Downloads Incoming #merkaba

Downloads incoming beautiful people. Expect turbulence as we riiissse. 28th July this gorgeous clear quartz merkaba crystal found me, same day a merkaba crop circle appears in Hampshire. Also my Leonine sun birthday. And alignment with the black super new moon moving into Leo. Oh and the Lion’s Gate Portal! Phew!

Tings are gonna get real as we enter this fiery, cleansing, expansive quantum field. The sacred balance of divine masculine and feminine energies is the big picture. Zoom in and we are transitioning from 3d to 5d, mindbodysoul activation. We are expanding into cosmic light waves flowing through celestial gateways.

Be specific with Dreamweaving, refine the details. Allow tears and tantrums, feel heart vibrations beat, hear nature as she calls. We are caterpillars in the cryssalis, sensing changes in the air, our bodies transforming, our truth and beauty coccooned in protective light. Each of us will emerge when the time is right, as shimmering butterflies. Honour the beauty in you. Love is a language, a rhythm, a vibration, we find it in self care, gratitude and reflection. The merkaba is ancient, sacred, powerful and perfect. Quantum upgrades coming our way. Breathe, relax into it, let it flow cosmic surfers πŸ’«πŸ’šπŸ™πŸΌ 4 Ways to Raise our Vibrations. 5 Ways DNA Upgrades Change our Bodies 10 Signs you are Experiencing a Recalibration of your Mindbodysoul System

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