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Energetic Whiplash Symptoms and Solutions

Wavelengths are crisscrossing in a maelstrom of micro to macro fluctuations. Many of us are experiencing energetic whiplash, cosmic overload. We are caught between the onslaught of matrix programming and the vibratory pull of Gaia to higher dimensional frequencies. We are immersed in a tense atmosphere, nothing is as it seems. Confusion, distrust and fear of the unknown draws people back into the matrix. We are updating our mind body soul system. Our DNA, having been dormant for so long, is now being activated. Cosmic forces, magical and organic, are rolling out and we are part of this grand evolutionary process. We are inherently and consciously active in our own growth.

The whole spectrum of negative emotional responses cause friction, static, interference, density in our energy flow. This can build up over time, gritty, grimy, sludgy energy burrowing deep into our beings. We may feel unmotivated, low in self confidence and more sensitive to confrontation than normal. Our emotional triggers are raw as we fluctuate between matrix wavelengths of mind control and fifth dimension freedom. Our challenge is to recognise negative triggers through heightened awareness. Adapt our behaviour and thought patterns, switching to higher wavelengths of emotional energy.

Quick fixes relieve the fear and stress of facing the unknown. They also anchor us into the matrix. As our vibrations rise our chakra system expands, reconnects and comes online with universal love frequency. Like ping pong balls we bounce up and down the frequency spectrum. This can really make us feel weird! To stabilise our cellular vibration in the fifth dimension we respond to these changes. We seek moderation. Balance. Enjoyment of life from organic, rather than, synthetic or artificial sources. Our bodies are where we feel many effects from energetic whiplash as they detox our energetic system from the matrix. Common symptoms of energetic whiplash:

  • vertigo
  • uncontrolled shaking
  • palpitations
  • breathlessness
  • ear popping and buzzing
  • dizziness and nausea
  • stomach upsets
  • cravings
  • sinus issues
  • headaches
  • blurry vision
  • injuries
  • lowered immune system
  • increased sensitivity to synthetic products
  • skin irritations
  • weight fluctuations
  • heightened empathic responses
  • increased need for solitude
  • increased sensitivity
  • creative impulses.

As our minds expand our eyes open to cold capitalism, mainstream fear media, religious rhetoric and cultural conditioning. As our bodies transform our ability to process toxins decreases. As our souls awaken we seek inner stillness and outer peace, we feel distressed by the destruction in our world. The elite keep us focused on what is missing, a key algorithm of the matrix. We are programmed to fill the spaces with short term, low vibration fixes. We ignore our true selves, we neglect our mindbodysoul system as we get dragged down in the quicksand of matrix mind control. We can haul ourselves out with self love. We can retrain our minds to focus on what we have. We can release fear, wake up to harsh truths, change our behaviours to ground and balance. We can seek to counter matrix vices with nature, soul tribe, self care and meditation.

The red pill comes with homework. We can ignore all of this. None of it has to happen. There is a magical trinity at work here, universal and mysterious, organic and ethereal, the realignment of our mind, body and soul. Gaia and the cosmos can go only so far before we have to take the reigns of our own evolution. Expansive consciousness is the realisation we are part of a multi verse of quantum dimensions. There is no magic wand that will take us there, no clicking of our heels three times. No instant fix. We take responsibility for our mind body soul system. When symptoms kick in, energetic whiplash can topple us right off our cosmic surfboards. Learn from each step in the process. Avoid setting finite rules instead listen to your mindbodysoul.

Life is to enjoyed, removing stress, pain and fear enhances our present. We are able to connect to the universe in a meaningful way. Clear out the static, respond to symptoms with self care and self love. Seek out holistic healing for our trinity being. Sound healing, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, essential oils, crystal healing…there are so many to choose from. Research and go with what resonates. None of this happens overnight, very few of us are, or ever will be, levitating, breatharian monks! We are human and we are part of a world of pressure and expectation. Go easy on ourselves, take changes slowly, allow time to adapt, transition and transform. It’s about mindset, love not fear, everything else is just the process. Drink water, take vitamins, get fresh air, hug a loved one, stretch! Safe zen surfing cosmic brothers and sisters 🙏🏻.


I am a being of light, mind, body and spirit.

I inhale love, I exhale fear.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

awakening5dhealing, Lightbody Activation

5 Signs of Sacral Chakra Activation


Sacral chakra activation is occurring on a global scale. Gaia is resetting her emotional centre, we have the opportunity to do the same. The matrix is fighting back, bombarding us with heavy, low frequencies. A maelstrom of conflicting energies is stifling many. The elite have upped their assault in response to cosmic gateways of light propelling us towards higher dimensions. The matrix manipulated sacral chakra will give the ego free reign to delve into its greatest fears, as this fuels our vulnerability to short term fixes. We can lose our balance and our sense of self. We forget who we are, what our passions are, our spiritual alignment gets shot to pieces. External forces barrage us with relentless, repetitive programming. Obey, conform, sleep. To clear and strengthen our sacral chakra we break free from this control.

Of the seven main chakras the sacral is tough to balance as it is under constant attack from the matrix. The matrix uses our ego as its voice, our sacral chakra as its plug-in to our energetic system. The cord can be cut, pulled out, if we are to unplug. As our emotional centre, it is the weakest point for attack in our energetic system. Vulnerable to toxins, energy drains, addictions and self doubt, the matrix feeds on our sacral chakra by drawing us into self destructive thought patterns and behaviours. Energetic grit and grime build up, caused by self neglect, lowering our vibration further. Activation is the trigger to deprogramme our emotional centre, to take back control of our energetic dial and raise our cellular vibration to the fifth dimension.

The sacral chakra is fundamental to connecting our lower energetic system to our higher chakras. Our crown, heart and third eye chakras become a distant memory when we exist mainly in our sacral centre. We lose all connection to the esoteric, to the magic and mystery of the multi verse. We disconnect from our higher self and guides, from angelic love. We relinquish our free will. Independent thinking is our sovereignty. When we allow our sacral chakra to pilot our ship we lose our moral compass, our authenticity, our true identity. We go into avatar pilot, no longer present in the navigation of our life.

We also store karma in our sacral chakra, the process of unplugging and seeking alignment requires we clear this. Unresolved, heavy issues stored in our root chakra can block or slow down the flow of energy up into our sacral. Similarly blocks in the sacral prevent or clog flow to our solar plexus, the power house of our being. If there are blocks on either side we can feel depleted in energy, unable to move our bodies the way we wish, keep our minds agile, or stay connected to our soul self.

Low vibrations pull us down into darker emotional spaces of fear, stress, anxiety, depression and self doubt. We become vulnerable to matrix algorithms of envy, hate, greed and intoxication. We can lose our confidence, feel beleaguered and beaten down. We can be frozen with fear, inert with apathy, dumbed down and boxed in by a ruthless system of control. Much of this dynamic occurs through our sacral chakra. To empower ourselves for freedom we must first pull the matrix plug from our sacral and get everything free flowing in our mind, body and soul.

5 signs of sacral chakra activation.

  1. Stomach, intestinal, lower abdominal transformation. What we can eat, how we eat, how we digest food changes. As our frequencies rise we learn to communicate with our bodies understanding the fuel we give it and its effects. We don’t all wake up vegan over night, although some do. The more we work at raising our vibration the less able our bodies are to handle matrix processed foods and drinks. They make us ill. IBS symptoms, stomach cramping, lower back pain, headaches and low energy can all be caused by our bodies inability to process the foods we have previously been able to handle.
  2. Fluttering, flipping, tingling, popping and buzzing sensations in our lower abdomen, below our naval area. A sense of shifting, energetic and physical at the same time. There may be flutterings in the root, solar plexus and heart as flow of energy improves.
  3. We feel unusually drawn to our matrix quick fixes. Vices promoted within the system to keep us inert, ignorant, distracted or ill, strip us off our free will. Addictions in the form of refined sugar, drugs, pharmaceuticals, pornography, gambling, trash t.v. keep us locked into third dimension pleasure zone, disconnected from Gaia. Sacral chakra activation promotes release of destructive algorithms acted on in our sacral chakra. We seek moderation rather than obliteration or distraction.
  4. Feeling more emotionally sensitive than usual. Confrontations triggering older emotional states of negativity. Loss of confidence. Loss of optimism. Loss of energy. Lack of motivation, spaciness and frustration. Impaired ability to manage our emotional responses, anger, depression and envy can overtake our psyche depleting our sense of self worth. This is karmic release. It is also the onslaught of matrix low frequencies, weapons of mass destruction, the destruction of our trinity mind body soul systems.
  5. Dehydration. It takes a lot of energy to recalibrate our systems. We are rarely able to go offline, hit flight mode, or close down while we update. We have to continue with our day to day lives, responsibilities and routines. This can lead to a quick loss of hydration throughout our system. During intense periods of upgrades drinking water is essential to maintain our equilibrium and fuel the extra energy required to integrate and upgrade.

Our emotional centre is conditioned by ego programming. When we feel low, we are more vulnerable to matrix triggers promoting envy, hatred and anger. This is where mainstream mind control programming thrives. It goes right in for the jugular, the weaknesses set up in childhood, from past lives, our emotional scars and wounds constantly reopened leading to a myriad of mental and physical health issues. All of which exist on low vibratory fields of energy. Low wavelengths get sticky, heavy, muddy and sludgy to push through the longer we exist in them. We become those emotions. We struggle to tame them. Driven by fear they overtake our psyche. To function the matrix needs us to remain in these low vibratory fields. To rise up the spectrum is to shed those low emotions by cultivating joy, peace, happiness and creativity in our lives. We do this with mindfulness, meditation, mantras and self care.

To support our sacral chakra activation we can zoom out and look at how we treat our mind body and spirit. We take time to reflect, examine and recognise triggers, our responses and how we can change them. We disengage with the enemy. We stop reading beauty magazines they only make us feel ugly. We stop watching ‘programs’ that make us feel inadequate, envious, inferior, resentful, unkind or selfish. We stop following bloggers whose lifestyles are so picture perfect they shine with fake glossy insincerity. Red pill homework, we unplug ourselves from the matrix, it doesn’t just happen for us. We break these patterns of behaviour or try to moderate them to find some kind of balance between external pleasure, health and internal balance.

Matrix addictions mean we lose our sense of the present, our sensory connection to nature, to our mind body and soul. We lose the ability to moderate our behaviour, quick highs that lead to crashing lows propel us to chase the high again. A hamster wheel of neglect and mindless pleasure seeking through the artificial relief of emotional pain. Such destructive patterns need to be discarded as we regain balance and mental health through sacral chakra alignment. We stop relying on stimulants, depressants or distractions to oppress difficult emotions. Instead we seek healing therapies to help release and move on.

External fixes for internal emotional navigation is the fundamental premise of the matrix. The message is look outside not inside for salvation. We can counteract this strengthening, clearing and powering up our sacral chakra.

5 ways to support sacral chakra activation and clearing.

  1. Physical exercises that focus on strengthening and stretching our lower abdomen help release stored anxiety, tension, stress and anger.
  2. Fear can be loosened with deep breathwork into our lower chakras. Meditating on our breath draws in clear, high frequency energy, love vibration.
  3. Eating orange foods will power up the sacral chakra.
  4. Wearing orange can boost our beleaguered sacral chakra.
  5. Orange crystals are brilliant for clearing debris, enabling flow through our sacral chakra.

Kansas won’t leave us, we have to leave it. Start those mantras, retraining our minds to positive algorithms through counteractive repetitive programming. Instead of ‘I am rubbish, I wish I was her, I hate him, they all dislike me’, say ‘I love myself, I share my love, I receive love, I connect to love, I am love’. Try it for a few days, even a couple of weeks and see if it helps us feel lighter, happier and more positive about our lives. Moderation is the key to freeing the sacral chakra from matrix manipulation. In cosmic times of transformation taking a little risk, changing something here, adapting our lifestyle there, will help us stay grounded in heart frequency. In love and light cosmic surfers. Namaste.


Message from the Arcturian Council

Gaia is creation. She is symbolic of all worlds, all solar systems, galaxies, multi verses in time space. She evolved from first to third dimension and now she moves beyond. Her path is no different from the smallest amoeba living on her. We all have come from creation and are part of creation. This is why we are all creators. To understand this is to leap beyond the third dimension. We watch and we see humanity pull the veils down exposing their enemies hidden in plain sight. We view you from above and we watch and wait to see how far below you will go.

We are here to guide humanity, one of many interstellar groups invested in the Great Shift. Gaia has reached an impasse. She is catching her breath. Her system is recalibrating and yet she must continue to sustain multiple injuries day after day. She strives to stay in love yet her hurts bring her down, mired in open sores pain and poison. We the Council offer eternal love to Gaia in her endeavours. We see anger, frustration and fear in the hearts of humanity. We are deeply saddened by the depths of depravity sustained. Among our kind there is turmoil as to complicity due to inactivity. We understand this empathises with how many humans are feeling. To see and not see what is hidden in plain sight.

There is detail, layers, depth to the human experience we had forgotten. The spectrum of emotive energetic responses humanity has evolved over the centuries has taken us aback. Many of us are increasingly convinced of angelic earth seeding. The rumours in religion of fallen angels, of angelic realms and angelic intervention support this supposition. We see sparks of devilry and angelic beauty throughout humanity. The end points of the scale where the head eats the tail. Spiral worlds.

We wish to share with those who hear us. We are not directly of your kin. We are from a very long time ago in Gaia’s history. We have been creators for many eons. We understood the quantum logistics of the Great Shift Gaia prophesies. We were unaware of the depth of her connection to humans or their destructive path. Others have been integrated with Gaia. We have some detachment. We see turmoil. We see a war of positive and negative frequencies. We underestimated the destruction the reptilian overlords had wreaked.

There is a great change coming. A fundamental shift in economic power. A plan is well underway to secure the safer future of earth citizens. The enemy within has been identified and the clean up has begun. The cabal elite are squirming in their nests. Fear riddles them like cancer. Their machines, puppets, clones of capitalism, malfunction in higher vibratory fields. Their dark magic serves only to mire them in the hellfire they have created. Their escape routes thwarted by superior technology. As each bastion of control ripples, crumbles, implodes under scrutiny, new systems will be established of transparency and compassion.

The evolution of consciousness is heart chakra activation. When all information is processed as energetic readings through the heart, the ego is no longer in the driving seat. There is no map, no ancient scripture, no instruction manual for planetary quantum leap. Forgotten on the edges of the universe, a Petri dish of organic potential, Earth and humans have evolved despite invasion and holographic lockdown. This alone is impressive. To observe the shift from a front row seat, if you like, has left us reeling in astonishment. We, who are ancient and wise and infinite are humbled by such grace, dignity, passion and collectivity.

We are trying to convey empathy with your situation. We understand and we feel your pain. We offer you our humble service as protectors, guides and ascended beings of light. Our hopes and dreams are yours. We wish each of you love in your endeavours to revolutionise your world. The world is magical, we are eager for more of humanity to understand this. Our time is your time. And the time is now. We offer ourselves as guardians of Gaia to the safe transition of humanity to higher wavelengths of dimensionality. We pledge our allegiance to Gaia and her people. We are the Arcturian Council of Twelve. In love, in light, in joy and in hope.


Pronoia: the belief that everything in the universe is conspiring in our favour

Love this meme! As a fully paid up ‘conspiracy theorist’ for many years I have been accused of PARAnoia often. Accusations of paranoia wobbled me, triggering self doubt and negativity. I would question what my eyes told me, what my heart told me, and what my soul told me about the injustices of our world. I went deep undercover, adopted stealth mode, to protect myself. All of this has changed for me. Spiritual awakening has propelled me on a journey of quantum awareness. Using meditation and self care to manage and minimise fear, insecurities and stress has transformed my life. Vastly increased sensory connectivity to the natural world has grounded me into this lifetime. The more I embed myself in mindfulness through gratitude, use mantras to set my vibration, the more aware I become of our innate ability to manifest. PROnoia describes perfectly how I now feel about my experience of reality.

Recently I was asked by a client if I am a religious person. Identifying as a recovering Catholic, with emotional scars from a childhood of Jesuit priests, guilt and fear rhetoric, I now see myself as a deeply spiritual person. I strive to stay connected to universal love frequency at all times. Self care, meditation, mindfulness and mantras are the tools of my spirituality. I surrender to higher vibratory fields of light and love. I consciously read my energy, adapting and adjusting my mindset to try and maintain high frequency equilibrium. Working to stay hyper aware of my mind body soul system, my world has transformed. Nature speaks to me. My gut instincts are stronger and I listen and act accordingly. My psychic abilities have increased. Reiki and meditation have zapped me into the fifth dimension and I love it here!

The internet has given us a lifeline to reach others unconvinced by the established narratives. A vast library of research at our finger tips, we are now able to burrow down rabbit holes that resonate, and draw our own conclusions. We can communicate, share and discuss with each other outside our immediate communities. In the spirit of tribal cyber connectivity I’m sharing a little personal story with my 5dhealing peeps. I have pronoia! When I maintain self care, meditate and stay in love frequency I have the increasing sense the universe is working with me. We are becoming one. I feel connected, reassured, loved and protected all the time. I am more nourished and joyful than I have ever been.

Big cosmic thankyou to all of you who have shared my journey to expansive consciousness here and on the web. Your likes, comments, shares and messages mean soooooo much. 2018 is the year for coming out my little world and sharing more healing and what I have learnt. Watch out for posts about online awakening workshops and one to one healing. If you have any ideas of what or how you would like me to reach out further, comment or message me. Guided meditations are in the pipeline as well!

Here’s to Pronoia, long may it continue! In love and light cosmic brothers and sisters 🤗😊🙏🏻.


I share love, I receive love, I am love

I surrender to universal love vibration under the protection of my higher self.

I am grateful, I am humble, I am grounded. Namaste x

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Cosmic Update Zombie Nation or Zen Zone

When we talk of upgrades, DNA activation, quantum spirituality many can feel confused, curious or cynical. There is truth being revealed in our 3d reality. Harsh truths of predatory control, manipulation and oppression. Our planet, Gaia, has enough resources to feed, clothe and protect us from the elements. We have been told this is not the case, programmed to accept war over resources, competition for survival. This foundation deception creates a have and have-nots status quo. Gaia is a victim in this deceitful war for resources, for energy, for our hearts, bodies and souls. She has sustained wounds, aching sores, land fills, pollution, war and destruction. It is Gaia who has had enough. Sleeping people could sleep for another thousand years unaware they have the power to change the world. Awake children and adults, indigos, are here to demonstrate a new way of living in tandem with Gaia. Way sho-wers, warriors of light and of Gaia stand against the tide of helplessness, hopelessness, fear and depravity. Here to illuminate the darkness and light pathways to manifestation.

None of this is as hard as it sounds. For some their wake up call is so profound, so fifth dimensional that they can’t go back to the limited, locked down perspective of the matrix. For others the way to enlightenment, to expanded consciousness is slower. Fear can stop us in our tracks. Paralysed perspectives can prevent organic growth. We are the only ones who can change how we see the world. Battles rage in the skies and in the seas for Gaia’s sovereignty, we go inward to find our truth, our power and our self love. Actions are how we change our thought grooves. What we do, say and think can be overhauled with a spiritual perspective. We have been karmically locked down and lost for thousands of years. Celestial events herald the arrival of the Age of Aquarius. Transmutation from dark to light, transformation and transcendence.

As organic beings we are coded with innate abilities, DNA. This coding, the sequences which activate telekinesis, energetic communication, expansive consciousness are being triggered. Photon blasts of high frequency light waves flood Gaia. Gateways to higher vibratory fields have been open for some time. Our chakra clearing and alignment has been triggered, we are able to come online as energetic beings. Consciously we make choices as to how we will respond to the changes we and planet earth are experiencing. We can choose to grow beyond the third dimension or stay where we are. We can choose to ignore our soul, our spiritual wellbeing, staying immersed in and focused on the third dimension. We may be programmed from birth to conform, compete and comply. We may be conditioned to materialism, to fake lives driven by fake desires. We may be victims of intensive mind control algorithms from religion, culture, economics and politics. This is the 21st century, times have changed. There is no normal anymore. How we respond to upgrades, our cosmic get-out-of-jail-free card, is our choice.

Unlike the matrix, the fifth dimension is accessible only when we focus our intention towards love. There is no room for superiority, hierarchy or status. We can step into those higher frequencies by changing our mindset, by releasing blocks, karmic, synthetic or man made. As sovereign beings we can choose to stay in fear frequency, sheeple in the matrix doing as we are told. Cutting off our soul or boxing it into tight little algorithms of control. Our bodies remain foreign to us owned and sanctioned by the matrix. Our minds remain closed, walled in by oppression, ignorance, arrogance and fear. We take back control through love. Loving ourselves, others, Gaia unconditionally. Setting boundaries of self respect, changing our behaviour to authenticity. Not conforming. Not being frightened. Not hating or being vengeful. The language we use sets our frequency, if it is negative we will vibrate in negative wavelengths creating and manifesting more negativity. This is the fuel that feeds the matrix. Revolution is self care. Illumination is self respect. Evolution is self love.

We may not be batteries as Morpheus claimed but we aren’t free humans and nor is our planet a free being. This is what is changing. If there is an awareness on the periphery of your vision that something has changed, shifted, opened this is what it is. Truth is cracking apart the matrix. Built on foundations of deceit, greed, power and fear, the system thrives on pitting us against one another. It grooms us into little mini Agents spying and judging one another, tittle tattling to our superiors for a crumb of acceptance. We turn on each other, we do the dirty work for the elite. We watch each other, police our neighbours, our families, our comrades and colleagues. We enable the system.

We can own the matrix. We can all be Neo. All we have to do is take care of ourselves as whole mind body soul beings. Love and respect our bodies, drawing clear lines against toxins, pollution, poisons and self loathing. We can ignite our souls with meditation. We can become whole beings connected to nature and the multi verse. We can expand our minds by walking away from mainstream media in all its guises and seeking information and truths through our own research, not relying on what others tell us. This freedom, this liberation is our right and our choice.

Way sho-wers light the path, we choose whether to listen and expand or remain where we are. There is no judgement only choice. We choose who we are, what we are, where we are and how we live. We can blame our governments for incompetence or abuses, we can feel justified in our anger at corporate control and manipulation of our lives. We can reject religious rhetoric, rules and restrictions that reveal a sinister agenda in organised world religions. We can choose not to spend time trying to please people who see themselves as superior, standing in judgement of others. Or we can choose to reject sections of global society, adhere to the matrix narrative of bigotry, polarity, prejudice and separation. We can choose to remain frightened, seeing risk everywhere. We can choose to bury our heads in the sand with matrix distractions and toxins. We choose who we are and what we do.

Enough exposure has occurred, enough disclosure of intergalactic communities visiting us and affecting our planet. The excuses we had, mind control algorithms, fear conditioning and sheeple programming won’t cut it for much longer. The matrix still holds us in its grasp but nowhere near to the extent it did. The fifth dimension is here, Gaia has reached a plateau of higher wavelengths. Humanity now makes her individual choices. The onus is not on warriors of Gaia to convince or persuade people of inner light and cosmic potential. Way sho-wers live the life of the adventurous, the curious, warriors who do not fear the matrix though they respect it’s power to destroy lives. Warriors of Gaia fight for truth, freedom, equality and ecolution. The world has already changed.

Whether we jump on our cosmic surfboard and join the recalibration game of quantum life or remain as we are is our choice. It is not up to others, to wrap us up in quantum quilts, easing us into fifth dimension light. Each individual makes their choice and their choice is inward, it is the nuts and bolts of our energy. Do we run positive or negative? Are we bitter, cynical, judgemental, angry or hate filled. Do we exist paralysed by fear? Do we aspire to control and oppress others to make us feel better about ourselves? Do we gossip and judge others for their beliefs, actions, words and choices. Or do we live and let live. Concentrate on our own development, go inward to get to know who we are, not the matrix avatars we were given. Do we choose solitude for meditation, expansion of consciousness and growth? Do we choose self respect and self love to detox our bodies from matrix muck, cleaning out our systems? Do we choose to notice synchronicity, communication from other dimensions and from loved ones passed on? The keyword through all of this is choice. It is no-one else’s responsibility but our own. Who we are, who we aspire to be, is an algorithm we can set.

The answers are not on tv, they are not in sanctioned religious narrative or politicians deceit. The answers are inside us. To feel part of something bigger, greater, more vast and beautiful than we can ever imagine, we go inside. We quieten our ego with love and reassurance. We activate our soul with gratitude, mindfulness and releasing fear. We go inside to meet our soul, to get to know who we are from past lives, quantum worlds and inner equilibrium. We expand our minds by unplugging from the matrix. By seeking stillness within. There is no red pill to be handed by the great Morpheus with a pat on the back. There is no scripture that will give us a blue print on how to live in the fifth dimension. No ascended being can magically transport us to higher dimensions. We do it. We make it happen. We let go of fear. We surrender to the Zen Zone.

The game of quantum evolution is our planetary energetic space. How we play, what moves we make are up to us now. There has been enough disclosure to warrant truth in the matrix. Do we have excuses anymore? To ignore depravity, destruction, disease and poverty? To allow prejudice, hate and fear to control our lives? Who are we? Are we warriors or zombies? Are we freedom fighters or complicit? Do we continue to expect others to fix us, enlighten us, change us or do we begin the journey inwards to enlightenment and empowerment under our own steam? This is our choice. Zombie Nation or Zen Zone love vibration? We decide. We hold the reins. We hold the power. Go inside, find our groove. March to the beat of our own drum. Be fearless. Be loving. Be grateful and humble. Be graceful in all we do. Our angels, our guides, our higher self are all cheering from the sidelines. In light and love beautiful people.


I am a sovereign being of light and love.

I choose freedom, I choose love, I choose life.

I am grateful for all the beauty, love and light in this world.

I activate flow in my chakra system under the protection of my higher self. Namaste.

awakening5dhealing, Lightbody Activation

Four Ways to Raise Our Frequency to the Fifth Dimension

For some their wake up call is so profound, so fifth dimensional that they can’t go back to the limited, locked down perspective of the matrix. For others the way to expanded consciousness is blocked. Fear can stop us in our tracks. Disbelief and cynical perspectives can prevent organic growth. We are the only ones who can change how we see the world. As battles rage in the skies and in the seas for our and Gaia’s sovereignty we go inward to find our truth, our power and our self love. Actions are how we change our thought grooves. What we do, say and think can be overhauled with a spiritual perspective. We choose who we are what we are, where we are and how we live. The elite need us to accept our limitations not test them, stretch our minds or expand our consciousness. The keyword through all of this is choice. Waking up is no-one else’s responsibility but our own. What we do when we awaken is our choice. Enough disclosure has occurred. Who we are, who we aspire to be, is an algorithm we can set.

Four life changing ways to raise our vibrations to the fifth dimension.

1. Meditation is the path to inner peace and cosmic enlightenment. Prayer often honours an outside source, an external being. Meditation takes us inside then out, micro to macro. It enables us to fill spaces left by negative influences with personal growth and wisdom. Meditation is key to raising our vibrations.

2. Self care creates self respect and self knowledge. By prioritising self care we draw a line under those relationships and environments that are not good for maintaining our health, our equilibrium. Self care safeguards us from hostility and attack. Self care teaches us about ourselves. It is key to unplugging from the matrix and cleaning our mindbodysoul of toxins. Self care enables us to make fundamental, positive changes in our lives.

3. Mindfulness moves us into the present engaging our senses with Gaia, our world. We begin to inhabit spaces of gratitude as we worry less about the past or future. We connect in every way to the present moment. This is surrender. To relinquish fear of the future or stress from the past. When we immerse ourselves in mindfulness we understand and embody non attachment. We become one with universal love flow, fifth dimension existence.

4. Mantras are a good place to start. They focus our mind, our intention, and tune up our frequencies. They are easy and can be used throughout the day or night to balance and realign our energetic systems. Mantras teach us the power of language to tune our frequency dial. Mantras show us we are manifestors, cocreators of our reality.

Releasing stress, pain and fear is the only way to create spaces for joy, love and light to fill. We study our lives, we pare back, simplify and declutter. We identify sources of stress and anxiety, of fear and anger in our daily lives. We rearrange the furniture of our lives creating space for peace, joy, happiness and creativity. We let go of sources of negativity. The spaces left, the vacancies in our lives, we fill with high vibration living. Hobbies, adventures, creating and exploring, nature, soul tribe and solitude. Our energy resonates with those at a similar frequency. We will meet and draw people, places and activities into our lives that will nourish us and help us grow. Embedding us in the present in our world able to receive love, to open up and allow higher wavelengths in.

To laugh without fear, to cry without fear, to love without fear is a scary thing! Yet it isn’t. It’s only scary in the matrix where we are programmed to expect tragedy, troubles, drama and hostility. In the fifth dimension this stuff melts away. The higher we vibrate the less negative frequencies can handle us. We realise some people are averse to us, just as we are to them. And this is ok. There is no judgement only vibration. To fill our lives with hope we have to let go fear and embrace change. Embrace new perspectives. Grow and develop not stagnate. This is what we are being offered as individuals and on a planetary scale.

The matrix thrives on labelling boxing everything in. Expanding our consciousness is stepping out of those boxes, connecting the dots to create a fuller picture. Quantum dimensional existence is the simultaneous connection to the moment and to the cosmos. Embrace, embed, integrate these four foundations to access fifth dimension existence. Let the process evolve gradually, take one day at a time. It’s all about energy, learning to listen to our own and others energy. We can find our high frequency groove by making these changes, by recognising and committing to spiritual growth. The more changes we make to unplug and raise our vibrations, the more peaceful, synchronistic and magical life becomes. Make the changes, embrace and embed upgrades through lifestyle choices, positive mindset and meditation. In love and light beautiful people.


I am having a calm/joyful/efficient/restful day.

I exhale fear/anxiety/pressure/stress. I inhale love/peace/calm/joy.

I connect at all times to universal love frequency.