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Spider Totem The Shift 888

The Shift is happening, the game has changed. We engage all our senses, meditate love frequency and surrender to the Zen Zone.

The spider totem shows up to enlighten us, to teach us we weave our destinies. We are the creators, the manifestors of the new earth. We can weave an intricate, advanced, complex, green, sparkling, kind, rational, magical world, as we wish.

The spider is duality, smoke and mirrors, predator and creator. We are being advised to sharpen our spider senses, to trust our energy antennae, our webs of light, when they tingle or vibrate. 3d exists only in our minds, conditioned conformity has lost resonance, our only limit is ourselves.

Enjoy normal life paint, read, cook, listen to music, be. Spiders work alone creating, manifesting, working to build their space. They align with nature, camouflaging themselves, working with, not against, Gaia.

Spiders create traps, spy holes, to warn of danger. They protect themselves by being hyper aware of their surroundings whilst calmly and creatively going about their business. Their minds are imaginative places, their webs unique, individual to each and every spider. Their web is strong, silken and fine, like the light we are weaving into our daily lives, silently, stealthily.

We are being shown spider to illuminate the merging of duality. We are reminded spiders can play the protector, the weaver and the creator, just as they can play the predator, the spy, the aggressor hidden in the shadows, silent and deadly in their strike.

Use these incredible waves of high frequencies to update our systems, upgrading to love vibration. Activate our spider senses, we need them in a quantum world. Be like the spider, still, stealthy, alert, unique, creative and calm. Own being manifestors of our destiny. Weave our new world in light and love. Namaste.

awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

Energy Update 12.08.18 21.08.18 03.09.18

We are moving through intense cosmic turbulence, profound timeline shifts are occurring. We may feel we are flickering in and out, becoming almost transparent at times. At other times, more grounded than we have ever been. Dreamstate can appear more vivid than reality. Disturbed sleep and eating patterns can be experienced as our systems adjust to lightbody existence. Tiredness accompanies transdimensional double shifts, so take care of energy levels with water and rest. Awakening people may be experiencing profound karmic lessons. When we lack self knowledge we are shown, we learn, we grow. This process has accelerated, fate is dishing up home truths, old, buried traumas and painful memories for many. Strength of character, fearlessness in the face of our perceived mistakes or mix ups, helps us release this karma. We are who we are, acceptance transforms us. We are all growing, transitioning, evolving, no one is stood still.

Frequency quakes triggered by the lions gate portal tidal wave have kicked up a maelstrom of energies around planet earth. This means we also are being shaken down. We search for and find truth in our core, balance, alignment and trust of self. Our gut instincts are our true path. They direct us to our highest vibratory field. Our core holds the wisdom of all our selves, from many lifetimes. We can alleviate darkness, stress and anxiety by sending light to our core. Visualising yellow sun rays, flowing to our centre, rejuvenating, reenergising and resetting our frequency. Fear can rot our core, it can unsettle us, disturb our natural flow, cause blocks and grittiness. Stress also affects our energetic flow, creating static that interferes with our organic frequencies. Grief, emotional pain, shame, guilt and envy will lower our vibration, their wavelength is dense with negativity. We allow emotional responses, we recognise them to validate them, and we know at a deep level that all is part of the rich tapestry of existence.

The secret to raising our vibrations is trust, trust in ourselves, trust in universal love. We are being bamboozled by lies, manipulation and theatrics, war and politics. The elite are dishing up constant distraction, fear and matrix rhetoric. We can see through these lies by being conscious, more aware of when we are being played. Listening to our gut, our energy helps us work out what is smoke and mirrors and what is authentic. Eat well, stay away from known toxins. Go back to old fashioned pastimes gardening, reading, sowing, walking, board games, making and creating, be calm in the present. Steady your feet with grounding meditations, use yoga to increase flexibility and breathwork to encourage lightbody activation. Processing downloads require a commitment to take better care of our mind body spirit system. We begin to see physical transformation echo inner enlightenment.

Take extra care when out and about at this time. Driving is particularly risky as the frequencies are fluctuating at such intense rates, we may not see each other. Avoid collisions by taking evasive action. Delay signing contracts or making life changing decisions, unless you truly resonate. Don’t be afraid to change plans if they are not in alignment with your present. Tidal waves of light meeting darkness head on can cause all kinds of glitches, malfunctions and sketchiness. Stay low, keep shield of love up, cloak it in shadow, use sage, crystals and mantras for protection. Some may experience Mandela effects as the timelines switch up, merging, fusing, separating, causing all kinds of friction. Listen to the natural rhythm in your being and trust it. Let go of many 3d conditions of conformity, they are no longer necessary. Many are asleep, in a trance like state, unaware. Others are hyper aware, keeping their spider senses turned on at all times. People may appear spaced out, slow to move, a little lost or confused, be gentle with sleepers people, for they know not what is transforming all around them.

By tuning into our own rhythm, we can connect to the waves of light flowing through and round Gaia, we can seek protection and guidance in these higher wavelengths. The intense heat experienced over parts of the populated earth in recent weeks has prepared us for further lightbody activation, we have literally and energetically sweated out toxins. Be wary of cunning cukoos nestling in our circle, old friends and new may appear and disappear at this time. Go with this, accept the natural order of universal awakening, go with love flow. Enjoy daily routines, time with loved ones and create plenty of solitude for meditation and stretching. Stay calm, in inner peace. Allow all else to wash over you, like rain in summer. Be the fourleafclover in a world turned upside down in quantum transformation. We can build from the start, we trust in us, our soul purpose and our love for all creation.

We are sailing our little boats through choppy seas of change friends. Keep your inner cosmic compass on, aligned to Gaia’s magnetic field at all times. Stay on the path of growth, inner stillness and mindful gratitude. If you experience dimensional slippage, timeline shifts or reality glitches ground yourself by anchoring your light to Gaia’s grid. Repeat mantras of protection and if you can, surrender to the multi dimensional realities of higher vibratory fields of light. Meditate love vibration, recognise fear, allow it, cocoon it in love, in a calm space of trust and belief, and slowly breathe it out. Don’t Panic, there’s always a back up. This is how the fifth dimension works. Nothing is linear. Ground yourself to Gaia’s grid, settle and stabilise your energy with routine, quiet and breathwork. We are waking up, walking on the beat, aligning with the pulse of light, of love. Relax, slow down, listen to our instincts and trust your energy, it never lies. Take time to assimilate, adjust and transition in light and love. Safe cosmic surfing beautiful people.

awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

Energy Update Cosmic Turbulence 08.18

Easy goes it cosmic surfers. As we transition through the lions gate portal, we are experiencing intense cosmic turbulence. Use daily routines to stabilise energetically. Breathe. Solitude, connecting to the light and staying in it at all times. Be still and quiet. Breathe. Listen. The airwaves are buzzing, tune up your third eye antennae. Be protected with sage, crystals and mantras. Shadow your light. Remember our guides on other planes are by our side always. Lay low and let the storm pass. Now is not the time, for many reasons. Witness the matrix malfunction from a calm, grounded and expansive space. Don’t forget to breathe. Stay green, in heart led vibrations. See but don’t see. Allow processing time, downloads take awhile. We are one with universal light.
Mantras I power up my shield of love, cloaking it in quiet stillness.
I am one with love vibration.
I am calm, I am grounded, I am safe. Namaste
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awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates, The Matrix

Whispers in the Atmosphere

Trust your gut. Tune up your energetic antennae and take evasive action if necessary. 44 is the number for the Warriors of Light. Grasshoppers show us all we need to quantum leap successfully, is our intuition. Shield of love up beautiful people. #theShift #awaken #protection #theevent #listentoyourgut #trustyourself #staysafe #fourleafclover #shieldup #woke #meditation

awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

The Lions Gate Portal 08.8.18

888 is the number of ascended beings, angels and Archangels, our higher self, it facilitates third eye activation and heart chakra expansion. Revered by ancient societies as a time of profound spiritual importance, the alignment with Sirius, earth and the sun is believed to activate a cosmic gateway, a portal bathing earth in high energies, higher frequencies of light bringing enlightenment and love. Whilst this has occurred many times, the effect of these portals of light on humanity now is greater than it has ever been. The legends of the Great Awakening, the Age of Aquarius, the Return of the Divine Feminine, going back millennia, across galaxies far and wide, all speak of a profound transition, the transcendence of a planet from lower dimensions to higher realms of existence. Instigated by the goddess Gaia, whose soul currently resides in planet earth, aided by planetary and intergalactic intervention, and driven by technological advancements combine to create a maelstrom of higher wavelengths from above and below. Humanity chooses her path, each individual makes their choice, to ascend with Gaia or remain in the third dimension, plagued by the demons and parasites of the fourth dimension. We are finally here.

Nuclear warfare, the world wide web, CERN, the inevitable birth of AI, genetic and scientific advancements all conspire to propel humanity into a new world. The question is what new world, the new world order or the new earth. The new world order is the agenda of the elite, the puppets of the anunaki, who sold their souls for power, fame and fortune. Explicitly stated on the Georgia Stones, the machinations of the illuminati, the freemasons and other power player brotherhoods aim to limit the population for the protection and long term security of the very wealthy. Their owners, their demonic possessors have no interest in ascension, no need for spiritual evolution or collective unified consciousness, this is what frightens them most. Their primitive drives demand warfare to retain their power. They seek to divide and conquer, to isolate the individual, to assert personal blame for personal circumstances. They flaunt their wealth, their plastic beauty and their possessions for the world to see, just as the kings and queens, emperors and pharaohs of humanities past did, to ensure their position at the top of the pyramid. The American dream has worked in a similar way to prevalent religious teachings, success is down to us, bench marked as material wealth. We may be in poverty, fear and desolation in our present, we are told great riches await those who obey their masters, in the heaven. Any threat of revolution, of unified demands for fair distribution of the planet’s resources, for peace and harmony are anulled.

The elite ritualise their greed to honour their fourth dimension overlords. They embed these rituals into our daily lives disguised as culture and religion. Conditioning starts young, its our fault we are poor, we are lonely, we are ill, we are lost, unfulfilled, unhappy and unimaginative. Creativity is pushed to the outer edges of our societies. Enquiring minds are forced into little boxes of obedience and we are told from day one conform, conform, conform or there will be negative consequences. How do a people free themselves when they don’t even know they are enslaved?

A lot of different events are conspiring to bring down the annunaki control of humanity on earth. Volunteers, starseed, offering to come down to earth and raise the frequencies from ground zero and the rainbow children, the indigos, whose natural light radiates and cannot be extinguished, are pushing up the frequencies every single day, despite derision, abuse and intimidation from the conforming masses. Intergalactic allies are working in multi dimensional realities to raise the vibrations across and around the planet, as are higher realm beings in earth’s oceans and in her core. Adding to this the planets themselves, Gaia’s brothers and sisters, are moving, aligning, working with Gaia. Creating geometric gateways that allow higher wavelengths to flood the planet and her people. All of this has been predicted for millennia.

What does this actually mean for folk on planet earth? What does awakening look like, feel like, how does it change us? Who are these other worldly beings, heavenly bodies seeking to draw us into the true age of enlightenment? Who are our enemies and how do we break free from them? How can we be part of this change, and if we are what will happen when Gaia takes planet earth to the fifth dimension? The fifth dimension operates at higher frequencies than the fourth or third realms. Like wavelengths on a radio humanity has been pinned down to lower stations, kept forcibly below the fifth, stifling natural organic evolution of a people and their planet. When the fifth dimension comes knocking on our door three things will happen.

• Our consciousness expands, we ask questions, research and begin to piece together the elite’s hold on the planet and her population.

• We become hyper aware of our body, experiencing increased sensitivity to what we consume and the effect our environment has.

• We become aware of spirit, our spirit, the spirit of the universe and the connectivity of all life.

We have been fed lies, toxins and fear, we break down this programming and replace it with inner peace, outer calm and a commitment to alignment and balance in our mindbodysoul being and on Gaia. Karma is the key. Karma is where our energetic frequencies are determined. We accrue karma in every lifetime, emotional baggage that can harden, rot or poison our mindbodyspirit beings. For many a refusal to make peace with the negatives in our lives prevents us from any kind of karmic clearing, keeping our vibration low, in the third dimension. Revenge, an inability to accept events in our lives, anger and competition will all weigh us down to the third realm. Fear locks us down, greed and jealousy fuel the matrix, self loathing traps us in the third dimension, it is up to use to break down the conditioning, break free form oppression and raise our vibrations to fifth dimension wavelengths.

Ascended beings, individuals who have attained high vibratory fields of light through compassion, love and joy have been visiting this planet for thousands of years, speaking of and sharing their knowledge of what the future holds for Gaia. Their words have been twisted by the demonic elite, parasites who require we believe only in their sovereignty only, never in ours. Relics, wisdom, stories of old, predictions, warnings and visitors from the stars have been enshrined in stone for millennia on the earth’s crust. Pyramids, standing stones, Gobekli Tepe, Stone Henge, ancient texts, artwork, truths and prophesies, meant to withstand the relentless assault on freedom and evolution. Most have been covered up, cut off from the public, carefully controlled for public consumption or simply destroyed. The recent wanton desecration of sacred sites, our ancient past, in the Middle East, documented by the puppets perpetrators, online for anyone to view, is no accident. They destroy our past, they destroy our future. By limiting our understanding of our reality, they are able to control us.

Convincing a planetary population that they are the only intelligent life forms in the entire universe, and must submit to the all knowing power of the overlords is only truly possible with a technologically primitive people. The power of conformity ensures the people carry out the elite’s dirty work for them. Any who have stood up and called time on the powerplays have been discredited, assassinated or wiped form history. This is how they have done it. Yet now the game has changed. With too many volunteers on the planet, committing to a human lifetime but hailing from higher dimensional frequencies, spreading truth form the frontline, the elite are losing their grip. An assault of light frequencies has triggered DNA upgrades in humanity, long overdue, and desperately needed to forcibly jolt as many awake as possible. To break up the dark sticky evil energies cloaking Gaia, every awakened soul on earth brings his or her own higher vibrations to the plight of Gaia. We can see truth spreading like a virus through the matrix.

The fifth dimension is here, Gaia operates on multiple dimensional realities currently, as do her people. What is the fifth dimension? It is the space on the multi verse frequency spectrum beyond the third and fourth dimensions, beneath the sixth and upper realms. The fifth dimension is where the magic happens. Love, life, laughter, happiness, joy and compassion are the currency of the fifth. Those who have spoken with guides, higher self or communed with ascended beings of light will know those guys laugh all the time! There is a sense of humour that pervades the fifth, a lightness of touch, a gentle, kind and warm love that translates into humour. The matrix needs us to feel downtrodden, fearful and stressed. The matrix programmes us to self doubt or arrogance, ignorance or blindness, fear envy, greed and hate. To begin ascending to the fifth dimension, a transition possible now on planet earth due to profound cosmic interventions, we relinquish the negativity in our hearts, our minds, bodies and soul.

To utilise higher vibratory fields of light inherent in the Lions Gateway to activate our lightbody, we clear karma from our energetic and physical beings, the dark night of soul is faced. It’s not called the dark night for nothing, nor is it just one night (if only!). Releasing karma is like peeling back the layers of an onion, it stings. Even when we think we have released all there is to release, oops there comes more, rising to the surface. You may feel you are going crazy, you may be diagnosed as depressed, bipolar or manic. There may be days when leaving the house is simply not possible and other days where crying is all you can do. Every single step we take, every tear we shed, every memory we relive and release, every moment of understanding and forgiveness, every epiphany, every molecule in our being will experience karmic release. We will feel the pain physically and emotionally as we release, release, release. We will realise slowly, that we are becoming stronger, wiser, more centred, flexible, less vulnerable to manipulation as the process of karmic clearing proceeds. For every hour we howl to the moon in anger, pain, fear or failure, we lighten our energetic load ten fold. The less emotional baggage we carry, the less hate, fear, envy and pain we hold in our hearts, the more room there is for these cosmic beams of light to penetrate our whole beings. If any of this resonates, welcome to the transition, the Shift, the great awakening, your work, your courage and your light is deeply appreciated.

When we expand our consciousness with questions and research we awaken to how the matrix operates, how it programmes us to lower vibrations. Targeting our self esteem relentlessly the elite will convince us of our inferiority. We will accept the status quo, we will believe we do not deserve better. We will defer to our betters, the landowners, corporate kingpins, lizard politicians, holographic talking heads and fake, shiny celebrities. Sadly the state of enslavement on planet earth for so many thousands of years means that many, many, human souls have become trapped in this engineered karmic wheel of negativity, accruing lifetime upon lifetime of heavy, dense karma. This has led to a spiritual state of emergency on planet earth. Religious doctrine for the purpose of control has replaced individual growth, stunting us instead of aiding our evolution. Humanity has lost itself in the never ending cycle of oppression, deceit and synthetic lowering of our internal vibration. Awakening is waking up to this, it is seeing with our soul, our third eye and our heart. Let go of fear of the dark night of soul. Recognise what it is and why it is happening. Take comfort in the knowledge that the transition to the fifth dimension on earth’s material plane, is well worth the pain of karmic release.

The liberation of a planet and her people from evil oppressors was never going to be easy. The horrors we witness every day, are horrors that were for a long, long time confined to the geographical places they occurred. Written histories have been destroyed or hidden. The elite face their greatest trial, technological advancement. The world wide web has shrunk our world. We now know of atrocities occurring far away from us, and those happening right under our noses. The game has changed. Whether you identify as starseed, indigo, a volunteer or any other type of visitor, know you are not alone. If you are beginning this awakening process, know you are not alone. If you are waaaay down the line of karmic clearing and in need of some respite, know you are not alone. We work together as a collective, we rediscover and embrace our sovereignty and together we reinstate the sovereignty of Gaia and her people. Share love, receive love, be love. Laugh and lighten your vibrations with soul tribe, solitude, meditation and nature.
In love and light cosmic surfers Namaste.

awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

Lightwave Update

A key event in Gaia’s cosmic calendar of ascension, July’s blood moon and lunar eclipse marked the crest of a great tidal wave of light. Gaia is raising the vibrations of planet earth to tune up to higher dimensional realms. Realms where hate, greed and fear cannot operate. Like tuning a radio to another station, Gaia, the goddess soul embodying planet earth, has chosen to shake off the parasites. Only able to exist in third and fourth dimensional frequencies, their comittment to chaos and destruction means they have no interest in cleansing their karma to raise their vibrations. Instead they choose lower realms where they can exorcise their desire for darker destinies. Light workers, volunteers, warriors of light and of Gaia, recognising and accepting the darker choices of others is key to conservation of our energy at this time. Self care is awakening, understanding when we are being used and when we are being nourished. Exchange is the currency of higher realms.

The quantum universe exists on a frequency spectrum, encompassing all planets, galaxies and solar systems. Multiple timelines, primary points of truth, portals and gateways are all possible and plausible within the quantum multi verse. Part of raising our vibrations is moving beyond seeing in a linear context, for nothing is linear. Cause and effect exist in spirals, layers like an onion form, energies become karma. We experience all we need to experience over as many lifetimes as we choose. The mathematics of the multi verse are complex, 12 dimensions and beyond. The fifth dimension can and does operate within the material plane and this is how Gaia is doing it. She is aiming for the fifth thereby keeping those people who ascend with her in the familiar safety and security of their organic body and physical surroundings. Awakened, enlightened souls will rebuild 5d Gaia restoring balance and harmony.

Tidal waves of light transcend our dimensional realm, triggering cosmic intervention to assist Gaia’s ascension. There are individuals who will make such profound use of these tidal waves of light, they will transcend the fifth. They will relinquish their bodies and quantum leap to higher states of being. There are lightworkers, starseed and indigo who inhabit the physical to enable them to interact with this realm. Their mission to be present and grounded in the human experience, whilst bringing their higher internal frequencies to the ascension process. Awake, aware, consciously expanding, clearing and aligning their energetic systems, these volunteers play a key role in raising the frequencies from ground zero, from the frontline. The lightbody is attainable on the material plane, as many light workers will confirm. Already inhabiting their lightbody many are preoccupied with working out how to stay grounded to Gaia, mindful in our human existence, whilst simultaneously floating in the fifth dimension.

Sleepers, hamsters stuck in their karmic wheel of oppression and slavery awaken themselves, all choose their own path now. Those who stopped soul growth so long ago they have forgotten anything beyond the basic demands of existence in the holographic matrix. Their world view is limited, their minds programmed with fear, their energies hardened, rotting with matrix toxins, corrupted, malfunctioning, their existence trance like and locked down. Some may awaken, many will not. They may be unwilling, their soul finding comfort in the captive state. They may enjoy the demonic parasites they feed with matrix highs. They may seek to assimilate fully with the predators that have ensnared them. Some souls are so trodden down, so stupored by hundreds of lifetimes stuck in the hamster wheel of anunaki controlled third and fourth realm existence, they will need lifetimes of rest, to recover their sense of self.

We are not here as volunteers to influence the whole of humanity, to awaken billions of souls. We are here as volunteers to raise the vibratory fields on Gaia from the surface. Our allies operate in the skies, whilst great beautiful beings deep in earth’s oceans pump up the vibratory volume from the depths. We play our part on the surface. Each soul has their free will. Recognising and accepting the life choices of others is a huge part of this Lunar Eclipse Lightwave. We are seeking to tip the balance, to raise the frequencies just enough that Gaia can successfully remove herself from the third and fourth dimension, with the material plane intact. Those who have love, compassion and peace running through their veins, will be part of the transition. Those who hold hate and greed in their hearts, who seek to use and manipulate, committed to their own guilty pleasures being met, will not raise their frequencies. This is their choice, volunteers will learn to accept this is the right of all sovereign beings.

It is time to reassess where we direct our energy, why we give and how much we give. Be cooler karmically healers, don’t be afraid to say no if a person’s energy sparks concern in yours. Said client may take more than you are willing to give. Protecting ourselves is important. The whims of selfish people looking for quick fixes, lazy solutions to profound evolutionary spiritual processes, can and will drain us. Awakening is an active process, we engage in our healing, we make it happen. Be available for those who resonate, trust instincts at all times, our energy never lies. Volunteers tune up your energy antennae for the coming months, there are many fake people seeking to dilute the higher vibrations with troll behaviour, parasitic draining and toxic vibrations. Wear and use Labradorite for protection from psychic attacks. Keep Selenite or Citrine close by for continual cleansing of crystals and your energy field.

The game is stepping up people. Every ounce of energy we expend counts. Stay in gratitude, be mindful and celebrate your life. Matrix programming of family is a powerful mind control algorithm, keeping many locked into parasitic relationships for the sake of familial expectation, conformity, cultural or religious pressures. Break away calmly and safely if you can. Seek to separate from or avoid negative people. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your self, draw quiet, firm lines of self respect, boundaries of love. Avoid creating more drama as this will feed them, and ultimately is what they seek. It’s a tricky business disentangling from the tentacles of narcissists, psychopaths, predators and parasites. By listening to energy, remaining calm, using mantras and meditation, staying protected, we can avoid lowering our vibration in their presence. This is important in the coming months as Gaia has reached a tipping point of high frequencies that needs to be stabilised, embedded into the atmosphere.

Lightbody activation is occurring across Gaia. Release ancestral karma that holds you back, childhood trauma that impairs your judgement. Let go of all manufactured ways to lower our vibrations. We are pooling our resources now, trying to throw as much light, love and peace into Gaia’s atmosphere as we can. The tipping point to fifth dimensional realms of light and love is here, we ride the crest of vast tidal lightwaves. We seek to upgrade our cellular systems, to enable us to handle higher frequencies of fifth dimension vibratory fields on the material plane. We seek to activate and inhabit our lightbody. Those who have done the karmic work, who are facing their demons, owning their pain, learning to love themselves authentically, are aligning in higher vibratory fields of light.

This is not a tug of war for humanities future, don’t get caught up in the push and pull, stay centred in your own light and all will fall into place around you. Duality is a third and fourth dimension construct, the fifth is mercurial, a myriad of possibilities, chances and opportunities. Each makes their choice now. The universe will align. There are safety nets to catch us, protection around us at all times. With our third eye open and fully functioning, receiving wisdom from our guides and higher self we resonate with truth, the energies of people not their false smiles, false words or fake lives. Be real. Be yourself, be protected and be kind and be prepared to pull the drawbridge up on some relationships, to accept sovereign choice. Those awake recognise it is no longer about waking up, it is now about maintaining high frequencies in gratitude, peace and love. Peace is possible beautiful people.