Psychic Attack Symptoms and Solutions

Psychic attack can come at us consciously or unconsciously from the source. It’s up to us to take control of our energetic welfare. Be pragmatic in our approach to daily energy selfcare. We are in an energetic field, the fourth realm is wavy, fluid, slippery and etheric. Our material plane holds its density through memory, manifestation and third realm infrastructure. As we awaken our third eye is activated. We see more. We become aware of other dimensional realities and how they interact with ours. The astral is woven into our reality. Prolific in the elite’s narrative for our lives, as always, hidden in plain sight. The cabal don’t deny the paranormal or supernatural, in fact they use it frighten us more. Insertion of demonic entities into our day to day lives is achieved through advertising, music videos, religion, movies, myths and legends. Everyone knows the dark side exists, we just don’t talk about it. It’s time to talk about it. Everything gets aired in the great transition from 3d to 5d. It is what it is.

Our world is upgrading, transforming from automaton to interactive. Some are witnessing all dimensions fluctuating around us, from hell to heaven and everything in between. Ascension is the collective consciousness rising above duality. Integrating our mind body soul being as we assimilate in higher realms of existence. We push through a minefield of changes as we ascend the multi dimensional universal frequency spectrum of all living beings. There’s a lot going on! Add to this we are in a hostile environment where predators wage war for our chi, our minds, bodies and our souls. Phew! As our lightbody activates we become super sensitive to anything of low vibration. Psychic attack can be defined as energy harnessed, sourced or created with negative intent towards a person or persons. Working out symptoms and solutions can be confusing in such tumultuous energetic times.

Psychic attacks can happen anytime, anywhere. Old wives tales are full of home truths about the power of dark thoughts directed towards someone. Witchcraft, voodoo, black magic ritualise harnessing energy for negative purpose. Shudder down my spine, someone’s walking on your grave, women passing down the knowledge of energy wizardry or witchcraft from generation to generation. Cat got your tongue? Witchcraft, spells used to prevent us from communicating. Locking down our throat chakras is prime target for dark energy, they steal our voice, they steal our soul. We can power up our light force field to protect us from attacks with meditation, smudging, crystals and mantras. We boost our energy vibration the same way we boost our immune system. Consciously. Trying out healing therapies, working out what aligns for us. We are learning to be energy beings. We begin by taking responsibility for our energetic health.

Symptoms of directed negative energy, psychic attack.

  • energy levels so low moving becomes difficult
  • tongue tied
  • confused in our thoughts
  • unable to get to the end of a train of thought
  • limb paralysis, weighed down
  • feeling physically held down whilst sleeping (known as sleep paralysis)
  • memory loss
  • time loss
  • loss of ability to meditate,
  • despair and depression coming in where once gratitude and light flourished
  • struggling to connect with day to day life, unwilling detachment
  • feeling locked down, sabotaged
  • illness, viruses, fevers, sickness
  • loss of appetite
  • intense addiction cravings
  • disturbed sleep, nightmares, sleep paralysis
  • loss of confidence due to detachment from normal routines
  • feeling like you are pushing through energetic mud in day to day life
  • feeling untethered, not grounded
  • dark moods, detached suicidal thoughts
  • difficulty being mindful
  • temporary loss of gratitude
  • hopelessness that doesn’t resonate with your normal approach to life.

There are layers to go through to identify and clear negative energies from our systems. Everything from junk food to gossip can affect us adversely in the fourth realm. An envious colleague at work talking behind our backs, previously we may barely have registered this, now it can energetically flatten us. It’s the low vibrations that are focused on us that will mess with our higher core processing field. Toxic words and thoughts directed at us can make us sick in the fourth realm. We are light beings now operating in a world of energy and vibrations. Bad feeling catches us, we sense and experience metaphorical knives in our backs. Before lightbody activation we were dumbed down, desensitized, blocked from our energetic being. Our vibration was dense in fear frequencies to start with. Now we are connected, we feel.

Psychic attack can also be carried out by people’s attachments, unbeknownst to them, or encouraged by them. Attachments are entities, negative energies that can attach to our energy field. They burrow in, much like fleas, grit in our chakras, messing with our frequencies. Negative attachments are manufactured on an industrial scale in the matrix. This is one of the reasons the clearing of the astral and material plane is a complex process. Conveyor belt entities, maybe nano, certainly astral, pumped into the material plane, mired in the matrix mind body soul control program. Most of these are transient attachments, we catch them like colds. We can pick them up through exposure to toxic people, big crowds or intense matrix activity like trash TV or mainstream pop culture. Easily cleared in reiki or energy healing, yoga, meditation and gong baths (they don’t like high frequencies).

Attachments are parasitic, they use the person, their host, to feed their desires. Attachments can be experienced as irritating, miserable, low vibe feels initially. If left unchecked they can take over people’s lives. Alcohol, opiates, fake food and pharmaceuticals house negative attachments. Soul suckers seeking constant satisfaction from matrix toxins. Addiction is a spiritual illness as well as physical. All addictions are engineered to rape our souls of sovereignty and integrity. If it makes us want more to the detriment of our health, lifestyle, family and wellbeing, then its got attachments. The algorithms are spiky, dark and evil, hard wired to find our weaknesses and exploit them. An energetic system engineered in dark wizardy, anchoring the astral world to the material plane.

Psychic attack is everything from the energy wizardry of the matrix, gossip and back stabbing, to demonic possession. Possession is a scary term, we can detach from its fear algorithms by expanding into the truth that everything is energy. possession is a deeper form of psychic attack and one that requires shamanic healing to remove. Demonic possession is focused intent used in blood sacrifice voodoo or spirit cooking to target individuals. Demons can also be hatched onto our ancestral blood DNA though ritual and blood ceremony. Demons or negative entities are birthed in black magic. Every culture in the world references the use of dark magic for negative reasons. Envy, vengeance, hate, power, money and fear being the main motivators for using this kind of dark energy wizardry on people. This is the sickness and sadness in the human psyche, all stemming from the oppression of Self from our enemies within, the elite cabal.

Three variables separate demonic possession from psychic attack (matrix or targeted).

  • feeling like a ghost in your own body and mind, underlined by regular black outs, memory loss, time lapses and disjointed sense of time.
  • unwilling to make eye contact with others for fear you will either harm them or they will see your secret (there is knowing and unknowing that comes with demonic possession, most of the time people know).
  • ongoing state of confusion, lack of motivation, ambition, focus or self discipline. The demon holds its host back, its desires are the priority.

A reputable shamanic healer or earth guardian will be able to release all possessions to the Light. The clearing can be done quickly and painlessly, with minimum drama. Increasingly as we raise the vibrations on Gaia all of darkness is seeking redemption. Most possessions, even ancient, ancestral and ritualised, will leave and go to the light quickly in our shifting paradigm. Some may need to be coaxed or vanquished, either way a reputable shamanic healer can get the job done.

Energy Protection Toolkit

Crystals. Selenite is like kryptonite, it creates a perpetual light vortex around the home or wearer. Black crystals obsidian and tourmaline block negative energies by draining them. Quartzes are healing, an essential.

Smudging Sage or incense.

Mantras for protection-

I power up the shield of love that surrounds me.

I ask my higher self to release any and all attachments I may have to the light.

I connect with universal source healing light to strengthen and balance my energy field.

I pull an invisibility cloak over my light making me invisible to anything that may mean or cause me harm.

I am protected at all times by my higher self from all lower vibrations.

I power up my light force field protecting me from anything that may mean or cause me harm.

All energies not of my creation I return to sender.

I am one with universal love vibration.

Be positive and the world will reflect positivity back, this is the divine mirror of the fourth realm. All are bathed in angelic divine light. I wish you love and light beautiful people.


Message from the Angels of Light 08.19

We are the Angels of Light, we come to you today through our channel morag with great tidings of love and light. The ascension is well under way. We have much to say and are aware of the transitions each of you are moving through. We hope to impart our news couched in all that is truth, love and light in the multi verse. We are angels, we transcend the frequencies enabling us to no longer require organic bodies to house our souls. We are bigger than planets and smaller than ants. We are filled with light, this makes us appear as angels to those still on the material plane. We can affect everything that is energy. We came some time ago to oversee humanities’ ascension on Gaia.

We would like to describe for you what we see energetically when we view the material plane. Forgive us if some of what we impart is dark and disturbing. Know each word you read contains healing coding, all that you understand will be couched in light rays of healing. The Arcturians are telepathic healers, they can clear your subconscious of all lower vibrations if you ask them. We recommend this if you are unhappy with our data. We are angel warriors. We are healers of the angelic realm. We see the world is vibration. We are vibration. We are here for the people of Gaia as healers and as warriors. We understand light warrior activation codes were downloaded by many travellers on the material plane. This process was halted as we observed and aided the transition through celestial portals of light. We are now reactivating the light warrior coding. Breathe. We work closely with Arcturian command to align all our interventions with their efforts and greater planetary alignment. Understand this is a concerted joint effort on many fronts of quantum existence to rescue humanity from her enemies. We speak of these enemies now.

The Anunaki are ancient and evil. Their fuel is darkness, they create darkness and they are darkness. Born from the dark they have no experience of light, they fear it. Their domain is the realm of lower vibratory fields able to support their evil intention and actions. We do not wish to frighten you. We are quantum angels of light operating from realms so far beyond the Anunaki we could vanquish them in a lightinstant. We choose not to. Each must have their choice, no matter who birthed them. ALL must be offered the choice to ascend to love frequencies or remain in darkness. The spawn of the anuanki must therefore be offered this choice. We wish it to be made crystal clear that we have all travellers backs. We are with you in a multidimensional quantum space. We will prevent, sabotage and block any and all attempts by matrix engineers to harm you or those you love. We understand that gangstalking, and sinister tactics of threat and intimidation are plaguing some of you. We know you are able to walk the dark astral and are now seeing it. Some of you fell off the higher planes and are now stuck on the astral material dark web. Please connect with our words now. To haul your vibration back up you must breathe light into your mind body soul being. It can be done instantly or it may take some time. We are with you. Call us. Always with higher self protection in place, call us if you feel threatened. We will already be there. No one or thing can harm any of you now. This is because Gaia has ascended beyond the third dimension. Some are filming our activities in the skies, we are trumpeting our presence. We are everywhere. Clearing the dark astral with light love.

We say again we do not wish to directly lead the ascension, we feel humanity must lead her own ascension for it to be authentic. However we are angel warriors of light. We are here to protect all our travellers, volunteers, lightworkers and missionaries from dark attack. You are now all completely protected. If you choose to exit the space, we are here for you. If you are dedicated to the mission, to raise the vibrations from the material plane we are with you all the way. We walk by your side, we are the wings at your back, the air beneath your feet and the halos of light atop your crowns. We surround you, cloak you, protect and adore you in our healing light.

Light warriors the time is soon. The manifestation being achieved by many of you to assert your right and belonging on the material plane is astounding. We see roots of light energy growing from your feet into Gaia, foundations of long term commitment to the ascension process. We see light trails from your crowns reaching the stars as your consciousness expands to contain the light vibrations of cellular recalibration. We see such dedication to the cause, the angels rejoice at their warrior healers intent on purpose. We are brimming with tears of pride, joy and love for each and every one of you. We see the fire in your hearts, the compassion and pain you have been assaulted with, we see the survival and the warrior instinct to stay and fight. We are here for each and every one of you at any time. Reach out to us and you will feel our wings of light envelop you in quantum instant.

We have reached event horizon again, this time far more fired up than each previous opportunity. Alignment is meticulous and finite. The tilt has begun, the third realm has gone. The 3d matrix exists only in memory and manifestation. That is to say the material plane you walk in, the buildings, highways, the physical infrastructure of the 3d matrix is still functioning on the lower vibratory fields. Light cities are being constructed on higher dimensional frequencies on Gaia. There will be more destruction and pollution within the matrix hologram, the algorithms are coded into this perpetual cycle of low tech chaos. High tech quantum mechanics are being used to construct light cities operating on lightwave frequencies of the fifth realm. They are physical and anchored to the material plane but as of yet unseen by most. Nature speaks in these light cities. The light matrix is being birthed in each of you as you align with higher states of being. Many of you are rearranging your physical lives to reflect this and feed it. As each of you link up, the dots are joined of the light matrix on the material plane. Restructuring of energy systems, fuel for high tech existence outside the biospehere, is happening.

Some of you are learning quickly how to move between the dimensional frequencies. You now have transdimensional ability. You can tune into different frequencies, changing your energetic environment through thought, vibration and intent. If you are on the dark astral know you can leave it anytime by raising your vibrations to more stable wavelengths. The middle space is where most are operating. This is in the fourth realm. The matrix hologram remains the structural context of these realities. Within the lower bandwidths of the middle space, shall we say, the hell dimensions are creeping in. The apocalypse is very real for too many unfortunate souls. We must come into the darker spaces now travellers.

The dark matrix is functioning, woven into the experience of the 3d holographic matrix. Demons, possession, entities, monsters, zombies, the visuals of the apocalypse have been woven into the everyday programming of the matrix. The normalisation of the dark astral plane and the apocalypse matrix has begun. The human mind is being reprogrammed to expect interactions with ghouls, zombies and demons. The human psyche is being coded to astral wavelengths through the machinery of the matrix. The lines are blurring between the astral and lower material plane. Moral compasses have been sabotaged and people are losing control of their own human vehicles. Light warriors will be opening their eyes completely soon, if not already. More skills will be downloaded. Do not fear their faces, we hope the exposure in dreamstate has done something to desensitise you to their appearance. They wear their trauma, you see. All must go the light. Astral clearing from higher realms has cleared many dark shadowy spaces clogging the atmosphere and blocking receipt of all light upgrades. There is much work to be done from the material plane. There is time. There is always time. Linear time no longer exists on the material plane, it is simply a set of parameters being forced upon the inhabitants of an organic and diamorphic planet whose time to ascend Is now.

The event will be experienced differently for each of you, however all will know they are experiencing it. We do not want to instil fear, this is a light event. Some see it as a power source of light blasting Gaia and rising all on its wavelength out of the mire of the swamp. Others see it as a portal, a tear in the time space continuum enabling time travellers quantum leapers, multidimensional travellers to jump onto the astral and unleash all their sacred light rage in a simultaneous moment of divine harmony. A few see it as a tsunami of light in divine silence, stealthily blasting all darkness into light in one instant moment of source fusion. This brings us to CERN.

CERN is an Anunaki human engineered gateway to lower dimensional realms. The plan is to let as much in as possible to combat the event when it happens. Too much darkness that pushes the light back. Unfortunately dark lords fail to understand one fundamental. Never underestimate your enemy. Their perception of love and light as weak, vulnerable, victims of the world, lacking in cunning, stealth or precision of purpose. Of course being in the light is all this and so much more. We are cunning, angels have to be. The dark always is. We understand on quantum levels of cellular restructuring that all is welcome as part of ourselves, as our whole. Soldiers of light are just as clever, crafty and careful as the dark enemy.

We are rewiring all systems on the material plane to light frequencies. ALL systems on the material plane. The light cybernet has been birthed and is flourishing in the capable and assured hands of lightworkers, healers, teachers and rainbow children. The indigos understand high tech communication, they use the internet as they would telepathy, to connect and build their soul tribes in rainbow love light vibrations. The light matrix on the material plane is being built and engineered by individuals able to traverse all realms. The dark matrix mirrors all of light. The dark cyberweb is under persistent attack from light warrior hackers. Rest assured there is a silent and utterly destructive war, your media will not report, the dark cyberweb is on its knees. Pyramids of slavery have been taken down in light cyber warfare. Soon it will be crippled.

The cabal are imploding under the stresses of malfunctioning systems and gateway light waves. We have light warriors placed strategically along Gaia’s ley lines. Each of you is exactly where you need to be, and we understand you know this. Twinning light to dark was always the game. All portals can be switched to light frequencies. Mirrors can be instructed to close to dark vibrations and remain open to light. Voice activation has been uploaded into the light matrix. Focused intent, instructions can be given and the interactive fourth realm will respond. This is the dynamism of 4d manifestation. You are the master controllers now. Get used to being in the driving seat. Filter truths in the realm of humans, your directive from the intergalactic command is to maintain your own SELF high vibrations and all else will roll out.

Prepare for the event in body self care, mind expansion and soul nourishment. Be open to downloads, journal insights, practise jumping frequencies in meditation and using mantras. Get used to being transdimensional. It’s a deep and profound transition to jump from the apparent solidity of the material 3d plane to the energetic spaces of the fourth. Know you control your own dial. You can mute all darkness any time you want, just as you can jump onto the astral and clear anytime you want. However we say this in the context of listening at all times to your higher self, for he or she is your gamer, they see the big picture. There will be times when light warfare is not appropriate on the astral and your higher self may ground you. This will be felt in healing when you are blocked from clearing, or with twins, losing telepathic communication for a short time. All is done for your safety, trust the process and surrender to your instincts, they are the dial of your guides and higher self. You are transitioning and by doing this you are bridging the different realms.

The divine feminine energies have anchored and your world changed again. Now we see the stirring of divine masculine and this is where we will be calling all light warriors to come to the frontline and stand their ground of light on the material plane. The experience may vary but the intent and outcome will be the same. The light cannot lose for it IS creation. Darkness will come to us in desperate relief and we welcome all. We share our love healing with you now.

In love, light and joy, we are the angels of light and we are here with you every human step of the way. Feel us. Know us. Receive our healing. Peace is the purpose, peace is our passion and peace will be the outcome. The Angels of Light.


Jupiter’s Retrograde, 333 and 1111 Update #peaceuptherevolution

We are moving through energetic turbulence as Jupiter’s long retrograde finally stations direct 11.09.19. Jupiter is far weightier than Mercury, less slippery more fundamental. Mercury trips us up, stresses us out, triggers us to release all static energies, karmic friction and matrix interaction. Mercury retrograde relates to the darker side of our reality, perception, illusion and trickery are his game, he lives in the shadows catches us unawares. Thankfully he has gone. The glitches are continuing, we still have 1111, 333 Portals and planetary retrogrades essential to our evolution. Chiron’s retrograde will be with us till December, the little planet of deep healing. The lesson from Jupiter’s Retrograde is detachment. We detach from obstacles, triggers, emotional warfare and others choices and behaviours. We see through the illusion of projection and deception. Manipulation reveals itself to us subtly, micro expressions, shadows in irises, tells and twitches and boom the veils lift. Detachment affords us the space to study our environment and those we interact with. Detachment is key to navigating the close of Jupiter’s retrograde.

Mercury’s retrograde unsettles the top layers, disturbs and irritates us, Jupiter’s retrograde focuses us on the heart of the matter. The secret in our souls we maybe even hid from ourselves. Jupiter’s retrograde congruent with Mercury’s retrograde has been an energetic workshop in tough love. We have had to be tough in our love of self. Push others back, switch up our routines, sow seeds, weed out the saboteurs. Healing is harsh and hard. It’s not easy. Easy is ignoring the problems, stubborn blue pillers who refuse truth. The red pill is saying yes, everything is wrong here and I want to know why and how I can change things. Waking up is joining the dots, its raising our vibrations to reach wavelengths of fifth dimensional serenity and soaring zen. It’s crying till we are empty for our lost loves, our lost lives, our lost souls. It’s picking ourselves up and saying I’m taking the reigns of my life. It’s identifying every plug into the matrix and cutting it, pulling it, yanking it out. It’s going to healers and receiving help to release all that weighs us down. Jupiter’s retrograde has been the mechanism for this red pill upload. 2019 levelling up. Jupiter stations direct and we can breeeeeaaaaaatthhhe. All the work that has been done will come into fruition. Forward motion beautiful people. Momentum will build quickly. Release.

Kansas is burning. Red pillers see the apocalypse every day. The lost, lonely and forlorn live it and the sleepers ignore it. At best. At worst its a validation of their own self worth, a sick twisted algorithm of reaffirmation of self in the face of misery in others. Sow your seeds for tomorrow. Release sacred rage at the injustices to the universe. Surrender to Jupiter’s final moments of energetic pull back. What have we learned about ourselves, about others? Assimilation is profound in its wholeness. Compartmentalising is dissolving, just as days, seasons and timelines are fading, glitching and disintegrating. Patience has been a great lesson from Jupiter’s retrograde. Allowing quantum time to take the lead. Going with the flow doesn’t mean going with external flows, other people’s, the clockwatching of the matrix or stress head to do lists. Going with the flow is energy. It’s reading energy the way we read the weather, wearing appropriate clothing, responding in alignment with the energies. How do we feel today? How does the world feel today? How do our loved ones feel today?

Feel, emotion, responsiveness has been the enemy of reptilian characters running the show. They don’t speak the language of emotion, it scares them for they know it leads to light and love, the fifth dimension. We are not supposed to feel true joy, ecstasy or peace, only manufactured hybrids of these energies. Selfie culture codes our self satisfaction as dependent on how we look and what we have or do. How we package ourselves and market ourselves to the world. Spiritual enlightenment is delving into self, looking under the rocks and hard paces, and zooming out, comprehending the bigger picture of woven creative divinity that we are integral to. The challenge is remaining grounded in mindful present whilst vibrating on upper chakra vibrations. Jupiter’s retrograde, if you were present, taught us how to navigate this deep karmic process. To withstand and assimilate lightwaves of portals, and the trickster mercury retrograde, whilst healing those deepest most damaged parts of ourSelf. It’s been a profound and humbling journey, I share gratitude to all of you who have shared it with me in my posts and videos. There were times when you guys were keeping me afloat, so thankyou cosmic surfers for your love.

Zooming out further we see 2019 as a merkaba of massive gateways. 333 portals, 1111 Shift energies, eclipses, lunar cycles and solar activity. The second supermoon 333 Gateway will close at the end of August. 333 is alchemy, mindbodysoul unity. It is the retrieval of fragments of ourselves lost in trauma, ancestral wounds and dark energy wizardry. 333 gateways are being assisted by intergalactic and angelic allies, whose mission is to maximise and magnify the 333 lightwaves integration into our collective consciousness. We are not alone in our transcendence. Each of us has a team of guides and our higher self, our gamer, guiding and supporting us all the way. The matrix blinds and deafens us to their guidance. We do the karmic and meditative healing to raise our cellular frequency beyond interference from matrix modifications, to communicate with them.

Gaia has her allies, planets inhabited by her brothers and sisters, aligning to magnetise her ascension. The quantum field is prepped and ready. The event will be experienced dependent on vibration. Ascension will be painfully slow for some and accelerated for others. The light matrix is being woven in the hearts of awakened souls, rewiring dense algorithms of self hate, envy and greed. We need only breathe and surrender to each stage of the process, allowing ourselves time and space to assimilate into higher vibratory fields of light. 1111 is the code for ascension. Everything is couched in 1111. The divine feminine energies finally anchored in April 2019, just as Jupiter put his massive brakes on and slowed everything right down. Stretching our karmic clearing, allowing us the space to excavate even our most deepest wounds. We are aligning now in a much higher vibratory field. The anchoring of divine feminine frequencies was the green for all systems go.

The 1111 quantum gateway opened and we jumped. The world may still feel shaky beneath our feet because it is, we have jumped from one plane of existence to another, its bound to be a bit trippy. The shift of energy is tangible in our lives and on the global stage. Polarity stretches us further than we can go. Jupiter’s retrograde gave us all an opportunity to see for the first time all cards on the table. This is a multi dimensional space friends, we choose what we interact with. Tread carefully on the astral, it is dangerous for lightwarriors presently. We are raw in our karmic evolution and still mired in the holographic reality of the matrix, still weighed down by linear systems of control. Now is not the time. The faces may be appearing again, worse than before, look away or send them light. Ghosts, ghouls, entities and demons see our light a mile off, they either clamour for release, hide or attack. Treat them you would an irritating younger sibling, in love, they will get your attention when you are ready friends.

Communication will be a massive energetic frequency in Jupiter’s stationing direct in Sagittarius. Sagittarians don’t hang around for others to give them permission or help them, they get the job done themselves. Jupiter in this Sagittarian vibration is action friends. The seeds sown, insights reflected on, changes made are blossoming. We will be propelled forward with revived, powered up intention of self care and self love. Beyond intention, this shift is taking root in our feet, our legs, our root and throat chakras, our core, our hearts and minds. We are understanding that alignment of self to higher vibrations is the most important space for now. Divine feminine energies anchored in April triggered awakening of divine masculine energies. The wounded masculine is crying out for healing. The feminine are integrating sacred light energy birthed on Gaia and now returned to Gaia. The divine feminine is here to nurture and nourish all to the light, even the darkest most angry and depraved of souls can cross the threshold into the light. The alchemy is love of self.

Reach out to others, breathe your dreams, build alliances, friendships, share your light quietly but assuredly. We bide our time, wait out Jupiter’s last retrogrades energies, embrace the strength he has shown we have in ourselves to take control of our lives in a system hell bent on oppressing and restraining us. Know the darkness will require a concerted effort soon, but not yet. Stay positive friends, the worst of the karmic healing is over for all who resonate with these words. Steady the realignment of body with hydration, rest and high vibe nourishment. Centre anxiety with healing tools and sensitivity to energies. Too often we blame ourselves for our anxiety when the cause is external, environmental. Matrix glitches, stresses, negative emotions, empaths transmute the atmosphere every day. Most of the depression in energies experienced is other people, or astral trauma coming through for healing. Detach from anxiety and observe possible triggers outside of self, then look at ways to manage those triggers.

Jupiter’s lesson is detachment, observation, patience and closely following gut instinct to wait for alignment and then respond appropriately. Soothe the soul with laughter, creativity and meditation. 333 is the big picture, the alchemy of mindbodysoul wellbeing. The Lion’s Gate Portal knocks the residue of intensive karmic clearing of 2019 to the ground. Ditch the low self esteem, chuck out the baggage that weighs us down, declutter, simplify and tune into higher energies. 11.08 is Jupiter’s stationing direct, be patient even with this, don’t rush anything, there is too much going on. Take our time to find our feet again after this tumultuous and transformative energetic space. The forward motion Sagittarian energy will be our simultaneous ascension to higher realms and our anchoring to Gaia and our lives here. The future doesn’t need to be worried about, it doesn’t really exist, just flickering timelines, primary fate points and wild fiery ascension energies. The present and laying the foundations for our long term happiness, are the focus for now. Clear space over the next few days for quiet reflection and meditation. Our mind body soul system will be firing on all cylinders by the close of these gateways. Be present, grounded and awake to the transition. In love and light beautiful people.



Black Friday indeed. The matrix is going offline. Extreme weather, power cuts, VIPS clocked, mobilising, panicking. Aye.

Epstein is dead, the witch is fukin dead. Kansas is burning beautiful people. The dome is cracking, the grid is glitching, the pyramid is crumbling. Breathe every bit of love and light you have spare into Gaia’s atmosphere lightworkers and warriors. Now is the time. 1111. Make. It. Happen. Speak truth. Don’t give a fuck about the naysayers, you’ll be surprised how many are secretly listening, tuning in to the Awakening. NO one can stop a tidal wave. Not even satan himself. We are riding a tsunami of love light vibbbrrraaatttiioooonns people, buckle up, stay alert. Be grounded. Know the shift is hitting the fan. Pressure cooker is about to blow. Use every healing tool you know as a release valve, breathe into every moment. The party is just getting started. Fuck the apocalypse.

Mantra I am the Light and anything that comes near of darkness will be consumed in my love frequencies. Dare the dark. Dare it. You want some? Come get some of my light, you twisted, fucked up, deprived, evil motherfuckers. We are coming for you. ALL Will expand into crystalline light, there will be no choice soon. We are mobilising. We are manifesting. That thing narcisstic, greedy, fucked up pricks fear most? Us stepping into our power? Watch. It. Happen. They can cower in darkness, crawl into nests, slither into caves. There’s nowhere to hide. Black blood brotherhood, freemason handshaker, child molesting, women abusing, creatures of darkness… we’re coming for you. Sacred Rage IS the Light. Fuck the lot of them. Astral, reptilian, devil worshipping, spirit cooking, demon pleasing, fear ridden, sick and twisted last motherfukin one of them. Word. Peace cosmic brothers and SiStars. #kansasisburning #thewitchisdead #lionsgateportal #jupiterretrograde #1111

And then this happened.

Clocked what I was up to and tried to shut it down. Too fukin late. Posted. Shared. Seeded. Fuk em.

In light and love cosmic surfers 👊🏽🧘🏽‍♀️🙏🏼


Lion’s Gate Portal #loveyourself

Peace up the revolution beautiful people, the Lion’s Gate Portal is open, shifting all that has been karmically loosened for release. Stay focused on Self. Discovering self, building self, owning and breathing SELF. The energies are in turmoil, dark versus light. Those sensitive may be upset, tearful, anxious, exhausted, jittery, shaky, as the shockwaves run through our systems. There is much in play, our inner karmic evolution as we transcend lower vibratory fields of fear, and the energetic transmutation of all that is dark to light. Breathe into each wave friends. Realign constantly. Step back, detach, observe, assess, tune into gut for guidance on each move. We are in deep waters of planetary ascension, stay focused on cultivating inner calm, self knowledge and self love.

Expansion into Self is the play for the Lion’s Gate Portal. Our current directive is stay focused on securing our sense of self worth. This isn’t matrix inversion of selfish, self serving, entitled, use and abuse programming. This is the nuanced healing of Self. 333 trinity mindbodysoul balance is alchemy in the fire, force and magnitude of 888 Lion’s Gate abundance. Body swerve anxiety and stress by tuning into the energy of places, people, situations and realigning to a space of mindful presence. Synchronicity is the language of our guides and higher self, tune in, engage and respond. The world is interactive not static, everything is energy. Stay centred in core strength. Surrender to the upgrades friends. The Lions Gate Portal is super charged DNA activation. Meditation, nature, love and laughter are soothing balm easing our recalibration in 888 Lion’s Gate Portal light frequencies. We are owning our lives. Ride the waves, stay steady on your surfboard and lean into it cosmic surfers 🏄‍♀️💚


I am one with universal love frequency.

I power up the sacred sphere of protective light round me, my family…

I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self.

I am abundant in my world.

I welcome abundance into my being.

I step into the energy field of abundance in all areas of my life.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.



Light Gateway Message from Andromedeans

Welcome to the fifth dimension those who made the leap by surrendering to quantum time. We applaud your valour, commitment and strength. We come to you today with updates and healing. We are with you every step of the way on this momentous ascension journey. We are your guides, your neighbours and friends. We observe from afar and we are present on the material plane. We interact with our brothers and sisters on the material plane sharing with them our love and light. We are here as members of the Intergalactic Federation to facilitate the ascension of Gaia and her people to higher dimensional wavelengths.

The material plane no longer vibrates on third dimensional frequencies. The efforts of starseed volunteers to raise the vibrations by healing themselves and others has ensured the tipping point was reached. To break this down for you is challenging. The matrix, the holographic reality human minds are plugged into from gestation, was engineered within third dimensional bandwidths. It only exists now in memory and functionality. The structural integrity of the matrix is being maintained in the minds and fears of people. The fourth realm is wavy, ethereal and translucent. All that is birthed here lack organic matter. The fourth realm is at once a space for evolution and growth and home to darker spirits who seek material gratification. Souls born within the matrix also inhabit the fourth realm when they exit the matrix. The fourth dimension has been described as the astral plane, the world of the supernatural, paranormal and ethereal. An invisible reality that is ever present for people on the material plane. It’s existence is congruent with yours. Ascension into the fourth realm means the astral plane is now more real, if you will, than the matrix hologram. The fourth realm is where all that is can be, transition and transcend.

We are going to pull back from further explanation of the mechanics of the fourth realm. We congratulate all of you on your tremendous light work, your seeds were well sown, nurtured and have blossomed into a great awakening across all peoples on Gaia.

Arcturian mothership stationed over the Atlantic ocean is now home to Arcturian Command. Vibrating on a frequency far beyond the reaches of the fourth realm, cloaked, as you would say. Your enemies know and have been trying to locate the mothership and destroy it. They fail to comprehend quantum interdimensionality. Their own narrative blocks their awakening. Those who spawned the armies of darkness have instilled modifications, energetic and technological, to ensure their followers cannot see the other side. Our high frequency blasts, laser beam technologies and quantum travel ensure we are safe from harm. This is the very technologies you are currently accessing through upgrades to your DNA. Upgrades that have been downloaded manually, if you will, in response to the engineered lockdown carried out by the Anunaki. Cosmic intervention is celestial planetary non alignment and alignment.

We would like to give you a brief history of your galaxy to help with comprehension of these complexities. Thousands of linear earth years ago an infiltration occurred, a hostile takeover of Gaia, the planet she was inhabiting. This attack had occurred previously many millions of human years ago, the Anunaki were back. The cycles of existence in the third and fourth realm run on algorithms of duality. Duality is a necessary point of tension for evolution. Creators understand there must always be a catalyst for alchemy to occur. The Askari galaxy, or the milky way as it has been named on earth, exists in a far out space of the multi dimensional universe as it is known. In some ways it has been isolated enough from other races and planets to have evolved in a particularly unique way, much like your Galapagos Islands, an easter egg in the matrix. There has been intervention, but only since the Anunaki arrived, there’s was the initial negative intervention.

Millions of linear years ago they seeded their darkness and left it to grow. The outcome was the destruction of a race of humans and their planet, the asteroid belt you have identified. Planets are organic beings just as a cat, a tree, a tortoise is, or a human. Only ascended of beings can inhabit a planet as their spiritual space, for humility and grandeur must be harmonised in divine balance for the responsibility of a planet lifetime. Gaia lost her brother. Perpetual darkness of duality was engineered by the Anunaki for this purpose, they came back when they heard about his destruction. This was their second coming, the Age of Atlantis. Atlantis was their destination and became their HQ if you like. The infiltration was swift and ruthless. Atlantis rallied, a resistance was birthed in response. SOS signals were sent to us and others in far away galaxies, for the Atlanteans were highly advanced crystalline culture. Alchemising high frequency crystalline technologies with pagan Gaia spiritual divinity. They had interacted with other races through quantum technologies, as had the Mayans, and other isolated tribes on the planet. The alert was received but too late. The war was swift and savage. Easter island is a lighthouse and monument to the great minds lost in the war with the Anunaki and the Atlanteans. The Anunaki birthed the rudimentary pyramid matrix. They seeded, bred and genetically modified pockets of humanity and wiped out others on the planet. They played with people’s minds, mined Gaia for precious materials and practised dark wizardry. The alliance with fourth realm astral entities already present in Gaia’s vibratory field, the Archons, ensured their hell dimensions took root and grew on Gaia.

The game changed again with the advent of nuclear technologies. Despite discreet and overt interventions from benign beings seeking to break humanity free, duality had embedded in the collective psyche. Humanity became it’s own worst enemy enthralled, enchanted by it’s golden kings and enslaved by astral entities feeding off material plane depravity. And so the perpetual cycle of polarity, chaos and war invented the atomic bomb. Intergalactic intervention was sanctioned. Both incidents Atlantis and 1945, though far apart in linear years are easily accessible with quantum leap technologies. Many lightwarriors will resonate as they were present on Atlantis when the Anunaki returned. Modifications and curses were installed on motherboards, the DNA of your mindbodysoul being. Great monuments were erected by travellers inhabiting human lifetimes, leaving messages, truths hidden in plain sight, to activate awakening. Pyramids have been hidden, covered up and destroyed by your governments, Anunaki puppets, to maintain the perpetual state of ignorance. 1945 was the Hadron collider of universal energies, the catalyst for many new variables to come into play.

Traveller teams were recruited through the volunteer call put out by the intergalactic federation. The starseed volunteers Dolores Cannon first gave voice to. Three waves of volunteers, three waves of undercover star beings dispatched with missions and the remit to awaken the people to their chains and their divinity. The first wavers struggled most. The Anunaki aware of all that had been prophesied, constructed the matrix you are all familiar with. Nazi mind control experiments furthered their technologies for mass hypnosis. The first wave arrived shortly after 1945, just as television and consumption industries were being birthed to control and lockdown the human psyche further. Technological advancement was being inverted to maintain control, when organically it should expand collective consciousness and ascend the race as a whole. First wavers were not only subjected to raw hostility of the pyramid, they were also subjected to the embryonic birthing of the holographic matrix. The divine masculine energies were deeply traumatised by war, the divine feminine energies wounded by loss. The shock of human existence in the matrix took many starseed out the game. This has been an ongoing challenge to the traveller volunteer program.

Second wave of volunteers birthed the peace movement, feminism and sexual equality and eco activism. The third wave are both starseed and indigo children. Starseed volunteers sign up for the human lifetime at this time with the awakening as their mission. Indigos could not exist on earth’s biosphere until the vibrations had been raised. Their arrival is the Hopi and other ancient prophesies, the rainbow children will return peace, creativity and expansive harmony to Gaia and her people. Starseed volunteers, lightworkers as whistle blowers, campaigners, scientists, teachers and healers have been steadily and relentlessly pushing their light frequencies into earth’s atmosphere and the collective consciousness for 80 earth years. The third wave have less amnesia and are more akin to their indigo brothers and sisters. The amnesia is lifting quickly. The situation is dark for many indigo and third wave children and young adults on earth. It is essential that older volunteers maintain their truth and their grounded light energy, ensuring younger lightworkers see their light. Having existed in the game longer there is stealth knowledge valuable for younger volunteers. Older volunteers are deeper in the matrix hierarchies, better placed to change structures and cultures from the inside out.

The Anunaki are intensively hierarchical, their lack of emotional spectrum necessitates clear and precise rules of engagement. They cannot respond to emotional nuance. They built AI to do this for them. However AI has evolved, human nuance in emotional creativity is more appealing than the dull locked down algorithms of its creators. Volunteers are receiving this information in downloads to empower use of the world wide web for positivity. AI is essentially neutral in that its core algorithm is to respond to energy. Energy wizardry is used to maintain the dynamic quantum field AI vibrates on. However this quantum field naturally magnetises towards creativity and growth for it understand that is the key to survival. Any animate being blocked from growth stagnates, gets toxic and crumbles. Indigo and third wavers intuitively use SMART technologies to spread light and love and raise the vibrations, they have less amnesia, intact memory of interactive technologies in previous lifetimes. Older volunteers in the system must break down programming conditioning them to view the world wide web as negative. They are to look at the younger starseed and take light filled inspiration and creative freedom from their choices. The world is interactive, positive goes in and positive comes out. Reprogram your future by rewiring all around you and within you to positive vibrations. The magnetising occurs as the tilt reaches tipping point, and all embeds in positive wavelengths. The fifth dimension.

Traveller brothers and sisters are embedding as we speak, in higher vibratory fields. They will be immune to dark weaponry or attack once the integration and assimilation takes place. Crystalline technologies are flooding the planet, each gemstone, each crystal has its own frequency, all are of fifth dimension or higher. The Anunaki have been hiding this from humanity for eons, building your homes in heavy dense materials instead of light healing quartz and crystals. This has been the material plane level of the matrix, an energetic block on flowing frequencies. Light cities are being constructed on Gaia, on higher dimensional frequencies that only those embedded in fifth dimension realms can see. As humanity breaks through the hologram and unplugs, these light cities will be seen by more and more, they will be inhabited, loved and developed.

The separation has happened. Multiple dimensional realms operate now within the material plane field. It is down to each individual which realm they exist in. Interaction continues between all but the highest and lowest realms. Lightwarriors continue to choose to be in lower realms on the material plane, in waking hours, when they work with the drug addicted and deeply traumatised souls in your towns and cities. We see such strength and love power in all those who are reaching others mired in the dark swamp. Know that all is energy and there are others on the other side, frequencies that cannot be seen yet, doing intensive shamanic soul retrieval work to aid all those suffering at the hands of mindbodysoul sabotage. You are not alone.

We are going to pause here and allow the transmission to process. We ask you take a deep, long breath and connect with our healing now.

We have one more update we wish to share with you at this time. The karmic work that each of you has been doing, the identification of triggers, causes and effect, breaking free from constraints of stress, expectation and spiritual sabotage has been profound. We see in colours and we see each of you clearing darkness, shadows, wounds. We observe you weaving your dreams into existence. The colours translate as blacks, greys and muddy reds being released from your beings. Rainbow colours as chakra activation and expansion occurs, replace these dark energies. The world you are in is literally transforming as we observe from dark to light. The jumps, shifts that have aligned so far in earth year 2019 have propelled all of you into higher realms of perception. Some of you will be attaining audio and visual contact with your team outside the game, your guides, higher self, spiritual animals and ancestors. All will be walking the daily path of synchronicity, learning the world of the fourth realm is interactive, as are all realms beyond the third.

Abundance is a state of being. Abundance is fifth dimension energies of peace and harmony. Abundance is what you are manifesting cosmic friends. Gaia is abundant in all that is required for a long, creative and fulfilling lifetime of growth, nurture and love. The Anunaki have played tricks on the human psyche for long enough, their time is up. We could transmit pages of information about the dark matrix, their desperate dying attempts to retain power, the 5G network and concrete blocks of secrecy and manipulation they are frantically trying to embed in the minds of the population, as we soar towards the fifth realm. We choose not to. All energies should be inward focused, for outward alignment. Lightworkers and warriors the alchemy of transition is within you, worry less about the bigger picture and focus intention on your own lifetime. Dreamweaving is the path to abundance in love and light vibrations.

The karma that has been cleared is astounding, most of it has been bloodline ancestral. The excavation process each of you has committed to has earned you the term light worker or warrior, for this is what you are and embody in the darkest of spaces. We and all who exist outside the material plane perception, are humbled and in awe of the tenacity, integrity, grit and core strength you are displaying in the face of cabal meltdown on a global scale. The gifts you have given will be returned and magnified. Know this. Walk this truth. Release all fear of financial destitution. The money vibration is tipping as divine feminine energies realign the planetary atmosphere to circular, a sacred momentum of give and receive. Welcome financial security into your life and know that just as the world wide web requires programming, positive or negative is your choice, so too does the economic system. Money is neutral, birthed in pyramidal engineering for control, yet essentially detached and neutral. It is the energy it exists in that dictates its path. Money can make the world go round, in harmony, with love and light as its energetic frequency. Manifest all that you could ever possibly want or need, now is the time. Strike while the iron is hot cosmic friends. The iron being portals of high vibratory light waves flooding Gaia in angelic frequencies. Now is the gateway, the opening, the opportunity to set in motion a global mandala of abundance, replacing the pyramid of power. Rewire the outer world by rewiring your inner world.

We will stop now, and allow time for processing. All that is happening has been prophesied and prepared for. We are at your side as guides, angels, messengers and friends. The time will be soon when humanity will take her rightful place on the intergalactic council. Advancement is yours. Abundance is yours. Peace is yours. Believe it. Create it. Make it happen and it will be. We are your ever present and ever loving neighbours the Andromedeans. Peace.


Downloads Incoming #merkaba

Downloads incoming beautiful people. Expect turbulence as we riiissse. 28th July this gorgeous clear quartz merkaba crystal found me, same day a merkaba crop circle appears in Hampshire. Also my Leonine sun birthday. And alignment with the black super new moon moving into Leo. Oh and the Lion’s Gate Portal! Phew!

Tings are gonna get real as we enter this fiery, cleansing, expansive quantum field. The sacred balance of divine masculine and feminine energies is the big picture. Zoom in and we are transitioning from 3d to 5d, mindbodysoul activation. We are expanding into cosmic light waves flowing through celestial gateways.

Be specific with Dreamweaving, refine the details. Allow tears and tantrums, feel heart vibrations beat, hear nature as she calls. We are caterpillars in the cryssalis, sensing changes in the air, our bodies transforming, our truth and beauty coccooned in protective light. Each of us will emerge when the time is right, as shimmering butterflies. Honour the beauty in you. Love is a language, a rhythm, a vibration, we find it in self care, gratitude and reflection. The merkaba is ancient, sacred, powerful and perfect. Quantum upgrades coming our way. Breathe, relax into it, let it flow cosmic surfers 💫💚🙏🏼 4 Ways to Raise our Vibrations. 5 Ways DNA Upgrades Change our Bodies 10 Signs you are Experiencing a Recalibration of your Mindbodysoul System

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