Think positive. Be positive. 

This is the Age of Aquarius, of vigorous intellectual debate, theorizing and restructuring. This is the age of ideology, of spiritual enlightenment. The Return of the Divine Feminine to mother earth. A reset. A change of path, a timeline shift, a quantum leap for Gaia and Humanity in the great cosmos of multi universal existence.

The fruit is ripe, time to see what we have sown. Seeds planted over many years. Seeds of freedom, of anarchy, of expansion and enlightenment. Seeds to open the mind to quantum possibility. Seeds of heart led love light energy waiting to flower. Has this been enough? Have the Jedi knights stirred up enough dissent among the people? Have teachers, healers whistleblowers, lightworkers and earth warriors done enough to support the influx of higher frequencies from the cosmos? 

We seek to embrace, integrate, recalibrate and upgrade, coming online, one with Gaia’s ascension to higher dimensional planes. There will be other crossroads, timeline shifts for humanity. This is a big one. The energies are freaking out. Up and down, round and about we go, riding this cosmic rollercoaster of transition. We aspire to be flexible, fluid, centred and balanced. 

Dimensional existence can change. Humanity can change her future. It is in our power politically, economically and spiritually to reset our course. Buckle up people, stay grounded yet expansive, heart led and third eye tuned up. We will restore peace with humility and grace. We anchor our light to Gaia’s grid. We manifest peace, abundance and love on Gaia. Peace up brothers and sisters, we are the rEvolution. 


I am one with universal love light frequency. 

I ask my higher self to protect me from lower frequencies and vibrations. 

I breathe in gratitude and release fear. 

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.


7 ways to increase energetic flow through our mind body soul system

Gaia and her travellers are experiencing a profound timeline shift. A crossroads of cosmic consciousness. We are to realign and balance our energetic trinity, mind body soul, system. To align with waves of higher frequencies washing over us and Gaia. This is our ticket to higher dimensional existence, our way out of the matrix. An accelerated evolution in response to oppression, greed, control and fear, hampering the organic transcendence of humanity.

Cosmic winds of energetic propulsion raise the frequencies we and Gaia exist in. Tidal waves of upgrades have been flowing through our planet for some tme, affecting each one of us at a dna level. This flow of higher vibrational light energy is Enlightened Unity Consciousness, predicted by the Mayans many moons ago. We are integrating and embracing these cosmic waves on a cellular level, becoming quantum beings.

The third dimension, where we have existed for a long time, is a dimension of duality. Light and dark, fear and love, division, polarity and manipulation. It is a space in time where the prevailing emotional energetic transmission has been fear. Cloaking us in heavy, low, dense sticky karmic vibrations.

There is an established narrative, a fabrication of lies, deceit and power play that the matrix perpetuates. Ancient sacred places, peoples and artifcats leave clues to a multi dimensional existence closely knitted to the planet, nature and dreamstate. Rituals used to increase internal vibration, releasing the spirit into higher dimensions, were embedded in many ancient societies. 

If we follow the clues, contact from space was also of great influence. Imperialism, and the modern equivalent, corporate capitalism, attempts to erase this old, powerful knowledge of our universe and reset the rules of play. Humanity was put on lock down. Gold capped pyramids held up by the slave masses. 

We forgot how to raise our vibrations, we lost the ability, will, belief to access higher planes of existence. Lucid dreaming, astral projection, spirit world, talismen and totems of a deeply spiritual past, haunt us. And now we are knee deep in accelerated cosmic transition. Time has lost all meaning. We continue to follow the linear boxes of our lives in the matrix but our mind body soul systems have been activated. The shift is palpable, it is recognisable, we can see it, hear it, feel it, breathe it in. 

Reiki provides a map to the energetic soul system of our beings. Our chakras communicate with each other, our auras expand and detract, shimmer with colourful emotional responses, interacting constantly with our inner and outer environment. We are quantum beings caged in limiting algorithms of existence. We aspire to higher wavelengths, spaces of zen, of peace, of oneness, connectedness, gratitude and manifestation. 

How do we consciously raise our vibrations in this hostile environment? Switch on our energetic systems, embrace activation codes, cosmic upgrades. Download, upload, upgrade and evolve? 

7 ways to increase energetic flow through your mind body soul system.

1. Meditate. If you were brought up with prayer as a form of zen, release, protection and healing, then prayer is a good place to start. Meditation is turning down the volume of the matrix and tuning up your cellular vibration. It is quieting the mind, the ego, using scent, music, language, imagery, relaxation and movement to still the mind body soul. This is where we can experience quantum stasis.  Where we can free the spirit, nourish the soul, and open the heart to love frequency.

2. Karmic release. By facing the dark night of the soul. Allowing deeply held, terrifyingly intense, feelings we all hold, out. Maybe grief, anger, envy, fear, despair, or all of the above, being in the moment, and letting go. Supporting this process with healing therapies, soul tribe nourishment, nature, solitude and mantras helps. A lot.

3. Cord cutting. An old mystical practise, connecting with higher self and guides, with universal flow of love light. Of asking that energetic cords to people or places, not serving you to your highest purpose, be cut. 

Three things happen when we practise this meditative ritual. Firstly we sever energetic ties with experiences, people in our lives who may still be draining us, or influencing us on an energetic level. Secondly this creates a shield of protection around you, this person’s energy will recognise the cut, it will not chase the cord, it will simply lose interest, it will be averse to your energy field. Thirdly this releases energy back into your system, removing blocks and increasing flow.

4. Mantras. Language can focus our energy. It is is a tool for navigating quantum expansion, matrix deprogramming and spiritual growth. Mantras are like mini mission statements to the universe, the micro universe inside us and the macro universe all around us. When we set an intention, we set a vibration, the words trigger their own individual frequency. This becomes our experience, we manifest from the inside out. Adjectives define our existence! 

We can use mantras, focused intentions at anytime of the day or night because time is not linear. The universe is multi dimensional, multi faceted, a tapestry of time space continuum, infinitely affected by our thoughts and feelings. We generate our energetic wavelength. I will have a calm, magical, efficient, caring, comfortable, easy, fun, loving, beautiful, safe, happy… day. Try it, it will blow your mind how well it works.

5. Energetic body movement. We are physical creatures in this dimension, we have bodies intricately woven into the fabric of our existence. We can improve our alignment with yoga, neural realignment, reiki, physiotherapy, tai chi or xi gong or any number of excellent holistic healing practises. We can take better care of our bodies. To attain balance is to seek alignment in our skeletal physiology. Even hips, equal height shoulders, straight flexible back. 

This is not about weight, a matrix construct of misogynistic control. This is about flow and flexibility. We store pain, hurt, all negative emotions in our physical body. Tight calves can signify a need for survival early on in life, a fight or flight emotional response to our environment causing us to plant our feet firmly on the ground. Trench warfare. Energy held in the calves to stay grounded. This strategy was great in the days of mass sleeping, but these days of global awakening we want that energy flowing free and easy.  Loosen calves with stretching exercises, massage and love.

6. Gratitude and compassion. The third dimension exists on a frequency spectrum of greed, fear, stress and violence. The quickest, fastest, easiest way to turn up the dial of your cellular vibration is to embrace and sit in higher emotional frequencies. Gratitude generates a wave of love light vibration throughout our system. It promotes mindfulnnes, oneness and connectedness to the multi verse. Compassion also emits a high frequency energy tag, as do all emotions coming from a place of love.

7. Nature. We are connected to everything living around us. When we raise our vibrations we turn on a light, we become visible as multi dimensional beings to nature. We begin to have dialogue, discourse with the living environment around us. Our guides and higher self, ascended masters and the universe herself communicate all the time. The more we tune in, the more adept we become at speaking the language of nature, of the universe, of everything. Welcome interaction with nature in all her forms.

Above all else we are seeking balance. The trinity of mind body soul once kickstarted will require input, maintenance and commitment. If we don’t put in the effort to maintain the changes, the transitions, the release and realignment, we will slip back into old thought patterns, behaviours and our energy flow will revert back.

Alignment can be seen with our eyes. If you stand in front of a mirror and look at your shoulders, are they equal to each other, does one slope or is one shoulder higher than the other? Are your hips even, is one further forward than the other, higher, lower? Turn to the side, is your back straight, arched, crouched over? The physical body tells the story of our energetic flow. It is the witness to where we hold negative energy, where we neglect our physical selves, where we hold tension and anxiety, how we interact with the world.

A fluid, balanced system will have free flow of energy from the base of our feet to our crown. The energy will move round the body, through each major and minor chakra unheeded. Frequencies fluctuate internally and externally. We come into contact with other people, we experience matrix triggers, we interact. A free flow of energy allows adjustment, attunement. We are able to respond, instruct our systems, shield up, heart open, share love, charge up, slow down, rest, reenergise. We can speak to the energy flow and interact with it, managing our system. This is quantum self care.

Similarly we can reset and rebalance in response to our internal fluctuations. We generate a vast spectrum of vibrations in our emotional life. Negative emotions have low frequency, they are heavy, dense, sticky and dark. Holding resentment, storing grief, stock piling trauma and tears block our chakras. Release and let the rainbow cosmic frequency flow. Our energetic spectrum is wide, subtle and geometrically beautiful.

We can get higher, we can lighten our beings for higher wavelengths, accessing planes of existence where abundance, equality, peace and love are the permeating state of being. Gaia is heading there, why cant we? In love, light and good vibrations beautiful people. Namaste.