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Universal Truths, the Matrix and Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter Retrograde is like having Harry Potter’s Dementors breathing down our neck. We will feel our life force being sucked out of us if we do not keep our shield of love up. Negativity will build around us till we are suffocating. We will struggle to stay calm as more chaos, more injustice, more hostility comes at us. If it can go wrong it will. Every day routines will become challenging. Cross wires will create confrontation. Clashes of energetic vibrations will cause malfunctions, glitches, dimensional slippage. Hyper sensitivity will cause drama and upset. Illness, disease and fear will spread as the vibrations rise beyond matrix sustainability. Souls who are fighting for love may feel beleaguered and belittled. There will be arguments on street corners, high vibe crazy people howling in the streets. Madness will reign on the global political stage. Each day more will wake up and see it.

The trance like state so many are in is wearing off. Slowly. Programming occurs through all mainstream media programs, advertising, religion and education. To wake up from the trance we have to pull out the plugs of programming. We do this by recognising subliminal conditioning, colour, language, image association, and the effect this has on our subconscious. The veils of manipulation, mind control and mayhem are lifting due to cosmic intervention. We choose to remain in the matrix induced stupor of obedience or to wake up. We have several months of this chaotic clash of frequencies to push through. We are being shown the door to higher consciousness it’s up to us to walk through.

The ruling elite are is a state of disorganised, satanic chaos. They have lined up their weapons of mass mind control and they are firing at will. Their war on the poor has become obvious to many, yet they show no sign of slowing down. Their obsession with power is being exposed on every level. The world, our preconceived perception of reality, is tipping upside down as truth gets revealed. All we have been told is a lie. All of it. Inner strength is required to weather these cosmic storms of clashing frequencies. Jupiter’s intense retrograde will pull back the veils, exposing cracks and fissures in the matrix. We can retain our peace of mind by being grounded as the winds of low and high frequencies battle it out around us.

To stay on our cosmic surfboard is to keep chi flowing through our solar plexus. Building core strength through exercise, meditation and breathing into our centre. Anger can knock us clear off our surfboard. Revelations of depravity, deception and strategised destruction can destroy even the most zen person’s equilibrium. Grief can cripple us. We can feel torn up from deep inside when we believe we have lost someone for good. We have lost them from this life but never from our hearts or souls. Negativity breeds negativity. Allow time and space for expressing negative emotions. We can all be angry, sad, hurt, fearful, upset or a little crazy. This is normal especially as we are living through evolutionary millennial mayhem.

There is danger in our world and the danger needs us to fear it. When we accept certain universal truths we attain an inner calm that remains even when we hit our most vulnerable. It’s there quietly pulsing good vibrations back into our system. When we release negative emotional energies we become aware again of this sea of inner stillness in our core. We realign. Regain our footing. Grounded to Gaia. Expansive consciousness connecting us to higher realms. Fear blocks this natural flow of higher vibrations. The dangers we are relentlessly programmed to fear are mostly matrix manufactured dangers, war, disease, poverty, displacement, grief or failure. The experience of being human is to expose our souls to a vast spectrum of emotional energies. We are taught much in human lifetimes, of gratitude mindfulness, humility and compassion. Reincarnation helps us understand quantum mechanics from a linear perspective. The world is far more convoluted and magical than any text book or religious tome could describe. We are to experience multi dimensionality for ourselves. Quantum connectivity. Expanded consciousness cannot be shown it can only be experienced.

To let go of the blocks to zen fear creates, we work on moving our mindbodyspirit system into love vibration. We can kickstart the process by recognising some universal truths.

1. There is no death only a doorway to other paths.

2. We travel with the same souls in many different lifetimes.

3. The multiverse is quantum with infinite universes and parallel lives.

4. We get loads of chances to grow and evolve, each lifetime marking its own unique imprint on our soul.

5. The multiverse is vast, magical and diverse beyond our wildest imaginings, full of wonder, adventure and love.

Matrix fear of death grinds us down into tiny boxes of frightened, grief stricken shells. Religion offers the false comfort of a mostly male, vengeful, judgemental God guarding the gates to happiness jealously. The pharmaceutical industry thrives on grief, as does psychiatry. Neither offer long term solutions. By surrendering to love we realise all is connected. We will see loved ones again. There is no finite. There is a tomorrow. There is always a tomorrow, and many more tomorrow’s to come.

Humans are evolving at an exponential rate. A quantum leap in human consciousness. Allow space for this. We are being buffeted by high winds of dissent, destruction and drama. We can choose to remain in a matrix induced trance state. We can continue to allow energy vampires to drain us of our life force. We can put self care at the bottom of our list. Or we can buckle up, adopt warrior stance, power up our shield of love and be energetically awake beings. When things go wrong don’t think ‘that was my fault or I messed that up’, blame it on Jupiter Retrograde and pick yourself back up. The more we allow the energies to fluctuate freely around us whilst we remain relatively stable the greater the sense of inner peace we get.

Cosmic evolution has it’s own momentum. It’s not going to be easy friends but the rewards of reaching 5d and beyond far outweigh the traumas we are being presented with. The fifth dimension is not escapism, it is higher vibratory fields of light. The more we reach these higher frequencies, the more we tune into and integrate them into our own vibration. Physical effects are palpable and at times we will feel we are literally changing from the inside out. Emotionally we are going to be put through the ringer. We are going to face hostility, fear, chaos and confrontation in our own lives as well as globally. Micro to macro and back again. Ruptures will occur, emotions will run high. We will see all for who they really are including ourselves. And this will hurt. It will be painful. But necessary if we want to grow beyond the third dimension.

Everything is hidden in plain sight once you have the eyes to see it. Stand your ground, know yourself. There will be no place to hide. As all is exposed we will become more of what and who we think we are. If we know ourselves, forgive ourselves and love ourselves we will raise our vibration. If we show love and compassion even when attacked we will remain energetically intact. We can be angry in love frequency. We can be sad in love frequency. We can cut cords in love frequency. We can free ourselves from mental slavery in love frequency. Fear of love is at the heart of matrix programming. Fear to let go. Fear to hope for better. Fear of the finite. Replace it all with love and we begin to see life more simply. We welcome solitude. We become more creative, passionate, connected and vibrant.

Love ignites our souls. We notice that each time we are knocked back by negative energies we recover quicker, our equilibrium becomes less vulnerable to outside influence. This inner stillness is sovereignty and non attachment. It is thrilling, calming, beautiful and magical to experience. Realigning to love frequency becomes part of our daily experience of life. We trust our instincts, listen to the universe, see truth and resist programming. There is hope to get through Jupiter Retrograde’s energetic layers of disruption. We choose to stay in our core. We ignite our soul through meditation and healing therapies. We reach for the stars inside us. Stay positiiiiive cosmic surfers. Shield up in love and light with grace and in humility 🙏🏻.


I power up the shield of love that protects me from all that may mean me harm.

I thank my guides and higher self for their continued love and protection.

I breathe into my core igniting solar plexus golden love power.

I am a sovereign being of light.

I open my third eye.

I welcome love into my life.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.


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