Alternative Game of Thrones ending.

Dany and Jon fly off to pastures new on Drogon, fuk the throne they have each other, and Drogon. (Dany didn’t lose it, she lost it a bit, then stopped). She sees the throne, Jamie and Cersei’s bodies on it. She puts her hand in Jon’s, they turn their backs to Tyrion, Greyworm and Ser Davos and walk away. We hear Drogon. We see them flying off into the sunset. Yep. It’s what we all wanted and I’m dishing it right up.

Cersei and Jamie die in each other’s arms, on the throne, at the hand of… each other. Romeo and Juliet, poison. Arya is too late.

Bran goes to the Citadel and kicks their tired, miserable, bony arses. The Shaman, Bran the Three Eyed Raven upgrades knowledge in the 7 Realms.

Arya marries Gendry. They assert their blood right and Arya’s saved-the-world right and take the throne. They rule firmly and wisely. Have an amazing sex life and no kids. Upon their death the Game of Thrones begins again.

Sansa is Lady of the North and happy with this. She rules wisely and kindly. She marries her younger cousin, Lord of the Vale, and rules her roost.

Tyrion is King of the Hand till he dies with a glass of red…

Samwell is Maester at Kings Landing and oversees the revolution in Bran the Three Eyed Raven’s Citadel. He and Gilly have lots of children.

Lady Brienne stays north with Sansa, marries Tormund in a wild ceremony by moonlight, north of the wall. She and Podrig train Sansa’s army.

The Greyjoys enjoy high accolade wealth and respect for Theon’s bravery in The Long Night. Yara takes many wives and travels far and wide as Conqueror of the Seas.

The Twins are given to Lady Lyanna Mormonts northern House along with titles and wealth in honour of their bravery in The Long Night.

Ser Davos serves on the Small Council bringing dry wit, wisdom and realness.

Greyworm takes the Unsullied and Dothraki back East. Mereen welcomes them as saviours of the 7 Realms. Their battles are painted, sculpted and told in tales across the East.

Last shot.

Birds eye view, zooms slowly down. Ice and snow. Mountain tops. Zooms slowly. No trees or vegetation, thick snow and frost. A spiral takes shape in the icy fog. Another spiral, and another. The snow clears, the camera zooms in, we see several interlinking spirals, it is unclear if they are created by stones or bodies on the snow. The camera zooms closer. Homing in on one spiral. We hear crying. Zoom in. Coming into the centre of one spiral. A baby appears through the icy mist, crying, kicking. Blue eyes blink into the camera.

Cheesy but there you go!

The End.


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