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MindBodySoul Healing in a Quantum World

When we talk of our mindbodysoul system we are raising our awareness of ourselves as energetic beings. In a practical sense it means nothing can affect one without affecting the others. To fully appreciate the wisdom of this is to take a leap beyond the physical, to expand our consciousness beyond what we can see with our eyes. We are organically and intrinsically connected to the quantum universe. We interact energetically with our environment all the time. In the matrix our trinity being is strategically divided to prevent activation and free flow of energy. Our mindbodysoul system becomes the psychological, the physical and our faith. There are few connections recognised beyond the minds’ ability to fool the body, the placebo effect, and physical addiction to drugs prescribed for mental health. 

Holistic healers welcome medical, physiological and psychological insight, practise and knowledge. The same cannot be said in return. The role of talk therapy,  medical knowledge and physiotherapy is valued within holistic healing. Releasing trauma and pain through counselling and learning ways to break self destructive thought and behaviour patterns are key to healing. Western matrix medical and psychiatric disciplines frown upon, mock, dismiss or are threatened by energy healing. This is backward in a technological and spiritually progressive world. 

Many ancient cultures understood and practised holistic healing in tandem with the natural medicines Gaia, planet earth, provides. Relentless modern day algorithms of compartmentalisation aim to build barriers between healing disciplines as well as our minds, bodies and souls. When we experience pain, discomfort, illness or injury we can help ourselves by looking at the bigger picture. In a quantum universe nothing is by accident, nothing is coincidence. Many people report injury as one reason for their awakening, they were literally, physically stopped in their tracks, forced to step off the tread mill of their lives, reflect and take stock of what direction they were moving in. The world works in mysterious ways, as they say. 

That is to say… the natural world. Within the synthesized holographic matrix poisons and toxins can and will make us sick. This is not necessarily related to life missions, preordained contracts, it is a breach of our universal free will. There is injustice in this world. Duality of light and dark, good and evil. This puts responsibility on our shoulders to clean up our acts and avoid obvious toxicity like junk food, opiate pharmaceuticals, fascist fear programming from mainstream media and a sedentary lifestyle. There are proactive steps we can take to detox our mind, bodies and souls. We can:

1. Reduce stress by decluttering our lives, avoiding participating in and creating drama and meditating to still our ego.

2. Avoid mainstream media in all its guides news, entertainment and advertising.

3. Reduce exposure to food weapon technology, pollution and toxic products. 

4. Seek the heart, the truth in religion/spirituality and wilfully ignore (if this is an option for you) restrictive, divisive, oppressive religious rhetoric and rules.

The idea we store emotion physically is not new. Nor is the idea that we can improve our mental health by improving our physical or spiritual wellbeing. Many of us in the modern world are hunched over computers, sitting at desks or rushing about to get too much done, cogs in the capitalist wheel. This can cause all kinds of physical problems. One common and painful issue, experienced by many, is sciatica, inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve begins low on the spine close to our sacral and root chakras. It runs down through our hips to the back of our legs, knee and foot. Pain can be experienced anywhere along this nerve. Sciatica is triggered by mechanical pressure (pregnancy, sitting at a desk 8 hours a day) or injury. If our hips, spine, or pelvis are out of alignment, for whatever reason, this nerve can become trapped, inflamed, irritated and painful. Western medicine offers MRI scans and painkillers (usually addictive, usually with side effects and never with an exit strategy). 

To approach sciatica from a holistic perspective is to look at physical triggers, emotional, energetic blocks, our mental and spiritual wellbeing. Activity that inflames the sciatic nerve should be avoided. Take the time to do the opposite of the position or movement you have been doing. Rest if you are overactive, straining or pressuring the nerve. Physiotherapy is the first port of call for sciatica, closely followed by daily gentle stretching exercises. 

Experiencing pain in our lower back or running down through our hips and back of the legs can signify several issues relating our overall wellbeing. We are zooming out from the physical cause and looking at energetic triggers and reasons. This is holistic diagnosis. We analyse where and how the body relates to our psyche and our spirit. Trinity healing. Sciatic pain in the lower back can signify harbouring deep fear relating to financial security, safety and stability. We store ancestral, childhood, birth or past life karma in our root chakra, unresolved trauma can cause nuggets of harder energy to form, pressurising the nerve. Grief, sadness, loss and abandonment can create dense, heavy frequencies that settle in our lower back and buttocks, leading to discomfort when sitting, walking or sleeping. 

Anxiety relating to a change of direction in our lives can be diagnosed when pain is experienced in our legs. We can feel scared, hesitant to step forward into the great unknown. We can see our present circumstances, although unsatisfactory, as comfortable and familiar. We can also store repressed anger in our buttocks and legs. We may resent having to bow to someone or something we don’t want to. Or feel forced or held back by someone or something. This sense of helplessness leads to frustration, and repressed anger. The proximity to our sacral chakra also highlights a fear over loss of status, prestige, financial success and security. Sciatica can indicate a lack of or damage to our self confidence, our sense of belonging, of having purpose and support.

Neural Realignment Therapy is exceptional for improving alignment and encouraging free flow of chi. All holistic healing therapies from acupuncture, cranial sacral, reiki to sound baths and crystal healing work with energy, vibration to release blocks and improve alignment. When our bodies are flexible our energy can move freely. Talk therapy also releases negative emotions, untangling sticky, tricky, knots of negative energies. Energy healing, counselling and switching to a healthier lifestyle is a fast track to healing our mindbodysoul. Do the research if you are experiencing pain, look into the metaphysical and spiritual context of what and where the pain is. Think independently and act accordingly. This is reasserting our sovereignty over the matrix.

To become more quantum is to begin viewing our bodies as intricately connected to our minds, energetic vibration and our soul nourishment. Self care is taking care of all of us. Being responsible for the health of our minds, bodies and soul. To be present, grounded and mindful. To put ourselves in this world not sell ourselves to this world. The temptations of the matrix, the false rewards and competitive conditioning ensure we are vulnerable to attack of our sense of identity. We can take back our power by taking care of our whole selves. Respect your health, your emotional wellbeing and your inner peace. We are growing, evolving, understanding more of what it is to be human in a 5d dimension. Surf happy, safe and enlightened cosmic brothers and sisters. Namaste.

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Gemini Supermoon Illuminates Duality.

December is the only supermoon of 2017 (we have two to look forward to in January 2018!). Magnifying the power of lunar waves, we bathe in high frequency light for several days before and after. The supermoon heralds great illumination on planet earth. Truth, disclosure and exposure. We are coming to the close of a tumultuous and trippy year, ultimately cleaning out the grime to make way for lighter ways of being. As with everything there is a spectrum of responses to supermoon or full moons. Some may feel hyper sensitive during full moons, tearful or elated. Others may not notice the rays at all. Many people experience heightened dreamstate, vivid and memorable dreams. Synchronicity, premonition and number sequences can increase as the clear rays cut through matrix static. We are more able to see through the hologram to the multi dimensional universe. 

December’s Gemini supermoon shines light on the duality of our world. The contradictions and conflict between light and dark. Gemini are often accused of having two distinct personalities that they flit between. Gemini can be the life and soul of the party, gregarious with bucket loads of charisma. They can be prone to lower vibrations, a darker side of fear and anxiety. Gemini experience this world from a dual perspective, they are alchemists able to make peace with both sides of their personality through mindfulness and meditation. This is the current mission of planet earth. To rise above good and bad, dark and light, to raise the vibrations beyond duality, to higher dimensions. We are a divided people in a divided world. Like Gemini we carry this division in our psyche. Unlike Gemini this division is designed, it is manufactured by the elite to maintain power through division and conflict. Outside forces manipulate our thoughts and our beliefs. 

We can rise above this by recognising matrix algorithms of fear and hate. We can consciously reprogramme ourselves using mantras and affirmations to celebrate diversity ‘I am one with humanity in our quest for equality. I believe in freedom for all people’. We can also retrain our minds to recognise negative emotive language, rhetoric designed to disrupt our natural affinity for our fellow citizens. Tabloids, mainstream news and culture spit out hate filled language everyday, triggers for fear, anger and chaos. They’re easy to spot and avoid once you raise your awareness. 

Internally we are being encouraged by this Gemini super moon to lay to rest our own conflicts between ego, heart and soul. To nurture our fragile egos with love and reassurance, to consciously open our heart and third eye chakras. Switching our mindset from fear to love takes focus and effort for we are constantly being conditioned by fear. We are warriors for this reason. Our environment is hostile to freedom of thought and action, equality and acceptance. Organised religion dictates rules barriers and strict boundaries of acceptable behaviour and thoughts. Unfortunately, as with global politics, the foundation pillars of 21st century organised religion are control, fear, repression and conflict. Politicians, religious leaders, CEOs when weakness is exposed the strategy is to blame or attack others outside of their religion, corporation or party. This distracts us with enemies, a smokescreen for their own dark agendas. Most people want to live peacefully, able to feed and keep their families safe. This organic desire works in harmony with Gaia, she provides all we need. Until the infiltrators, the greedy, the cabal get involved, thriving on fear, conflict and war. This manufactured duality of the 3rd dimension is not natural to humans or Gaia. Forcefully keeping the vibrations low, heavy and dense. The matrix dissolves in love frequency, it cannot operate efficiently if frequencies rise above the third dimension. 

Our internal conflicts mirror and manifest our outer reality. To seek inner stillness and peace is to actively change our experience of life. Gemini supermoon urges us to untangle our mindbodyspirit system from this duality, to rise above hate, fear, anger and conflict. We are warriors of Gaia our mission is peace on earth, our weapon is love, our tools mindfulness, meditation and mantras. The desired outcome is positive manifestation. 

What are your internal conflicts? Can you identify any as matrix algorithms? Can you deprogramme yourself? What blocks do you have to finding inner stillness? Can you release those blocks with talk or holistic healing therapies? How can you help yourself to be more in balance, less stressed or anxious? Can you make changes to your life or lifestyle that will clear the way for a calmer 2018? 

Self care as always is the number one strategy to unplug from the matrix and open the gates of the fifth dimension. Be kind to yourself, forgive mistakes, let go of difficult emotions, accept dark and light, weaknesses and strengths. None of us are perfect, if we were we would be floating in zen space with the Buddha’s and Jeshuas of the multi universe. We’re not. We are humble souls growing and learning how to walk and talk quantum. When we actively engage with upgrades to our energetic systems, we embrace enlightened unity conscious. This is a profound and global process of awakening. Exciting times lie ahead for all of us. 

Let gemini supermoon smooth out the wrinkles of negative thinking in our beings, clearing conflicts and confusion paving the way for a lighter, balanced existence. Breathe into the full moon rays, let them heal you. Prepare by clearing your space with sage, mantras or crystals. Sit quietly and let thoughts flow freely through your mind. Hug your ego when negative memories or experiences come up, let gratitude fill your soul. Set intentions for yourself and the world. I believe in a better world. I am a calm being of light and love. I set the world in motion with love, peace and joy. Putting crystals on a window sill or ledge will allow them to soak up cleansing rays, powering them up for future use. In love and light beautiful people, happy supermoon bathing 🙏.