10 ways to increase chi flow through our solar plexus

Many people have talked recently of a sense of waiting, of anticipation. A buzz of excitement running through an otherwise bewildering world. This buzz can be felt in our core, our gut, our solar plexus. The sun is intrinsically linked to our solar plexus. Both exhibit golden light, both hold strength and power and both are instrumental in the life force of our planet and our mind body soul systems.

Photon blasts from the sun trigger solar plexus activation. This is about ours and Gaia’s sovereignty, strength, balance and free will. This is us powering up for the next phase of our evolution, full disclosure. Disclosure of alien contact, technology, ritualized depravity and mass mind control programming. These secrets are being bathed in light, no place to hide. The resultant requirement will be for humanity to rebuild and redesign our way of life. Our core is being zapped into life, as is Gaia’s to power us up for this transformation. Our planet’s solar plexus is at Uluru in Australia. Bathed in heat, solar rays and isolated from matrix pollution, Uluru is the power house of Gaia. Steeped in ancient legends of the indigenous Aboriginal people, it is mysterious, magical, ancient and powerful. 

Photon blasts from the sun propel higher frequencies to wash over and through us and Gaia. The sun is one of the gear sticks of this accelerated evolution. It is life giving force in our galaxy. Worshipped, idolised, profoundly potent to our existence. As each new wave of photonic higher frequencies triggers our solar plexus, activation is occurring. Butterflies, tingles, sensitivity and knots of anxiety or excitement can be felt as the solar plexus clears. We can feel antsy, unsettled, contrary, irritable and tearful as the chakra is cleared. Karmic purge of our core is a step towards sovereignty, towards ownership of our mind body soul systems, taking back our free will. 

Our balance, our connectedness as energetic beings flows through our solar plexus, if we have blocks we can feel dissociated from our realities. Our upper chakras are disconnected from the lower chakras. This can have one of two effects. We can be too grounded, deeply entrenched in matrix algorithms of control with our mind locked down. Or not grounded at all, floating off to hyper space, or down deep, dark rabbit holes of past trauma in our heads, we struggle with day to day routines. We can be passive or active players in our own evolution. To actively participate is to make changes, it is to expand our consciousness. To embrace intergalactic communities, cosmic politics and super advanced technology. It is to wake up to a convoluted multi verse of oneness and light and accept this with no fear. We can make this happen.

10 ways we can unblock the solar plexus enabling free flow of chi energy between our upper and lower chakras.

1. Deepen our breathing, throat chest stomach, to reenergise our core with chi flow.

2. Drink lots of water, with lime juice for alkalinity (squeeze some into cold water), to flush toxins through our bodies.

3. Slow yoga like kundilini or asana and energetic movement practices like xi gong stretch our bodies, opening the flow of energy through our core.

4. Meditate for guidance on what may be causing blocks.

5. Using talk therapy and alternative healing therapies like sound, massage, reiki or acupuncture to realign flow.

6. Using prayer, chanting or meditation to reach out to our higher self, guides, ascended beings to ask for protection from lower frequencies.

7. Making self care a priority, resting, eating regularly, healthy portions of food so as not to clog our systems.

8. Immersing ourselves in nature to reset our vibratory field.

9. Practising mindfulness, underpinned by gratitude, and consciously embedding it into our lives.

10. Using mantras as tools to cultivate self confidence, inner stillness, outer peace and a calm approach to life.

Cosmic waves triggering accelerated upgrades can be seen and felt in the atmosphere around us. Like antennae we can tune ourselves into the energetic frequencies around us and get readings. This also helps us hear our instincts, our intuition, our higher self and soul tribe. Be active in this process, open your mind, meditate often, treat your body with respect and love. Solar and celestial events mark these cosmic times beautiful people. Breathe in love. Stay grounded and protected. In love and light.

Mantra: I breathe into my solar plexus releasing blocks (three breaths, throat, chest, stomach).

I connect to universal love light drawing it through my crown chakra into my solar plexus strengthening, balancing and clearing.

I am safe, I am grateful, I am loved. Namaste.


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