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Waking up to a quantum world who do we trust?

Awakening is more than seeing the truth in global politics. It is more than recognising the plight of millions. It is more than meditating every night with mantras of manifestation. Awakening is a mystical experience. It is a multi dimensional shift in our consciousness. It is our energetic systems waking up. We come online, tuning up to higher wavelengths. We access those higher frequencies on the dial of life. There is peace, harmony, abundance, mystery, magic and beauty in the higher dimensions. Just as there is beauty in the third dimension, yet here the duality and polarity of our world is the dominant force.  Higher frequencies exist in parallel worlds to ours, infinite universes and timelines. To be in the third dimension is to have no knowing or understanding of the infite possibilities of the universe. To awaken is to open our mind to these concepts. It is to connect with our body as an integral part of our being. It is to meet our higher self through an awakened soul. To have our chakra system activated. To become a unified trinity being mind, body and soul. 

By definition awakening IS unplugging from the matrix. We cannot awaken and not unplug. To see truth is to see lies and deception. To understand sovereignty is to recognise slavery. To learn the language of energy is to become a co creator, and shed our matrix avatar. One goes hand in hand with the other. 21st century spirituality is cosmic, it’s quantum, it’s definitely not fake. There is much disinformation and twisted rhetoric being attached to spirituality. The movement has become so widespread it is recognised as a threat. Paid trolls darken messages of oneness and peace. Just as anti establishment movements have been infiltrated in the past, the spiritual community is being infiltrated now. Fake sites, fake teachers, fake bloggers and fake gurus spring up itchy for cash, chaos and cult like hierarchy. This isn’t good but it does mean we are shaking up the establishment. 

With each new wave of higher frequencies we further raise the vibrations here on planet Earth. Awakening spreads like a virus in the matrix. It corrodes control algorithms, waking otherds with healing therapies, epiphanies, health, wellness and guidance. The heart led beauty of true light warriors and way-showers will always shine through. But the charlatans are clever, wily and slippery. We must always be street wise, always have our wits about us. These are times of war, for our hearts and minds and bodies, it is well to stay vigilant. Always listen to our energetic responses to people, places and situations. Our energy is a far more accurate measure of how we really feel about something than our other senses. Our other senses can be fooled by a handsome face, a silky smooth voice, charisma, confidence and craftiness. The matrix algorithms programme us to be vulnerable to slimy, snaky, lizardy behaviours. 

We are conditioned from birth to be pliable, to have little or no connection to our holistic energetic system. We are immediately in a vulnerable position, always caught a step behind the matrix. Going inwards for answers, for peace, for enlightenment is the key to awakening. It is to understand the quantum universe exists inside us. This is the awakening quantum lightbulb moment. The matrix wants us miserable, happy people don’t consume as much. Simple needs for a simple life. Joy, gratitude, compassion and humility. They are not expensive, they don’t make some old, cold CEO richer. The energetic vibration of these emotional frequencies make us richer in our soul, they build our sense of self from the inside out. 

This is the simple truth of awakening. It is to be grateful. It is to be compassionate. It is to strive to be authentic in all areas of our lives. In a world where everything is boxed, labelled, compartmentalised, this process alone is anarchy. It is revolutionary to be grateful. To not covet our neighbours’ possessions, lives or wives. To not peer at others and wish for some of what they have. To not watch adverts hardwiring us to emanate shiny people with shiny gadgets in shiny lifetsyles. It is to look at what we do have and be thankful. It is to not want more. Revolution here we come. 

The spiritual movement building over the last few years is Mayan Prophesies taking shape and transformation of our lives and our world is accelerating. New Age Spirituality, a derogatory term coined by the establishment to belittle spirituality in the late 20th century, is now out of date. The new spirituality is quantum, it is cosmic, it is ufos, meditation, geometry, ancient knowledge and starscape wisdom. It is something that is organic, new, intergalactic, multi dimensional and completely outside the cabal’s control. All they can do is employ their old tactics of infiltration, disinformation, trolling to divide and conquer. By using patronising, mocking rhetoric and outright lies to dismiss the truths being aired. This is the 21st century not the 20th century, we already surf multiple dimensions, our outer reality, cyber space and our inner emotional world. Many of us are now adding the fourth and fifth dimensions, and all the frequencies in between, to our repertoire of day to day existence on planet earth. We are becoming quantum surfers whether the matrix wants us to or not. 

By using our intuition when researching, reading and seeking information for guidance and healing we can surf safely. Listening to our energy, our bodies responses, heart rate, physical symptoms. Tuning into our emotional energy… do I feel happy, joyful, peaceful in this situation or do I feel envious or pressured or sad or anxious? Simplify our responses to the outer world by looking inward and asking one question ‘Am I in fear or love vibration here?’ The answer will guide us as to how to proceed. This is becoming quantum, it is not just experiencing other dimensional realities, it is the awakening of our whole system. We are beings of light having a human lifetime not the other way around. Be street wise friends, don’t let the nay sayers, the trolls and the negativity get you down. Go inwards, seek stillness and the doors of perception will swing open and you will become aware of a wondrous universe of synchronicity, protection, guidance, manifestation and love. This is the truth at the heart of spirituality in the 21st century. Trust your energy, trust your intuition, trust yourself. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal light love energy.

I am a quantum being of light, connected at all times ot love frequency.

I ask my higher self to power up the pyramid of light that surrounds me, protecting me from all lower frequencies and vibrations.

I put a shield of love light energy around me (my family etc) protecting me from any and all who may wish me harm.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.


Labradorite crystal for third eye magic, mystery and love protection

Crystal of the moment Labradorite. It’s mystical, magical and mysterious. Healing and calming with a splash of third eye activation and a dash of shield up love protection. Wear it, carry it, keep it by your bed at night. Let the crystal frequencies tune us into psychic wavelengths in higher dimensions. One love beautiful people.

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Message for lightworkers from Council of Twelve

We are the Council of Twelve. Our message today is for lightworkers working tirelessly to raise the vibration on planet earth. We know your efforts, we appreciate your hard work, we recognise the highs and lows of healing. We envelop you all in love light energy to reenergise and realign you for the coming weeks and months. 

The people of earth are awakening at an exponential rate. We are invested in ensuring this transformation from dark to light is as painless as possible. We communicate today to thankyou for your commitment to humanity and Gaia and to gently remind you of the importance of caring for your own sovereignty, health and spiritual evolution. It has been recognised that humanities enslavement has left them ill equipped to deal with exposure, disclosure and truth. A small minority are ready to see beyond the prison walls of the holographic matrix simulation, the majority have been kept in energetic chains of dense frequencies preventing organic evolution. This majority who hold onto religious dogma, political rhetoric and fear frequency need to be shown compassion and love as they wake up. For it is those whose eyes have been tightly shut that require the most support and guidance. 

Do not despair lightworkers. This is the way of humanities awakening. Nothing is as it has appeared or been fed to the mass global population. We seek to reassure lightworkers struggling with the empathic effects of ongoing trauma and devastation on planet earth. The new earth is being birthed in positive manifestation aided by cosmic forces of light way beyond your understanding. Trust this process. Know that the path is rocky and many will stumble and fall yet many more will pick themselves up and move forward to enlightenment. Censor all negativity with ruthless self care. Protect your own vibration lightworkers, stay in gratitude joy and love. Seek nature and meditate for realignment of the spirit, mind and body. 

The veils are thinning quicker than humanity can handle. We are being transitioned into a simulation of the matrix. We are concerned humanity at this time will be unable to withstand full disclosure. To see the different alien species, hybrids and clones operating on planet earth, as they have for thousands of years. In ancient times humanity was closer to the stars, to the rhythm of Gaia and could conceptually connect with visitors from space. Today after many moons of programming, conditioning and karmic enslavement the disconnection between mind, body and soul and between Gaia and the multi verse has become too profound. There is concern for humanities welfare. Humanities enemies use holographic technology and mind control programming to disguise their true nature. To compensate for higher cosmic frequencies malfunctioning their holographic visual technology, we are being gradually immersed in a simulation. This will ease your transition. It will cover their increasing glitches and release us from the full shock of truth disclosure.

The Intergalactic Federation has stepped in to manage this disclosure. Individuals who vibrate higher and therefore see more, will be the truth seekers, the bringers of light. They will gradually light the way out of darkness. This is why they are known as light warriors. In small ways and big ways they will reveal truth. To protect humanity from the dismantling of the reptilian cabal designed matrix, a second matrix has been constructed. This has been called a cosmic waiting room. It is this and more. We are unable to stop time in all its forms affect a whole planet. We are using our technologies to slow down humanities perception of the accelerated process of DNA upgrades they are immersed in. There is nothing sinister in our intention or our actions. We seek to illuminate, to empower humanity to break it’s chains of slavery. We operate within laws of the multi verse as do all involved. We bear no ill will or harm. We seek to facilitate an easier transition. To allow humanity in all its vast diversity to accustom and realign to higher dimensional planes of existence, where truth is the language and no darkness can hide. We are the way show-ers, the light bearers of truth. We have done this before and will do so again. We are invested in humanities evolution from seeding. We look after you in these momentous times of Gaia’s ascension and humanities chance to escape enslavement.

Gaia has chosen this time to shake off her predators and to rise to a more peaceful state of being. She seeks recuperation not revenge. She is rising as a goddess of the stars to reclaim her right to abundance. This is her will, her right and her way. The species of humanity aboard her are part of this transformation. The higher cosmic frequencies draw out the negative, the dense, heavy vibrations of greed, hate and evil. These are times to be wary light warriors. To have shields of protection up at all times. Shields of love vibration. For no low frequency being with intent to harm in their heart, can penetrate sacred shields of love light energy. We are urging you to use protection mantras to communicate with higher self regularly, even if you cannot yet hear their responses. We urge you to be cautious and heart led. To know and embody love as the sole defence against all dark energies. 

Humanity is learning not just about energy and frequency, the language of the multi verse, humanity is learning about itself. Those volunteers who are navigating multiple dimensional realities on earth at this time, lightworkers, we call you to heart chakra activation. We remind you to breathe into heart chakra, to keep love flowing. This will stabilise your frequencies embedding you more to 5th dimensional existence. The matrix of light we are placing over the cabal’s holographic reality will be seen and felt by you. You will be able to manifest at accelerated rates. You will be able to protect yourselves instantly from all lower frequencies and vibrations. You will understand the power of language as a tool to set and reset immediate vibrations of reality. This increase in spontaneous manifestation will power up positive timelines from the ground up. Stay in love. Use self care healing therapies to realign your energetic systems. To resonate with these words, is to be activated as a lightworker, it is to know your mission and respond. It is to integrate mantras of protection, gratitude and manifestation into every aspect of your lives. To work to open the third eye. To communicate with higher self directly. To learn the skills of setting your own frequencies rather than be programmed by outside sources. This is freedom. This is what humanity needs to see. In their neighbours, friends, relatives, co workers they need to see that change is possible. 

Lightworkers we understand the constraints many of you feel under and we see the loneliness in many of your hearts. We ask you to fully embrace multi dimensional tribal love and guidance within a protective shield of light love. These are the spaces of fifth dimension abundance. Reach out to them. Become one with universal love light frequency and you will be safe from threat, harm or damage. We are reassuring those who hear us, that protection is there, it is in place, that humanity is not alone during this profound transformation. As spiritual beings you have guides and soul tribe all around you. Commune with them to create sacred protected spaces of high frequency light.

Lightworkers you are the alchemists. The warriors of Gaia transmuting dense karma to golden love light energy. We thankyou in grace and with humility. 

The Council of Twelve


Energy Update 23.9.17

Well hello September 23rd nice to finally meet you. The 888 Gateway closes and this accelerated tidal wave of cosmic frequencies passes. Phew! These last three months have offered zen bliss highs and dark night of the soul lows. We are learning to quantum surf, to stay balanced grounded and centred as the waves crash and flow all around us. Upgrades to our DNA affect our trinity mind, body, soul system. This is a holistic process of evolutionary transformation. Multiple timeline shifts are now available. The game is wide open. Matrix manufactured timelines, infinite reality timelines and cosmic shifts vie for prominence in our psyche. The cabal continue to bombard us with low frequency fear to keep us manifesting negatively. It is up to us to fight this, to be warriors of light, of Gaia, to remain in love, in gratitude and in compassion. To laugh, dance, sing and be joyful. To see and believe in a better world. To know that peace is possible. To manifest peace and abundance on Gaia.

We’ve made it through the toughest tidal wave of DNA upgrades so far. For those who passed on we thank them for their love and we wish them well on their journey. For those who are struggling to stay in light frequencies we ask their guides and higher self to offer them guidance and protection in turbulent times. To those who held space for us, who have loved us and shared with us through dark times, we thank you. We have more ahead, portals and gateways, tidal waves and cosmic ebb and flow. We have disclosure of intergalactic races present on Gaia. We have turmoil and trauma on global economic and political scale as the war for our hearts, minds and souls rages on. We step into love frequency. We activate our heart chakras. We draw all low vibration emotional energy into our heart chakra. We strengthen, balance and clear each chakra, realigning, in the light of universal love vibration. We reset our wavelength to love. We release fear, anxiety and stress. We manifest love in our lives and love on Gaia.

We are warriors of Gaia here to anchor our light to her grid, to raise the frequencies from ground zero, to trigger and challenge matrix algorithms. To break the codes, hack the system and corrode it from the inside out. We can do all of this by mindful heart led living. By sharing compassion and wisdom. By signing petitions and going on marches for freedom, for peace and for equality. We can stand up and be counted in a world that is changing by the second. We can reset our timelines to positive, to love wavelength. We can share love, we can receive love, we can be love. Happy Equinox friends, manifest wisely with peace in your heart.
Mantra I am one with universal love frequency.
I am a warrior of Gaia, I anchor my light to her grid.
I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.

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Great Shift Gateway Meditation, Mindfulness and Manifestation

Dear friends I’ve been quiet recently because I’ve been ill. A stomach virus that has made me feel like I’m being changed from the inside out. I’ve also been sleeping lots. My vibration has felt low because of this. To recalibrate we change at a cellular level, this transformation can affect us profoundly in our minds, bodies and spiritually. The transformation can be felt physically, mentally and emotionally. Having a holistic approach to our lives, seeing everything as connected is the beginning of quantum existence.

When cosmic flow of higher frequencies is very powerful, as it is during this Great Shift Gateway, our guides and higher self ground us by keeping us embedded in lower frequencies. To ground us is to help us stay in this lifetime, this dimension, otherwise we may soar off into the cosmos and not have the skills to reintegrate back into this lifetime. This is a careful, if accelerated process. With each new set of upgrades, we move up the spectrum of universal frequencies. Shamans have been taught and shown how to manage the transition to higher dimensional wavelengths, how to get there and how to get back. 

During this illness I’ve found it difficult to meditate or do yoga, and have not been able to go out and realign in nature. When we begin meditating and we touch those Zen spots of bliss we can be overtaken by an overwhelming wish to be there all the time. This is good as it encourages us to change our lifestyles, to clear out energy vampires, stress and clutter from our lives. Meditation is a lifestyle not a hobby, it transforms us, bringing us back to our true selves. Similarly we find true inner peace in mindfulness. The combination of mindfulness and meditation is the holy grail of awakened existence. We use both to deprogramme from matrix algorithms of greed, hate and fear. The emotions of gratitude and humility reset our vibration, raising it to higher frequencies. There is a lot going on for us! 

Our bodies become less able to tolerate matrix toxins, portions get smaller, food becomes fuel, a source of energy rather than simply for pleasure, convenience or driven by addictive substances like sugar. By eating and drinking mindfully we savour each bite, we slow down, become more connected to the food beyond our taste buds, we feel it in our stomachs and are increasingly aware of how it affects us. This can also be said for how we nourish our minds. By filtering out news, religious dogma and mainstream media twisted by fear and seeking active ways to change and improve our world, we move away from fear towards love. By raising our awareness of the sources of literal and subliminal programming in popular culture, politics, education and religion we take the reigns back. We choose what goes into our minds rather than being the drones, the sheeple the matrix wants us to be. We stop being defined by fascist rhetoric and labelling or capitalist consumerism. We regain our sovereignty.

Spiritually we meditate to immerse ourselves in love frequency. This takes seed in our core, our solar plexus is activated and we find the inner calm we experience in meditation seeps into our lives. We are calmer in our day to day interactions, we find compassion where before there was bitterness or anger. We learn the language of energy, for protection, for clearer vision, using our instincts more than our eyes to inform our thought processes, emotional responses and behaviour. As our third eye is triggered and cleared we become more in tune with guidance from multi dimensional soul tribe, integrating this into how we live our lives.

None of this is an easy process. We are not passive mannequins, recalibration doesn’t just happen to us. We must respond to and make the necessary changes in our mind set and in how we arrange the furniture of our lives. To integrate upgrades is an active process. We open our minds as our upper chakras come online. We release old and new karmic weight through painful emotional rollercoasters that require courage, self care and belief in our place in the multiverse. This karmic release further activates our chakras, heart, solar plexus and root, encouraging flow of high frequency energy throughout our system. 

As we awaken to the deception, oppression and manipulation of the matrix we must free our egos from algorithms of self harm. We clear our sacral and root chakras of blockages, letting go of anxiety, toxic foods and drinks, to balance and strengthen our beleaguered sacral chakra. The programming of ‘short term fixes’ money, status symbols, addictions and distractions attacks our sacral chakra. Interconnected with the fear conditioned into our fragile egos at very young ages, our sacral and solar plexus chakras require a complete overhaul for maximum integration of upgrades. We cannot be passive in this process, we have to heighten our awareness of our mind body soul system and take care of it accordingly.

Mindfulness brings us into the present. Mindful eating means we are connected to the quality of fuel we are putting into our bodies. Mindfulness by definition relieves stress, we stop obsessing with the past or fretting about the future. We lock into the now, engage our physical and non physical senses, to appreciate the moment. We connect with our friend, partner, child instead of worrying about work emails, bills or what we haven’t done on our to do list. When we do approach those emails we are focused only on that job, we don’t feel guilty because we are not doing something else. Much of the matrixes control of us relies on keeping us in a semi permanent state of anxiety. This creates a static energy that buzzes and hums around and in our energy field, disrupting the natural flow. Eventually the static will cause blockages that can lead to illness.

Meditation raises our frequency and allows us to spiritually grow. It is the combination of mindfulness and meditation that keeps us balanced on our cosmic surfboard. We are multi dimensional beings with the innate power to manifest our own reality. By being mindful we are grounded in gratitude, in meditation we embrace love, this combination teaches us the skill sets to be co creators of our own reality. If like me you’ve felt very 3d recently, too grounded in reality, trust that this may have been necessary to allow full integration of recent cosmic upgrades activated by the 888 Great Shift Gateway. If you are meditating and loving it, soaring in the stars, relish those spaces, embed them into your psyche, into your existence. We are not passive players in this cosmic evolution, be an active participant in your transformation, engage with the changes in your mind body soul system. These truly are exiting times friends, be safe in the knowledge it’s happening to lots of us. We are feeling our way out of the darkness of the matrix, seeking inner light to manifest outer peace. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal love frequency.

I am part of a vast cyberscape of wonder and beauty. I am safe and I belong.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.

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Quantum Surfing, cyber space and the fifth dimension

On 21st century planet Earth most of us operate in several perceived realities simultaneously. Our physical world, our emotional, inner world, and the cyber world. This trinity of parallel realities, of perceived existences, give us a multi dimensional experience. We combine streetwise savvy with heart led living to navigate safely. In each world we are presented with unwanted drama, stress and manipulation as well as beauty, warmth, wonder and laughter. We engage in the wider society around us, responding to and manifesting our outer environment. We are an integral part of an energetic cycle of vibratory fields. Through our senses we create a visual representation of how and what this world looks, feels, tastes like. 

Our emotional world is largely affected by interaction with our external world. Other factors also come into play, ancestral and past life karma, childhood and our present circumstances affect our emotional wellbeing. Our emotional wellbeing is our energy, it is our vibratory field, it determines where we are on the frequency spectrum. To raise our frequencies, raise our experience of the outer reality, we delve deep within our emotional, soul being. We excavate, we investigate, we navigate tricky territory. We release. We breathe in calm, peace and love.

Cyber space has become a very real part of the way we experience our lives. We are connected at all times to a vast library of information, of old texts and current opinion, news, fake and real, a worldwide community at our finger tips. We have a profile, images of ourselves projected out onto this cyber universe to be shared, interpreted and commented on. Data, stats, have begun to seep into our lives, affecting our view of ourselves. The cyber world, just like the real world, requires us to be street wise, to avoid dark alleys and hooded strangers. 

Cyber space, the internet, is a doorway to anything and everything you ever wanted to know about this world. It is planet Earth’s Akashic Records. It is banned or severely restricted in some countries and heavily monitored in others. It generates money and for that reason the Frankenstein elite can never kill off their monster. If there is one thing that would actually spark a revolution in the western world it would be cutting us off from our social media, our uber and google and wiki and youtube and gaming. Besides, the data that is generated is so vast, so dense that the elite will struggle to stay on top of it. The old adage is true ‘there are more of us than them’, this is our strength. The cyber world has it all, light and dark, shadows and sunlight, it is the other dimensional reality we all knowingly surf.

These three worlds, the physical, inner and cyber make up our 21st century perceived reality. The matrix is a constructed hologram laid on top of the natural world of Gaia. It seeps into its natural host and is programmed into us, distorting our vision. Twisting and bending our natural wavelengths to maintain our frequencies at lower ends of the multi universal spectrum. Concrete, tarmac, chemtrails, pollution all create toxic waste, fumes of poison that corrode the planet, swathing her in artificial coating. We disconnect from higher frequencies of nature, of Gaia. Urban areas are constructed with concrete and tarmac, blocking energy. Pylons march across the country side like giants disrupting flow. Ley lines are built on, polluting their high frequencies. Our physical perception of reality is a strange fusion of both the real natural world and the artificial holographic one layered on top. Our inner wavelength determines which frequency world we engage and interact with. Low vibration inside creates low vibrational outside and vice versa. 

The fourth dimension, unlike the matrix which is everywhere, exists much like the cyber universe, side by side, seeping in and fusing here and there. Staying street wise at all times when dealing with the fourth dimension is advisable. Safe, gateway words, protection and shield up are always the best policy. On a lighter note this is where our ancestors, passed relatives and blood guides can access us. This is where our weighed down frequency can reach theirs allowing interaction with loved ones and lost ones. With the right light and protection, with heart led intention, the fourth dimension can be surfed safely.

As sovereign beings we have a right to privacy, to quiet contemplation, to inner worlds, hopes and dreams. This is how the multi verse works, when we strip back armour, karmic layers, matrix static and cleanse our energy fields, we release ourselves from the confines of our matrix avatar, we are more able to become our true selves. This is raising our vibration, bringing us online with higher frequencies, wavelengths beyond the 3d matrix. We begin to experience higher dimensions permeating our perception of reality.  We see synchronicity, glitches, lies and deceit. We see truth, we see energy, we see beyond the panoptican prison walls of the boxed in ‘1984’ hologram. We see magic and beauty. Just like the cyber world, the real world, our internal emotional world and the fourth dimension, we can learn to navigate these higher planes. To understand them as being an integral part of our perceived reality, our existence in human form on planet earth.

The fifth and higher dimensions are grounded in love frequency.  To get through, to reach these spaces in the time space continuum we embrace and integrate gratitude, humility and love into our lives.  We recalibrate, enabling our mind body soul system to reconnect, balance and align. We activate, strengthen, and clear our energetic lightbody, taking responsibility for our bodies, our mind and our soul. Zen, bliss, the rush of unconditional connected love that we experience in these higher vibratory fields restores our inner balance. It offsets the barrage of negativity we navigate everyday through all our perceived realities. 

Creativity, nature, meditation, healing therapies are the energetic spaces for love, for revelation, for guidance and for protection. They are the spaces where we commune with Gaia’s energetic field, with her ascension process, her transmutation of low vibrational energy into high frequency heart wavelengths. Seek quiet, seek solitude, seek selfcare. Open your heart chakra, daydream, find the good, the positive in life. Smile. Safe quantum surfing beautiful people, enjoy the ride x

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The Great Shift Gateway expect Turbulence

We have been plunged into deep, turbulent waters of cosmic transformation friends. The culmination of 888 Lions Gate and American Solar Eclipse Gateway on 23rd September will mark the most accelerated wave of higher frequencies we have experienced so far. We each respond to upgrades and transmutation of negative energies in our own unique ways. For those who have been consciously and actively welcoming and embracing upgrades this current tidal wave is taking us to heights previously unknown, and depths previously feared. We are realising that to surf higher wavelengths, to integrate upgrades and to embed higher frequencies in our own energy field, is to be aware at all times of this momentous process. Fluctuating between dimensions on the vast universal frequency spectrum of life can be intensely challenging. The impending closure of 888 timeline gateway on 23rd September is cranking up the pressure on a global and individual scale. As the matrix is further decommissioned the elite fight dangerous and dirty in their bid to maintain their control. 

Our systems are under constant pressure to ground us into lower or higher frequencies, this affects us in many ways. Disturbed sleep is very common as we flit between dimensions, we wake up to remind our spirit this is the dimension we have life form in. Nausea, stomach upsets and dizziness are experienced, like travel sickness, we are realigning and readjusting our cellular vibration whilst moving at an accelerated rate of evolutionary growth. This can make us feel shaky, sick and tired. The matrix programmes us relentlessly to consume, it poisons us with chemtrails and pollution, toxins that seep into our systems lowering our vibration. We are being pushed and pulled, our higher self urging us to meditate, connect to universal love and lighten our beings for ascension. The matrix dragging us back down. All the while cosmic waves of recalibration and upgrades flood our systems, individual and planetary. Geoengineering of the weather manipulates our mindset, confuses our natural Gaia rhythm and throws us off kilter. Day to day interactions can be fraught as the world unravels around us. People have lost their inner radar of certainty. The so called sheeple are aware of the label and resentful of it. Awakened people are bemused and traumatised by what they see with their now open eyes. Empathy and compassion can cripple us in a reality torn apart by depravity, greed deceit and mind control. We are in an almost impossible situation. 

In their own way our guides and higher self are always reaching out to us, reassuring us. We all have good days and bad days, sad days and happy days, scared days and uplifting days. To navigate this vast scale of emotional energetic responses in our system is challenging at the best of times. To do so under a barrage of twisted, upside down, world corporate politics, intensive global mind control programming, constant war, poverty and disasters can bring the highest vibratory people down. When we feel like giving up, when it all gets too much, when our bodies ache, our minds fragment, and our souls despair, take refuge in knowing you are not alone. For many of us the bad days are so challenging now as to rock our very sense of self worth and commitment to this lifetime. 

There will be better days. These symptoms of accelerated DNA upgrades are pushing many of us to new limits of tolerance. Seeking comfort in the present, in nature and loved ones will help. Reach out and let others know when the mud you’re pushing through begins to feel like quick sand. These are intensely tough times. Know this. Know we are warriors caught in a bitter war for our minds, our hearts and our souls. Look for healing groups to help you. Use the internet as a source of research and reassurance. Experiencing turbulence during this momentous transition from 3rd to 5th dimension of a whole planet, possibly solar system, is to be expected. Stay grounded and hydrated. Be kind to yourself. Release stress, anxiety and fear by embracing love, by being compassionate to yourself. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal love frequency.

I call my soul tribe to me.

I am a sovereign being, a co creator of this world. I am love. Namaste.


10 Ways to Spot and Handle Channel HackingĀ 

Channel hacking is on the increase. Higher wavelengths used to channel our guides are being hacked, accessed, hijacked or compromised. Beings who do not have our best interests at heart are doing this. The 144,000 are being targeted at this time, for disruption, chaos and negativity. When authentic channelling takes place there is a code of conduct implicit in communication. There will be introductions and identities authenticated through transparent communication. ‘They’ will express who they are, they will explain why they are communicating today. In one to one meditation with guides or higher self, names may be shared, visuals, images of who we are talking with will be shown. There will be energetic resonance. None of this will occur if the being on the other end of the line wishes us harm.

Remaining vigilant when in communication with guides and resetting protection shields of love in meditation are key defence mechanisms. Planet earth is a war zone, we are warriors here to help facilitate a momentous transformation. We should be prepared for attack, virtual or multi dimensional. The primary objective is to disrupt our equilibrium, it is to lower our cellular vibration by causing upset. We cannot be harmed by these channel hackers in this life form. They cannot harm us physically, they can harm us emotionally and spiritually by getting inside our heads through question and answer deception. 

When we open a channel of communication with our guides or higher self we are exposing our wavelength to a degree. It can be hacked into, unbeknown to our guides. Depending on the choice of language we feel most comfortable with our guides are possibly alien, or they may be angelic, or both. Channel hackers can be alien, hybrid reptilian, they are not entities or attachments. They have limited emotional capacity. Hackers are very matter of fact about their job. They are not assigned to individuals. They are on a rota, they are opportunistic in their approach, hacking when and where they can. They do not know us as individuals. Their remit is to disrupt our inner calm by answering to bring us down.

All of the above works in our favour. We can use this to our advantage. They do not know us individually. They cannot follow our emotional responses as they have a limited emotional spectrum themselves. This makes them not very good at their job! When communicating through higher frequency channels:

1. Reassert your protection ritual, sage, intention language, ensuring energetic protection from all lower frequencies and vibrations.

2. Expect introductions if channelling with ascended masters or beings other than your multi dimensional soul tribe. The Council of 12, the Arcturians, the Pleidians, the Archangels for example will let you know who they are. 

3. Go back to the beginning no matter how well and how often you communicate with higher realm beings. Ask gateway questions, personal information only those with your best interests at heart will know. Hackers don’t read the files, they won’t know the address of your mother’s first home or the name of your favourite pet as a child, they will answer incorrectly or erratically. 

4. Be vigilant during communication. If answers contradict previous conversations, are random and unpredictable, or lead you into an emotional abyss of negativity… stop. 

5. Listen to your energy, your body and activate your third eye. You will sense, know that this isn’t one of your guides.

6. Do not be afraid. Like trolls on the internet they can hurt us with words but they can’t harm us physically in any way at all. 

7. Delete, block, ban, cut and move on. Let all negative emotional responses to the experience dissipate. Cleanse and realign.

8. Hackers are intergalactic trolls without the venom. They aim to upset our equilibrium but are not very good. They have no empathic understanding of the emotions they are trying to trigger. This makes them weak and easy to spot.

9. Be especially vigilant if you feel low vibrational, if you are already sad, upset, angry or feeling negative. This lowered frequency is their access point to our wavelengths. We often seek guidance when we feel low or vulnerable, take evasive protective measures when dialing up.

10. Keep your vibration high with meditation, self care, healing and love protection. Hackers can’t reach higher wavelengths, this is the most effective way to block them. Use sage, crystals and scent for further protection.

Cosmic hackers’ remit is to influence manifestation on planet earth by keeping us in fear frequency. When we are scared we visualise, worry and invest energy into what scares us. This in turn gives it form substance and energy. We can manifest the very thing we least want because our ego obsesses with it. Our chakra sysyem gets blocked and clogged by fear frequencies. Stress creates static that messes with the energetic flow through our mind body and soul. Questions like ‘will I be lonely forever?’ will be answered ‘Yes’ to upset, scare and depress us. Our guides would answer with compassion, love and our best interests at heart. Dividing our mind body soul system by conquering it with low frequencies is a key strategy to maintain matrix control. By deceiving us and manipulating us the elite are able to manufacture negative timelines, by influencing our powers as co creators of our own reality.

Stay vigilant cosmic surfers, verify sources, check identities, be cautious when communicating in the 4th or higher dimensions. Stay protected harnessing full and new moons rays of higher frequencies to regularly strengthen, balance and clear your vibratory field. Stay heart led, fear free, immersed in love frequency friends. We are manifesting peace on earth, love, compassion and empathy in our leaders and safety and security for Gaia and her people. Sending love beautiful people x

Mantra: I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid.

I ask my higher self to power up the pyramid of light that surrounds me, protecting me from lower vibrations.

Shield up in love frequency. Namaste.


Pisces full moon and 888 Solar Eclipse Gateway

This Pisces full moon, caught up in a tidal wave of higher cosmic frequencies, has great significance. Pisces swim through dimensions with fluidity and grace. They are able to operate in stormy seas with an inner calm, a radar of truth that many others don’t have. Pisces have focus like no other. They are cerebral, seeking wisdom, asking the big questions, exploring many different disciplines to put a whole picture together in their ever inquisitive, imaginative, free spirited minds. Though they can appear quite conventional, scratch beneath the surface and you will find a myriad of colourful ideas, sparks of imagination, creativity, insight and wisdom bouncing off them, giving them high charisma when they choose to turn it on. 

Pisceans are adept at navigating different worlds be it the physical world, the world of their dreams or the cyber world. They can move freely between these different universes able to create and maintain illusions that suit their needs. Adept and flexible they approach challenges laterally, able to think outside the box, to see round the corners and over the hills. Pisces can illuminate shadows, they are able to reveal secrets, deceptions and take evasive action. Rarely disrupting their inner calm they seek to navigate stormy seas as they would calm lakes, with focused intention, imagination and ease. Be like the Piscean, connect to your inner calm, the peaceful, fluid space inside where we can rest our mind, body and soul. 

Pisces full moon will highlight ghosts in the machine, the shadows of deception that separate worlds, the veils thinning dramatically. As we see through deception and create our own more authentic flow, we too become more adept at navigating different perceived realities. How they fuse and merge into our perception of our whole reality. Finding authenticity is knowing ourselves, it is facing the dark night of the soul and making peace with our true natures. It is embodying this in a holistic manner, being truth in all our realities. Authenticity raises our frequency, we release stress and pressure, static energy clogging up our chakra system, blocking flow. By trying to fit in, compete or conform, to shave down our rough edges, we compromise our true selves. We become ghosts in our own machine.

This Pisces full moon offers us a rare opportunity, couched between the Leo solar eclipse and equinox, to align ourselves to higher frequencies, to connect with and become one with the flow of high vibration existence. Enabling us to navigate between many worlds, dimensions, energetic spaces in time. Empowering us to seek truth within and restore balance in our inner and outer worlds. This full moon’s powerful rays of cleansing, manifestation and closure can be harnessed in meditation, shamanic journeying, cord cutting, boundary setting rituals and manifestation. If there are individuals, situations or places that upset your natural equilibrium now is a good time to clear the spaces, release negative energy, echoes of trauma or conflict. To cut cords that drain or poison us. To shine a light on ghosts hiding in the shadows. To set clear energetic boundaries rooted in shield up love frequency and heart led intention. To manifest dreams, to water seeds planted during the fiery leo eclipse.

We are already cosmic surfers, riding waves in multi realities, merging and fusing these realities to create a whole perspective. Raising our frequencies, with Gaia, is the embrace of love and release of fear. Harness and utilise these full moon Piscean rays, learn to swim with the tide, to sway and move with the natural ebb and flow of cosmic surfing, of multi dimensional existence. We are bouncing up and down the frequency spectrum, learn to connect with the flow rather than push against it or block it. Bathe in full moon rays and let your mind expand, dream, imagine, create and sparkle. In love and light.

Mantra: I am one with universal love light energy.

I embrace and connect to the full moon rays of illumination, manifestation and truth.

I calm my inner core, connecting to universal flow of love light energy. Namaste.