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Warrior Download 669 #letitbreathe

We surge into 2020s rebirth energies, travelling further into the fourth realm cosmic friends. We shifted our baseline frequency beyond the third dimension. The matrix malfunctioned, crashed, went entirely offline in many places. Too many variables, too many things happened at once. Revelations. Our Allies were caught by the scale of depravity here. Gaia left… Continue reading Warrior Download 669 #letitbreathe

awakening5dhealing, Lightbody Activation, Traveller Warrior Downloads

20 Signs of Light Warrior Activation

Light Warrior activation is surreal, transdimensional and deeply spiritual. Warrior Activation codes triggering some lightworkers into more of a Grrrrrrrr space and less love, light and rainbows. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! There are a myriad of missions, roles, cosmic travelers signed up for when we volunteered. We are all healers, teachers, light… Continue reading 20 Signs of Light Warrior Activation

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1.01.20 – 10.01.20 Cosmic Upgrade Gateway #groundzero #letitbreathe

Cosmic Upgrade Gateway activated 1.01.20 – 10.01.20 taking us to 11.01.20, the first 1111 quantum leap portal of 2020. Buckle up beautiful people. Stromz are coming cosmic surfers. As the light penetrates the matrix deeper, the dark responds with an aggressive offensive, attacking us on all sides. We stay centered in core light, living our… Continue reading 1.01.20 – 10.01.20 Cosmic Upgrade Gateway #groundzero #letitbreathe