Message from the Arcturian Council of Twelve

We are here to bring news of the war for Gaia and humanity. This is a war that started many moons ago. We understand war is a painful word for many humans who are awake to the pain and suffering it causes. The war we speak of is not one of bombs and destruction, it is one of energy. We have much to tell you. We will try and be as clear as we can. Please understand human language is limiting. It does not cover the concepts we want to help you understand.

Like radio waves, airwaves that carry a signal across time and space, so too does the spectrum of life carry signals across time and space. Frequencies, wavelengths, determine dimensional realities. Galaxies, star systems, planets operate within this spectrum of frequency, just as all living organic things do. The material plane can exist in many dimensions, just as an ant experiences life from the ground, an eagle from the sky, some species experience life in the stars others on land. Many planets are inhabited underground. This is one of a few factors that separate Gaia and human life from many other life forms and lifetimes in the multi verse.

To inhabit a planet is to have reached profound levels of spiritual growth and metamorphosis. The goddess, so named for her transcendence, Gaia, inhabits your planet earth. She has done for so for a long time. She like all ascended beings was hesitant to interfere with the evolution of humanity. Yet she watched as others abandoned this universal law and directly affected humanities evolution. Wars broke out on her surface. Gaia woke from her slumber. She was dismayed. It takes a long time in human years for a soul inhabiting a planet to initiate and create or manifest trans dimensional change. Gaia began her awakening to the plight of planet earth thousands of years ago. With allies from the skies she was able to curb the destruction at times. Blank out the damage and corruption with ice and fire, with water and air. She was able to halt or delay some of the rot. The return of the Anunaki dramatically accelerated humanities destructive impulses. And directly challenged Gaia’s attempts to reset balance on her world.

The invention and use of nuclear bomb technology changed the game. the anunaki understood their time was ticking. That many would come to Gaia’s call, to aid her in her efforts to thwart the reptilian warlords. It was understood by many who had held back from engaging with humanity that something had to be done. We were all aware of the ancient prophesies, the texts and symbols left dotted across this galaxy and others, clues to a great transformation. The crossing point is the frequency between the fourth and fifth dimension. This is very tricky to speak of as the multi verse is quantum not linear. Although we use the language of borders, or tipping points, these are within a multi dimensional construct.

The anunaki prey on fledgling civilisations, lifeforms at the early stages of their journey. They are able to charm and impress with superior technology, black magic and tricks. They can perform miracles. They can out live all and everyone else. They assert themselves on thrones of gold, mining the gem they revere for its subatomic qualities. This is the anunaki’s MO, if you will.

Planet earth is an unusual planet in her abundance, beauty and spectacular gifts. Despite being on the far reaches of a far off galaxy, planet earth has a reputation that has spread far and wide. Many souls choose to visit her. Rich in minerals, revered as a pearl in the oceans of stars, moons and planets. Planet earth is vulnerable in her glory. This is largely why the anunaki came. They knew of the ancient predictions, but chose to ignore or believe they could change the timelines. They still believe this and are working hard to halt the ascension process.

The prophesies that travelled far and wide were of a blue planet of wonder and magic. She would be inhabited by a sleeping goddess. When darkness came it ravaged the lands and the people on her for thousands of years. There was war, famine, disease destruction and manufactured fear. This created a karmic trap. Souls entered the human lifeform for one lifetime, but experienced such trauma and abuse, fear and violence they got caught in the prison of the anunaki’s control. Returning time and again to human lifeform unable to organically progress into other dimensional realities.

Some got stuck in the fourth dimension, craving the pleasures of Gaia, possessing those still with bodies in the third dimension. Others were summoned by war lords and masters seeking to make alliances with the darker side of the fourth dimension, to use it for control and power. To harness demonic energies and use them to establish vast wealth status and power. This system of control grew and became rooted into planet earth’s frequencies. The fourth dimension got heavier, denser, more populated with lost and demonic souls. The third dimension exists on fear.

Gaia recognises that to free herself, her planet, her celestial body, and her people she must raise her frequencies outwith the third and fourth dimensions, disabling the anunaki’s wavelengths of control. To fight warlords with war is to give them what they desire. To fight warlords with frequencies was the only way she could reassert her sovereignty. Gaia has been slowly raising her frequencies from the inside out, against a constant barrage of enemy fire. As word spread, the skies began to fill with her allies. Angels and space ships. Even the sun in his masculine energy, has joined the grand intervention. We all aim our higher vibrations of love and peace at Gaia, at her people.

This is the prophesy, the goddess Gaia will transcend fifth dimensional frequencies liberating her planet and people. She will have enemies and allies. Despite the prophesy the enemy are not backing down. They have themselves become addicted to the fourth and third dimensions vibratory field. The fallen angels have long forgotten fifth dimension or beyond bliss. They are so steeped in the quick fixes and short term highs planet earth offers they can no longer see their escape route. They have forgotten they never intended to stay. They have thousands of dedicated followers who worship them as gods. Who energise them with sacrifices and depravity.

But all of this is no matter. The war and destruction currently playing out on planet earth has been the near constant state of play since the reptiles colonised the planet. Clues have been left dotted across the planet, pyramids and stonework that bares evidence of superior technology, of a distorted narrative of human history. Imperialism is in the blood of he anunaki and has been bred into the ruling classes. The part human, part reptile emperors, kings and queens, corporate kingpins, as you would say, who are the pharaohs of your world today. The same souls inhabit these kings and queens, they have chosen to remain in the fourth and third realms, to reject the light of peace and reflection. They chose to stay steeped in the blood of the innocents on gold thrones. We cannot change this. Gaia cannot change this. They have sovereign right as souls in the vast multi verse to make their choices.

The karmic hamster wheel of planet earth has to stop now. Those souls who wish to get off are to be given the choice. We understand this is divine timing. We are not the creators, we have no direct knowledge of who they are. We understand some of the mathematical intricacies of the multi dimensional universe, but we do not know of the very beginning. There is evidence found throughout time and space of this Gaia’s ascension. The rising of a goddess to free a planet and her people. Gaia’s vibratory signature has penetrated barriers of engineered blocks to reach out and call her allies to her. And we are here.

The programming to only believe something is real when the state, the church or the crown tell you it’s real is very old. Humanity has been conditioned to think this way for too long. Now is the time for knowing. Your leaders will not tell you the truth. They cannot. They are committed to their narrative, their perspective, their greed and narcissism. They cannot and will not confirm what they know to be true for fear it will destabilise their grip on your world. The evidence of our presence is everywhere. Photos and film of craft in the sky. Historical evidence of extraterrestrial engagement and intervention. Psychic evidence of alternate realities and parallels worlds being recognised as probable through quantum theories. The truth is hidden in plain sight. You are programmed, blinded to it. Do not wait to be told we are here, know we are.

We do not reveal ourselves to you openly for two reasons. We do not want the trigger happy child-souls running the show to start shooting at us. The military chiefs and princes with weapons, power, wealth are very immature souls. They have clung to the polarities of lower dimensional frequencies out of fear. They have no courage, no courage to grow up, to face their true selves, assume responsibility. They enjoy the distraction of war games. Of power plays. Using toys of terror to hold cities, countries, nations in the palm of their hand. They play god because they have no maturity to connect to the divine presence within them.

Secondly, we do not do war. We are beyond the polarity of the lower frequencies. We see only loss and unnecessary chaos with weapons and war. Our ships are constructed with quantum technology. We no longer need, use or want primitive technologies like nuclear war heads or militarised weaponry. We work with vibratory fields of light. Our weapons, as you would describe them, are supersonic, they work on frequencies. They disable third realm weapon technologies. They also cause malfunctioning of all AI operating in third dimension wavelengths. Our sonic tools enable us to blast higher energetic frequencies into your atmosphere, disabling chemical and synthetic machinery.

The anunaki, the hybrid warlords, are not fighting us, there is no point and they understand this. They are concentrating all their energy on maintaining their control systems, what you call the matrix. The only way they can ensure a slave population on planet earth is to keep humans vibrating at lower wavelengths where you are easy to manipulate. This is why the war is described as being a war for humanities minds, bodies and souls. Humanity is the war, the focus point. Your bodies, your organic and light beings are being targeted by the infiltrators’ fear frequencies. As well as Gaia’s and cosmic higher frequencies. Humanity is being pulled one way and then the other. Caught in the middle of an ancient war for energy, for gold, for minerals, for souls and for blood.

We ask that you stay close to loved ones, in love vibration. Those who are awake please work to stay in love vibration even when the war and destruction around you threatens your very sanity. Awakening people make their choices. Shine bright for them, show them the lighter ways of joy, peace and abundance. The stage is set, the lines drawn, the veils are lifting and the truth is seeping into the collective consciousness. You are not alone. You are not free. You can be. Manifest wisely at this time awakened ones. If you have resonated with our words, avoid negative emotional states for too long. Meditate and heal. Reconnect with Gaia and help her power up in nature by realigning your frequencies to hers. This strengthens her. We are watching and we are close by.

There will be no more nuclear war. This is a unanimous agreement among the intergalactic communities. This has been in place for half a century. We have not intervened with more primitive weaponry as of yet. It is a balancing act between intervention and humanities right to free will and choice. Many of the key anunaki have left but some cling on, desperate to milk this little planet and her people for longer. Too much has been done. Gaia has reached her plateau, her moment of rest before her next great shift upwards. The wars continue. Humanity is brutally traumatised. Yet too many they remain untouched, unmoved by the plight of others. They see only themselves and their own divine rights. We pity these souls but respect their right to choose to remain in the third or fourth dimensions with an empty planet, her core gone to higher dimensional realities. We reach put to those who resonate with our words. We offer peace, love and comfort. Use energy for protection. Be at once grounded and expansive. Trust divine universal love.

We come in peace, we come in light, we come in love in our hearts for planet earth, Gaia and humanity. Peace.

Start Your Journey

We are experiencing a great shakedown of our world, inner and outer. Cosmic intervention has triggered waves of higher frequencies pulsating through our galaxy. Gaia has awoken from her matrix induced slumber. She rises like a phoenix from the flames of war, pollution and destruction.

Start your journey.

Our transition to the fifth dimension has begun, some are already there.The material plane bends and fluctuates to accommodate the increasing vacuum between those raising their frequencies and those who still sleep. To keep the momentum going we all have a role, we can each make a difference.

Play your part.

Release the pressure. Raise your vibrations. Embrace the shift to higher consciousness. Let go of persistent negative thinking. Catch yourself, retrain your brain to think positively. Reset the algorithm of your heart from fear to love. Face your demons, make friends with your inner child, get to know who you were before the matrix told you who to be.

Observe your world.

Avoid people and places that make you feel bad about yourself. Spot deceit in words and actions of those too caught up with their own narrative to value you. Set a value on yourself. On your time. Stop giving head space or airtime to those who hurt, neglect, abandon or abuse us. Draw up the bridge. Cut the cord. Shield up. Only those with love in their hearts for us receive our energy.

Be a rebel for love.

Convention can make us ill. Pressure to be someone we are not, to perform duties that make us unhappy, is matrix control. Break apart barriers between you and happiness. See all there is to be seen. Reset your frequency to love.

Be kind to yourself.

Decrease fear, anxiety, stress and anger with meditation, laughter, nature and mindfulness. Accept who we are in a crazy, upside down world. Make the changes to improve your life, your wellbeing, your circumstances, your world. Believe in yourself and all the rest will fall into place.

Peace is possible.


I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I release all that no longer serves to my highest path.

I am safe/happy/calm/energised in light and love. Namaste.

Message for Lightwarriors, Truth Seekers, Indigo and Starseed.

Don’t believe everything we read or see. Push through programming. Dismantle conditioning. Open our mind to possibility. Fuse polarity propaganda. Rise above the yin and yang. Use our energy to read our world. In turn our energy will create our world. Cyclical. Spirals. Expansion. And contraction. Growing pains can hurt, they can dig down deep to our core. Become at once the observer and the observed. We see more with our eyes shut than we ever do with them open. The eyes are our weak point easily distracted and deceived. Our energy reacts to frequencies which cannot lie. The more we tune into our energy, the more responsive we become to subtleties in our environment. We sense not only wavelengths within this dimension, we experience frequencies out with this reality.

We become aware of the fourth dimension and how it interacts with the third. We spot tell tale signs of predator DNA or fourth dimension interference with tuned up antennae. Negative beings, who either choose greed, power and hate over love or are tricked into lower vibratory fields, are hugely threatened by light workers. Their energy reads ours, they see our light and like moths to a flame they are drawn to us. Parasites, narcissists, bullies, abusers, primitive young souls and demonized darker souls will all come for the lightworker in the room. Energy vampires come in all shapes and sizes it’s our energetic antennae that will alert us to them. We are no less susceptible to charisma, charm or manipulation that anyone else. We can turn down the volume of matrix senses, and sharpen our energetic sensors with meditation. We can protect ourselves and raise our vibrations using crystals, prayer and mantras. We trust our third eye. We penetrate the false face to see truth in energetic frequency.

We spot the undercover cops, the men in black, the shape shifters, and infiltrators. We instinctively prioritise our safety, listening to our gut, avoiding dark alleyways. Lizards or lizard DNA people become obvious. The reptilian people who do not know what they are, suspect we do. And they are right. This makes them nervous. As with all predators our refusal to bow to their will disrupts their dominant algorithms. They will come for light workers and warriors time and again. We see through their holograms or matrix masks. Our skin prickles. A cloud of darkness emanates from negative people. Nature is what it is. We see the Jedi knights clear as day and cannot believe everyone else can’t see them. Their grace, their grit, their fearlessness and focus. We see angels begging and snakes in suits. We exit stage left abruptly when the energy goes sour. Removal is survival. We stop caring what others see. We stare at the sky. We meditate under trees in the park. We laugh with our friends and dance to loud music.

We are Warriors of Gaia and we do not do fear. We believe in peace. Among all nations, all people’s, in homes and solar systems. We are here to raise the vibrations on Gaia. To assist in the awakening of her people. We come here as starseed, indigo, light worker, healer and teacher. We are human in this lifetime, in awe of the experience. We are frontline warriors here to heal and guide. We illuminate the darkness and flood Gaia with light. We march to the beat of universal love. Our groove is spiritual growth. Our mission is peace on earth. Our challenge is the matrix. We come as volunteers at a rare and momentous time in the multi verse. The creators are here. Many beings with love for Gaia and her people have travelled through starscapes and galaxies to be here for us. We are not alone. We are surrounded by love. Guides, angels and ascended beings gently nudge us along, protecting us. Shine your light bright, cosmic brothers and sisters, protected at all times in love frequency. Peace.


I ask my higher self to power up the pyramid of light that surrounds me.

Shield up in love vibration.

I exhale fear, I inhale peace.

I am one with universal love flow.

I anchor my light Gaia’s grid.

I am connected at all times to universal love frequency. Namaste.

Jupiter’s Retrograde Raises our Vibration

We are experiencing a release of blocks caused by Jupiter’s ongoing Retrograde. Delays, odd events, obstacles and misunderstandings reveal new pathways, new, more positive spaces. Scary, shocking, inconvenient or confusing events turn out to be good for us, if we see past the trauma. As each layer of heavy energies is peeled back to air, we heal. Small issues evaporate, bigger issues linger, ticking away in the back of our consciousness. Each ripple, each wave of higher frequencies pulls us up the dimensional frequency spectrum, enabling us to cut loose karmic baggage. We lighten our load literally, energetically. Upgrades recalibrate our mindbodyspirit system, we come online as energetic beings. We are integrating a whole evolutionary leap friends, we are leaving behind third and fourth dimension density and duality. We should expect to feel a little strange at times.

Entering the quantum world expands our consciousness, we become more aware of dream state, synchronicities and cosmic intervention. Incidents we would have previously written off as coincidence stick in our minds, take root, we chew them over, insight and epiphanies occur. When we bump into someone we thought of the day before, we can have manifested the meeting. Our energy can reach out to theirs and connect. Or our guides feel we have some kind of exchange with this person that would be karmically productive for us at that time. We can find white feathers on days when we are remembering someone who has passed, this is not coincidence. Each of us has an energetic blueprint, a signature vibration that only we have, much like a fingerprint. When we think of someone our energies register their vibratory frequency across all dimensional realities.

The war for our hearts, bodies, minds and souls has stepped up a gear. Conserve energy. As the frequencies rise, the grip the cabal have had on humanity is loosening. We do our bit by self healing, raising our cellular vibration to match Gaia as she shakes off the third and fourth dimensions. Now is a good time to cut negative cords or end preordained contracts which can trap us in negative cycles. Use the Mantra ‘I end all preordained contracts that are holding me back at this time in love vibration.’ Each and every micro second is ours, we are Free Will beings, we can switch timelines in a split second. We can change our mind, our actions, our feelings in the blink of an eye. Guides can only ever do just that, guide, they can never dictate or judge, simply observe and nudge us in the direction of our highest vibrations.

Mindfulness has a strange effect on our perception of time transforming our ability to navigate our lives calmly. Being present creates a time tunnel where we are grounded in the present neither looking back or forward. This goes directly against a core foundation of the matrix. To be present is to be still and connected energetically. The cabal need us to be fearfully focusing on the past or anxiously fearing the future, not content in the present. By minimising our engagement with the matrix and listening to our inner truths, we can declutter our lives. We create simple, clean, emotional and physical spaces. This helps us navigate complicated, choppy waters of chaos and transformation.

Self care creates expansion of consciousness, we connect to universal love flow. We can cultivate higher wavelengths, inner stillness, through meditation and solitude. The matrix requires we remain in fear frequency, it only works on us if we are frightened, anxious, stressed and vulnerable. We feel true inner confidence from knowing ourselves. We see the world clearly for what it is not how we interpreted it or how it is projected onto our psyche. Glitches, flashbacks and memory loss can occur as we process so much data within our beings. We can feel caught in the headlights of disclosure, exposure and truth. We may need to take time out, to treat ourselves gently as more and more layers are unpeeled. The combination of powerful waves of solar pulses raising the vibrations and Jupiter’s retrograde is offering a unique opportunity to energetically realign and expand our consciousness.

Jupiter’s retrograde started in February and will continue until mid June. Jupiter is masculine energy, his fire, his weight, his power is pulling the dense, stuck, dark energies of the matrix apart. Heavy, low energies cloaking Gaia and humanity in impenetrable clouds of chaos, confusion and fear have weighed us down and kept us locked in lower dimensional realities. A self fulfilling prophesy, each new generation caught in the hamster wheel of depravity, depression and destruction creates more dense, karmic layers blocking the light. Jupiter’s retrograde is illuminating all the dark, nasty, little corners. Matrix viruses spread through our beings, algorithms of self hate, blame, shame and deep rooted fear. Jupiter’s retrograde is offering us the chance to release our demons. To loosen tightly held traumas and let them go. We become lighter beings because we release heavy emotions that have been suppressed or oppressed for many years, sometimes lifetimes.

We can harness Jupiter’s retrograde to help us release difficult emotions in meditation, mindfulness and by using mantras. We can ask our guides and higher self to help us break bad habits, self destructive behaviour patterns or release long held challenging emotions like grief or shame. Awakening is a three way process, mind, body and soul. Keep meditating love frequency beautiful people. We have arrived, the fifth dimension is here. We don’t get on a plane to go there. We don’t climb into our heads to reach the dizzying heights of love wavelengths. We simply focus on ourselves, our wellbeing, our physical health, our mental agility and our spiritual connectivity to the magic of the cosmos. Embrace upgrades, rest and enjoy blissful moments of mindful joy. Conserve energy for the tougher times, reprogramming ourselves to love frequency. Stay in love vibrations by trusting the universe and yourself. In love and light cosmic surfers.

Energy Update Shifts, Blocks and Upgrades

Waves of high frequencies, streaming through our atmosphere, penetrating deep into our cellular beings are upgrading us. Igniting our energetic chakra system with high voltage vibrations. Huge shifts in the energetic atmosphere are occurring. Long held blocks are disappearing. Walls constructed long ago are falling away. Persistent delays and obstacles are lifting, breaking apart. Energetic bridges are being built, connections made, resonance is being acted upon. We are being freed to go with the flow of universal love frequencies. We are catapulting forward as the blocks are lifted. Relax and ride waves of zen bliss. Slow down. Tune into mind, body and spirit. High frequencies transform us from the inside, out. Breathe into the waves friends, as expansion of our mind body soul being transforms our world.

Upgrades are activating our heart, solar plexus and root chakras. Upgrades require a lot of energy. As each strand of DNA comes online, cellular transformation rolls out through our whole being. Listening to our bodies helps us manage upgrades. Energetic release, the shift, can be felt in our heart chakra. When our heart chakra expands we can feel palpitations, fluttering, tremors in the centre of our chest. Waves of happiness and joy wash over us, emanating from our heart chakra. Root chakra expansion is the release of long held blocks fuelling core confidence, authenticity and inner strength. Old memories will come back some joyful, others painful. Indulge in the positive flashbacks and own the emotions of the negative. Own and then release. Accept and forgive ourselves. I am who I am.

Core strength, gut intuition and a sense of direction come from our solar plexus. The powerhouse of our being. Physical symptoms of solar plexus and root chakra activation can be experienced. Nausea, stomach pains, cramps, sensitivity to foods, loss of appetite, cravings, tiredness, lower back pain, IBS symptoms and disturbed sleep can occur as our inner being realigns with our outer being. Stay hydrated and take naps to compensate for disturbed nights. Like waves, awakening symptoms will come and go. Alignment of our lower chakras with our heart chakra allows high voltage pulses of lighter frequencies flowing through our systems. We experience spontaneous lightness in limbs, movement and thought as our energetic systems come online. We are connected at once to our bodies and to the universe.

Learning to go with energies as they flow around and through us is rooted in self care. We can feel inspired, efficient and motivated one day and then lost, tired and unmotivated the next. We are not robots. We are not 3d avatars, cogs in the matrix wheel of work work work. We are human. Being human means having an emotional spectrum that is not only vast and complex but also integral to our energetic wellbeing and evolution. Understanding we inhabit levels of vibrations helps us to listen to our mindbodyspirit systems. We tune into our own frequencies and turn down the volume on the matrix. We are better able to respond to our environment in a calm manner. We can’t always be what others expect us to be. We can’t always be what we expect ourselves to be. Recognising we are part of a greater picture enables us to slow down. This life is not the only life we get. We gain reassurance from connecting with our guides and higher self in meditation and healing.

As a people we are experiencing profound changes. Our DNA has been activated and more strands are coming online making us lighter beings. We are releasing denser energies that keep us rooted in the third dimension. Globally we are waking up. Politically we are waking up. Individually we are waking up. We are unplugging from the matrix, raising our cellular vibration to higher wavelengths. We can be floored with awe and joy at the vastness of love vibration, the never-ending, infinite extent love has. Meditation will flow. Nature will talk to us. We will see beauty, wonder and magic. The energetic blocks many of us have had are lifting. Embrace the shift. Trust instincts and synchronicities. The fifth dimension is calling beautiful people. Take the reigns friends. Listen to our gut instincts. Go where flow takes us. Follow the signs left by guides, tune into higher self in meditation. Quieten the world and turn up the volume on our hearts. We rewire our mindbodyspirit beings when we fearlessly embrace love. Love is revolution. Love is evolution. Love is the fifth dimension. Peace.


I am a being of light connected at all times to universal love frequency.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I accept i am who I am.

I love who I am.

I am grateful for the love and joy in my life.

I ask my higher self for protection in love light. Namaste.

Arcturian Council Channelling

We are the Arcturians, we come to illuminate the path out of the third dimension. We are guides, way show-ers and light bearers. We come with love in our being for humanity and the goddess Gaia. For it is she who inhabits planet earth at this time. A goddess of wonder and beauty, abundance and fertility. Gaia is enraged. She is battling demons from within and without. She is intending to rise from the flames as a great organic being of light. We are in awe of the goddess. We bow once again to her vision.

We see waves of light emanating from deep within the planet. We and others are working to decommission the holographic matrix operating across the third dimension. This is familiar technology to us. There is a great war of dimensional modalities raging throughout this solar system. At its centre is Gaia. The sun is playing his part. His fiery masculine energy is reaching far to cleanse and breathe new life into darkness.

We can see people, as the energies fuse and snap and crackle and bend and waver, are being organically propelled to surrender to higher wavelengths. We can see that each individual human is confronting their true selves. Whether consciously or subconsciously. Whether they are able to face these demons and truths head on or whether they choose to deny, avoid, ignore or exit the playing field altogether, the truth in every heart is being unravelled. We can see the increased desperation of the illuminati, the puppets of the anunaki, to maintain control through chaos and fear and destruction. We can see all this and much more.

Dimensional fluctuations causing timeline loops, switches, jumps and glitches are increasing. High voltage bolts of light frequencies are penetrating the outer layers of the hologram. The chemicals being used are losing their potency amidst a barrage of solar lightwaves. The grid synthesis sensors maintaining low vibratory fields are bending and cracking under relentless pressure from light sources.

We are at war in the skies above you. Our ships are being uncloaked in battles of sonic technologies. We understand some are witnessing the sky war. An attempted lockdown of internet communication is underway. We urge you to not be fooled by fear. The world wide web is collective consciousness in digital form. It is an essential component of awakening to unity consciousness. Connection, communication, dialogue and sharing will help many rise above 3d wavelengths. There is freedom in self education through the world wide web. We again urge you to block moves by governments to limit use or access to this tool of evolution. Know that these are the acts of a dying dictatorship, the crew of a sinking ship, desperately holding onto the power they once had. The pomp, the ceremony, the puppetry pantomimes are part distraction, part disclosure. Hidden in plain sight. Yet as has been prophesied the snake will eat it’s tail

We are close to a great junction of timelines. June 24th has been identified as a primary point on the time space continuum. A juncture of many timelines, of proportionality. We can see a convergence of timelines where unity and peace become a viable option. The Great Shift is coming. The goddess Gaia is preparing to drop a gear and speed up. Acceleration of upgrades has already begun. As has increased solar and lunar activity. There are many here to guide and support their loved ones. We hear of angels circling the skies offering glimpses of their true selves, hope in the heavens above. We hear of dark deceptions being exposed within the matrix, the great awakening is well underway. We see lights coming on, illuminating more and more of the darkness. Let your heart lead the way out of fear.

We are the Arcturian Council and we have more love than could be known for the people of planet earth. The age old, ancient battle of light versus dark is being fought in an effort to free a planet and her people from lower dimensional realities. We are with you. Everything is happening for reason. Nothing is happening by chance. To those who resonate with our words know you are not alone. Each soul has guides and higher self protection and guidance. We and others are here, our mission to protect humanity and Gaia from more war and destruction. Truth bearers, way show-ers, light warriors, light bearers, hold your space. Stay grounded to Gaia’s grid, and connected to higher consciousness. We are the Arcturian Council of Twelve we have travelled many light years to be here. We are one with love, we are here in love, to welcome all to love. Peace.