Energy Update Hostile High Conflict Alert 

The current cosmic climate appears to be activating energy vampires, narcissists and high conflict people. Like moths to a flame, wasps to honey they circle light workers, empaths and sensitive people greedily. The polarity of the third dimension reveals itself through hostile people and environments. High conflict individuals are becoming increasingly desperate and active as the frequencies shift on Gaia. 

To raise our vibration requires facing and releasing negativity. Some are not able or not ready to do this. They may seek to blame others, to create drama as distraction. To shirk responsibility in favour of abuse or aggression, using hostile, forceful, sneaky or deceitful behaviour. Hostile behaviour triggers our fight, flight or freeze mode. We can feel like the victim, the aggressor or the rescuer fighting for justice. All of the above can compromise our sovereignty, serenity and sanity. Anger and fear are corrosive, they eat away at our souls, destroying our peace of mind. We have the power to switch, to change how we respond to someone or something. We can let others trigger and determine our state of mind or we can take back control of our emotional dial. Reset and realign to love frequency. Any time we choose. We have the power. 

Anger dissipates in the face of forgiveness. It fizzes out with disengagement. It disappears in a single moment of mindful gratitude. There is no room for anger to manoeuvre if we consciously centre ourselves. If we focus on the present. If we use mantras and affirmations to deprogramme ourselves from well worn grooves. To grasp, gain and retain perspective in threatening or hostile situations is inner revolution. It is sovereignty and freedom. By grounding into the present we stop our vulnerable ego in its tracks. We halt the onslaught of stress, worry, anxiety, anger and fear. We dismantle algorithms of mind control conditioning us to apathy, obedience and defeat.

High conflict individuals see themselves as the puppet master, think man boy kings like Donald Trump, those whose self belief relies on putting others down. They manoeuvre the people around them inside a Drama Triangle of their creation. In turn putting themselves or others in the roles of Aggressor, Victim and Rescuer. Manipulation of information, playing others off against each other, stealing ideas and passing them off as their own, accusations, name calling, lies, emotional blackmail, all are daily currency for high conflict people. To break free from other people’s drama triangles is to consciously step out of their triangle of control, to become the Observer. To disengage emotionally. To ignore triggers. To avoid, is the best way to deal with unpleasant people or environments. Nature, soul tribe, holistic healing therapies can help repair some of the damage. Seek healing to realign and balance.

Releasing anger is best done through forgiveness. As we surrender to higher dimensional frequencies we learn the truth about ourselves and our sovereignty. We learn compassion and kindness. To replace anger is to detach within love vibration. It is to begin the path of non attachment. To expand our consciousness beyond the narrow parameters of matrix mannequins. Negative emotions lower our vibration and keep us immersed in lower states of being. Forgiving those who have hurt us is self care. It is letting go of pain, resentment, frustration and vengeance. It is surrendering to higher waves of energy embedded in gratitude and mindfulness. 

We will benefit immensely as trinity beings from forgiveness. To hold onto anger is to continue to feed that person or situation your energy. It is to detract and distract us from our life, our present. To draw us into our head and away from our heart or soul. Protect yourself from hostility. Take steps to minimise contact. Don’t engage if you don’t have to. Connect to the moment, don’t allow others to steal your time, energy or present. Let go of bad karma, relinquish dark energies, release yourself from the chains of other people’s manipulation and control. Step into love frequency with forgiveness, self care, meditation and mantras. Raise your vibration by rising above third dimension duality to spaces of inner stillness, serenity and sanity. Safe surfing cosmic brothers and sisters.

Mantra I forgive… I forgive… I forgive…

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I am a good person. I am safe. I am grateful. Namaste.


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