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Scorpio Full Moon Transformation Destruction and Creation

Those of us familiar with the Scorpio personality know it is intense! We started feeling this Scorpio pink full moon some days ago and the effects will last for a few days. Cosmically Scorpio indicates root chakra alignment. Reach out to those who we love and let them know. Accept that we may feel extra sensitive at this time. Raw emotions may be triggered exposing deeper layers of emotional baggage ripe for release. Old fears that we have forgotten may be disturbed and experienced. It’s important to stay in love frequency. To make ourselves connect to positive algorithms of thought and feeling. To stop our minds, our ego or inner child repeating negativity. ‘I’m not good enough’ can be transformed using positive reinforcement mantras,
‘I am who I am.
I am doing my best.
I accept who I am.
I accept mistakes I may have made.
I love myself.’
We can retrain our brain. We break up negative programming making us feel inadequate. Mantras are a path to inner calm and self care.

Key to Scorpio full moon is destruction and creation. To begin something new we must experience an ending. To change or transcend fear we face the root causes head on and Let. Them. Go. This is surrender and realignment. We loosen our bodies. The spaces that hold our fear, our greed, hatred, envy, bitterness or anger are relieved of these hard nuggets of dense energy. Follow through emotional release with physical stretching, yoga or exercise. Let our bodies breathe it out.

To create we must first destroy. The Tower card in the Tarot is indicated by Scorpio full moon. We may feel foundations we have built our lives on are crumbling. Those fundamental structures in our lives constructed from false religions or politics or cultural conditioning that offer no true strength. They may well give us structure through rules and regulation, expectation and punishment, conformity and pressure. None of this is good for us. Our inner strength comes from knowing who we are. Not who we are told to be. Be brave. Be calm. Be kind to yourself. We are all programmed to varying degrees. We all have to unplug by examining what is genuinely nourishing and what is based on fear. Scorpio moon is highlighting this element of awakening.

We may be experiencing vivid dreams of destruction, waking up upset and exhausted. There is metaphor in these dreams and also release. Make peace with images left swirling around our brains in waking hours. Accept what we have seen, even if it’s scary. Not everything we see or experience in dream state is literal or predictive or ancestral. Metaphorical imagery representing chaos and escape help us to energetically acknowledge our inner world. We can have profound insights from metaphorical dreaming. Meditation allows us to enter dream state consciously. We can ask for guidance and direction. We can use language as a tool to indicate our wants and needs. As a tool to activate new neurological pathways of positivity. Speaking in our heads during meditation allows us to hear our true voice, not the heavily programmed ego or our ancestral neuroses. We take control of our energetic being when we formulate our needs in our heads. We are exercising our free will. We are owning our sovereignty.

To reinstate our power as free thinking beings we must first destroy all that controls us. Whether it is the matrix controlling us or individuals abusing our sovereignty, Scorpio full moon is going to illuminate the root causes of control. Globally we are seeing fast shifts in power plays. All the nasty dictators are showing their hands, each trying to whip up more power through fear than the other. As global citizens, as warriors of Gaia, as bearers of light we are here to break out of low vibratory fields maintained by the matrix. We can do this by resetting our thinking to positive over and over again until the new grooves begin to stick.

We can acknowledge that the threat of nuclear war has been a constant since 1945, nothing new there. Release. They’ve been threatening us with nuclear meltdown for a long time. Remember? It is a genuine threat but its an old threat, one we have lived with all our lives. The current mainstream media drama that the internet and social media are a threat to our security, is gaslighting. Mainstream media is the true threat. The world wide web can be used, just like everything else, for good or bad, positive or negative. Our internal vibration dictates how we interact with everything in our environment. The internet is a force for social connectivity, communication, revolution and evolution. It brings a beleaguered people together, shrinking the globe, exposing the small number of global elite pulling the strings. Release the fear. Data tracking, storage and usage is also being thrown in our faces as a source of fear. Using our data to influence our thinking online is a very real tool of the cabal. Just as television and advertising are used for mass mind control so they are trying to apply the same technologies to the internet. The key difference being we can hit exit anytime. We can use the internet as a vast library. We can educate ourselves about how they programme using colour, word, symbol and repetition conditioning. Fear, fear, fear to keep us low and vulnerable.

We hold the dial to our sovereign being. We choose what to let in and what to block, reject or say no to. Be canny, cautious and careful just like the Scorpio. Listen to your gut and heart. Deprogramme by embracing only the positive, by looking for the love, by being compassionate. This is the creation part. Creating spaces of love in our energetic being and rolling them out into places where fear and darkness roam. Create a new path of higher frequencies with compassion and gratitude. Explore who you are, the mysteries and magic in our being. Be prepared for unusual mystical events. Be open to the unexplained, the esoteric, the ethereal and angelic. Synchronicities will talk to us, listen. Bathe in full moon beauty, face the darkness and illuminate it with our own light. Scorpio can enlighten and transform us. Meditate love frequency cosmic surfers ☮☯🌚🌊🏄

awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

Cosmic Intervention Triggers Mindbodysoul Upgrades

There are times in our complicated lives when joy flows like a river, and other times where sorrow threatens to drown us. We learn to navigate highs and lows with measured core balance. We are able to manifest our experience of reality when we realign our chakras, clear blocks and expand our consciousness. Each chakra has its own needs, its own role in our energetic system. Becoming familiar with them, what they channel, can help us grow and evolve. DNA upgrades, cosmic intervention, triggers recalibration of our mindbodyspirit, reconnecting our chakras. Our energetic system clears, balances and aligns.

Karmic release works like an onion, layer upon layer of energetic emotion stuck fast holding our true selves captive at its core. We take the red pill and choose to embrace a journey of spiritual enlightenment. We welcome Zen growth, DNA upgrades and recalibration. The matrix is pulling us everyday into its depths. Triggers for all the toxins keep us buried in a mire of polluted consumption. The urge to bolt can become more intense, as the layers get pulled back. We are being encouraged to face our darkest fears, excavate our deepest wounds, as each chakra comes online. To rediscover our true selves.

We have many small chakra points around our being. Two in the palms of our hands and feet trigger a boost in energy flow. Skin irritations, sensitivity to extreme temperatures and intolerance to synthetic products can cause problems in these areas as we recalibrate. Using natural products, staying hydrated and taking better care of our hands and feet helps relieve some of these symptoms. Our feet are the space where we connect to Gaia, we are grounded through these chakras. Our hands open our connection to healing energy, to other people’s energy and need to be treated with great care. Karmic release is achieved through fearless commitment to growth as an individual.

The 7 main chakras expand through karmic release and aid manifestation. Cosmic waves of higher frequencies have activated our chakras. We are currently experiencing a reboot of our chakra system. Like water running through pipes, higher vibrational energy flow in our chakra system can get blocked, stuck, polluted and toxic, if free flow is not maintained. Existing within the matrix has ensured that all our chakras get blocked to varying degrees from birth. The food weapon agenda pollutes and poisons our bodies and corrupts our mind. Cultural, education and religious programming stunts our spiritual growth, preventing flow of energy. We also carry ancestral and past life karma, layered through our trinity being. We cry, we face long held pain, grief, shame, guilt or fear when we awaken. With each layer discarded we get to the heart of the matter.

Our root chakra holds much of this heavier karma. Fears rooted in past life trauma, ancestral memory and childhood conditioning nestle into our base. Excavating the root chakra can be the start of awakening. Sometimes we have to delve deep into our collective past to unearth the root causes of blockages. To shift the energy, break it up, loosen it and eventually release it. As a people we are excavating our root chakra at an exponential rate. Souls karmically trapped in the cabal’s hamster wheel of oppression, discover who they truly are, buried in their traumatised root chakra. For those who identify as visitors, starseed or volunteers, root karmic excavation has focused more on direct experiences of the raw hostility the matrix dishes up. Post Truamatic Stress Disorder from exposure to the matrix. The root is where much of realignment starts, this is where the energy flow can be sludgy, muddy, sticky and clogged. Releasing root karma lightens the mindbody soul, igniting deep, inner strength. We free ourselves from the shadows of past traumas. We find happiness in mindfulness, in an authentic present.

Our chakra system is the map of our power points, the spaces where energy enters and leaves us. They can be open, closed, blocked, too expansive or clogged. Prolonged use of anti depressants shuts down our chakra system. There is no response to energy from our energetic beings. We are muffled, put on mute, locked down into low wavelengths, unable to rise or fall in frequencies beyond this. Pharmaceutical pain killers operate in a similar way. We become pawns in the matrix, walking, talking drones unable to function beyond the next fix of pain relief, be it physical or emotional. Deskilled in our ability to manage our emotional spectrum of response. We forget how to cry, laugh, feel joy, pain, sorrow, and love. It pretty much all gets locked down in the matrix low frequencies. We are compliant to the system, Soma zombies.

Encourage the activation of our energetic systems from cosmic triggers, by learning to listen to our bodies, our intuition and our heart. When we move our energy into our heart chakra, every single interaction in our lives changes. We become mindful of how much effort and practise it takes to unplug from the matrix. In the bubbles of space our guides and higher self have created for us, we climb this steep learning curve. We can integrate, recalibrate and transform. Staying grounded, using mantras, drinking water, mindful living, keeps us connected to a joyful, appreciative, grateful life. We see the good, the positivity, the love and beauty in our human lives.

We are who we are for a reason. Our individual soul imprint is determined by our lifetimes, our personal growth and expansion through the quantum frequency spectrum. Gratitude, empathy, compassion and humility will deprogramme us, liberate us from low vibratory fields of existence. Release us from a limited, closed, locked down 3d world. Expansive Unity Consciousness is upon us. Our mindbodysoul is being activated. Being awakened is owning our vulnerability, facing our fears and embracing love. Chakra expansion, connectivity and energy flow is our responsibility. Ignite your inner warrior. Free your spirit. Know you are never alone. Know the spaces we create as we release our pain get filled with light. The light of higher dimensions where safety, sanctity and sovereignty nourish us. In love and light cosmic surfers 🙏🏻

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How to Cosmic Surf out of the Matrix

April 2018 is an absolute doozie cosmic surfers. Still deep in Jupiter’s retrograde, we face challenges on personal and global scale. The tide is turning, a new wave of upgrades is on its way. Withstand Jupiter’s retrograde shake down. Stay in love vibration and breathe, beautiful people. Pacing ourselves can be the difference between surviving awakening and going under. Knowing when to rest, stop, sleep and be. Self care covers our whole being, mind body and soul. To nourish each, and therefore all, we slow down. We take control of the wheel. We learn to say no. We set boundaries built on self respect. We protect ourselves from matrix fear. Now is the time for cosmic oneness. Surrender to flow. Trust yourself. Trust the universe.

We are well on our way through the Ascension process. Much work has been done on an individual and global scale to clear and heal karma. The spaces left free from negativity are like little fires of high dimensional portals. They go out if we neglect to refill them with peace and love. Blocks can reappear. As we release dense emotions, ancestral and quantum karma, we immerse ourselves in love vibration. Through nature, meditation, soul tribe and mindfulness we fill up our energy with positive, beautiful emotions. Darkness can sneak in when we are not looking, nestle and drain us. It’s up to us to practise what we preach. To protect ourselves and our homes routinely. To be responsible for our mind body spirit health.

We are not passive players in the awakening process, we are active. We engage with each step, each new moment of enlightenment through connection and reflection. We are surrounded by darkness waging a war for our frequencies, our emotional state. To give into fear and rage is understandable, it’s how we deal with the emotional energies afterwards that counts. Recognise, own and accept all negative emotions. Avoid repressing them or burying them, they only fester and burrow into our system. Dark things in the basement never stay quiet for long. Bitterness seeps into our being. Anxiety makes us ill from the inside out. By surrendering to the present we are always aware of our emotional dial. We gain perspective quicker after emotional peaks and troughs.

Trusting our gut means drawing our energies back into our core. Levelling ourselves out. Drawing a line under all consuming negativity and switching our emotional dial back up to love. Surrendering to the ocean of awakening we learn to use our mind, body and soul to stay on the surfboard, riding big ol’ tidal waves when they come. Growth is challenging. There are growing pains. Our bodies ache for ages as we realign and strengthen our core. Our minds have a mini war of their own between the programmed, frightened ego and our gut, our guides, our higher self. Our souls take flight, soars through the waves. It’s up to us to centre, ground and expand as conscious beings. Cosmic surfing is intuitive because it’s all about frequencies and energy. Like a blind man we are being challenged to use our other senses, our sixth sense, to navigate a transforming world.

We can take an instant reading by asking one simple question Do I feel good? This is not a narcisstic question, nor is it shallow or fake. The matrix specialises in demeaning us, in making us feel permanently low about who we are. We are encouraged to focus on the negatives. We are conditioned to be dissatisfied or unhappy because the matrix requires we have needs only it can meet. Low self esteem, insecurity and lack of confidence are matrix specialities. To ask ourselves the question, do I feel positive? is anarchy. The matrix wants us to ask What will make me feel good? We are told to chase the next best thing on the conveyor belt. Do I feel good? forces us to examine the moment, interaction, our environment. When the answer is no, we understand we should aim to minimise energy output and remove ourselves. We become better at knowing which battles to pick. Smaller issues don’t rile us as much. We come to accept people’s behaviour as a reflection of them and not as a result of something we have done. We detach from our immediate experiences enough to observe from a place of love. We become more circumspect. We think more about what we do and say.

Relax and enjoy the ride cosmic surfers. We are in for some high flying frequencies, windy and wild. Stay centred, grounded, hydrated and rest! We are manifesting timelines, timelines that will converge in June 2018. By staying in love vibration, learning and caring more about ourselves, mind, body and soul, we transcend lower dimensional realities. By being mindful, grateful and grounded we remain on the material plane. Inner peace is outer peace. Work on balance, alignment and positivity. Being calm is being in the fifth dimension. Knowing and trusting are surrendering to higher vibratory fields of light. We are co creating a new reality, let’s make it a truly magical place to be. In light and love beautiful people 🙏🏻


I am safe, I am protected, I am loved.

I am who I am.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.

awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

Energy Update Go with your Gut

Massive solar geomagnetic pulses are blasting us and Gaia with high energetic frequencies. As the world appears to be imploding many of us are reporting high vibrations. Dizziness, nausea, buzzing in ears, sinusitis and disturbed sleep are caused by the disruptive fluctuating solar frequencies. We may feel eerily aware of other timelines. We may witness parallel lives in dream state. We may have strange interactions with nature during periods of high vibratory pulses. Global politics take an apocalyptic turn and many of us are responding in a bizarrely calm manner. There is intellectual recognition of supposed imminent disaster in some form. Economic collapse, world war 3, a return to open imperialist slavery… We are experiencing anger, shock, sadness and disbelief. We can feel overwhelmed, exit stage left, if we spend too much time or energy engaging with the hellfire of the dying matrix.

Distance can be created by rising to the fifth dimension, by cultivating and inhabiting a space of inner calm. We find ourselves intuitively surrendering to the day. To the universal flow of energies. We allow our days to happen according to our instincts. We seek to be present in each moment. We are kind yet tough. We can spot lies with laser precision. We see time wasters, narcissists, lizards and parasites clambering for drama and attention. We are able to turn down their energy field, block it from interfering with our own. Energetic antennae buzz long before danger or trauma come along. We are getting better at interpreting the signals. Responding to our energy over our other senses.

Solar Storms are creating waves of intense higher vibrations. Like a radio we are being flooded with multiple new stations operating at previously inaccessible wavelengths. We can tune into gratitude, love, compassion, peace and zen bliss. Sometimes as the waves wash through us we may feel like we are on a rollercoaster being propelled higher and higher. The crash back down to the third dimension can be quite sudden or subtly gradual. Grounding in the present helps us to release the blocks to zen and let our spirit soar. Even when everything around us is terrible, it cannot shake an internal feeling of stillness. Trust in the universe steadily builds. Surrendering to the universe, allowing our days to breathe. To be what they are. Letting go of control or trying to micro manage our lives enables us to create positivity. Accepting mistakes. Embracing growth and change. Learning to surf and upgrade is learning to trust our intuition in the present moment. Expanding our consciousness to step off the matrix hamster wheel of fear requires three fundamental life changes.

Gratitude replaces want, need, envy and greed. Gratitude releases stress. It evaporates anxiety by forcing us to re-prioritise our lives. We begin to see what truly nourishes us and what doesn’t. We are thankful for love in our lives and in turn create love. We become kinder, gentler humble people. We grow inner strength to protect ourselves and our lives by being grateful for what we have.

Mindfulness high fives love vibration and kicks to the ground competition, stress and insecurity. There is no time for negativity when we are appreciating the moment. When we recognise every interaction holds cosmic potential. We can raise the frequencies or lower them. We can spread bad juju or we can shine light into dark foggy 3d frequencies. We have the power to own each moment. The elite programme us to apathy and helplessness, gaslighted into victim mindset. Mindfulness breaks us free from chasing our tails to maintain the status quo. We make waves, we stand up for self respect in the moment.

Meditation is where the true expansion of consciousness happens. When we understand we are part of something far greater. We excavate dirt and grime and let light flood our soul when we meditate. We ignite our chakras and become whole beings again. Mind body spirit stimulated, nourished and connected.

Knowing when to switch off. Which battle to fight. When to lower our guard or raise our shield. These are the skills required to navigate the coming months. Knowing when it’s time to be a warrior and when to recharge. Never forgetting to use appropriate protection at all times. Crystals, mantras, sage, guides and ascended beings all play a role
in protecting us as we raise our frequencies with Gaia. How we handle situations during and after become a matter of emotional energies. In our lives our daily routines become simpler as we allow our core, our solar plexus and third eye to lead the way. We listen to our gut. We let go of worry by allowing the present to be our primary concern. We accept who we were at any given moment past or future. We seek only to remain calm and heart led in the moment of consciousness.

All of this doesn’t mean we spend our days levitating like monks. To be calm and still is to be in love vibration. To meet each new situation, interaction in love. We do not become push overs or weak in our surrender, we regain our sovereignty instead. We come to a place of acceptance, we make peace with who we are. We are less frightened by linear time. The timescales and deadlines of the polarity propaganda machine lose significance. One week merges with the next as a flow takes over. We come to understand we are part of something greater than us. Synchronicities teach us the universe is knowing and mysterious and magical and we are part of it. We separate further from matrix, capitalist, rat race algorithms of more more more. We disengage from draining people, we recognise their sovereignty. We learn to protect ourselves. We sense danger. We get blown away by moments of peaceful bliss.

Geomagnetic storms are causing all this and more. Deep in Jupiter’s retrograde we are being shown that even when everything goes wrong, when the worst is out there, we can still feel happy. We can still experience joy in our lives, contentment, appreciation and love. We learn the fundamental lesson of awakening, we are in control of our own emotional dial. The waves of emotions will keep coming but we can choose which ones to ride. We can pick our battles wisely. We can walk away or stay. We can cry or laugh. It’s up to us. Empowering for some, terrifying for others. Recognising we hold the reigns to our own lives is the red pill, blue pill moment. Remain plugged in, or face the harsh truth in the darkness of the real world. Freedom in our world is free thinking, compassion and creativity.

Avoid second guessing at this time. Try not to let the ego, our inner child, dominate our thoughts. Switch off from global media for awhile. Relax people. The pantomime politics being played out is distracting us from sinister shenanigans. We always knew that. They’re always staging hatred and wars. Nothing has changed except many of us are waking up and questioning why. They have tracked our data like deranged stalkers for what? Targeted adverts? Political manoeuvring. Money and profit. Who knows. Who cares. We are an open tribal species, we like to share and communicate. We shouldn’t change. The cabal should leave, their time is up. Let humanity and Gaia soar well earned zen fifth and beyond dimensional frequencies. Peace is possible people. Believe it. In love and light cosmic surfers 🙏🏻.

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Cyber to Cellular Expansion of Consciousness

The matrix creaks and cracks around us. In turn strengthening its grip or flinching and glitching. In a world where we are conditioned to compete, conform and comply we focus on what’s missing not what’s already here. We then feed this, as the snake eats its tail, consumerism and capitalism can never be satisfied. We are programmed to feel bad about ourselves with the matrix offering one quick fix after another. We are made to feel negative which causes us to draw more negativity to us. We manifest our negativity, our fears. This is matrix utopia. We become the driving force of 3d holographic reality. We become the protagonists. We do the elite’s dirty work for them. Breeding negativity within and so without.

Layered over our natural environment, the holographic matrix operates on a system of ignorance and fear. Long buried ancient sites of mystical knowledge are revealing themselves to the eagle eyed google earther. The skies light up with ufo activity, captured on phone cams, people gasping in the background. The technology age has arrived and with it a return to tribal consciousness. We know what the rest of the world really thinks through social media and the internet. The mainstream media machine grasps at straws to keep us hooked. Whispers crackle online as truth spreads like wildfire, piercing the darkness with light. The technology age gives us a voice, a crucial means of communicating with each other. Can the elite strip us of these luxuries in a locked down global society? Will the apathetic West accept limited social media, research, access to information?

The interweb offers us communication, connectivity and expansion of consciousness. It is a library we can explore anytime we choose. The elite are desperately trying to find a way to lock the internet down, they recognise their monster may turn on its maker. For the West where programming, fear and toxins have kept us in our place, the internet offers a vast range of entertainment, information and fun. The elite understand that taking our 21st century toy away or limiting its use may shake us out of our trance induced state. We may get out on the streets in justified rebellion if we can’t check how our granny in Istanbul is, or play global games or giggle at cute kittens. There is a great risk for the elite in limiting the internet in the West. We like our new toy and we are unlikely to give it up without a fight.

The predators running our governments have given birth to their technological monster, now they watch as it rampages. Tearing down their carefully constructed world, relinquishing rules, destroying walls of division and letting information, communication and enlightenment stream in. The interweb has given us back our village mentality. Organic global tribal communities sharing information, hobbies, passions and wisdom spring up every day online. We no longer rely on acceptance and validation from our immediate community, those most likely to condition us to conformity. We are able to resonate and align with others across the globe, this is cyber expansion of consciousness.

For the first time a generation is growing up hyper aware of the thoughts, actions, beliefs and even looks of people in countries far away from themselves. American millennials know European youth are frustrated and fed up with selfish politics. American young people know no other country in the world arms its citizens the way the US government has. People are increasingly aware of control and conditioning. This awakening of the next generation is profound in that they do not know limitation of communication. Silicon valley boasts a new breed of human, the geek with the evolution of a species in his or her hands. We see demonstrations across the globe for equality if we follow the white rabbit. If we unplug Murdoch media and dig on the internet we find truth. Ordinary people’s truth. We see what others see, not what we are being told to see. Cyber awakening from algorithms of control.

The trance fear programming of the matrix is being cranked up. Trigger words, colour programming, subliminal conditioning appear to be putting some people in a catatonic state. Unable to resonate with, engage with, or respond to global concerns. Fear mongering by the global political elite is shutting others down. Locking them into a small dark box of apocalyptic paralysis. Many others are overwhelmed by personal upheaval. Some are internalizing much of the negativity in the atmosphere, lowering their inner vibration. It’s all about energy. Love is high frequency, fear is low. For some the intensive programming here in the matrix has rendered them unable to raise their vibration, they become almost holographic. For others their frequency is so high, they vibrate so light that some in lower densities simply cannot see them. Multiple dimensional realities operating at once on the material plane.

When we rise like phoenix out of this holographic hellfire we realise our potential as co creators of our existence. Blasts from solar storms bring bright light waves we can ride to transcend lower planes of existence. Choose which emotions to ride and which to shelve. Tune up as an energetic being. Research, follow the white rabbit wherever she takes you. Balance matrix knowledge with spiritual care. Awakening is two fold. Seeing truth in the reality we are fed with independent research and thought. Coming online as energetic beings with meditation, mindfulness and mantras. Peace is possible beautiful people. Namaste.

For mantras click the link.

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Message from the Arcturian Council Gaia Ascension Update

We come with news from beyond your dimensional realities. We are the Arcturian Council of Twelve. We are ambassadors of light. We are one with universal love. We are here to guide humanity through the ascension process. We are monitoring Gaia and her ascension. We can see she has reached a great juncture in her Shift to higher wavelengths of dimensional frequencies. We are here to bring news of a breakthrough in decommissioning of the technological warfare being used to control human kind. The holographic universe as perceived through mind control and synthetic structural layering. As Gaia gears up to transcend the fourth dimension she is destabilising the technologies required to maintain the holographic perception of reality. Technological advancements are also penetrating the holographic matrix. Truth is being exposed.

We see and understand that the Annunaki, who create the cabal, have been aware of this potential timeline and have prepared for it. We see they are flooding the collective consciousness with disinformation, scare stories, hate and deception. We see desperation in their movements but also a steely determination to maintain possession of humanity on Gaia. We see that they are meeting each new wave of higher vibratory fields with intense offensives of mind control, chemical weaponry and military warfare.

Crystalline structures have been activated and are pulsing out high frequencies from deep within your planet. The increasing flow of solar and celestial wavelengths sandwich the technologies of the Annunaki on Gaia. Tension of frequency fission, as each meets the other, is causing an energetic storm across highly populated areas. The human energy field is caught between the matrix and pulses of higher vibrations. June 2018 is when many timelines converge. Where highest paths of consciousness converge. We are seeing timeline loops spinning from this primary juncture. A Gaia trapped in the third dimensions. Gaia’s trapped in the fourth dimension. We can see a stronghold on the energetic fields of gaia.

The Annunaki have done this before. They have succeeded in holding other planets and their dwellers in suspended animation for eons. Harvesting them, using them to feed and magnify and multiply the darker energies prevalent in the multi verses. For the creators have always given birth to yin and to yang. To good and to evil. Each and every soul must make their choices, their sovereignty dictates choice. The battle between good and evil is ancient as time itself. No one, not even the Guardians of the Gates of Metatron, know how old time is. We hope to illuminate for you the magnificence and magnitude of the quantum multiverse world. We hope to share with you a sense of awe at the complexities of your world and ours. To raise to the fifth dimension and beyond is to step into one of the oldest realms in the cosmos. It is to see the battle for good and evil outside and within. It is to recognise the third and fourth dominions for what they are and to rise above the polarity.

The material plane exists in many quantum universes, just as there are many other quantum universes where there is no physicality at all. We the Arcturians are travellers, adventurers, teachers and students. We learn as we travel. We rarely go backwards. For humanity on Gaia we have, in effect, gone backwards. We have returned to a planet in the space time continuum from where we have been many many moons before. We heard rumours, we studied prophesies. We understood that even at the farthest reaches of the galaxies we have explored, there are tales of this galaxy, this solar system, this planet and its heroic inhabitants. Tales of many battles, a great energetic shift, a rare and momentous event. A planet chooses to ascend in totality to the higher vibratory fields of light.

We travelled many light years to be here at this time for humanity and for Gaia. As we travelled we heard more tales of the battle for light over dark on Gaia and in this solar system. We understand a planet has been lost, from whispers through the stars. Gaia’s sister planet, under siege from the same fourth dimension race of time travelling beings, was destroyed. There are buried artefacts across many planets, a path through galaxies and star systems, to guide those who were called to assist this Great Shift from dark to light. Pyramids mark the spot, mark each turn on the cosmic road we have traversed to be here, at this time of transcendence. We understand that Gaia has no wish to be destroyed, her consciousness has chosen a path few do when inhabiting a planet for a lifetime! She has chosen to shake off lower vibrations and transition to dimensions where peace, abundance, love, compassion and gratitude flourish. Where knowledge and creativity are celebrated and sought after.

We have been here observing, we have understood that the situation is profoundly convoluted yet at the same time glaringly simple. Each soul who inhabits a human on Gaia currently has a choice to make. The choice is to serve oneself or to serve the collective. The choice is to inhabit love frequencies or remain in fear, hate, greed and ignorance, lower vibratory fields of the third dimension. Yet the situation is more convoluted than this in that the fourth realm, the infiltrators, are controlling many people’s minds on the material plane. We can only ask ourselves what impact this has on the heart of the soul occupying the human life. We question the heart’s role in ascension and we can see that ascension is all about the heart chakra. Ascension resides in the heart chakra. If there is no love in the heart there is limited evolution of consciousness. There is a block. We also see that the situation is incredibly simple. Choose the red pill or the blue pill. As each person responds to the energetic warfare around them, they answer this question whether consciously or subconsciously. The heart cannot lie. nor can it be lied to. All else can be deceived.

Such a maelstrom of conflicting energies, static and friction, we were not fully prepared to witness. We had understood the Annunaki had claimed Gaia as their own. We understood this led to great destruction, chaos and horror. The fourth dimension is a realm of demons and darkness. We are in awe of all those awakening and holding their ground. We respect that many feel overwhelmed and wish to exit their lifetimes. We hope that those who have experienced the fifth dimension on the material plane can reach out to those still drowning in darkness and show them the way.

We understand that all rhetoric of truth has been twisted and sabotaged in warfare of words. We can see lights turning on in the darkness all over the globe. The awakening. We see fear turning to love. We see many individuals facing their fears, their blocks, their demons and releasing them. We see yet more opening their minds to quantum possibility. Love is the key. Love is the heart. Love is higher consciousness. This is a simple truth, a profound truth, a quest that can transcend lifetimes, solar systems and dimensions in each soul to be born into this grand experiment. Be proud to take part, to be a player on the field of transformation.

We are grateful beyond measure for the courage and heart led belief of all those holding the light and sharing the light. We are the Arcturian Council of Twelve and we are here to support, guide, protect and illuminate humanity. We are the Arcturians dispatched to travel many light years, many timelines, many dimensions to be here for humanity. We do battle in the skies and in the seas for Gaia’s freedom and humanities sovereignty. We reach out to those who resonate and those who don’t. Step into love. Release fear. All is not lost. It’s all still to play for. Gaia is ascending, she will keep all those on the material plane with love in their hearts with her. We see more destruction and death for those who don’t. We understand this is their sovereign choice at this Great Shift. We recognise each soul has their right to choose.

We share messages of hope, wisdom and quantum spirituality. Meditation raises the frequencies, as does all activities born from love. We offer those who hear us strength from our words. Wisdom from our message and belief in their own soul journey. There is no end, there is always tomorrow. The quantum multiverse is magical, mystical, glorious in its complexities. We have been in our existing lifetimes for thousands of years, we have retained our memories. We have seen and experienced how vast the world truly is. Yet here in this little corner of the universe we see the core of all creation being played out on a planetary and individual scale.

We have watched the Annunaki destroy destroy destroy. We have relinquished our commitment to peace to engage in frequency warfare for the purpose of unleashing humanities true warrior nature, her authentic path of evolution. We seek to liberate humanity so that each person is able to make their sovereign choice. We cannot eradicate the Annunaki or those who follow or emanate them. We accept their existence in the fourth realm. We seek to intervene in light of revelations of appalling sins against a planet and her people. We agree with Gaia, she should not be destroyed in any timeline as her sister was. And so we have come from afar, to join forces with other races invested in Gaia’s ascension and humanities liberation.

Know you the people of earth, lightworkers and starseed on the frontline, you are not alone. There are many cloaked allies battling to deprogramme and decommission the holographic system of control. There will be more chaos, more desperation, more stealthy destruction. Stay in love vibration. Fight for your peace of mind. Ignite the warrior inside, of love, of peace and compassion. Hold your space. We are coming for you. We have no intention of leaving until the Annunaki are pushed back enough to allow the Great Shift to occur as it is prophesied. The Annunaki, have chosen darkness, they seek to create the chaos some crave, the depravity some desire, the power some thrive on. Yin and yang. Each chooses their own path in this lifetime and in the all other lifetimes. We are the Arcturians. We exist in love. We bring love. We do all that we do in love vibration. We are grateful to all those fighting for peace on Gaia. For it is a war, battle after battle. Love is our weapon. To inhabit love is to destroy fear. It is to raise above all that is of low vibrations. We are liberated to respond to requests for protection, clearing and guidance. We resonate in peace. In gratitude and humility the Arcturian Council of Twelve.

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Solar Storms, Upgrades and the Fourth Dimension

We are experiencing profound DNA upgrades triggered by solar pulses of intensely high frequencies. Portals of light are opening around the globe. Energetic shifts can be felt, like a rippling effect in the fabric of our reality. When these adjustments occur vertigo or nausea can be experienced as well as feeling untethered, disconnected or dissociated with our perceived reality. We can feel the ground shift beneath our feet. We can also experience moments where we feel connected to everything. Sinus issues occur when our third eye and throat chakras align. Physical manifestation of energetic blocks shifting and dissipating. Headaches and aches and pains ground us as waves of solar light flood the planet. We are integrating immense levels of high frequency light whilst immersed in heavy third dimensional vibratory fields. The battle for our consciousness rages within as well as outside us. This battle is about the frequencies of planet earth and the people on her.

The baddies, the evildoers, the infiltrators, the elite are looking to freeze us in a kind of suspended animation. A never ending 1984 scenario of control, consumption, poverty, division and war. The goodies, us, our intergalactic allies and ascended lightbeings, are stepping up to confront and disable this synthetic stasis. This frozen timeline of violence, greed and depravity. We are living through accelerated technological advancement revolutionizing how the human race interacts with itself. A quantum leap of expanding consciousness. The prophesied awakening of a planet and her people. Long dormant DNA is being activated, in turn our energetic system awakens from it’s matrix induced slumber. We are transforming at a cellular level. From the inside out. Our bodies are transforming. Our minds are expanding. Our hearts are connecting to universal love frequencies. We are awakening to multi dimensionality. Quantum spirituality.

Our frequencies fluctuate as pulses of solar photonic light bombard us. Throat and third eye chakra expansion is activated by DNA upgrades at this time. A double whammy of identity crisis and spiritual connectivity. The surge of energy through our chakra systems requires we break down blocks and create free flowing passage. We are deep in global and personal identity crisis. Who are we? Are we kind? Are we selfish? Are we narcissistic? Arrogant? Ignorant? Humble? Grateful? Do we like the world as it is? Do we wish to change it? Do we care? Identity rests in our ability to express ourselves authentically. The more fake we behave the more fake we become. The more plastic we look, the more plastic our mind becomes. The more toxic our food and drink intake is the more toxic we become as people. We are coming to terms with a lot of dire and dark revelations. We are being asked to shake off the matrix induced trance state of ignorance and embrace truth.

There are angels walking amongst us just as there are demons. We choose who we share our journey with. We have that sovereignty. Light can only shine when it is fed. If it is starved, deprived of love frequencies it goes out. The fourth dimension is the realm of Satan and his fallen angels, lost souls and magic. Demons, attachments tethered to the guilty pleasures of Gaia. Addicted. They seek human hosts. They offer black magic rewards for service. They are parasites draining the life force of individuals and the planet. We know when we have been exposed to demon parasites when we feel violated, drained, physically shaken during and after interaction. As our third eye opens we learn to see the demon dweller in the eyes of the human host. Vacancy combined with a lurking glint, the host is not wholly present. There are layers to third eye activation. We sense and become increasingly aware of the fourth dimension and how it interacts with the third. Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, they all reside in the fourth dimension. Our loved ones can use the fourth dimension as a bridge to communicate with us. Ethereal creatures can be glimpsed as veils thin between realms.

The material plane, the third dimension houses our bodies but our souls and our third eye can see and be part of many other worlds. Heightened frequencies require us to ground in Gaia as we expand our consciousness. We become active participants in an energetic vibratory multi verse. The veils thin as our third eye expands. We start to see vibratory fields, frequencies, colours, lights, energy imprints and echoes. The more our third eye expands the better we get at reading and responding to energies as opposed to simply relying on our third dimension senses. We see a liar in a smart suit. An angel begging on the street. We see layers, loops in time. We have accurate premonitions. Vivid dreams we interpret and respond to. We follow messages our guides pepper our lives with. We become hyper aware of how we present ourselves, how we listen to people.

Throat and third eye expansion could be the defining characteristics of our evolution. Who are we as a global population? Who are we in our lives? Who are we in meditation, in solitude, in our own pocket of consciousness? There is no normal anymore. There never was. It was conformity, competition and survival. When life could and should be about peace, creativity and growth. Stay grounded as we breathe in solar blasts of high vibrations. Take extra care of yourself. We are upgrading, go offline, hit flight mode, pause and unwind. We are reaching for the stars cosmic surfers.


I embrace all upgrades appropriate for me at this time under the protection of my higher self.

I power up the pyramid of light that protects me from all lower vibrations.

I am safe, I am love, I am grounded. Namaste.