9 thoughts on “Unity Consciousness Upload”

  1. Right on beautiful Mama Morag! You guys have the last dark pillar to fall as London is the Illuminati financial pillar of control! The mind control sine wave or python is almost fully collapsed! My team just found and cleared the hexagram on the Los Angeles (fallen angels) grid deeply embedded in the torus field which will collapse the Hollyweird pillar. Am seeing literal cartoon characters funnel through as the white rabbits gather into their few remaining apocolyptic timelines before they are collapsed lol! Finally down to collapsing the fall of the once epochs of high consciousness aligned with Orion and Draco which will restore the two original root races of maji grail and asian dragon! Big things happening as all these false memory implants are removed from the infiltration of the Library at Alexandria where the master codes of creation were destroyed! Great to hear from you! Massive wake up happening with no distractions! Interesting times as all our spiritual work comes to fruition and manifestation here in 3d. So much love to you my fellow warrior from team Hilarion and Prime Creator! WWG1WGA family! 😘

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  2. The worm Ouroboros, the serpent eating its own tale in a ‘taste’ of the eternal. We begin, end and begin again.
    That said, I was hopeful for a few more words…
    On Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 2:31 PM awakening5dhealing wrote:
    > awakening5dhealing posted: ” ” >

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