Full Moon Magic

Vibrations are rising hiiigghh friends. Meditate, dance, cry, be. Release. Surrender. Become one with the universe. Trust her to show us our path. Activate third eye. Open. Clear. Tune up. Commune with your angels. Hear your higher self. Feel the embrace of soul tribe quantum love. Listen to your heart. Hug your ego. Chant. Breathe.… Continue reading Full Moon Magic

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Heart and Third Eye Chakra Activation On Gaia

Each of us has a story, our story, the nuts and bolts, bricks and mortar of our being. Who we were, are and aspire to be. Gaia also has a story. Who she was, who she became and where she wants to go. Gaia is an organic being, her breath is the frequency of nature.… Continue reading Heart and Third Eye Chakra Activation On Gaia