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1111 Cosmic Light Wave 444 Lightbody Activation

We are going in deep friends. The world is polarising, separating according to density of frequency. Some will remain in their memory loops, locked into denial, demonic possession or spiritual ego. Others will soar in the cosmic lightwave energies coming through. Those who are experiencing the full power of the current light wave are receiving a massive reboot to our mindbodyspirit system. So intense, physical movement is challenging, thought processes are fuzzy, slow, disjointed, the ache to meditate is overwhelming. Routine pulls us out, responsibility ground us, self care encourages us to repair our whole being mind, body and spirit. We are ghosts in the machine for now. Awakening to our collective consciousness. Transmuting swathes of negative energy from the collective and our ancestral lines. We are coming into a profound space of energetic assimilation. Phase 4 has begun, triggered by the return of the Divine Feminine to the human consciousness.

Gaia’s transition has reached phase 4, assimilation. Lightbody activation, our bones lighten in density, our muscles lengthen, our spine loosens and elongates as our divine kundilini awakens and flows. Metamorphosis is not a passive process. We instigate receipt of upgrades, we then follow through on their opportunities for growth. Karmic clearing is required for the physical transformation to occur. Meditation is necessary to raise our vibrations above the toxic wavelengths of the matrix. We take responsibility for rewiring our motherboards in alignment with cosmic upgrades to our DNA. We receive downloads propelling us forward with insight for karmic growth. We embrace higher consciousness expansion and third eye connectivity to guides and higher self. We are being upgraded individually and as a species, preparing us for the final stages of quantum transition through the fourth and into fifth dimensional frequencies. The choppy sea we have to cross is the fourth realm. The material plane remains. Partly anchored to what remains of the matrix, partly in its new organic state birthed from the dark web and partly in the memories and minds of those still conscious on the material plane. We navigate the fourth realm where all the rules change. The game has changed friends. This is the red sea, the ghostly, trippy space between hell and heaven. Fifth dimension paramaters mark the transition from a war based mentality to peace, abundance and equality.

The Shift is a shift of energetic frequency anchored in our collective psyche. Separation began in early 2019, the lower vibratory fields anchored in humanities collective consciousness proved too heavy to rise. World politics maintains a perpetual state of chaos, deceit and depravity, serving their high lords of wealth, power and darkness to the bitter end. Separation has occurred because enough people woke up. Enough people chose the red pill and embraced the Light into their hearts. Not enough people to avoid separation, which was the original hope of all involved in assisting Gaia’s ascension. Political manoeuvres by the elite, the devil worshipping cabal, ensure a continued lockdown on progressive, compassionate policies. We remain in the turmoil of third dimension laws. Separated by matrix zones, travel has become a key focus for the matrix engineers, they target us most accurately during periods of travel. We are funnelled through the system, data to be read, subjected to hypnosis to ensure we are confused and unable to fully register our surroundings. The zoning of the matrix was always there, hidden in plain sight. The world is so much smaller than they tell us. Each zone operates according to its core coding. Separation of humanity engineered by the cabal in servitude to their pharaohs the Anunaki. The Anunaki use the Archon astral army to further reduce the integrity of human souls. Corrupting our motherboards, rendering us soulless hosts to parasitic entities hooked on matrix depravity.

The world is separating in front of our eyes. We see and experience the world according to our inner vibration in the fourth realm. The matrix used to appear elementally solid, locked down in third realm frequencies. The matrix no longer abides by those laws. If we are low in our frequency the world is taking on a really sinister, dark hue. Zombies hollowed out by addiction, creep and crawl the streets seeking their next hit or release from the pain of their demonic afflictions. All the dark truths are coming out to play. The shift has dropped a gear and accelerated again. We can fall off the matrix onto the astral, where it is not a good space, we must learn to cosmic surf the astral. Or we can raise our vibration and meditate through divine spaces of source love and light. Some of us are doing this all the time, our directive is to learn to navigate transdimensionality in the fourth realm. It takes time, effort, energy and great care to manage all versions of ourselves as we assimilate lower self with higher self. Do not rush the process, no matter how impatient you are for the starting pistol. Game on. Levelled up healing. Astral clearing. New Earth manifestation. We are still learning friends, be patient, follow guides messages and always listen to your gut. Stay in heart spaces to rebuff all negative energies external and internal.

The Divine Feminine energies anchored in the weaving of the Light Matrix during the Trinity Supermoon portal of 2019. Divine feminine energies now blossom in the collective consciousness of humanity. Mass transmutation of womb fear has been triggered. Women are stepping into a collective space of self love, sovereignty and power. Karmic clearing takes place across the collective. Lightworkers in female bodies are working hard to clear heavy karma from their own bloodlines and the collective. Crystalline light has ignited Gaia’s divine womb. Womben are birthing a new world. The fear anchoring humanity to the lower realms is largely being held in the wombs of girls and women. Our wombs know assault, rape and abuse of the female is rampant, a plague on the planet. The fear energies are passed from mother to daughter from the womb and earlier, on the DNA and in memory energies. If these words resonate seek focused healing from starseed healers activated for specific, focused collective Womb Healing (Google them, they’re out there). Just as Supernatural Lightwarriors are being activated, so too are healers, with highly skilled quantum training in the divine energies of womb consciousness. Womb healers are the human manifestation of divine feminine healing.

Divine Feminine cosmic lightwaves flooding Gaia, and us, for the last few years have reached maximum tipping point. Enough lightwave love has been anchored into the female consciousness for the clearing to begin. Heavy flows, intense pain, physical release of energetic traumas held in the collective womb are being triggered for release. Women are to break the barriers of envy, competition and distrust sown into our psyches by the matrix and reach out to each other. Divine tribal spaces of goddess light portals are required to shift the intensely dense and hard tumours of fear buried in womben. The awakening male will divinely assist in this transmutation of feminine fear frequencies by rewiring their matrix. Not behaving as they have been programmed to, instead responding to women as equals, as sharers in this lifetime, to contribute and connect with. The balance will be achieved when masculine and feminine energies exist in divine harmony. This will be the space we experience in the fifth dimensions.

Separation means acceleration of progression will occur as the toxic energies of the lower realms will remain there, playing out their primitive desires until there are no victims left. This is unfortunate but not unsurprising. It was recognised intergalactically that humanities proclivity to side with their demons, to feed their demons and to choose their demons, to elevate them to guide status and allow them to make most of their decisions, has derailed full ascension. Too many chose the black pill. Too many chose inertia, the comfort zone of the blue pill. Enough chose the red pill to facilitate ascension with Gaia. The hard work of volunteers, travellers, lightworkers, healers and teachers has ensured Gaia is not ascending alone. As it stands for now, we separate. We live through this separation and it is no small feat. We observe heaven and hell morphing in front of our eyes. We move between dimensional bandwidths. Sometimes we fall off our cosmic surfboard only to clamber back on with mindfulness, mantras and meditation.

The fourth realm is seriously trippy, exhilarating and mind expanding. If like me, you’ve been waiting your whole dang life for something to happen and are rejoicing that its finally actually happening, hold tight folks. For many of us… yes it’s started but we won’t reach full ascension for sometime. The matrix is a miserable, evil, nasty, cold, sinister space and we are scratching at the doors of perception to get out. However the process will take as long as it takes. We go through this assimilation process just as we faced our spiritual awakening, with a fearless willingness to heal and evolve. We push our way through months and years of physical, emotional and mental karmic clearing and lightbody activation. The directive for now cosmic surfers is hold our space. Our impatience to get on with our missions is palpable. Some will be clearing the astral from the material plane. Others create trojan horses under the very eye of the system, to spread the Light. Healers aching to rid humanity of its plagues, its infestation and tumours of toxins receive and embed downloads, training for future shamanic clearing.

The time is coming for a great leap further into the fourth. This current lightwave is a warm up friends. Learn to manage dimensional Bends as we fluctuate in our internal frequencies, responding to the chaotic fluctuations of external frequencies. Keep crying out the karma. Meditate as often as you can for downloads, source light healing and love vibration. Stay focused on making the world a better place by remaining in heart spaces as often as possible, detaching from emotional triggers and making your soul sovereignty your priority. There is no one to rescue us, we fish ourselves out the seas of low self esteem, neglect or trauma. Many of us are intensely frustrated with our environments, unable to completely declutter low vibratory people and places from our lives. We exist in the matrix for now, albeit a malfunctioning matrix. Each of us is walking our own path in this momentous ascension of a planet and her people. know you’re not the only lightworker ready to go and being held back. There is more karma to crunch, more spaces to clear, more changes to make, more expansion to occur before we are ready. Training programs are being downloaded in real time for preparation. Listen and look for the helping hand our guides are offering us, take it and run with it. Learn. This lightwave is a warm up for the big ones coming our way. Know that yes, we are highly skilled time travellers here with a mission, but we are also souls experiencing our own truth. Transition from 3rd to 5th, assimilate all you can friends. Everything is preparing us for a cosmic series of quantum leaps, shifts that will etch us higher up into the fourth realm.

Clearing has to occur on all dimensional frequencies if we are to ascend with Gaia. The process cannot be rushed. Relax into it. Stay focused on expansion, energetic training and mission downloads. Keep balancing all dimensional frequencies as best we can. Stay grounded and elevated with mantras. We are sacred saviours, travellers from far away galaxies, here to assist in the rescue and resuscitation of humanity on Gaia. Its not going to happen overnight. Yes we are all poised ready and waiting for the starting pistol, but no, according to all the folk on t’other side, we are not ready yet. The planets are not aligned for the next great leaps. The lightwaves we are experiencing are preparation for planetary portals. Further gateways that cover several weeks or months of linear human time, where days will melt into emotional energetic frequencies and our world will manifest as we exist. Keep the work going beautiful people, know our time is almost upon us. People we are going to be busy, working in teams, organised, fearless and focused. For now we train, we grow, we clear and we ground into our lives. In love and light beautiful people.

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Energy Update 1111 & 444

1111 444 Energy Update cosmic surfers. More on the way! Incoming upgrades, downloads and lightbody activation. 1111 and 444 are big cosmic numbers friends, they herald a further push forward in the Shift… Mantras and guidance for maximising assimilation to higher vibratory states πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ’«πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ™πŸΌ


Alternative Game of Thrones ending.

Dany and Jon fly off to pastures new on Drogon, fuk the throne they have each other, and Drogon. (Dany didn’t lose it, she lost it a bit, then stopped). She sees the throne, Jamie and Cersei’s bodies on it. She puts her hand in Jon’s, they turn their backs to Tyrion, Greyworm and Ser Davos and walk away. We hear Drogon. We see them flying off into the sunset. Yep. It’s what we all wanted and I’m dishing it right up.

Cersei and Jamie die in each other’s arms, on the throne, at the hand of… each other. Romeo and Juliet, poison. Arya is too late.

Bran goes to the Citadel and kicks their tired, miserable, bony arses. The Shaman, Bran the Three Eyed Raven upgrades knowledge in the 7 Realms.

Arya marries Gendry. They assert their blood right and Arya’s saved-the-world right and take the throne. They rule firmly and wisely. Have an amazing sex life and no kids. Upon their death the Game of Thrones begins again.

Sansa is Lady of the North and happy with this. She rules wisely and kindly. She marries her younger cousin, Lord of the Vale, and rules her roost.

Tyrion is King of the Hand till he dies with a glass of red…

Samwell is Maester at Kings Landing and oversees the revolution in Bran the Three Eyed Raven’s Citadel. He and Gilly have lots of children.

Lady Brienne stays north with Sansa, marries Tormund in a wild ceremony by moonlight, north of the wall. She and Podrig train Sansa’s army.

The Greyjoys enjoy high accolade wealth and respect for Theon’s bravery in The Long Night. Yara takes many wives and travels far and wide as Conqueror of the Seas.

The Twins are given to Lady Lyanna Mormonts northern House along with titles and wealth in honour of their bravery in The Long Night.

Ser Davos serves on the Small Council bringing dry wit, wisdom and realness.

Greyworm takes the Unsullied and Dothraki back East. Mereen welcomes them as saviours of the 7 Realms. Their battles are painted, sculpted and told in tales across the East.

Last shot.

Birds eye view, zooms slowly down. Ice and snow. Mountain tops. Zooms slowly. No trees or vegetation, thick snow and frost. A spiral takes shape in the icy fog. Another spiral, and another. The snow clears, the camera zooms in, we see several interlinking spirals, it is unclear if they are created by stones or bodies on the snow. The camera zooms closer. Homing in on one spiral. We hear crying. Zoom in. Coming into the centre of one spiral. A baby appears through the icy mist, crying, kicking. Blue eyes blink into the camera.

Cheesy but there you go!

The End.

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Watch “Guided Meditation Chakra balance Gaia healing” on YouTube

World Meditation Day

Join Morag 5dhealing for a gentle, magical, healing Guided Meditation. We align with higher vibratory states using breath and visualisation to raise our vibrations. Join Morag meditating love frequency with Gaia in alignment & healing.

Deep Chakra Balance.
Root Ancestral Healing. Sacral Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine healing. Solar plexus connectivity to Gaia’s crystalline core coding. Heart chakra strengthening in connectivity with divine love. Throat balancing, we find our voice. Third Eye activation. Crown expansion.
Gratitude and Grounding. Namaste πŸ™πŸ»

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Transmission from the Arcturian Council of Twelve

We come to you today with news of great transformation. The shift has taken on a perpetual motion. The ebb and flow of waves of higher vibrations continues. Celestial and intergalactic federation intervention bathes Gaia in creative divine source lightwaves. The momentum has been built and perpetual shift transmissions have been reached. Gaia has stabilised in the lower fourth realms as the shift in energies assimilates. Her next quantum leap will take place when all that is required for alignment has taken place. Humanity must act upon its ignited heart chakra portals. Change must come from within. The opportunities for expansion, peace and growth are gifted to humanity at this time. The separation has occurred. Multiple dimensional frequencies now operate on your perceived material plane. We intend to break some of this down for you and update you on the sky wars, the Annunaki and the energetic timelines for Gaia and humanity.

The great secrets hidden by your governments and leaders are still beneath the surface. Buried in Gaia’s soil, hidden from all but a few one eyed slaves. Truths about the reality of the matrix, planet earth, pollution and political power structures. There are deeper layers than those being presented to humanity. Modification on your DNA carried out thousands of years ago, play a sinister game on humanities soul integrity. Siphoning souls, enslaving minds and bodies is the Archon way of existence. They are not born of the light. They are born of the dark. Possessing consciousness with no organic body to meet their lustful desires. The numbers magnified over time, the astral plane teems with tortured, dark souls of no fixed abode. A perpetual cycle of soul recycling has seen the depletion of the integrity of the human soul. Each time the soul is split, divided, either in trauma or dark magic, the life fire of human is dimmed. Divisions of the mind, body and soul isn’t enough to ensure perpetual slavery. Toxins, dark energy wizardry, manipulation, a relentless assault on humanity for many moons. The enemies of light are the Archon astral parasites and their uneasy allies the Annunaki. Their pyramid structure constructed on the material plane sustains the Archons lust for physical pleasures. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship, they both gain from each others use of humanity. The Annunaki birth the Archons in black magic ritual with evil intent and sacrifice. They manipulate them and enslave them. The Archons accept this, in payment they take the souls of humanity.

The Annunaki have been operating on the third dimension for eons, they find it easy to manipulate and rich in resources. They have energetic technology, yet choose to remain in the third and fourth realms, for their desires cannot be met in spaces of peace, harmony and love. They are the fallen angels, they birthed the Nephilim leading to humanities soul corruption. Their will is their desire to destroy peace, joy, happiness and love. They committ to negative energetic spaces created in greed, depravity, lust, hate, fear and trauma. They relish chaos, war, superiority, hierarchy. They fear the divine feminine in humanity because this is humanities portal to higher dimensional fields of light. The liberation of the feminine will in turn free the divine masculine. It is written and so shall it be. Humanity will find peace, prosperity and progression when balance of divinity in masculine and feminine is harmonised.

The Federation for Intergalactic Peace have danced a long dance with the Annunaki across time and space. The perpetual motion of light and dark played out in lower realms is a necessary space for growth, the point of tension to trigger expansion. It is the goddess Gaia who set humanities ascension in motion by her own intention of freeing her planet from destruction. A sister planet was lost in your galaxy, the Askari galaxy, some time ago. Gaia in her divinity chose to align ascension of the Askari galaxy. The plan was hatched by the Intergalactic Federation to use this momentous quantum leap in time and space to carry out a coordinated Light rescue for humanity. All those who resonate with our words know this. You have been working towards this moment in time for many lifetimes. Training commenced and lifetimes downloaded to enable travellers, volunteers, starseed to integrate convincingly at this time. Many have been lost to a sea of dark energy wizardry, locked in spiritual ego or traumatised spaces of self sabotage. Others are struggling to dissolve the modifications on humanities DNA and neutralise the subsequent implants and interventions since being in your current life form. 2019 is an intensive deprogramming healing cycle. This will continue. Psyche freedom is the integration of the soul back into the body unifying the sacred trinity of mind, body and soul.

We would like to talk to you about the dimensional frequencies you are now moving through. This is complex and convoluted and we ask that you have patience with us as we work within linear language parameters. The heart emits your core frequency. The heart also responds to the energetic frequencies in your environment. Your solar plexus chakra, core, interprets the hearts readings as gut instinct. The third eye is the energetic antennae for the human life form, it sees all. Each chakra operates in a divine whole when flowing and connected to the multiverse of energy. The Anunaki and the Archons use artificial means to lock down humanities energetic chakra system. Soul siphoning operates on a wholescale, recycling capacity upon the passing of each human. Matrix recycling centres operate on a bandwidth just beyond humanities reach but far below fifth dimension growth. The lower fourth realms are where much of their operation is managed. Corrupt people anchor the darkness to the material plane. They sell their souls willingly or are tricked and capitulate, their heads turned by wealth, desire and power. How much soul does it require to animate a human mind and body? Light Shaman Soul retrievers work tirelessly across the fourth realm seeking to reunify humanity with their whole soul.

Everything you see, hear and experience in your reality is holographic, synthesised into a whole you call the matrix. In the third dimension the constructed holographic reality, the world you perceive through your eyes and are conditioned to accept, had the heavier low vibrations of lower realms allowing the material plane to take on a solid and heavy physicality. Gaia’s ascension to the lower fourth realm has destabilised this mechanism. The matrix has lost its roots in the physical plane. This does not mean that your roads, buildings, cars and trains are not real, they are real enough in the minds of those who still believe they exist. For those who awoke to the matrix, they have taken on a wavy, unreal, surreal effect. The transition from physical eyesight to third eye and heart sight is awakening to transdimensionality. The material plane operates on frequencies, as does everything. It can be maintained in the lower Fifth Dimension only if those who are there remember it and manifest it. Once the lower fifth has been reached humans present on that dimensional frequency will be able to rebuild their world with their minds, elemental alchemy. They will construct harmonious societies, living in tandem with Gaia. This is already occurring on some dimensions on your reality. Secret cities in the east constructed to align with Gaia’s gifts, her energies and her cosmic divinity. The world is not what it seems.

Those who have done the work, broken dark wizardry chains, released karmic trauma and found their inner divinity are awakening to different dimensional realities. We would like to break this down further, please forgive us if our explanation is a little clunky. When you meditate you raise your vibration internally, sitting in your quiet space, you may not notice or be aware that you have jumped dimensions in the act of meditation. Lets say you were to then go for a walk. The material plane in higher fourth and into the fifth realms is a quiet space for now, only a small number of you, for now, are walking its streets and countryside. Nature is vibrant, interactive and tangible. Angelic guidance beats in your hearts. As you walk further you notice nature quietens down, there is more noise, pollution and people. This is your internal vibration lowering in response to the lower realms the material plane is mostly in. There are more people there.

We take our analogy further, negative energies find you. Maybe you witness an argument between two people. Their aggression lowers your vibration further, fear creeps in to your sacred heart space. The world can take on a harsh energy, everyone looks angry, annoyed, grumpy or worse, downright scary. This is your lowered vibration aligning you with lower dimensional planes operating on the material plane. The fear dimensions operating on the material plane are being aggressively anchored in the hearts, minds and energy of humanity. A hostile takeover turning humans into Archon hosts, accelerating in response to the Awakening and Light Ascension on Gaia. High frequency people when caught on the lower astral planes of fear are seeing hell dimensions where humanity no longer pretends to be anything but slaves to their supernatural masters. The matrix has disintegrated beyond convincing standards, the world drains of colour, even nature, animals and insects take on hostile entities. Repeat the Mantras I am an Angel of Light, protected in a sphere of Sacred Light at all times or I walk in Christ’s Light, I am peace, I am love, I am Light. Nothing of dark intent will approach, they fear the light too much.

Raising your awareness of the connectivity between your inner vibration and your environment, tracking how things change depending on your frequency will help you to understand and make sense of transdimensionality. The next step is recognising that we manifest our realities. Humanity could still manifest their reality in the third but barely as the enemies within saw to it no true love or peace could break through the black energies locking down humanities souls. The fourth realm changes all of this. By harnessing positive energy in conscious thought and action you can switch up your perceived reality anytime you want. Reality is happening to you, is shaped by you and is manifest from your internal desires. Breathwork will ignite your mind body soul being in divine chi light, raising your internal vibration back to higher states of consciousness. Breathe deep, stabilise, realign to love vibration with mantras and in meditation.

We are aware of information overload and have more to share with you. Take our transmission slowly, meditate and allow our words to resonate. We share divine light healing with you NOW.

As we mentioned there are great secrets still being kept from humanity. One of these is the true origins of Atlantis. Atlantis was a highly advanced society established long ago. It was the natural evolution of humanity from indigenous tribal divinity and harmony with Gaia to scientific knowledge and the use of energy as power. Altantis was a holy, mystical and expansive space. Humans had reached a pinnacle in their evolution and were set to travel the stars, when the stars came to them. The Anunaki who had conquered many other worlds and galaxies, arrived. They infiltrated the sacred light spaces of Atlantis twisting their light craft magic to dark algorithms with inversion, sabotage and Black Ritual. Theirs was a swift, ruthless, hostile take over of humanities sovereignty. Resistance was infiltrated and war was declared by the succubus humans birthed in the alliance of Archon and Anunaki desires. Many Traveller Teams have experienced Atlantis. Either directly, their souls path put them there in human life form at that time, or as Training with artificial downloads of lifetimes on Atlantis before it was destroyed. The Atlanteans had discovered quantum dimensionality. Their weaker members sold their souls for longer lives lived in luxury. The matrix was constructed in the aftermath of the downfall of the Atlanteans. It has been in place ever since.

Traveller Teams have been activated on the material plane to link up and begin planning the great clearing. Training programs have commenced, supernatural clearing on astral and material planes. As each soul is reunited in its body, light warrior activation is occurring. Trust your energies more than your eyes. Directing your conscious movement between dimensional realities is the overarching Training Directive in play at the moment. Recognising shifts in your dimensional reality. Identifying triggers. Cultivating conscious management and direction of your dimensional space. No team is fully intact. All have suffered casualties. Those conscious of the mission, upgrades and downloads, your current Directive is to learn to navigate the fourth realm from the material plane.

To those who resonate with our words, you are active during dreamstate on other frequencies. The reunification of the higher self with the lower self is integral to transdimensional travel. Lucid dreaming is assimilation of memory. Active dreaming is the mergence of your higher consciousness and lower conscious self. Meditate frequently to encourage assimilation of all realities. Memory is key to the process of transdimensional awakening. Breaking memory loops woven into your psyche, conditioned into your algorithms, seeded in your DNA coding is essential for full lightbody activation. Do not rush the process, go at your own pace. Each of you will be connecting with team mates, trust these alliances, know that you have known each other a long time. Trust your instincts. Meet regularly, share what resonates. The coming battles will intensify, the dark is desperate, the light determined. Astral combat is highly trained light warriors jumping dimensions to clear Archon entities plaguing the astral and destroying humanities soul integrity. Supernatural lightworkers are being activated, training programs have commenced, to clear the material plane of astral entities. Ghosts, ghouls, poltergeist, demons attached to buildings, spaces in the physical realm, hauntings and possession. This is the next level of healing required in the fourth realm. Humanity is infested, humanity needs clearing from matrix toxins, astral entities and trauma based memory loops. Healers your time is coming. The surreal aspect of the lower forth realms lends itself well to controlled training programmes. Allow soul tribe on the other side to guide you, surrender to divine love. All is real.

The sky wars continue fought on fluctuating dimensional frequencies. How your leaders are hiding this truth we cannot fathom, as the skies light up with energy warfare, sound waves used to break down lower frequency warfare technologies. The Angels of Light are here, trumpeting their Arrival across all dimensions on Gaia. The Federation continue with our main directive which is to neutralise the Anunaki’s weaponry in light waves of fifth or higher vibrations. Their low realm technologies malfunction in divine light, as do their human hosts. We can only conclude the Atlantean modifications are still very much in play on humanities collective consciousness. From our perspective we very much, most definitely, have arrived. One large mothership belonging to the Federation has entered your Askari Galaxy several moons ago. Still your scientists deny what they can now see with their telescopic eyes. Many battles are being fought over densely populated areas on the planet. Laser technologies are being deployed to take towers of dark matrix feeders down. The Anunaki fight hard on all dimensions. Their astral allies show hostile fear rather than organised offensive. We are receiving reports daily from lightworkers on the material plane and those on the astral, many astral entities are relieved to be offered portals of escape to the light.

As the willing are cleared, we will get closer to the hard core, demonic entities, the managers of your lives, running the show. For those awakening to alternate dimensions, you will be seeing how empty some humans are, devoid of soul sovereignty, afflicted by demonic attachment. Addiction entities destroying their hosts with infinite greed and desire. Their hosts eyes empty, haunted, traumatised zombies of the apocalypse. The lower realms do look like this, as some of you have experienced, more zombies, less humans, the colour drains out of their reality. When in these lower realms, keep sacred protection in place. Avoid dimensional fluctuation breathlessness with deep slow breathing to ground back into heart spaces. Some light warriors are seeing all dimensional realities on Gaia, low to high. We urge you to recognise that you can raise your vibration and switch up your perceived reality very quickly with mantras, breathing and focused Light intention.

There will be further separation. The lower realms hold much darkness, theirs is the apocalyptic hell dimension of the bible and many of your other holy prophesies. However it will have a limited life cycle with no new blood to recruit. We see timelines of continued ascension to higher realms, aided by sustained, committed clearing by lightworkers on the material plane and on the astral. Assimilation of upgrades, breaking Atlantean modifications, uploading transdimensional skillsets, is the directive for 2019.

We hope our Transmission today reassures all the Ascension of Gaia is well under way. The Shift is happening. Self care is the key to managing transdimensional existence. Trust your instincts more than your eyes friends. As always we thank you for all that you are doing. We are in awe of your courage and devotion to Christ light, love and divine creative source. We are all here to support the transformation from one elemental state to another of Gaia and her people. Travellers we commend you for you work, we urge you to stay in contact with your teams over the coming weeks and months, downloads will be coming through with new directives for the next stage. For now learn to stabilise your vibration in fourth realm frequencies. Meditate for enlightenment. We are in deep gratitude for all that volunteers have done for the freedom of Gaia and humanity, and will do. We are your servants in the light. The Arcturians.

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Rare Blue Scorpio Moon

May’s Blue Full Moon was last seen on 21st May 2016 and next on 22nd August 2021. We have completed two healing cycles so far in 2019, this is our third. Expect karmic excavation, not like Jupiter Retrograde’s gut punch, more a slow, su burner of recognition, realisation and release. Our mind body soul being will want to connect with this process, align with the raising vibrations. Expect to feel very tired after completing every day tasks, the recalibration process is detailed and draining. We create space by resting, encourage growth in meditation and heal in self care. We can use light ritual, focused intention and mantras to formalise our higher states of consciousness. We embrace upgrades, burn through karma and manifest our futures. Full moon meditation is powerful highlighting beginnings and endings, timelines, blocks and insight. Use candles, paper and pen, crystals, sage and meditation, bowls, chanting, drums, gongs to enhance the vibrations, inner and outer.

The Blue Moon aligns opposite Mercury, in the sign of Scorpio. Mercury’s influence in the deep clear waters of Scorpio Blue Moon causes ripples, disturbances, annoyances, delays, lessons, points of tension. We will experience our blocks as we strain to align to higher dimensional frequencies. Like sharp needles, stings and sores, we will feel our programming glitch as we break through the chains of matrix negativity. Scorpio takes us deeper into our souls than we usually care to go, this is their natural habitat. They communicate with the rest of us mere mortals because they have to, to further their study of us. Empathic Scorpios rarely display it, but their spectrum of emotional energies is vast, their compassion infinite. The scorpion has to have her hard shell, for her soul is soft and light. Trickster Mercury likes to play smoke and mirrors, his world is illusion. We are going in deep friends. Scorpio is mysticism, magic, depth and seeing in the dark. Scorpio channels a cautious, careful energy, advisable as we dance with Mercury again. Scorpio can sting, she can look after herself, her stealthy moves protect her and allow her to see more than most.

Combining tricky Mercury opposite Scorpio full moon births a surreal, trippy energetic space. We will feel the pull to surrender to the flow of mindful existence, the Shift. Our soul will yank our mind out of stress, worry about the past or the present. Our soul will wish to soar into the floaty spaces of higher realms we will find ourselves immersed in. Let it be. Go with the flow. Slow down and enjoy the groovy synchronicities of Scorpio full moon. Insights flash, triggers activate us, memories will rise to the surface for release. Allow it. The tone will be darker, long, lonely nights, looking at the stars, dreamy, whimsical. Karmic clearing will hit our hearts, we are being drawn like magnets to heart vibratory alignment with the flow of universal source light. Our heart chakras are being activated. This means it could get painful, breathe through emotional release of pain, let it out, it’s so good for us to let it go. Sit in the aftermath and be still. Allow insight and illumination to fill the spaces just excavated. This doesn’t need to be dramatic, sometimes a good sad film, a moving song does the trick. With the rarity factor of this blue moon we should prepare for some unexpected realisation.

Scorpio Blue Moon moving into Sagittarius is highlighting our relationships. How we view our family, friends, soul mates, loved ones. What we expect of them, how we assimilate their opinions of us with our sense if self. The spotlight will illuminate painful spaces of neglect for some, trauma for others, handlers and soul tribe. Many of us are locked into the Rescue Me matrix program. This mind control weapon targets our self esteem, our self knowledge and our independence. We are conditioned to depend on a relationship to rescue us. A Knight or Lady in shining armour to come and sweep us off our feet, carry us away from all our troubles and make the world right again. The Rescue Me coding runs through Disney, Nickelodeon, Hollywood and mainstream tv and music. Algorithms of gender bias, sexism, objectification of women, sexualisation of children, twisted rhetoric around the good girl/bad girl programme. All the dark ingredients required to annihilate the divine feminine on Gaia. We break this program we break some of the heaviest chains around the divine feminine. #metoo was the start, it must go much further, deeper, dissolving the coding altogether in divine light.

The Blue Moon positions us from Scorpio into bubbly Sagittarius, outgoing, grounded and expansive. Our reward for pushing karmic clearing to align in higher dimensional spaces, will be channelling the dynamic core power of Sagittarius. Motivating us to act upon our deepest desires, our hopes and dreams. For now we prepare to burn through those programs that tell us we need to be rescued. We don’t. We rescue ourselves. We fall in love with ourselves, as radical as that may sound. We celebrate and adore ourselves. Why not? Empaths are infinitely willing to give love to others, let’s turn it on ourselves. Make room for our wellbeing, for meditation and full moon light ritual. Breathe deep, attune to the energies and let our thoughts, our energetic frequency flow in alignment with Blue Moon magic.

We are transforming from the inside out. Lightbody activation is a process, a karmic and physical, spiritual and emotional journey of self realisation. We learn to love who we are, flaws and faults forgiven. Be mindful, present, in positive spaces. Embrace the energies of blue moon scorpion insight. Allow downloads to come through in sacred meditation. Dance, align, rest, be in nature, heal and flow. The Return of the Divine Masculine and Feminine in divine balance is the Shift to higher realms. Trust alignment, timing and flow. See you on the cosmic surf beautiful people.

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Energy Update Assimilation

Assimilation is the name of the game. Downloads are coming through at this profound time in our evolution. We have embarked on a collective journey of transformation, it is essential we take time to assimilate the new energies. Karmic clearing releases dense, heavy, stuck energy from our mindbodysoul being. The spaces left are filled with healing light energy. We integrate this healing light in self care and meditation. Healing is a holistic journey realigning our bodies, mind and soul to higher dimensional realms. We have completed two Cycles of Healing since the start of 2019. The Trinity Supermoon Portal activated root chakra excavation. Childhood, ancestral and past life traumas coming up for recognition and release. We move forward by breaking chains and establishing love boundaries built on self respect. The second healing cycle, activated by back to back Mercury and Jupiter retrogrades, took us deeper into shadow work. Those who engaged experienced foundational shifts in our lives. Burning through trauma, low self esteem, handlers and karma we have lightened our load significantly. The third healing cycle we have entered is surreal in its energetic frequencies. We are becoming transdimensional. Keep guides, higher self and angels close and know we are downloading new skill sets in alignment with our new paradigm.

As the ascension of Gaia accelerates we are ricocheting up and down the frequency spectrum. The forces of darkness seek to keep us in our chains. The 5G network is the physical manifestation of the dark matrix, anchoring heavy low vibrations to the material plane. Locking our vibrations into a holographic hell dimension is their aim. So many of us have already raised our vibrations beyond the old bandwidth of humanity, we are immune to these low frequencies. The unawakened are targeted as the forces of light and dark play out a grand war on Gaia. The dark wants a perpetual apocalypse of zombies, robots, half humans, mindless slaves blinded by a system of war, depravity, poverty and chaos. It remains to be seen if the 3d matrix is solid enough in the memories of blue and black pill people to retain the disguise of a normal reality as we ascend through the fourth realm. Astral entities are seized with intense panic and fear, they are losing their hold on humanities souls. Their aim is to continue using human hosts to feed their low frequency lusts. The Arrival of divine light, warriors clearing the astral, has ramped up their fear and paranoia. Some go to the light gladly, others need coaxing, reassurance, others will only go kicking and screaming. Truth vibrations.

Black and blue pill people are being mobilised in the fourth realm, their demons in the driving seat more often than they are. As we return to our sovereignty they relinquish theirs to their astral pets. Blackouts will increase for those who have succumbed to their succubus desires. Memory loss and loops will intensify as the matrix fights to remain intact, manifest in the dark hearts of those locked in ego fear. Swathes of dark energies are drowning many in their demons. Blue pillers locked down in low vibration spaces, their divinity neglected, ignored or denied are vulnerable in the fourth realm. We witness perpetual memory loops, blindly reliving their karma over and over, lacking the will to reflect or learn. Denying gut instincts, truths, their sixth sense, their heart vibrations. Too often locked in cycles of work, work, work, guilt or matrix addictions to zoom out, meditate, reflect and break the loops. Blue pillers stumble from one day to the next, unwilling to stop, be still and think, constantly seeking distraction from stillness. They surrender to the bidding of matrix algorithms of envy, resentment, competition and service to self. Citing synthetic stresses and ego fears to explain or excuse their decisions. All flows when vibrating from the heart, this is our lesson for ascension with Gaia.

Following the Trinity Supermoon Portal’s opportunity to root out the darkness in our lives, we moved into Mercury and then Jupiter’s Retrograde. Karmic clearing requires we pullback the onion layers of our emotional energetic beings. Each layer we face, recognise, reflect on and heal enables us to move forward in positive energetic spaces. The years of transition we have moved through leading up to 2019 determined what level we were at for the profound portal of light that was the Trinity portal. Foundational resurrection of truths, key to our core transition, had to be pulled out by the roots. Tumours of low self esteem cut out of us in high frequency healing. Incubus of toxicity surgically removed from our beings in shamanic or spiritual exorcism. Wells of depression, despair and grief drained in meditation and divine ritual. Modifications binding receptors, had to be dissolved in source light. Many of us can now identify our handlers, past and present. Our third eye has been fine tuned over the last few months, we see where before we were blind. Those who can no longer maintain eye contact with us are hiding their demons, their darkness from us.

The duo Retrogrades got underneath the skin of our traumas, allowed us to see self sabotage behaviours and negative thought pattern. The healing of cancers of neglect, tumours of abuse, dis-ease of the mind, body and soul, opened our eyes to the causes, triggers, of our anxiety and our ingrained responses. We break these triggered behaviours to completely free ourselves from our handlers. We are still very much in this process. Identifying who limits us, pins our wings, knocks us down, and keeps us down was only possible when spells of deceit are broken. The rules have changed in the fourth realm, everything wants to be seen. Our guides are able to communicate more clearly than ever before guiding us to who and what the sources of our psychic enslavement are. We follow through on the spiritual healing, karmic clearing, and meditative insights we received.

All of us were levelled up in the Trinity Supermoon gateway, if we were on level 1, we moved to 2, if we were on level 4 we moved to 5. This is a simplistic, holographic perspective, it works well for the reality and the dimensional fluctuations we are currently experiencing. 2012 was the great awakening, whether we took part in it or not, consciously or unconsciously we have all been propelled into a new paradigm. Sleepers determinedly keep their head in the sands of matrix energy wizardry, unwilling to break the bonds of soul slavery. Woke folk delved deeper into their research, their karmic wellbeing, their soul sensory spaces and their heart. Lightworkers were levelled up, a quantum leap for all of us consciously existing in higher dimensional frequencies. Our guides are much more closely connected to us, our third eye able to see, our heart able to interpret and act upon their guidance. In healing we saw what had been hidden before. Healer lightworkers have found their practise has deepened, their intuition improved and their channelling evolved.

Preordained paths of transformation from lightworker to warrior have kicked in. Some lightworkers have been levelled up to supernatural lightwarriors able to see in the dark, vanquish all that exists there, dragging it kicking and screaming into the light. Light warriors are currently experiencing massive downloads required for the ongoing astral combat we are increasingly conscious of. The supernatural energies requiring clearing on the material and astral planes become visible, less scary, training programs have commenced. The fourth dimension has changed all the rules. We can interact with astral fourth entities in a way quite impossible for most high vibration people pre 2019s levelling up. Jedi’s are straddling dimension realities every day. The dual process of surrendering to divine source love and remaining grounded in the material plane is our challenge for now. We learn to manage the Bends as we traverse dimensional frequencies, reducing sickness with deep meditative practise. We receive shamanic attunement, DNA upgrades and spiritual downloads preparing us for assimilation of our conscious selves.

Assimilation of our higher consciousness with the conscious us operating in the matrix has begun. Dreamstate has become so lucid as to be more real than our waking reality. Dreamstate and awake are merging to one flow of surreal, magical, dark and light surrender. What happens to us on the astral or ethereal dimensions, where we have been working all along, is manifesting in the waking world, fourth realm realness. As Trinity said if we get hurt in the matrix we experience that hurt in our waking reality because we believe it. The mergence, assimilation of our consciousness means we are retaining memory of events on the astral in our waking world. As we retain more memory of what has occurred, our bodies express or manifest this across the dimensions. Injuries, cuts, scratches, bruises, stings, shrapnel and extreme exhaustion are becoming our reality. We are able to leave ourselves messages as we get more adept at jumping frequencies or realms. We are protected at all times by the divine light of source angelic love, we are Christ’s army, the manifestation of Gaia’s kundilini awakening on the material plane.

Transdimensional existence is the assimilation of all memory. The integration of all parts into the whole. Our guides take us gently, we seek healing from our team, physical, energetic, emotional and psychic. Many of us were grounded from conscious travel across the astral for the duration of Jupiter’s retrograde. Mercury’s retrograde had us looking the sneaky, devious behaviours of our handlers, our matrix managers, in the eye. Catching them at it, so to speak. Mercury’s retrograde is all about the darkness, it is exploration of the darkest sides in all of us. Whether we embrace our demons or reject and seek release from them, mercury retrograde let us know who, where and what they are, if we were awake and looking. Jupiter’s retrograde was the gut punch from the universe to make the changes happen. To act upon what we had seen, learnt, figured out, to change things up, follow through on breathing life into our dreams.

Astral activity reached a peak, dementors swirling overhead, black portals activated drowning us in dark energies. Many indigos, healers and lightworkers struggled to maintain basic routines, energy levels so depleted by the vast swathes of darkness unleashed upon us. Light workers did their best to stay lit, illuminating divine love for all who were falling by the wayside. Our guides directive was to keep us off the astral unless absolutely necessary. Healing was limited, astral jumping was limited, astral combat training was grounded. We watched and waited. We saw. We heard movements in the shadows, tuned up our senses to astral overlap on the material plane as the veils thin to almost non existent for higher vibrating folk. Our physical sight often blurry, eyes irritated, as our third eye steps up as the main control room for reading of our environment. Each supernatural or divine experience is a calculated exposure for us, a training programme if you like, though very much real, to prepare us for what’s coming. Unlike Neo’s simulation training programmes or his downloads, our training programs are transdimensional truth. We are assimilating what we already know and do. Twins hold the knowledge, rainbow children hold the keys and we all open the doors to the new earth.

The Shift is now in perpetual motion. Celestial alignment accelerates or compounds the lessons for each step of our awakening journey, offers downloads and upgrades, but the Shift itself is now ongoing. 2018 was the starter pistol, activation, 2019 is assimilation of upgrades and downloads, 2020 will be manifestation of our shift. If we do the work in our own lives the micro will roll out to the macro. It’s all about the collective conscious. We can use social media to track collective conscious, to cut through the elite’s rhetoric, programming and spin to gauge what do people really think, feel, believe? Social media and the internet are the cyber manifestation of collective conscious. The physical manifestation will be in the way we negotiate the downfall of the regimes that have enslaved us. Each country, each state, each city and town will respond in its own micro collective consciousness to its local and national political economic systems, all of which assimilate to form a whole.

The pyramid demonstrates how easy it is for a tiny number to subjugate the masses. The raising of our vibrations should trigger evolved collective consciousness. Evolution will manifest in our political, economic systems changing from ego led to heart led spaces. When political decisions are made from the heart all that is compassionate, kind and caring will fall into place. Public sector funding will go through the roof as housing, education, health and wellbeing become the focus. Economic revolution will occur when political bodies no longer work for the good of the pharaohs but switch or shift to focused intention for all. None of it is complicated when we zoom out and see our own power to change everything. The elite harness our souls in perpetual weaves of doom and gloom, it’s all lies. The advances in technology we are experiencing as we enter the new millennia can and will ensure the eradication of many of the dis-eases we currently struggle with. The redistribution of resources will wipe out poverty, also realigning us to a much higher state of consciousness. We cannot think when we are in pain, need, distress or fear. Take all that negativity away with people centric politics and compassionate economics and we are all free to contribute, meditate, share, create, grow.

Evolution is technological tribalism. And it’s within our grasp. Keep the work going beautiful people, what we achieve in our little lives is essential to how the bigger picture will form. Keep working on aligning all in your life with higher vibratory fields of light and love. We can do this. Watch social media, observe higher consciousness cyber spaces, the wit, humour and intellect of Twitter, the instant indigo light of Instagram, the nuts and bolts of petitions and meaty articles on Facebook, the truthers on YouTube. Listen to guides, follow the white rabbit with intuition locked on. Know that social media moves fast for the matrix algorithms to keep up, to kick in with twisting the narratives. Energy wizardry is all around us, most evident on the world wide web. We can change the algorithms, we can make the internet a manifestation of our higher consciousness journey, a space where we collectively communicate and assimilate our wisdom, healing and compassion.

The mirror is evident at all times. We choose which side to look in, the dark or light. We choose what we see, read, hear and how we respond to it. Choose wisely friends. Dark algorithms have reached desperation, their remit is to strike fear into our hearts. What doors do we open online, what passages do we walk down? Be savvy, selective and censor anything that looks like elite rhetoric. Make up your own mind with independent research, meditation and observation. Set the dial on your internal vibration rather than allowing others to set it for us. Detach in meditation as often as possible to gain perspective, insight and guidance. For now we continue with protocol 5 travellers. The Light will vanquish all that is rooted in evil thought, deed or practise. As it has been written across seascapes and constellations, so it will be. Higher states of consciousness in a transforming paradigm of dark to light. Our heart will lead us all to zen vibrations of peace, abundance and love. In love and light beautiful people.

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5dhealing Gratitude

5dhealing reached 30k followers today on that there Facebook!!! Whoop whoop! Feeling the love beautiful people ❀ I’m gonna keep walking my truth, speaking my truth, meditating and sharing my warrior love πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸŒŠπŸŒ€ Sending love and light in deep gratitude, grace and humility to all those resonating with 5dhealing lightπŸ™πŸΌπŸ’–πŸŒŽ

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Sovereignty and Self Care

Truth. Self respect is sovereignty. No matter who they are, even your twin flame, if they can’t respect you they can’t be good for you. When folk are rude take it as your cue to pull back, don’t make excuses for them. When people ignore you or make you wait, chase or beg for their attention, step away friends. Get some breathing space. Regroup. Not everyone can vibrate on our wavelength. We rearrange the furniture of our lives redefining our self love boundaries. Power plays affect our mental health. Mind games mess with our heads. Avoid filling in the blanks when folk won’t communicate. Instead look into your heart, do what makes you feel safe. Those who can’t handle our spiritual ways will drift away. Those whose demons are offended by our light will put space between us and them. Those who see our light, our higher state of consciousness, and want more will let us know.

Our authenticity is our truth, let the vibrations roll out and allow others to choose how they respond. Be true to your self. Protect your heart from hurt with self care and clear rules of engagement. Self esteem is rooted in how we allow others to treat us. Don’t be last on anyone’s list. Be present for the folk who adore you for all you are, light and dark. Our soul tribe cross the dimensional veils, some are present on the material plane, others are on t’other side. The key to understanding who is genuine on the material plane and who has beef with us, is to ask our heart. Does this person make me feel good about myself, yes or no? Our heart always knows the truth. In love and light cosmic surfers πŸ€—πŸŒˆβ€

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5 Signs You are Experiencing the Shift

What is the Shift? The Shift is our collective shift in perspective from primitive drives to a higher state of consciousness. The Shift occurs for all species, all multiversal populations in this rich and vast tapestry of existence. Technological advancement is necessary to elevate our abilities beyond basic survival. The digital age is a major trigger for our collective shift of perspective moving us into a connected, cyber world, a community space. Information cannot be controlled as tightly in the digital age, a game changer for the world’s elite power plays. We wake up to the strategy of perpetual war, hate and competition through instant sharing of information. We shift our intention to peace, harmony, abundance and love. The Shift is contextual. How we interpret and understand our world and our existence transitions from third dimensional low frequency emotional spaces to higher dimensional vibratory fields of light energies. Activation of our spirituality, our connectivity and oneness with divine creative energies propels us to fifth dimension love.

The Goddess Gaia is the soul inhabiting planet Earth. It is She who initiated our quantum leap into higher vibratory fields of light many moons ago. Her ascension through dimensional realities emits ripples of transition light out into galaxies and universes far beyond our own. Aligned with celestial magic, Gaia is rising whether humanity rises with her or not. Many talk of the Event, lost in myth, legend and visions. Seers feel and experience waves of transformation washing our world in high energies. Our DNA, long latent, has been activated, more strands come online with each step of the karmic clearing process we complete. Each of us actively participates in our own DNA evolution. We make the necessary changes to embrace all upgrades under the protection of our Higher Self. Ascension, waking up, raising our vibrations cannot and will not happen passively, we choose the blue pill or the red pill. We choose to stay sleeping or to awaken our senses, our hearts and our souls. The process is deep, manifold, magical and karmic. Quantum transformation as our world Shifts.

5 signs you are experiencing the Shift.

1. Synchronicity

Synchronicities have cranked up. Number sequences talk to us all day. Energetically we sync with cosmic guides, universal oneness and divine rhythms of nature. Our day is peppered with little nods from the universe. We learn to recognise and trust these nudges, hugs and affirmations from our spiritual guides. Reassurance comes from synchronicities, reminding us we are an intricate part of a much bigger picture. We are not alone. We can access divine meaning from number sequences, animals or birds, when they communicate with us synchronistically. We experience the magic of surrendering to a greater world than the one inside our head or given us by our rulers. Be open to and comforted by synchronicities, it’s the universe telling us we’re on the right path.

2. Third Eye activation

Increased psychic abilities and a closer connection to our instincts comes with third eye activation. The Shift is third eye activation. The Shift is a shift in perspective. We transition from a linear narrative of our lives to a holistic multidimensional perspective. We sense events before they happen. We think of someone and they contact us. We focus our intention and our issues resolve themselves. We tune into a more subtle way of living. An energetic, universal flow. Shifting our decision making processes from ego driven fear to intuition, aided by our guides, in love frequencies. Our choices reflect energy, observation and sovereignty. We cultivate meditative detachment to clear emotional and karmic clutter and better see our path to higher vibratory spaces. Third Eye activation brings us online with frequencies operating above the 3d matrix, we connect to the Akashic quantum flow of information that exists beyond this reality. The soul communicates with the world through our hearts, third eye, our energetic chakra system.

3. Karmic clearing

Karmic clearing is also known as Dark Night of the Soul. It is a long process, like an onion, each layer gets pulled back, wounds are exposed, we release the pain and begin to heal. Painful memories bubble up for recognition, realisation and release. Each time we face a difficult emotion we have the opportunity to clear those energies for good. Some karmic rabbit holes run deeper than others. Day to day stresses and anxiety can be managed by changing our lifestyles, priorities and approach to people and places. Deeper karmic work takes us to our past, childhood and often past life traumas. Ancestral karma passed down through families comes up for clearing. The dark night of the soul is well named, it is. Each time we break through energetic barriers to raising our vibrations we experience a lightness of being. We understand that by dissolving these blocks to our divinity we are getting closer to fifth dimension states of zen bliss. The spaces we clear karmically in our mindbodyspirit being fill up with lighter frequencies of love, joy, happiness and peace. This encourages us to keep going. We level out, make changes, adapt our lives to reflect our rising inner cellular vibration. We go back in, cosmic intervention is seeing to that. The Shift is an energetic shift affecting everyone on Gaia, earth. We can choose to ignore it or jump right on our cosmic surfboards and ride the waves of ascension to higher consciousness. Everything is our choice.

4. Lightbody activation

To start the process of transition we use Mantras to calm our ego, encourage mindfulness and activate our heart chakras. DNA upgrades follow karmic clearing enabling us to align with higher vibratory fields. Lightbody activation is the reunification of our mind, body and soul as a holy trinity of light. We stretch, move, reconnect to our beleaguered bodies. Ruthlessly targeted by the mind control algorithms of the cabal, we are divorced from our bodies early on. Childhood sexualisation, self hate, body modification and physical obsession separate us from our divine whole. Our body is the organic manifestation of our souls in this human lifetime. Our body needs to be loved, respected, spoken kindly to and about. Language, thought, has energetic frequency signatures, when we hate our bodies we lose our divinity. When we feel inadequate, envious, inferior or rejected we are turning on ourselves, hating ourselves. Self care is the key to lightbody activation. We switch from a divided being to a whole being by showing love to our self. This is anarchy in the Matrix. Our bones lighten in density as we stretch, stay fit and wean ourselves off toxins in food, drink and our environment. We look younger, feel healthier and move in a more fluid way. Our divine femininity and masculinity aligns. To ascend to higher dimensions whilst still inhabiting our human organic body we lighten our karma in higher emotional frequencies of self love.

5. Upgrades and Downloads

Upgrades to our DNA occur when all of the above is in full swing. They come through dream state, meditation and Light ritual. We can use mantras to request upgrades when we feel ready or we know from energy psychics that upgrades are available. Cosmic intervention from celestial geometric alignment and intergalactic allies is designed to maximise humanities chances for liberation. Upgrades bring us online with higher vibrations, everything gets triggered. Our mind body spirit being has been divided by outside forces, upgrades enable us to synthesise our energetic system unifying our mind body and soul. We Shift from 3d vibration to 5d lightbody frequencies. Chakra activation is the assimilation of our mind body soul being back into a whole, instead of divided, fragmented and syphoned, as our soul is in the matrix. Downloads come through during high frequency cosmic events. We become receptive to downloads when we embrace spiritual awakening. Downloads change our lives. They shift our perspective, realign us by offering us profound insight and revelation. We assimilate downloads when we make the necessary changes to accommodate their lessons. Downloads update our physiology, activate our chakras and take us to the next level. Upgraded humanity as opposed to GM humanity. As always it’s up to us what we do with the downloads coming through. Sovereignty dictates we red or green light our own evolution. We go at our own pace. Growth has to be authentic, it takes as long as it takes.

The Shift fundamentally occurs when we transition from ego led decisions to heart led living. To move our energy from ego to heart takes focus and comittment. We are conditioned from birth to surrender our sovereignty to our ego. The ego is easily manipulated, the heart is not. The ego is targeted by the elitist state as a tool of enslavement. Our ego is part inner child, part self, part slave in a cage. Be hyper woke, avoid watching mainstream tv and adverts, Nazi programming tools harvested and used to control our population. It wasn’t like we weren’t warned, we’ve known all along tv is the drug of the nation. We capitulated, let it tell us how to think, look and feel. Waking up is consciously identifying, filtering and censoring all material wrapped in establishment spin. The world wide web is a far trickier beast for the elite to control than tv and film. Make the internet and social media a reflection of you not a programming tool of the elite. Use the algorithms to your advantage by staying in positive spaces. If something online makes us feel low, sad, envious, depressed, close it and open something uplifting, beautiful, empowering. The internet is our cloud memory, a dynamic cyber dimension that we can access, grow and create. It is what we make it, just as all is what we manifest. Whether we do this as puppets feeding a twisted system or as awakened people focusing our energies into our heart centre, we manage our own Shift from Fear to Love.

Meditation is the key to unlock the gates of higher realms. Meditation sharpens third eye sight and fleshes it out. The more we meditate the more clarity we receive from our third eye when confronted with matrix problems or low vibration issues. Meditation is a treadmill for the soul. Lightbody activation can only occur when we are connected to divine light, we do this through meditation. Breathwork grounds us, encouraging us to respect and care for our bodies better. Yoga, chi gong, Pilates all encourage flexibility and lengthening of our spinal cord opening our chakra systems and helping clear blocks. Without meditation yoga is an exercise in health and wellbeing. Meditation takes us to those deeper spiritual spaces where we can hear our guides, experience divine love and expand our consciousness. Meditation unplugs us from the matrix. There is no other way to do it. We raise our vibrations in meditation. Meditation is ascension.

Divine harmony between humanity and nature has always existed. The matrix operates like a holographic reality layered over Gaia’s goodness. The matrix sabotages, pollutes and destroys our divine relationship with Gaia. Gaia’s gifts are inverted, infiltrated and infested. We seek out nature to reassert our divine connectivity to universal flow. Everything around us is designed to wire us up to the matrix for lifetimes. None of this is easy but our mood lifts as our vibrations rise. We learn to navigate the reality the elite has constructed all around us. We draw calm, rational, clear headed conclusions about the narratives fed to us. The Shift is the opening of the Doors of Perception. The Shift is the Return of the Divine Feminine. The Shift is the Age of Aquarius. It’s all of Gaia’s clues wrapped in myth and legend. Ultimately it is our own personal Shift from Fear to Love. It is our Shift from locked down linear thinking to multi dimensional perspective. The Shift is a planet and her people shaking off low vibration predators and parasites. Resetting our divine sovereignty and aligning with celestial light. We can do this. We are doing this. We can be the change we want to see in the world. In light and love beautiful people.