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Cosmic evolution, mantras and the fourth dimension.

Multi dimensional veils thin affecting our senses, expanding our minds beyond the constraints of the matrix. We are walking a new path as cosmically evolving humans. We are learning fast how to navigate dimensional slippage, time anomalies and astral interference. The higher we vibrate the more aware we become of parallel dimensions, glitches, fourth dimension activity and multi dimensional wavelengths. This can really bake our noodles! Like, caked. Roasted. Shredded. Learning to navigate multi dimensional existence takes time and energy, self care and mindfulness. Starting with synchronicity and number sequences, progressing to full on trippy hyper dimensional experiences. This is quantum evolution friends.

It’s always a good idea to be streetwise whichever planet, dimension, life form we are inhabiting. As a general rule keeping our wits about us serves us well. To discover a new city we first figure out the places to avoid. We look to positive spaces to explore and get to know. Online we avoid shady, seedy back alleys, we learn to recognise the signposts, the triggers, the sleazy algorithms. There is light and shade everywhere. As we move up the frequency spectrum we encounter the fourth dimension. Like a river separating the third and fifth dimensions, we can surf, sail, float, meditate, astral travel our way up through it. We access 4d in dreamstate, meditation or in our day to day lives as the veils between worlds thin and we raise our vibration. 

The fourth dimension holds the light of our ancestors. It acts like a bridge, a passageway connecting our world to higher dimensional planes. Our ancestors, our soul tribe, our guides and higher self can access and interact with us there. It can be illuminating, magical and reassuring. The fourth dimension is also home to a lot of shady characters, dissatisfied customers unwilling to relinquish the matrix. Still chasing the guilty pleasures of the third dimension, addictions can transcend dimensional boundaries. We also find lost souls searching for light in the wrong places, in the astral world. Other life forms, entities and creatures can be found bobbing about this dimension. They are energy vampires, predators even when benign and should be avoided at all costs. Repeating the mantra I am a sovereign being of light protected at all times from lower frequencies powers up our shield of love. 

As our vibrations raise we become more aware of higher dimensional occurences. For unwanted presences in and around our homes, using language as a tool for clearing is powerful and effective. Simply asking unwanted visitors to leave our home, wishing them well on their way, always in love vibration, will move them on. Fear will feed them and encourage them to stay. Repeating protection mantras, filling the space with love, will shine a light in dark corners and clear all the grime away. Do tread wisely friends. Do the research, and stay vigilant. And always have ‘there’s no place like home’ mantra ready if you want to be firmly back on ground zero I am grounded, I am grounded, I am grounded, under the protection of my guides and higher self

To be 5d in a 3d world as opposed to 3d in a 5d world is to enter new territory folks. It is to expand our consciousness way out into the cosmos whilst simultaneously being grounded into Gaia. Embedding our cellular vibration into higher wavelengths. Fear locked in our root, sacral and heart chakras can cause persistent blockages to raising and maintaining high frequencies. To help release fear repeat the mantra I share love, I receive love, I am love.  Stress lowers our vibration by creating static energy that interferes with our natural Gaia rhythm of higher frequencies. Looking at ways to reduce stress, decluttering our lives of drama, conflict and anxiety calms our whole being. Slowing and deepening our breath with the mantra I exhale stress, tension and anxiety, I breathe in love, calm and peace. This enables us to quieten our ego, encourage stillness and realign our mindbodysoul. Spiritual healing, reiki or gong baths, self care and nature realign us with higher vibrations, helping to keep us in love energy. To create space between us and fear, to let go and surrender to the karmic wonder of the universe. We learn to trust our instincts and believe peace is possible.

Mantras are meditation. The time it takes to repeat a mantra three times allows our heart rate and blood pressure to lower, our breathing to deepen and our ego to catch it’s breath. Extending the mantras extends the length of the meditation. What can be a few minutes on the bus of repeated mantras and deep breathing can become 30 minutes of relaxing meditation in the bath. Language is a tuner, a dial, it sets the frequency. The language we use in our heads about ourselves, our lives, other people, our childhood, our hopes and dreams determines our cellular frequency. We raise our vibration by being positive, in love frequencies. Negativity, fear, stress, anxiety lowers our vibration. Our internal use of language is manipulated, programmed by low frequency algorithms set to control us. To reassert our free will is to learn to use language with respect, with care, precision and loving intent. To embed our internal dialogue and outward language in light energies is to tune up our vibration. We control the dial. 

We can be over zealous in our awakening chasing fifth dimension escape and zen highs. We can be inadvertently opening all kinds of doors and passages without realising it. Understanding and practising protection mantras and rituals is essential for safe surfing. Shield of love up. Sage and crystals for space clearing. Harnessing new and full moon rays to power up mantras. Connecting to our higher self and guides for protection. These are the tools, the knowledge, the highway code for travelling up and down the frequency spectrum safely. We are experiencing an evolutionary jumpstart to the human race, a reboot, an upgrade. We can ride high, soar through winds of high frequency love. We can surf tidal waves of cosmic energy realigning us and Gaia. Ride upgrades with self care and healing. Take your time. Be streetwise. Stay in love vibration using mantras for guidance, protection and manifestation. In love, light and magic cosmic brothers and sisters. Namaste.


awakening5dhealing website and YouTube channel coming soon.

Hello lovely 5dhealing people 🙏. A little update from me… 

I will be posting Guided Meditations online thanks to the wonderful Angelo at Our first collaboration should be with you soon 🤗. 

I’m also knee deep in creating my website! You will find posts, archived from my WordPress blog, as well as guided meditations (planned for 2018), and my alwayslookup videos. As well as detailed information about one to one online healing services I offer. Distance reiki, energy healing, awakening guidance, crystal healing, starseed tarot consultations, crystal pendulum channelling, starseed and light warrior healing, protection and guidance.

Big 5dhealing plans beautiful people! Thankyou for your love through 2017 💚. You’ve shown me I’m not alone on this crazy, cosmic, quantum roller coaster ride 🤗😍🙏! One love cosmic brothers and sisters 🙏🤗😙

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awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

Cosmic light wave coming our way. 

A great tidal wave of higher frequencies is heading our way, bringing 2017 to a close with a cosmic crescendo of love vibration. Unearthing secrets and lies, exposing harsh truths in our lives and on the world stage. Reconnecting us to nature, to each other and to the cosmos. We have weathered stormy seas of transformation. Waves of upgrades activating karmic release through chakra clearing. Our conscious work has been to face dark nights of the soul, seeking authenticity through self awareness and self knowledge. To learn self care, to reconnect with our body and our soul. On a global scale we witness the beginning of full disclosure of the cabal’s depravity and greed, the matrix hologram and our intergalactic community. 2017 has been pretty full on!

This light filled cosmic tidal wave opens gateways to higher dimensional planes of existence, offering timeline shifts from fear to love. The 3rd December’s full moon rays will ignite us with a boost of high frequency energy helping us integrate upgrades. Bubbles of memories, rising to the surface for lancing, for release. Avoid repressing these memories, they are energetic knots in our system causing blockages and clogging our chi flow. To release them is to allow them, sit in them for awhile, feel the emotions, and then let them go. Let the universe break up the heavy energies. As we do this we feel lighter because we are lighter. Our vibration can rise as these denser nuggets of heavy emotional energy are released. Use chanting, meditation, holistic healing therapies and nature to aid the energetic release. Use talk therapy and soul tribe to verbally let go. Both together enable us to capitalise on these cosmic love frequencies, raising our vibration at an accelerated rate.

Planet earth timelines are up for grabs. To redirect mothership earth we raise ours and her frequencies. We jump on the surfboard and ride waves of solar light. We integrate and embed higher frequencies at a cellular level, stabilising our vibrations in higher wavelengths. This enables us to unplug from matrix control algorithms. To reassert our free will and divine sovereignty. We remember we are connected to all things. We realign our energies, consciously expanding our minds. As the solstice draws near seek acceptance, forgiveness and self love. Give wings to secret dreams, let them take flight as real, as meaningful and they will manifest. To change direction, to tip Gaia towards higher dimensional wavelengths of peace and love, we embody those energetic spaces. We become peace. We are calm. We embrace love. 

We are learning to surf higher wavelengths. We lighten our energetic system, encouraging free flow of chi throughout our mindbodysoul system, to access higher dimensional wavelengths. What does this look like or feel like? We are learning to speak the language of the multi verse, energy. Our guides and higher self are communicating with us all the time. The matrix hologram suppresses our ability to hear, see, feel their communication, their guidance, protection and love. We are conditioned to dismiss gut feelings, intuition in favour of our ego. The persistent voice that chatters all day long in our heads, wound up, manipulated and controlled by the matrix, our ego is their greatest weapon against us. Programmed by mainstream media, education and religion through twisted rhetoric, the ego is kept in a near constant state of panic. This induces fight or flight mode in our bodies and prevents us from relaxing, from feeling truly calm and at ease. The ego is like a child, our inner child, it requires love and boundaries in the form of reassurance from us, to quieten down and feel safe. We can do this through meditation and holistic healing as well as reprogramming our ego with daily mantras of love, safety and positivity.

The veils will thin during this cosmic time. Synchronicities, premonition, dimensional slippage, time anomalies and number sequences will increase. Our multi dimensional soul tribe and the universe communicate with us through nature, animals and birds. Energetically they speak to us all the time. We learn to turn down the volume of our ego, and turn up our heart, our core, our third eye and our energy field accessing all the information they give us. Learning about the meanings of number sequences, of animal totems, as well as learning more about the tides of the moon and cosmic events help us interpret these signs, symbols, gut feelings and messages. All is delivered in love frequency.

These last few weeks of 2017 offer integration, embedding and consolidation of upgrades available throughout the year. The American solar eclipse marked a gateway, a huge shift in humanities accelerated evolution. Our intergalactic allies have stepped up the battle for our freedom and sovereignty in late October, blasting high frequency light waves around Gaia. This is an ongoing process but it has gathered speed and momentum in 2017. The great shift gateway, a portal to higher dimensions, was opened for us, all we have to do is step through the gates of perception and embrace unified consciousness! Phew! Some of us have just woken up, others are beginning their transition looking at the furniture of their lives and rearranging to create more space, a simpler way of living. Many are actively engaging in this evolutionary process learning to surf cosmic waves, integrate upgrades and realign as energetic beings. 

We should be hyper aware of gut instincts and third eye premonition during this time. Our dreamstate, meditative space and communication with the universe becomes more vivid, informative and powerful, as we are immersed in higher frequencies. Dimensional slippage and time anomalies will help us understand a non linear existence, we will rely less on routine, pressure and matrix stress to organise our lives. Instead we will read our energy field, our environment and the people around us to inform us of what tasks should be completed and when. This is quantum, it is unplugging from the matrix and learning to be a connected mindbodysoul being.

Physical symptoms will persist, a commitment to self care can help alleviate physical symptoms of recalibration ( for more detailed information). Nausea, ear popping, extreme tiredness, spaciness, shaky limbs, vertigo, coughs and flu symptoms, allergies, headaches, achy limbs, blurry vision, disturbed sleep, fluctuating appetite, bouts of high energy, heat or tingling sensations at major chakras can all be experienced as our energetic systems are activated. Going offline, adopting flight mode during upgrades can benefit us as we free up energy to integrate and embed higher frequencies. This means napping to counteract disturbed nights, cutting back on workload and social engagements especially if you perceive them as draining. Conservation of energy is the name of the game to capitalise fully on cosmic tidal waves. 

The winter solstice is a time for reflection and manifestation. Begin the process now. Start taking stock of what or who works in your life, and what or who has a negative effect on you. See where the love, joy, peace and happiness is and do more of it! Rest, stay hydrated, be kind to yourself and others. It’s going to get pretty trippy friends, stay balanced and centred as our minds expand and our hearts open to love vibrations. We are all experiencing this. Everyone’s vibration will be pushed up in the next few weeks, causing global karmic purge. People will be emotional, tired, irritable and confused. Give each other space. Stay close with good people and avoid energy vampires. We will be running on empty as we recalibrate, remember this and cut yourself some slack. Meditate and breathe. We become enlightened, sovereign beings able to shift timelines from fear to love. Embrace higher frequencies of zen peace. Stay in love vibration cosmic surfers 🙏.


I embrace all appropriate upgrades available to me at this time, under the protection of my higher self.

I am safe, I am calm, I am peace, I am love. Namaste.


Energy Update, solar storms and the Plaeidians

Feeling exhausted, no energy, no motivation? You’re not alone! Many indigo and light warriors are reporting these symptoms. We are being bombarded with solar flares, photon blasts of high frequency energy coming through and surrounding us. A great cosmic tidal wave of light is on its way, this is the beginning of it. Hold onto your surfboards people it’s going to get rocky (more on this coming soon). 

Light warriors are also reporting increased astral activity of a threatening nature. In dreamstate and in this dimension. Love is our protection, our shield and our weapon. To stay in love vibration and keep protection a priority at all times is the way to peacefully send them away. 

Mantras: I ask my higher self, guides and ascended beings of light to protect me from all lower frequencies and vibrations. I thank you all for your love guidance and protection, in humility and with grace. Namaste.

Gregg Prescott at in5d has reported the Pleidians have assumed control of humanities accelerated evolution. They have the most genetic material seeded in humanity and are infinitely caring, compassionate and kind towards us and the plight of Gaia. This is good news friends.

More will follow on what is happening and how to manage it. In love and light always cosmic brothers and sisters 🙏

awakening5dhealing, The Matrix

Upgrades, the Matrix and Mental Health

The energy is dense, sticky, tricky and glitchy as we process intense upgrades activated by the 11.11 portal. There’s a great purge underway. We experience this purge on a personal and global level. Bubbles of memories rise to the surface, flashbacks, causing us to reflect on difficult emotions. Synchronicities reveal reasons for our patterns of thought and behaviours. Globally we are facing a tidal wave of disclosure that is rocking the foundations of our society, our global society. Technology has introduced humanity to itself and the picture ain’t pretty. 

We can no longer ignore the travesty, depravity and tragedies at play on our planet. Fake news framed to trigger fear in our hearts, stress static in our energetic system and hate programmed in our minds surrounds us. The matrix continues to plug itself into our psyche, its mission to destroy our trinity mindbodysoul being. To relentlessly disrupt our peace of mind. Older generations are looking at the world with open eyes for the first time. They see algorithms of oppression and control where once they saw clear boundaries, parameters and rewards. The bridge generation, those born in 60s, 70s and 80s are caught in a wind tunnel of technological advancement. Speeding up, shrinking and transforming the world before our eyes. Younger generations are wide awake and distraught with what they see. Facing blocks and walls at every turn as they try and realise their dreams. What can be done? How can all the damage be reversed and fixed? 

The matrix continues to push it’s agenda of work work work, conform and compete, squeezing us all into tight little boxes labelled, stamped, locked down and stifled. Economics squeezes all but the super rich. Change is necessary. Change is happening. We are all running to keep up. Exhausted, confused, bewildered, frightened and angry. The matrix grinds on relentlessly, refusing to give us space to breathe. Refusing to let us go offline for a time, to recharge our batteries. 

Dna upgrades require energy, time, space. We should be turned off or at least on flight mode during intensive recalibration. We require solitude for big chunks of awakening. Solitude to hear our own mind body soul, to mute the non stop chatter of matrix slogans, to untangle our energy field from everyone else’s. To fully integrate upgrades, to get all systems go, charged and powered up in 5d frequencies, we need to go offline, sleep mode. The need to retreat from people can become overwhelming as we evolve at an exponential rate. To stay in and be. The matrix is a relentless drain on our energy. Trying to integrate higher vibrations simultaneously stretches us pretty thin. See for symptoms of recalibration. 

Our mental health is at risk. Depression, anxiety, fear can seep deep into our psyche as we wake up. Seeing the matrix for what it is has to be balanced with self care or we risk crashing like Neo. Do what makes you happy as often as possible. Sit in nature, pot plants, paint, read, walk the dog, clean the car, spend time with children. Retreating can still be active just stripped back to involve as few other humans as possible. When we interact with people, when we move in crowds, our energy field is interacting with theirs. All the time. When we are upgrading we are essentially running on empty, most of our energy is being redirected to recalibrate our systems. Ordinary routines become mountains to climb. We become more empathic, hyper sensitive to our environment. Our appetite changes, our energy levels fluctuate, our sleep is disturbed. The world can take on a bendy, movie like quality, this is awakening to the matrix hologram. 

The matrix conditions us to see fulfilment in possessions, belongings, material possessions. Career success is the holy grail of the first world, not family or friendship, culture or spirituality. Feeding your family and staying safe is the primary goal for many more millions in the world. First world guilt is being triggered for release. Our ignorance, our trance induced state of mindless obedience has enabled the cabal to plunder, rape and pillage large parts of the world for resources that make them filthy rich. And it goes on and on and on. Release this global guilt friends. We are a prison planet, a panoptican of oppression, invisible chains round our necks, manufactured walls and wars separate us from each other. It’s all upside down. It’s all back to front, the wrong way round. Everything. And it is truly, deeply overwhelming. How do we fix this? How do we fix our own lives? How do we straighten this whole mess out so that people live peaceful, safe fulfilling lives? A fair society. How do we address the injustice’s in our lives, our world? The division and fear and relentless draining pressures of the politics of greed? 

This is the current climate, stormy cosmic seas of transformation. Cyber space fizzes with anti establishment, revolutionary, questioning activity. Social media has shrunk the world. Fake news is recognised as a thing. Having a news blackout is a thing. Happiness, joy, mindfulness are things people talk about, read about and do more of. This is a movement and it’s gathering momentum. The inequalities, the sinister machinations, the fascist rhetoric and primitive politics of the elite are being exposed. Humanity is displaying a warrior mentality in its awakening. Petitions of outrage, political pressure, marches and demonstrations. The re-emergence of true investigative journalism and authentic politicians is creating a new perspective on conspiracy theories, disclosure and truth. People are demanding answers and changes. People are finding their voices. Revealing themselves as strong, humble, graceful and fearless challenging their neglectful, abusive leaders in every way they can. Rrrressspect to the people of planet earth!

The synthesized timeloop we are caught in is crumbling as humanity wakes up from the matrix induced trance it has been in. The rebalancing of yin and yang energies on Gaia through realignment and karmic release. Masculine energy in harmony with feminine energy. Traumatic events trigger outpouring of emotion, global purges of fear, anger, grief and pain loosening the collective hard, heavy nuggets of lower vibrations for release. This is 5d healing operating in the third dimension. We have the chance to create a new paradigm, to shift humanity and Gaia towards positive timelines. These higher wavelengths operate in the emotional energetic spaces of joy, gratitude, freedom, peace, connectedness and sovereignty, the wavelength of love.

Key is the expansion of enlightened unified consciousness. Realising we are creators, we manifest our reality. The matrix doesn’t work if we challenge it. We have been groomed, gas lighted by algorithms of control from the womb. Our free will is in tatters. Revolution is in ourselves, it is exercising our free will as sovereign beings, breaking free from the panoptican prison walls of the matrix hologram. To do this we wake up. We examine the furniture of our lives, decluttering, simplifying and being grateful. De-stressing our minds and detoxing our bodies. It takes time, concerted effort. 

The matrix will offer pharmaceutical remedies, anti depressants and mood enhancers, painkillers and sleeping pills with no exit strategy. Western medicine will not advise you to walk once a week in nature. To do gardening or yoga. To go part time in your job so you see your kids more. Or change the relationships you are in. Talk therapy gives us emotional release, helping us make sense of our personal journey in this global evolution. To fully heal and protect ourselves as we upgrade to higher frequencies, energy work is just as important as psychological healing. Reiki and energy healing therapies work with our energy field, our chakra system, to break apart blockages caused by emotional trauma. The two go hand in hand. Talk and energy healing will restore balance and inner calm. 

All the help is out there. Don’t give up. Reach out and find the healing that works for you. Take your time. Know that many, many people are feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by their own lives and by the global big picture. Overwhelmed by exhaustion as our system recalibrates to fifth dimension frequencies whilst we are pushed through the sausage meat factory of the matrix. If you can take time off, time out, do it. Do it now. Find that time for yourself, for your mental health and emotional stability. Reflect, let the memories take form, reconnect, release, accept. What is your passion, make it happen. Heal and protect yourself energetically. This is a global experience, none of us are alone. Stay on that cosmic surfboard cosmic kids! In love and light 🙏.

Mantras: I ask my higher self for protection and healing.

I am calm, I am safe, I am love.

I exhale fear, anxiety and tension. I inhale calm, peace and love. Namaste.

awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

Energy Update Feeling too 3d or too 5d? Don’t worry! 

We are caught in a maelstrom of clashing energetic frequencies, a great war for the evolution and freedom of humanity and planet earth, Gaia. Prophesied and predicted for many thousands of years, cosmic occurrences have conspired to activate multi dimensional, accelerated rEvolution. We are experiencing profound timeline shifts triggered by the 11.11 portal. Our allies work to guide us towards positive timelines whilst our enemies, the cabal elite and their intergalactic masters step up their attempts to lock down humanity in negative timelines. These adjustments can be felt by some, a rippling effect in the fabric of our reality, vertigo or nausea can be experienced. We can feel untethered and simultaneously connected to everything. This creates a floaty, fluctuating, woozy feeling. Timeline shifts are key in the manifestation of a new peaceful higher dimension. 

Warriors of Gaia we have much work to do yet many of us are feeling in limbo or overwhelmed. Whilst some with the calling to help humanity and Gaia have already actively engaged in this role, many more of us feel stuck, caught in the blinding headlights of cosmic evolution. Others are poised and ready, waiting for a green light, go. This waiting, this sense of anticipation carries with it anxiety, a spark of adrenalin crackling throughout our system. In the blink of an eye, in a wave of higher vibrational surf we can soar or crash on our cosmic surfboards. Studying, knowing and speaking the language of energy and how it manifests our realities is fundamental. 

We are learning to be hyper aware of our frequencies and the vibration of people and places in our lives. We are here to learn or relearn the meaning of quantum existence within the relative confines of a third dimension holographic world. We are learning we can manually reset, realign, tune up, heal and protect ourselves. We adapt our lifestyle, expand our consciousness, we become the change we want to see in the world. We survive karmic purges, global and personal. We grow in the light as energetic beings. We move into our heart, this changes every single interaction in our lives, it changes everything. We become mindful of how much effort and practise it takes to be mindful! 

In the bubbles of space our guides and higher self have created for us we surf this steep learning curve. We can integrate, empathise, transmute, recalibrate and transform. We are 5th, or higher, dimensional beings operating in a 3d reality. We are learning to balance higher dimensional wavelengths with third dimension living. This is a tall order and can leave us feeling exhausted. We are essentially trying to balance one foot in the 3d, the other in 5d, keeping ourselves upright, flexible and flowing. Synergy is the name of the game, seeking and achieving balance within a quantum world. 

Being present in our day to day interactions and routines keep us firmly rooted in the 3d. This can make volunteers feel too grounded, too 3d, too dense and heavy. We can find meditation difficult, demands on our time wearing, we can yearn for solitude and expansive consciousness. Even the good emotions, the wonder and complexity can overwhelm us, especially if we have been used to lighter ways of being, no body, zen energy, as opposed to a tricky body to look after and a vast spectrum of emotions that flicker like flames in a breeze. 

Home is the fifth dimension or higher for many people who identify as starseed, volunteers, earth or light warriors. Higher vibrations are comfortable, familiar, easy and beautiful. Human life on 21st century planet earth is challenging, complex, spiky, traumatic and unpredictable. We can yearn for higher vibrations, meditating as much as possible sometimes to the neglect of our day to day routines. As 5d beings experiencing a 3d existence the doorways to higher frequencies, nature, meditation, sound healing and holistic therapies call us constantly ‘come hang out here, float in bliss, zen, loveliness’. 

To be connected to a joyful, appreciative, grateful life, seeing the good, the positivity, the love and beauty in our human lives is key to pulling this balancing trick off. Anchoring our light to Gaia’s grid is our mission. To raise the vibrations one person at a time, creating positive ripples in this ocean of organic life, this is our calling. We may feel we are only achieving this when we are channelling those higher frequencies, illuminated, connected to a cosmic world of wonder. Yet there are times when being 3d, grounded as much as possible, not meditating, actively engaging and interacting with our world is precisely what Gaia and our allies need from us. Mindfully engaging with our human 3d life, experiencing each minute in love vibration, connected and grounded IS raising the vibrations of the planet. 

When there are cosmic battles taking place to reset the frequencies meditation can be difficult, we can feel frustrated, worried we’ve lost our meditation practise, become too 3d. Those times when we are floating in zen bliss ground us into higher frequencies. We integrate upgrades, adapting our lifestyle to enhance inner stillness, embracing the energies of love, peace, joy and protection. Our system stabilises in higher frequencies enabling us to roll out ripples of lighter vibrations all the time. Our grounded, present, joyful, calm, healing interactions embed positive energies into Gaia whether we are communing with universal love frequency or replying to emails or picking our kids up from school.

When cosmic seas gets heated and stormy and the matrix presses down on us, we feel slow, spacey, unable to meditate, don’t worry! As light warriors we are in the process of learning how to do both, soar in zen dimensions and be fully present in our 3d lives, to not fall off our cosmic surf boards. There will be times when Gaia needs us to be flying high, soaring waves of 5th, 6th, 7th and above dimensional frequencies, emanating these energies through our beings into the third dimension. We will be meditating all the time, communing with nature, revelling in love vibration. We will be required to blast 5d frequencies out far and wide. During those times the challenge is to stay grounded, to not lose our footing in our day to day lives. To stay connected to the people who love us, the work we do, the hobbies we have, the life we live here. 

Its swings and roundabouts friends. The variables are where we are on our personal evolutionary path and what is happening in the skies above us, the oceans and earth of this planet, the energetic needs of the mothership Gaia. What we are learning now, as we reflect on this mysterious, profound world of energy and the accelerated ascension of this planet, will be the roots of our future work on Gaia. Some woke up long ago and have been working for many years to raise the vibration through healing, teaching, guidance and protection. Others are waking up now to their mission, to their purpose. This is not a race or a competition, those are matrix algorithms of thought control. This is an organic process. A rare, complex and cosmic process, the accelerated evolution of a planet and her people. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others. Recharge your batteries regularly and plug into the joy of the human experience. See life as a challenge not a chore, a chance to make a difference, to create a better world with authentic, grounded love vibrations.

As the battle rages on more glitches in the matrix will be experienced, more dimensional slippage will occur. We are fighting for our free will, for a peaceful future on planet earth. As warriors of Gaia love is our weapon, love is our shield, love is our purpose. Self care is paramount whether we are tripping the light fandango in the 7th dimension, or smelling our child’s hair, fully paid up members of the present. Look after your body, keep your mind healthy and expansive and don’t worry if meditation is evading you, if inner stillness seems like a long ago dream, it will come back. The cosmic ebb and flow of this evolution means sometimes our light is anchored from the fifth and other times from the 3rd. Our challenge is to transmute, tune up, transition without crashing off our cosmic surfboard. 

Let the elite, the cabal, the infiltrators try and mess with the timelines, let ’em try and embed us in lower frequency filth, it won’t work. There are too many of us, too many awakening souls across the planet, too much advanced communication technology to take away now. We know what others are doing around the globe, we can share what we are doing. This is momentum. This is transformation. This is revolution. A revolution of frequencies, a new earth born from light, rescued from darkness. It’s time for us and our planet to take our rightful place within our cosmic intergalactic community. To stand up and be counted as sovereign beings of light in a quantum universe.

Keep sending love and healing to whistle blowers globally, their courage is deeply moving. Keep focusing intention on calm, loving interactions throughout the day. Stay protected with shield of love up at all times. And stay online beautiful people. You are not alone. There are many of us flying up and down the frequency spectrum trying to figure out how to stabilise each day. Grounded and expansive, heart open, third eye activated keeping chi energy free flowing through our trinity being. As manifestors we are here to create positive timelines. Don’t worry about being too 5d or too 3d. On the vast spectrum of dimensional frequencies, whichever vibrational space you are inhabiting at any given moment, keep your heart open, your third eye connected and your mind posittteeeve beautiful people. In light and love cosmic brothers and sisters 🙏

Mantras: I am one with universal love light energy.

I connect to universal love protected at all times by my higher self and my guides.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.



Mantras for protection, healing and manifestation


I breathe in love, I exhale fear. 

I am calm, I am peace, I am love.

I am having a calm/magical/safe/effective… day.

I will have a smooth and safe journey/day.

I am centred, I am connected, I am protected.

I power up my shield of love protecting me from all lower frequencies and vibrations.

I power up the shield of love round my loved ones protecting them from harm.

I connect to universal love light healing my mind, body and soul.

I ask my higher self to clear my subconscious of negativity.

I hug my ego in light and love.

I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.

I am the truth seeker, the light bearer, the way show-er. I anchor my light to Gaia. 

I raise my frequency to connect to universal love light energy. 

I am one with love, with light, with truth and with humanity. 

I call upon my guides, higher self and angels to protect me and my loved ones from all lower frequencies and vibrations. 

I call upon ascended beings for protection. 

I break apart matrix control algorithms by freeing my mind, liberating my soul and activating my heart. 

I connect to all those engaged in battle for light, for illumination and freedom with universal love light. 

I am one with universal love light as a warrior for truth. 

I seek to protect and free this world by raising the vibration one breath at a time.

I ignite and embrace my inner goddess. 

I am the return of the divine feminine. 

I brandish my light saber in the face of all evil, all darkness, all malignant life forms. Be gone. 

In light, in love, in unity, I step up as a warrior for peace. 

I release all fear. 

I activate my free will. 

I am a light bearer, a truth seeker, a warrior of peace. 

I have no fear only my love in my being. 

I anchor my light to Gaia.

I am grateful for *** in grace and with humility.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. 


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11.11 Stargate activation

11.11 quantum calling 🙏 activation time. 11.11 Stargate opens and Gaia is awash with healing light waves of energy. Breathe into this clearing, allow high frequency rays to cleanse and balance our mind body and soul. Self care is the modus operandi of the 11.11 gateway. Take it eeeazzzy, stay hydrated and grounded. Cosmic surfing works best when we are mindful, tuned to the quantum language of the universe. Look out for synchronicities, interactions with animals and birds, number sequences. Connect to the magic in the universe. The patterns, the logic, the wonder and beauty of the human experience in all its raw honesty. 

Embedding activations to our chakra system requires energy, focused intention and self respect. Everything else falls into place from there. Third eye activation is triggered by 11.11. Vivid dreams, fluctuations in perception, dissociation and spaciness can make us feel untethered. Use this gateway to integrate higher vibrations, upgrades to our system. Find time for rest, play, meditation, yoga and holistic healing. Find time for yourself. We may feel we are being selfish or lazy, this is matrix programming. A society functions best when people are happy. Make yourself happy today. Feel good by focusing on the positives, by embracing gratitude.

11.11 portal sets timelines, offers opportunities for reflection and growth. Epiphanies, third eye channelling, intuition kicking in, all need space from the constant chattering static of the matrix. Switch it all off. Time out friends. Ripples in our time space continuum nudge us towards multi dimensional existence. We can experience higher dimensions whilst staying grounded and present in the third dimension. Navigating, tuning, exerting our free will and sovereignty we can attain a more peaceful, Gaia friendly society. This is possible. Anything is possible when we learn we are manifestors, creators, we can set our own frequency. Enjoy the 11.11 ride cosmic brothers and sisters 🙏 

Mantras: I welcome appropriate upgrades under the protection of my higher self.

I am grateful for **** with grace and humility.

I am one with the light. I am grounded. I am love. Namaste.


10 keys to open the gates of the fifth dimension

The fifth dimension is closer than we realise. By tuning up the frequency of our cellular vibration we can access these higher wavelengths. Lighter emotions raise our vibration, heavier emotions lower our vibration. Gratitude, compassion, joy, humility, love, peace, emotions of light generate higher frequencies. The opposite occurs with darker emotions, envy, greed, fear, arrogance weigh down our cellular vibration. We control the tuner, we set the wavelength of our mind body soul system. We can overthink how we do this, instead this little list offers the keys to open the exquisite gates of the fifth dimension. The challenge is the doing, the rewards are infinite.

10 keys to open the gates of the fifth dimension. 

1. Breeeeeathe, meditate, pray to cultivate inner stillness and soul activation. Build this into your daily routine, let it become an organic part of your existence.

2. Try to keep your diet toxin free and be active. 

3. Don’t be hard on yourself. Emotions like guilt, shame, anger and anxiety hold back our awakening, making our energies heavy and dense. Don’t beat yourself up! Release, accept and make peace with yourself.

4. Find the flow, the groove in your life. The more we go with the flow, the more in tune with the flow we are. Listen to and respond to your natural energy levels, tailoring and adapting your day to work with your energy, as much as possible.

5. Being in nature realigns us. Like plugging a phone in to charge, nature resets our vibration, realigning us with the wavelengths of Gaia, of universal love frequency.

6. Gratitude has a high emotional wavelength, triggering algorithms of compassion, kindness and mindfulness. 

7. Facing the dark night(s) of the soul. Being prepared to look into our spiritual mirror, release dark, heavy, sticky karma and welcome lighter love vibrations into our lives. 

8. Mindfulness, practise being in the present, detaching from anxiety about the past or worries about the future. Experience the moment.

9. Welcome your inner child. Friendship, good books and creative passions are excellent ways to keep us present and imaginative. This activates our upper chakras and clears our root and sacral chakras keeping chi flowing.

10. Set focused intentions, mantras each day. This takes daily practise and progress can be slow at first. Setting focused intentions throughout the day can help with learning to see our own power in manifestation. 

Waking up takes guts, courage, a willingness to let go of all preconceived ideas about the world and our place in it. It requires we see the truth. It leaves nothing hidden, no secrets unearthed, we meet ourselves. To fully integrate higher frequencies into our being we get spiritualised. We reconnect our mind body soul system. We remember who we are. We regain our sovereignty. There is love, gratitude, hope and compassion at the heart of most earth religions. Find the heart in yours. Or step out of organised religion and create your own brand of spirituality, of quantum existence. There are no rules, only love, peace, empathy, humility, grace and connectedness. 

Many people can experience a sudden awakening, a bright light, a vivid mind expanding dream, a fluctuation in their surroundings with enough impact to trigger conscious awakening. Some people wake up slowly, often stemming from a political awakening. How we wake up can have a big effect on how we cope. A slow, gradual awakening is best as we have time to adjust, to question, research, reflect, adapt and refine our perception of the world. We can find people to help us along the way, use holistic remedies, sound baths, chanting, yoga to gradually guide us along the path to higher vibration. 

The frequencies of higher dimensional planes are reached by expanding our consciousness and living through our heart. We learn we can manifest our own reality, connect to our inner power and co create a better world, a new earth, in our hearts, minds and souls. We are trinity beings, mind body soul systems, seeking each element in balance with the others. This balance comes from moderation, grounding and chakra alignment. Self care. Meditation. Nature. All of these will raise us to the fifth dimension. The lighter vibrations of zen peace and stillness are there for any of us to tune into. Sit still and quiet. Hug your ego when it starts chattering nervously, soothe it. Listen to your heart. And breeeeathe cosmic brothers and sisters 🙏.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I am a sovereign being connected at all times to love light.

I thank my guides and higher self for their ongoing guidance, protection and love.

I will have a calm and efficient/magical/peaceful/empowering day…repeat throughout the day.


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Full moon healing with labradorite

Tomorrow’s full moon is already being felt by many. Waves of crystalline energy flowing through us and Gaia. Manifestation accelerates, dimensions fluctuate, timelines shift and barriers between dimensions dissolve. Surf full moon waves intuitively, listen to your heart. Let yourself relax into the higher wavelengths. As scary as it is to let go, relinquish control from the ego. This process ultimately frees us from the matrix. 

Dimensional slippage, thinning of veils, means we are seeing more than we ever did before. Aid this third eye activation with labradorite, a beautiful crystal for magic, insight, protection, psychic abilities and inner calm. Encouraging the release of fear, labradorite works with higher frequencies of the full moon to clear, cleanse, shield and protect our energy field.

Keeping Labradorite under your pillow during full moons can help us experience and recall vivid dreams. Labradorite expands our consciousness, helping us access higher wavelengths where truth, soul tribe, understanding self and oneness can be experienced. A pathway already lit by the full moon rays can be powered up by labradorite  taking us to the fifth dimension. Ride waves of magic, zen, peace and love this full moon beautiful people. Namaste.