Energy Update 20.01.17

We are experiencing deep, dense waves of higher frequencies rolling over and through the planet. Waves of higher vibrational energy pushing our cellular frequencies up. As this happens our body mind soul systems recalibrate. 

2016’s heart chakra activation followed by this month’s full moon throat chakra activation have triggered powerful and profound upgrades. Heavy limbs, persistent cold and flu symptoms, problems concentrating, tiredness and fluctuations in appetite and sleep patterns and increased sensitivity to pressure and stress can occur during this process. 

We may feel like climbing out our own skin, experience vivid, prolonged and detailed dreams, or wish to retreat from other people. This is our spirit looking to escape the density of the body as these higher frequency waves wash over and through us. 
Staying grounded will help to ride these waves in one piece. Seeking alignment in our chakras, clearing, strengthening and balancing, as our systems reset. Rest and taking pressure of ourselves will also help a great deal. 

We are doing a lot of work energetically to raise our frequencies, releasing toxins, emotional trauma and programmed fear. Hold your space. This is tough but will be worth it. We will open to expansion, quantum possibility. 

Upgrades take time to process, they need fuel. Rest up and relax as much as possible. Activation, recalibration and consolidation of these upgrades take energetic effort. Be kind to yourself, treat yourself gently, allow space for self care. Stay centred and grounded, make time to connect to the beautiful frequency of universal love through meditation, nature and soul tribe _/\_. Namaste.

Starting this weekend all planets in our solar system will be moving forward in the same direction. This rare cosmic event will continue until 6 February 2017. Like a catapult the energy of our solar system has been pulled back, drawn tighter exposing tension and friction, chaos and polarity (we lived this in 2016 and the preceeding years from 2012). This cosmic catapult is being released. The energetic propulsion of the release of lighter higher waves of frequencies, moving in the same direction, will have a number of effects on us. 

Listen to your instincts, trust them over the information from your eyes and ego, for the mind is easily manipluated. Listen to your heart, it reads and interprets vibrations, it sees the true energetic nature of the people and places around us. Listen to your third eye through meditation, quiet activities and nature, it connects us to our guides and higher self and will be of great use as these waves of positive propulsion catapult us towards higher dimensions. 

During this rare solar event the inauguration of the man boy king of US Corp will happen. Whatever your political viewpoint see this as a deep wound in the established elite’s hold of America. A wound that is open and will release it’s toxins at an exponential rate in the next few weeks. Expect more revelations of corruption and control. Ride these truths with logic, awareness and calm understanding, reject fear in favour of mindfulness of your own present. Meditate as often as you can to expand your spiritual growth during this powerful transitional phase of mass global awakening. 

By keeping our thoughts positive, our minds uncluttered by fear, our bodies nourished by toxin free foods, we, as a collective, can capitalise on this forward motion of energy and ride it.  Mantra: I move forward with respect for my body, peace in my mind and love in my heart. 

Join in collective meditations at the link below.  Namaste.


Experiencing an awakening, expansion of consciousness, can be a gradual process or a quite sudden eureka moment. Reaching out to others in your real life or on the interweb is a good way of sharing the experience and exploring what it means. 

Seeing the matrix illusion for what it is, although traumatic is ultimately liberating. The ego is the prime target of our competitive, low frequency western society. Freeing our ego from consumerism, competition and convention is life changing and life enhancing.  We make space for quiet reflection, meditation, gratitude and authentic experiences in the present, the now.

This time has been predicted and spoken of for thousands of years, the Age of Aquarius, a global awakening of quantum expansion to higher frequencies. Social media and the internet help facilitate this awakening. We have free access to each other and a wealth of previously oppressed or hard to find information. We are a village again able to communicate and share. These are exciting times to embrace our new perspective and give it wings! Namaste.

7 Essential Tools to Raise your Vibrations.

2017 the year of recalibration, propulsion and consolidation. Fluctuations in the dimensional frequency can already be felt. Glitches in the matrix may be occurring for some, deja vu, timeline slippage. Others may be experiencing physical symptoms of recalibration as the energy ripples.

Heart palpitations can be experienced as our heart chakras adjust to the new frequency set by the third and final super moon of 2016. Bringing to fruition a series of upgrades kick-started in late august by the blood moons, rolled out cosmically in the latter half of 2016. The heart chakra is the transmuter, the washing machine for all negative, dense karmic energy. 

Some may be experiencing flashbacks to emotionally challenging times in the past, perceived past mistakes or traumatic events, giving rise to feelings of fear, bitterness, shame or guilt. This is the heart chakra kicking in at its newer frequency. Little orbs of dark energy bubbling up through our vibratory field to be released or oppressed. It is our choice to experience, own and release these bubbles of heavier energy or squash them back down into our energetic and karmic core. 

Karmic release is shadow work. Hard, challenging and tricky to navigate. These orb bubbles will speed up as January takes form. The cosmic energy making our frequencies higher, forcing these sticky, heavier pockets of emotional energy to dislodge, loosen and rise. Some may feel shaky, physically, others may speak the language of chakras and understand instinctively their chakras need balanced. 

Realignment throws our system out of balance to loosen and lighten our energetic load as the frequencies on Gaia get higher. We can let go the load by experiencing the bubbles of energy as emotion. 

As our mind body soul systems recalibrate we can experience nausea, headaches, weakness in limbs, spaciness, knots of anxiety in solar plexus or gut (with no recognisable cause), sometimes cold and flu symptoms, popping and buzzing in our ears, blurry short term memory and general tiredness. Like a battery that is energising the whole being as well as parts, an overload of energetic work can drain our battery quickly, self care is always a priority.

You may feel drawn down the rabbit hole of darker feelings, sinister places, upsetting memories. This is the lancing of the orb. The release of its toxins. Be in the moment if you can, experience and own your feelings, then release them. Ground yourself. Move on. Get back into the present. Engage your senses, breathe in the now.

Premonitions, synchronicity and telepathic abilities are increasing as we raise our frequencies.  This can also give us a sense of sea sickness as the waves get higher, triggering dna activation upgrades at a cellular level.  Our perception of the reality we exist in is changing, our senses are recalibrating, expanding to the quantum experience. It’s bound to feel a bit strange!

Our guides will use numbers as language to communicate with us. 11.11 (the number of awakening) can also signal incoming wave! Just as seeing your own special number can be a hug from your higher self. 

We made it through 2016 for a reason. We learnt a lot about ourselves, the matrix we call reality and the strategies we can use to navigate stormy cosmic waters, karmic clear outs and negative energies. 2017 is when we put them into practise. Here are 7 essential tools to help raise your vibrations.

1. Educate yourself and detox from the matrix. Eat regularly, healthy foods, plenty of water, vegetables and fruit. Avoid stimulants like energy drinks and caffeine as these will exacerbate fluctuations in your energetic frequency field making it harder to ground yourself. Water will also help flush out the physical by products of the karmic clearout. Have a mainstream media blackout as a general rule. Avoid synthetics and chemicals as we are getting more sensitive to them.

2. Call your soul tribe in meditation or ritual or prayer. Send energetic waves to them, you are ready to be in their light. If you have soul tribe in your life recharge with them, laugh, love and relax in their comfortable company.

3. Seek alignment in your chakras through treating your mind body soul system with care and respect. Meditation, healing therapies, essential oils, exercise, yoga, chanting, live music, creating will help to rebalance your chakras, restoring your equilibrium.

4. Be kind. Our activated heart chakras are enabling us to live each moment through the heart, where before we were programmed to live through the ego, neglecting or poisoning our chakra system. We can now align to the frequency of love, transmuting negative energy through the heart. Literally living love. This means bringing humility, compassion and gratitude into our lives, seeking core calm and connectedness.

5. Reflect, assess and reorganise your life based on the answer to a simple question – do I feel good about myself in this situation or with this person?

6. Declutter and simplify your life. What do you actually need? Step away from consumerism, competition and if necessary convention. Being true to yourself helps align you to a more peaceful frequency. Material possessions are not necessary in a world of freedom and abundance. Release, let go.

7. Connect and meditate in nature or with the cycles of the moon. Be one with the frequency of Gaia. Recharge your energetic batteries, breathe and be grounded by the vibration of Gaia.

Many will experience an extra sensitive energy field, even physically shuddering as lower frequencies come into contact, very physical reactions to energetic triggers. Avoid crowds, dark places (either buildings or people) and seek peace in meditation, nature, soul tribe and water. 

Dark workers will sense these fluctuations and try to feed off it. Stay away from external drama and try to keep hold of the reigns of internal drama. Let the light of love fill you. Smile at children. Help people. Stop and give others or yourself time if they or you need it. Be mindful of your present as much as possible.  

Take regular internal readings, diagnostics. Do I feel safe, happy, calm? If not step back and breathe. The love vibration is right there next to you, inside you, around you at all times. Breathe into it. Connect and channel peace. Keep your legs strong and firm, grounded. 

We are like tuning forks – hyper sensitive antennae that are reacting and responding to fluctuations in the energetic fields around us. This is how it will be for some time. We can manage this by being aware of it, tracking it and our mind body spirit responses. Using our awakening tool kit to navigate the ripples, ride the waves and regain our balance and equilibrium. 

Quantum upgrades make anything possible. To open our minds to the multiple possibilities of quantum existence is to release lifetimes of fear, control and oppression. To expand our consciousness beyond linear, 3d limitations. We are being propelled to dimensions where being able to levitate, walk on water and teleport will be possible for all of us (not just Dynamo and Tibetan Monks!). 

Feel strong in your core, know what you have experienced and survived, treat yourself with love and kindness. Connect with universal love frequency, find your groove, go with the flow, stay grounded and use the toolkit to keep you energised, balanced and expansive! Namaste.


Peace up the rEvolution

Wow what a ride 2016 was. Three massive cosmic waves of higher frequency energy in February, April and late August/September. Blood moons, super moons, a giant blue sphere, solar flares and all kinds of nasa reported shenanigans. This truly was a year of accelerated awakening, upgrades and recalibration. 

We faced grief, fear, horror and then Trumpocalypse. Victory in Standing Rock tainted by the predicted and inevitable oil spill. As the veils lifted, the curtain pulled back and the darkness illuminated we saw the creatures who rule in ignorance, greed and hate. They want their New World Order. Well maybe it is time for our New World… created in love, harmony and peace. 

The war for our minds, bodies and souls rages on. We look into the eye of our enemy. Are we going to own our new selves? Be the people we dream of being? Be present in our core, confident, graceful and humble?

We hold our ground. Connect our light to the Gaia grid like twinkling fairy lights strung round the planet. With every breath we raise the vibrations. We stand in our power, balanced, aligned and grounded. 

2017 is the start of our consolidation period, we will continue to experience upgrades and recalibrate accordingly but not at the rate of this year. We have begun processing now. Unplugging, downloading and evolving.

Know yourself. Own who you are. Accept past mistakes. Release fear. Let go of convention, consumerism and competition. Sometimes the easiest way to figure out what you want is to work out what you don’t want.

Find your groove, your path, your way. Trust your instincts, they are the mouthpiece of your guides and higher self. Believe we can change the world, one step at a time. Embrace gratitude as a daily way of life. 

Meditate. Create. Breathe. 

The energies have shifted, cosmic waves of connectivity to higher frequencies opening our minds to the possibilities of quantum existence. This is the future. 

Integrate, recalibrate, consolidate. 

It’s time to step up warriors, teachers, healers and creators. Own who we are, fulfil our mission, spread love and raise the vibrations maaaaan!

Mantra – we are the Rainbow Warriors, we bring love and light to Gaia, we will change the world.


7 Signature Signs of Starseed & Lightworkers

Lightworker, starseed, indigo, crystal child, volunteers all these terms essentially describe people who feel they have a mission on planet earth. A drive to fix, improve, help. Something in their gut, a red alert switch that flickers all the time. Something to do, the reason for being here. This leads to the most common question from lightworkers waking up, what is my mission?

The first wave of volunteers are reported to have arrived in the late 1940’s in direct response to the detonation of the atomic bombs in 1945.  Dolores Cannon writes extensively about this in her book The Three Waves of Volunteers, this is her reporting of what the intergalactic community chose to do about the destruction and violence on planet earth. 

The intergalactic game changer being that atomic war would affect other planets in our solar system as well as possibly beyond (the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter  is rumoured to be the remnants of a planet whose occupiers went down the self destruct route, much like we are doing).

The patriarchal system of control was deemed dangerous, the free will of the planet’s people compromised and a call went out for beings in their feminine energy to volunteer to come down to the planet and raise the feminine energetic frequencies. This would counterbalance the male energy, bringing calm, stability and progress. 

These waves of volunteers as we approached and entered the Age of Aquarius are the predicted Return of the Divine Feminine. Gaia’s ascension is the return of the divine feminine, a rising above polarity to higher frequencies of peace, harmony and abundance. 

Indigo children and crystal children live in a perpetually higher state of vibration. Their light is shimmering, unfiltered, rainbow colours. Many are diagnosed as autistic, ADHD, anything so that the system can shut them down with drugs and diagnoses. Their very existence raises the vibrations around them.

Starseed, volunteer, lightworker all describe someone who does not feel they come from here, nor do they belong here. Born with varying degrees of amnesia, into a system of control through oppression can lead to confusion and despair. If you’ve wondered does any of this apply to you, here are 7 signature signs you are a lightworker or volunteer.

  1. This world has always felt strange to you. The language, customs, culture and society are alien. You may have memories of studying your classmates behaviour in an attempt to imitate and fit in. You may have always been the outsider or you may be a social butterfly but deep down you know it’s an act, a strategic move of camouflage. You may be in stealth mode, so deep undercover that even you have forgotten you don’t fit in. But at the very centre of your being you will feel you are not from here.
  2. You have always longed for home and been confused as to why here does not feel like home. You may be a stargazer, sea dreamer, loved up hippie or suited and booted glamazon, yet in your heart there will always have been a cry to contact home.
  3. You have a mission. It’s the reason you are here, it’s why you came and you have to figure it out and do it. This is what keeps you awake at night.
  4. You are a giver, service to others.  You will work in a giving environment or deeply wish you did, and believe instinctively in the power of the collective to work together to benefit the whole. This will be in your DNA.
  5. You will be naturally drawn to meditation, yoga, sound healing, chanting, drumming, holistic therapies, and esoteric theology .
  6. You will have unusual eyes. People have always commented on your eyes, you will know from a young age, they and you, are different.
  7. You will be feminine in your energy (not necessarily gender or sexuality), a sensitive person. You will lean to nurturing and caring. Your energy field can be sensitive to fluctuations in energetic fields around you. You may avoid crowds and feel more comfortable in small groups or on your own.

The mission is to plant seeds, cause vibrational ripples, anchor light on Gaia’s grid, heal awakening people. This is the mission. By being mindful, kind, gracious and humble, embodying the spirit of the warrior (for planet earth is a warzone for hearts, bodies and minds), raising of frequencies can be achieved.

Volunteering is to be at ground zero during a rare, cosmic event offering a unique opportunity to grow karmically. We are able to release stuck, old karma faster riding these cosmic waves of ascension on Gaia than we could in a hundred lifetimes elsewhere. 

We also chose the ancestral family we were born into, this was preordained. An integral part of our mission to release old, struck ancestral karma from our chosen families. Breaking down programming, pushing boundaries, digging and releasing, to aid families in their energetic evolution at this incredible time.

As we prepare for phase three Realignment, phase 1 being Waking Up (See my article Awakening on 5dhealing wordpress), phase 2 Recalibration (see my article 10 signs you are experiencing   Recalibration on wordpress), we should all make self care a priority. When we fly on a plane we are told to fix our own oxygen mask first before trying to help anyone else. This is the key to achieving our mission here.  

Take care of yourself and your frequency field will be light, progressive and loving. Don’t allow the matrix to corrupt you, wear you down, label you, blocking, limiting, dulling or delaying your energetic impact of healing on others. Play the matrix game by being grounded. Ground your self back into Gaia every day. Say this mantra: I am moving my spirit back into my body, three times as and when you feel disconnected or like floating away or escaping.

Stress and worry hamper the recalibration and upgrade process, blocking it with denser energy. Stay centred and grounded using the routines of the matrix to help regulate your behaviours. Gardening, cooking, knitting, reading, walking, swimming all these kinds of activities allow energetic space for our mind body soul systems to process these quantum upgrades.

This reality is our choice, predetermined, preordained, contracts agreed upon. No matter how big or small the ripples created by lightworkers, the waves of lighter energies is a way of helping this besieged planet without directly interfering with the right to free will. 

Lightworkers shine light, higher frequencies wherever they go, illuminating dark corners, challenging matrix programming and sharing love vibrations, even if they do not know this is who they are.

These are the crucial years when mass awakening is occurring across the globe and people are needing help, reassurance, healing, protection, guidance and support. There is a better world, its the fifth dimension, a place Gaia is heading whether her passengers join her or not. 

As lightworkers or starseed it is the mission to help facilitate this process from the ground. Every little interaction, the bus driver, your kid’s teacher, your colleagues, every interaction is an opportunity for a volunteer to raise the vibration a notch or two. Our energy field is such that if we are feeling bad we will literally splatter that bad juju everywhere. So be wary lightworkers – fear, greed, envy, paranoia create bad vibes maaaan. Keep yourself recharged, balanced and stay present, kind and compassionate to the people around you. 

These are exciting times, breathe, believe and manifest a beautiful future on Gaia of abundance, equality and love. Literally go spread the light! Namaste.