Be the glitch in the matrix

We can all be light warriors in our own quiet ways. Smiling at strangers, being patient with our kids, taking time to look after ourselves. Slowing our lives down to take in the present, relax and just be. It’s not always about big actions of resistance, defiance, growth and expression, the smaller instances of kindness and compassion are also glitches in the matrix. Not being drones or sheeple by thinking for ourselves and taking better care of our environment goes against the programming of the matrix. 

Human spirit, human connection, human decency this is what makes us special, better than the elite want us to be. Hug yourself, hug a friend, hug a pet, hug a stranger. The baddies always underestimate the strength of the human spirit to create, survive and flourish. They are underestimating us right now. Sending love and light beautiful people.

Energy Update 14.2.17

The trinity of lunar eclipse, comet proplusion and full moon waves are deep friends. Many of us are feeling tired, restless, upset, anxious and unsettled. Headaches are common as we integrate higher frequencies. This can be interspersed with rushes of cosmic love, quantum connection to the multi verse, vivid dreams, increased synchronicity, premonitions and heightened sensitivity to other people’s energy fields.

Triggers may be spinning us out making us question what we thought we knew or pushing us to hard places of fear, grief, negative thoughts and behavior patterns. Memories flashing through our minds and hearts. Good and bad memories, random images, sounds and smells taking us back to emotional places we maybe thought we had made peace with. 

There is always more shadow work to be done, each wave penetrates deeper levels of our karma, like an onion, we release karma, layer by layer. We can get stuck on one layer, become scared or obstinate, refuse to experience, own, understand and let go. Some triggers can knock us off balance, shift our thinking, cause us to inhabit darker spaces. 

Make room for karmic release, try and not fight it. Practise mindfulness to bring you back into the now, the present. Use your breath to reconnect your spirit to your body, breathe in throat, chest, stomach and exhale. Remind your soul that we are here for a reason, to reconnect, recalibrate, realign whilst remaining grounded. Knowing we belong here, on Gaia, an integral part of this rare, cosmic, celestial awakening of a planet and her people. 

The waves are deep and powerful, each of us experiencing them in our own way. Align our chakras to balance our Mind-Body-Soul system through meditation, spiritual yoga, exercise and rest. To become lighter beings, we must let go of present, ancestral and past life karma. 

Be kind to yourself. Listen to your gut, your solar plexus, your higher self. Reassure your ego, don’t let it dominate or control your feelings or actions. Our guides and higher self are there to help us, use them. Start a dialogue with them in your head, in meditation. Listen and look for their replies in synchronicity, number sequences, dreams and your intuition. Know you are not alone.  

We are all riding these waves friends, discovering our wings, our truths. We can do this. We can surf the higher frequencies together. We can rise above polarity of existence. We can be compassionate, grateful and humble in our lives. We can regain our balance and grow with each wave. 

We are lightworkers, earth warriors, teachers, healers, creators of our own world. Manifest love even from the darkest places of your soul. Draw your energies into your heart chakra. Love is the language of the universe. Take your rightful place and be heard. Much love and light beautiful people. Namaste.

When we experience the magic of love in the universe we feel a lightness of being. A wondrous epiphany of higher frequency potential. A connection to everything, fear evaporates and knowledge takes its place.

Seeing the magic of love in our own lives is just as profound for our holistic growth as multi dimensional expansion. Connecting to our own lives, to the love vibrations in our own world grounds and expands us simultaneously. 

Being selective about who or what we think about, feel and experience is key to this mindful expansion. Removing stress, fear, competition, manipulative and fake people from our lives enables this mind body spirit recalibration. Turn off mainstream media. Step away from folk who make you feel bad about yourself. Show yourself some respect and love.

To lose ourselves in fifth dimensional frequencies, can for some, lead to neglect of the present, to seek escape from the third dimension. Our bodies exist here, our families and friends, our passions and missions are here. We plant our feet firmly on the ground of Gaia, channel her love frequency, nature’s vibration. She is part of our growth. 

We can become quantum, fluid beings. As our chakras align, expand and strengthen we stretch, lighten and become more flexible. This evolution of our bodies is hampered by matrix toxins. Processed, fake, plastic food literally weighs down our body, keeping our vibrations lower. Solar plexus and sacral chakra health, particularly, can be held back, blocked by these toxins. 

Water is the gift from Gaia to flush out our systems, clean us from the inside our, rehydrate us and refresh us. Replacing fizzy drinks, high sugar drinks and energy drinks with water (add fresh squeezed lime or other fruits) is like waving a magic wand over our health. We look cleaner, fresher and healthier on the outside and our systems flow smoothly and with ease on the inside.

Becoming one with our day to day lives, mindful, grateful and present is just as important a part of our transition as meditating higher frequencies and recharging in nature. Alignment comes from the 7 main chakras being in harmony with each other. This process is natural, organic, predicted and necessary for the survival and evolution of Gaia and humanity. 

Let the bad stuff go, release it from our lives. Fill the spaces created with good food, good people, good living. If we take care of ourselves from the inside out we manifest this into our lives. Learn to receive love from yourself and from others. We are all worthy of self care, mind, body, soul nourishment. Take it eazy beautiful people. Namaste.

Mantra: I share love, I receive love, I am love.

7 Tips for Surviving Waking Up in the Matrix

‘It’s the question that brought you here…what is the matrix?’ The question that signifies seeing beyond the invisible prison walls of our reality. Asking the question is one of the first signs of awakening, waking up. 

The human experience of reality in the early 21st century is known as the matrix, maybe a computer programme, a holographic universe, the third dimension. As Morpheus says in The Matrix ‘everything you see around you is the matrix’. Keyword see. With the eyes, not the soul, our third eye, our heart or energetic frequencies, we are programmed to discount these. 

The matrix strips us back, disconnecting us from our spiritual whole self. The matrix aims to control, to manipulate our thoughts, feelings and existence. It wants us to be drones, sheeple: to work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours and play ie buy/spend for 8 hours. It is hardwired with traps, pitfalls, ways to capture us and lock us down if we question it too loudly. The system micromanages us, particularly the west with our nanny state, cctv, drones, pharmaceutical industry and beaurocracy. Orwell’s 1984’s grim vision of an oppressive future was not far from where we find ourselves.

Intensive religious, cultural and economic programming means we struggle to be our authentic selves. We are given our matrix avatar at birth, our life experience dictated by where we are born. Waking up means we start to break apart this avatar, step out of our designated sheeple role, question, challenge and threaten the status quo. 

The system is also programmed to respond to awakening. From an individual perspective, waking up in a hostile environment like the matrix, a degree of care is required to navigate the potential traps rigged into the matrixes web of control. 

If we wake up and don’t begin to embrace a holistic approach to ourselves, balancing mind, body and soul, we risk going under, sinking, checking out. To be awake and not spiritually connected is to limit hope and belief in a better world.

Waking up is harsh. It takes guts, courage, a willingness to let go of all preconceived ideas about the world and our place in it. It requires we see the truth in the world around us. It leaves nothing hidden, no secrets. 

To survive we need to get spiritualised. Whatever our preconceived understanding of that word is. To counterbalance the harsh reality of a planet under siege, we need to connect, get spiritual. There is love, gratitude, hope and compassion at the heart of most earth religions. Find the heart in yours. Or step out of organised religion and find your own brand of spirituality. There are no rules, only love, peace and empathy.

Many people can experience a very sudden awakening, a bright light, a mind expanding dream, a fluctuation in their surroundings with enough impact to trigger conscious awakening. Some people wake up slowly, often stemming from a political awakening. How we wake up can have a big effect on how we cope. 

A slow, gradual awakening is best as we have time to adjust, to question, research, reflect, adapt and refine our perception of the world as we go along. We can find people to help us along the way, use holistic remedies, sound baths, chanting, yoga to gradually guide us along the path of waking up. 

This is the process of unplugging from the matrix. Like Neo we must find our true selves to survive, to not crash. We must believe we can manifest our own reality, connect to our inner power and know there is a better world, a new earth, in our hearts, minds and souls.

These 7 tips for surviving waking up in the matrix can help us safely navigate the challenges of awakening.

1. Meditate, pray, breathe and connect to higher frequencies regularly, build this into your daily routines, let it become an organic part of your existence.

2. Try to keep your diet toxin free and clean. This is a tall order in the matrix where you may be mocked by friends and family for refusing to drink fizzy drinks, eat at MacDonald’s (frontline food weapons distributor) or consume copious amounts of alcohol.

3. Don’t be hard on yourself. Emotions like guilt, shame, anger and anxiety hold back our awakening, making our energies heavy and dense. Don’t beat yourself up!

4. Find the flow, the groove in your life. The more we go with the flow, the more in tune with the flow we are.

5. Be selective about who you confide in. The matrix will trap any dissenters, it will try and box you in using, most commonly, pharmaceuticals. 

6. Learn to play the matrix game. If you break its rules, the rules of outwardly conforming, the matrix will lock you in, trap you and drain you. Adopt stealth mode, talk to trusted tribe only. Seek guidance from healers and holistic therapies.

7. Self care is key to surviving this waking up process. Being prepared to look into our spiritual mirror, release dark, heavy, sticky karma and welcome lighter love vibrations into our lives. This is shadow work, prayer, meditation, quiet time, reflection and release.

Adopting stealth mode may be the least relevant for some, as the current global awakening has reached such heights of openness and mainstream media penetration that standing up and fighting injustice is far more possible than it has been for awhile. 

The kabal are on shaky ground, they know it, we know it. Who doesn’t know about Bohemian Grove, The Bilderberg group, the Rothschilds and the 12 families? So maybe stealth mode is not always necessary.

Look at your own life, how much natural freedom do you have? If you have plenty, relax and enjoy waking up. If there is a lot of control and oppression in your life, then stealth mode is highly advisable. Wearing an outward avatar of conformity can help as we navigate the trickier element of raising our frequencies. When we are ready to step into our power we will know it in our own lives and we will stand our ground, until then survival may necessitate camouflage and stealthy strategy for some.

Be careful who you tell and who you talk to. Avoid trusting anyone who represents the system (unless you know they are free thinkers) including doctors, social workers and priests (or the equivalent). They are programmed to shut you down. They can be the loveliest people, kind and compassionate but they are programmed by the system, their thinking is structured to follow the matrix algorithms. Keywords will set off alarms in their head, trigger processes and procedures that can be hard to stop once they have started.

Be mindful, practise being in the present, detaching from anxiety about the past or worries about the future. Children, nature, friendship, good books and creative passions are excellent ways to keep us focused on the now. This takes daily practise and progress can be slow at first, setting focused intentions at the beginning of each day can help with learning to see our own power in manifestation.

Avoid trying to escape too much, the spirit once awakened and realising its in the third dimension, which can be brutal, harsh and painful, compulsively wants to escape. It can achieve this through tantric breathing, opiates, meditation and lucid dreaming, to name a few. We are a trinity being – mind body soul systems, each element in balance with the others. This balance comes from moderation, core grounding and chakra alignment. 

The natural organic evolution of Gaia and the beings travelling with her lends itself to a bumpy ride. Yet we each chose to be here. Teachers, warriors, shamans, free thinkers, rebels and healers. We have a mission. To fulfil that mission and raise the frequency in our little sphere of influence is to learn how to play the matrix game, navigate cosmic storms whilst remaining stable and mindful in the third dimension. We can all be karmic Neo. We can all stop bullets, learn kung fu and rock a leather coat if we choose to!


Snow Moon, lunar eclipse & New Year Comet Energy Update 10.2.17

The ripples have started friends. They will become waves as we get closer to the cosmic trinity of snow moon, lunar eclipse and the New Year comet. We will experience the ebb and flow for the next few days. 

Zone into the frequencies. Find quiet space to tune your system. If you feel ready, ask, with the protection of your guides and higher self, for appropriate upgrades afforded by this trinity. Ask consciously in your head. Share gratitude and love.

Then kick-in some self care. Create space to let your system transition, your DNA come online. Cellular recalibration is a powerful process to be treated with respect and care. This means treating yourself with respect and compassion. 

Allow mystery and magic into your existence. See the walls of reality bend and fluctuate. Feel the inconsistency of time. Hear your guides and understand their messages. Drop your avatar guard and open your mind, heart and soul to cosmic evolution. 

We have an opportunity to ride the comet’s propulsion, quantum leap through opening stargates and portals. The veils are already thinning between the worlds. Sensitive people will be aware of movements on their peripheral vision, sounds that are unfamiliar, lights, flashes, popping ears, heavy limbs and sudden headaches. Animals and birds behaving strangely. Some people seem to not see you, look straight through you, bump into you and still not register your presence. 

We are transitioning in frequency at different rates. We see and hear what is on our frequency. We are recalibrating, moving and shifting on the frequency spectrum.  

Each wave offers us the chance to fire up a few more DNA strands, expand our minds, strengthen and align our chakra system. Releasing karma lightens our system, helping us tune into higher frequencies. Our bodies are changing. We are becoming more flexible, fluid, lighter beings. 

Detoxing from the density of the third dimension is a holistic process. Each chakra opens, unblocks, releases and expands. The effect on our mind body soul system is profound. The current waves of higher frequency energy are activating our throat and heart chakras. To maintain balance during this process focus on strengthening your solar plexus to stay centred and grounded.

Slow down. Let the waves roll over you and through you. Be still. Embrace a higher way of being, an expansive universe of promise and potential. See beyond the walls of the matrix. Let the release come from your root and sacral chakras. They will heal as they clear and balance. Breathe long and deep. 

The multi verse is sooooo lovely and fascinating. There are oceans and mountains and forests of learning, lifetimes of exploration. Dipping our toe in the waters of the multi verse, our third eye opens. It all begins to make sense. 

Love is the universal frequency, the energetic thread that connects all things. To be connected, part of this bigger multi faceted picture, is to know there is more. To be awake. To be aware of the power of our thoughts and feelings. We create our reality. We manifest our inner world. By tuning into and creating peace and love in our hearts we can change our world. 

Mantra: I am an earth warrior, I connect to universal love frequencies, I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid. 

Full Snow Moon, Lunar Eclipse & New Year Comet February 2017

February’s full moon marks a major event in our current cosmological growth spurt, a full Snow Moon, lunar eclipse and the return of the New Year Comet. 

Full moons bring rays of higher frequency energy. They cleanse us, power us up and offer us the chance to manifest our dreams at an accelerated rate. Connect to gratitude under the rays of Saturdays Snow full moon.

If these are the End Times then they are also the Beginning Times. The lunar eclipse creates space for darker energies to transmute and dissipate. Lightening our karmic loads, raising our vibrations and opening our third eye and crown chakra to the mysteries and magic of the moon’s cosmic rays of love and light.

The New Year comet flew past 2016’s new year full moon, leaving trails of blue green gases and dust in its wake, kickstarting realignment. Blue and green are the colours of the heart and throat chakras. The comet’s cosmic propulsion catapults us through gateways to higher frequencies and dimensions. Activating further quantum upgrades and expansion of ours, and Gaia’s, heart and throat chakras. 

Some of us lived it, some of us felt it, some of us knew it was there but couldn’t name it, some rejected it, others channelled it. Triggering accelerated cellular recalibration, spiritual awakening, unplugging from the matrix. Shadow work, meditation, soul tribe and nature charge-ups aided us in this profound evolutionary process. 

Becoming quantum beings is the process we are in, ascending to higher frequencies with Gaia. Shedding hate, fear, greed, paranoia, narcissism and deep rooted insecurities along the way. Aligning our chakras for maximum balance, harmony and equilibrium.

The trinity of snow full moon, lunar eclipse and New Year comet heralds the opening of doors or portals for humanity. Portals to other dimensions. The gateway is our heart chakra. To live in love is to be love. It is to create love. The key is our throat chakra, learning to shed our matrix avatar and step into our true authentic selves. The new year comet’s energetic propulsion powers us up for these stargates and portals.

Lightworkers be proud of your work. The stand you have made to be your authentic selves. The learning, the growth, the release, the highs and lows and the sharing of light has helped guide and heal many awakening people. Our ascended beings are deeply moved by the comittment and love shown to humanity. 

We are all on our own journey, our own path of awakening and ascension. We help each other. Step out of competition, division and synthetic programming. Unplug in love and peace. Humanity’s time is now. We are here to awaken, grow, evolve and step into our true power as free people. 

Find space this weekend for quiet reflection, meditation, self care and expression. Set focused intentions. Light a candle, breathe deep, connect and manifest love. Love in your life and love on Gaia. Exciting times lie ahead friends. Bring on the new energies, the stargates and portals! Embrace, integrate, upgrade, illuminate and manifest light on Gaia. Namaste.