Crescendo for Winter Solstice 

“If we look across an ocean or at white dots in the sky they’ll feed up such emotion and yet we don’t know why. 

So we can be like children pushing through the crowd.  

Why question what we’re here for or who is behind that shroud? 

Go build your dreams on sun red skies, don’t hold your breath when reality cries. 

Beautiful souls be happy, be one. 

Behold your dreams have now begun”.

Crescendo by Paul Oakenfold.

Soundtrack to my  Winter Solstice _/\_.

How to Recognise and Resist Manipulative People

2016 has been the year the veils lifted. The political and economic manipulations of the cabal have been exposed. Jedi Knights like Bernie Sanders in the US and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, whistleblowers, activists, artists, writers and musicians have shone a light into the depths of darkness the elite inhabit. 

With rational rhetoric, honesty and compassion we have been shown the cold, hard truth that the power elite are manipulators, people who have an agenda. They are darkworkers, energy vampires who use other people as resources for their personal gain. 

Following the 2008 ‘crash’ people, in shock and fear, listened and obeyed the directives from the elite. Eight years later the world has been waking up to the food weapon agenda, the pharmaceutical industries assault on our freedoms and the horrific attacks of basic human rights. 

We have bailed out the bankers and watched them get wealthier as we get poorer. This is across the board. The internet has blown the propaganda media machine wide apart with people able to find alternative routes for real news, investigation and discussion. The manipulation by the elite against the people for their own benefit has and is being exposed. 

As the year comes to a close the Earth Warriors at Standing Rock have been joined by veterans, one of the most poorly treated groups by the cabal. This truly is the front line.  The people versus the US military machine. 

Politicians have been exposed as at best narcissistic sociopaths bred into a system of domination, at worst mere puppets dancing round on a stage to distract us from what is really going on. The manipulation of the masses from a global perspective is there for all to see.

We have also had to deal with the veil lifting in our own lives.  Seeing the people around us with fresh eyes. Family, friends, colleagues…nothing is hidden now. As we wake up we see. We see through people’s masks. This is very hard. Where once we may have thought we were weird, should try harder, should put up with and accept the way we are treated, we now see the truth emerging.  

When we strip everything back to energy, the frequency we and others vibrate at we are able to cut through convention, sentimentality, emotional triggers and psychological behaviours rooted in past experiences. 

Just because someone is our partner, sister, school friend, work colleague or boss does not change how we should respond to them – yet it does. Manipulative people by definition want you to see a different image of them than their true self. Their whole game relies on you not being able to see through their mask.  

Energy vampires must first establish their hold over you. Once they have this their wish is your command. Saying no, being calm, clear and confident from the beginning can send out a message to them that their game won’t work on you. 

They need drama, drama allows them to drain your energy. If you don’t give them drama they will get bored. If you are firm and reasonable, there is not a lot of leeway for them. It can be done, more easily than we realise, to stop being manipulated. Like waving a magic wand once you wake up to it and see it, it loses much if not all its power.

So how do we spot if we are being manipulated? Our mind body soul system tells us. Here are 9 warning signs form our systems that we are being manipulated.


1. Our heart rate increases when we think of them or are in their company

2. We will experience physical signs of stress – dry mouth, sweaty palms, knots in our stomach, nausea, disturbed sleep.

3. We will feel very tired after being in their company


4. Our thoughts will be confused, chaotic and cloudy

5. We will struggle to speak clearly, to communicate what we think/feel/want

6. We will feel defensive yet not know why


7. The energy drain will be felt in our core – we may feel depressed

8. Our self esteem will be affected

9. We may see loss of confidence in other area of our life.

Recognising our own responses will help us identify when we are being manipulated. Once you’ve identified the manipulative people in your life you then must figure out how to manage them. 

The Martyr  

Yes, this is surprising as martyrs are often mistaken for being compassionate, empaths, caring and kind.  Not so with the martyr manipulator.  These people use their martyrdom to extend control over the people around them, much like the submissive in S&M sets the boundaries, the rules of play.  They may appear the weaker player but are in fact the ones really in control, the dom is dancing to their game.  

Martyr manipulators will use phrases like ‘oh no, don’t you do it, I can do it, but…my back, my heart, my anxiety etc’ and you do what they want. Martyrs will work with silence, their tool of choice. 

With martyr manipulators it’s what they don’t say, what they infer, leave hanging in the air, hint at, that gives them their power. You will feel confused, anxious to please and uncomfortable about what is not being said, you will fill in the blanks. This will take energy and effort on your part.  

They are not authentic and your system will know this. Because they promote themselves as downtrodden, hard done by, unfortunate, or less fortunate than you they make you feel indebted to them as though you owe them something because their life is not as good as yours. This is not your problem. Step back. Leave the silences, ignore them, focus on your own needs. 

In some ways martyr manipulators are the most draining because of their relentless negativity and professed hardships, but they are actually the easiest to stop. You simply stop caring what they think. That’s it, all you have to do. Then their weighty silences, meaningful looks, poor me body language and sly glances are meaningless. You don’t owe them anything.  

Many people out there have and do overcome far worse hardships with a smile, a warm heart and hope. You are dealing with an energy vampire, no more, no less. Emotional blackmail is their language, silence is their weapon. Ignore them.

The Dominator 

Better known as the bully. We’ve all met them, watched them form a far and if you’re unfortunate known them close up and personal. Whether they use passive aggression, micro management, verbal, emotional or physical abuse, their goal is to own you, control you and manipulate you. 

Language becomes a weapon of mass destruction in these peoples’ mouths. They cause fear through intimidation. They need to feel superior to others to validate their own existence to themselves.  The more power they have over people the happier they are. 

Bullies are horrible creatures from the nasty office bully to the man boy soon to be king of the United States, bullies are to be avoided at all costs.  The best way to beat a bully is to distract them and make them look the other way.  Like Harry Potter when he fought the troll, you want it to stop looking at you because it will forget about you and focus on what is directly in its path. 

Bullies are very linear, what is in front of them at any given moment is what they are feeding off. Stay out of their way.

The Snake 

These are a different animal altogether. The snake will read you – your vulnerabilities, your weaknesses and he will use these to his advantage. He will manipulate just by being his slithery, slippery, charming self.  Snakes believe the world owes them, they are short changed by life, they see the people around them as resources. 

Snakes use charm, flattery and sly asides to encourage self doubt and worship of them. They are dangerous. Like wolves they will eat you up and spit you out as soon as you are of no use to them.  They do not see you as human, certainly not as equal and will only think of you in terms of how they can get what they want from you. 

Avoid snakes and if you’ve got one in your life wake up to the charm, see through the slithering smile and keep your cool. Snakes like the heat they don’t deal well with cool cats. Be a cool cat.


Narcissists are by definition selfish. They cannot see from any perspective but their own.  They are therefore self serving at all times.  They often lack any hint of empathy, compassion and kindness, they may be able to feign these attributes but this will only be if they gain something from it.  

Others barely register on their radar – they only see/fee/ hear themselves. Everyone else are just extras in their own private movie, with them as the star. They, like all of us, decide and determine their own narrative, what is different form us is that everything they do, say, think and feel will be totally driven by their needs, wants and ego.  

You cannot win against narcissists, you can only avoid and minimise contact. They cannot be changed, influenced or brought to some kind of understanding of others feelings. This is a psychological impasse. Karmically they are trapped in a hamster wheel of me, me, me. This type of individual will fool many, many people around them. Its a case of the better you know them the more you will dislike them. 

They will not be good friends – they cannot exchange energy, only take. Narcissists will not be good bosses, everything they do will be calculated to make them look better and this may involve stealing your ideas, talking themselves up and you down or being secretive and tricky in communication. As a family member this can be disastrous as putting space between families can be very difficult depending on your social, cultural and religious circumstances. They will not be there for you, they will not listen as they can’t. Their world is all about them, period. 

The spectrum of narcissism is vast, like everything else in our convoluted universe. We can all manage a bit of selfie obsession but when it starts to drain you, walk away. Leave them to get on with their world.

The Sociopath 

This person can and will have traits of all of the above. Totally selfish, service to self, and self obsessed. Emphasis on the word self. By definition they cannot, will not under any circumstances give. They will take. They cannot see anyone outside of themselves as of any importance.  

Sociopaths are the hardest to spot as they camouflage themselves. They mirror or reflect the people they are with, disguising their true nature. Sociopaths are sociable, they thrive on drama and social worship. They are often concerned with their appearance and their public image.

Whether they are family, friends, or colleagues step away now. Minimise contact. Only bad things come from being around sociopaths. If you’re trapped at work with one, try and avoid being on your own with them, bring others into the dynamic to dilute their power.  

Sociopaths range from mundane, to murderers and everything in between. Either way their brains are wired to only see themselves and all else in the context of how it or they can benefit them. They manipulate like the rest of us breathe, it’s part of their dna.

Domestic violence illustrates the scale and spectrum of behaviours they can display. Manipulative people can be dangerous, they have agendas, this makes them a threat. At the very least they are not to be trusted as they cannot have any but their own interests at heart.

Karmically manipulators are trapped souls, stuck in their own energetic wheels of self obsession and self gratification. The empath, indigo, lightworker; the kind, compassionate, gentle folk, it is their light that burns brightest. Like moths to a flame darkworkers will be drawn to them. They will drain the light energy from you. Their world is dark, filled with an all-consuming need for attention that can never be satisfied. They always want more. 

Lightworkers/volunteers are particularly vulnerable to manipulators. This is a very alien planet, many will have come from places where people are nice to each other. Amnesia, imprinting, memory games, nothing can fully prepare for the brutality of the third dimension. 

As a result of this lightworkers, volunteers can be naïve and idealistic, unprepared for deceit, aggression, manipulation and hate, coming here is quite a shock to the system.  Add this to the bright light of the volunteer, the lightworker and there is a recipe for disaster. The narcissist-empath relationship is a well known example of this dynamic. A vampire and their prey. 

We see this being played out on a global scale which is scary and distressing. To experience the veils lifting in our own little worlds in some ways is harder. Realising and accepting that your father, sister, husband, daughter, boss, neighbour, best friend or colleague is manipulating you for their own benefit with no concern for your health is a sad, shocking and traumatic experience.  

The good news once you see them for what they truly are you can then begin to manage them. Whilst you are under their spell you are paralysed, you cannot defend yourself. You are at their beck and call. You have no free will.  Once you see it, their mask slips, their charm fades, their passive aggression fails, then you can take steps to protect yourself form them.

Predators, parasites, a virus on the planet? Dark energetic beings filled with fear and hate? Cruel, cold, calculating lizards or their kin? Or damaged karmic souls working their way through the mire of cosmic evolutionary transitions like the rest of us?  Its a convoluted world and these labels, terms of identification cover a spectrum from the needy to the nasty and everything in between. 

However their motivations are in a sense irrelevant.  Basically you just don’t want to have these individuals in your life. If they are then you need to know how to identify them and manage them. 

The biggest giveaway that you are dealing with a darkworker, an energy vampire, a manipulator is their language. They will use ‘I’ and ‘Me’ a lot; you will hear very little of ‘you, us, we, our’. This is not how they think. 

When you spot this and if you experience any of the symptoms of being in the energy field of an energy vampire ask yourself one question: do I feel good about myself in this persons company? If the answer is no, step away from them. Do it slowly, strategically if you have to. Get help if you need it. Tell them to their face and strut away. It doesn’t matter how you do it, if you can, cut the chord.  If they are family you may find ways of dealing with it and make sure you recharge after exposure. 

Awareness, as always, is the first step to resolution and growth. Or simply survival. All souls have light and dark in them, its what way you choose to go…to turn to the light or turn your back on the light? 

Channel your inner Jedi Knight, get your lightsaber out and cut those chords people. The Force has awakened, the energies stir, shift and change. The veils lift, the masks drop and we see the truth in people’s faces.  May the force be with you friends in this challenging time of turmoil, revelation and revolution. Love and light. Namaste.

Everything is changing yet it looks like nothing is. We know in our heart, our gut and our spider senses tingle…things are changing. The third dimension is transforming but it’s not necessarily a physical change that we can see with our eyes. This is a frequency change. Dimensional fluctuations as the vibrations get pulled higher on Gaia.

Hold tight people. Be mindful and grateful for what you have got. Breathe into you solar plexus to balance and strengthen your core to aid the realignment of this quantum upgrade. 

There is a bass line of love playing all the time, when you pull back from ego’s relentless dialogue, anxiety and depression, it’s there walking every step with you. When you release static energy created by fear and stress you can tune into this ever present magical love frequency. 

Whatever you’re doing this weekend run brief daugnostics on yourself, take regular internal readings- do I feel good in this environment? If you don’t, really do try and leave.  If you can’t leave take three deep breaths, and say this mantra ‘I breathe in calm and exhale anxiety’.

Stay centred and grounded. Gardening, knitting, walking, baths and reading are all higher frequency activities, allowing energetic space for these upgrades to occur. Stress and worry hamper the frequency rising, blocking it with denser energy.   

Consolidation of intense energetic upgrades relies on our mind body soul systems being relaxed enough to facillitate the process.  It requires energy and will stop or run into blockages if we don’t give it enough rest and fuel. Relaxing, creativity, love all feed the process, fuel it. Sometimes nothing is exactly what you need to be doing! Namaste.

There is a density to the energy over the next few days. The weight of the super moon’s frequency blast to upgrade our heart chakras, is taking a toll on our mind body soul systems. Roll with it, don’t fight it, let it be. The activation of our heart chakras is a deeply powerful recalibration. 

Throughout this accelerated year we have experienced intense waves of higher frequencies, bringing us online with Gaia’s transition to higher dimensions. As each chakra aligns we respond as whole beings; our mind, bodies and souls releasing toxins, karmic clearing. We have faced fears in waking up to the truths in our world. Self care, courage and commitment to spiritual growth through meditation, self respect and self love has been the thrust of this year’s transition.

Over the next couple of days listen to your body. You may need to rest a lot. The heart chakra raises our whole systems frequency, the impact can be felt in low energy levels. We should try and give ourselves time and space to recalibrate, create a consolidation period to let these energetic shifts take root and become part of us. 

Ignoring symptoms of recalibration can lead to blockages, old energetic grooves remaining, pulling our vibration back down. You may feel irritable, angry and snappy. Try to relax and avoid stressful situations. 

The heart is the home of our emotions, it is the transmuter chakra, like a washing machine it cleans negative energies trapped in our systems. This takes energy and effort, though we may not be aware of it. You may feel cold symptoms, aches and pains and general tiredness. This is an organic process, one we embrace by being respectful of our bodies and treating ourselves gently. Much love beautiful people. Namaste. 

Mantra: my heart is open, my mind is awake, my body is balanced.

Super Moon Loveliness

Our heart chakras are being activated as we move through this third and final 2016 super moon. The kundilini is rising, the light connecting our hearts to the flow of universal love frequency. 

Celebrate soul tribe, bask in their energetic company, recharge, rebalance and realign each other.  

If you are seeking soul tribe, meditate and call to your people. Use these powerful super moon rays to draw your soul tribe towards you. Ask your guides to guide you to each other. 

Cut the chords from energy vampires (you know, the ones who make you feel rubbish about yourself). Make room, create space in your life. 

Look into people’s eyes, the ones who look back are the ones you’re interested in. Identify your passions, open your world to possibility. 

Down time, the sanctuary of a good friend, the exhange of soul nourishment, this is heart led love, relish it. Namaste.

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​10 Helpful Hints for a Heart Led Christmas Season

For those celebrating Christmas, this is the season of good will to all, a time of giving… and consumerism, commercialisation, consumption. The pressure to buy, buy, buy.  How do we survive this kind of pressure with our soul, our dignity and wallets intact? Here are ten helpful hints for a heart led Christmas season.

1. Work within your means, no debt, no I owe yous, give only what you can. Be authentic. Accept tradition but try to discern where tradition ends and money grabbing competitive programming begins. Shake off pressures from family or friends. These pressures only affect us if we allow them to.

2. Strip away glossy marketing programming, none of us is living these lifestyles.  Hyper aggressive advertising relies on making us feel inferior. Distance yourself from all mainstream media especially advertising. Marketing is manipulation. Period. Don’t be manipulated.

4. Be creative. Make things. Decorate things. Share your time and energy with people and activities that enhance your life, raise your vibrations, make you feel safe and satisfied.

5. Stand your ground as a sovereign being. Don’t be bullied or pressurised against your will. Be authentic to yourself and not afraid to tread on people’s toes, incur offense or backlash, you matter. Your feelings matter. Make this a special time for yourself and those you love.

6. Look out for synchronicity and number sequences as well as animal totems to keep you on the right path. These are the main methods our guides and higher self use to communicate with us. They will warn us if there is trouble ahead or reassure us if we are on the right path.

7. Take appropriate action to protect yourself and cleanse yourself from negative vibrations using breathwork, stepping away for time out, crystals and asking guides for protection. Meditate to keep your frequencies high. Set focused intentions, to stay open, heart led, protected and calm. Protect and hold your space. Breathe into your solar plexus for strength and stillness.

9. Send love to all souls left wretched by the extreme assault on the population by the kabal. Refugees, people queuing at food banks, homeless, ill or alone. Appreciate what you have.

10. Listen to your heart and open and tune into your third eye. Try and limit your ego’s influence by being aware and circumspect when dealing with it. The ego is the main target of matrix programming and therefore is going to be assaulted over this period to keep you chained to the illusion of economic ‘gifting’. This illusion is a lie to pit us against each other, make us compete. Divide and conquer, the kabal’s most successful strategy for control and domination.

This season, at its heart, is about love and gratitude. The winter solstice marks a time for gratitude to Gaia, for what she has given us. Be with the people who matter and minimise the time you spend with those who do not vibrate at your frequency. Retain a sense of self.

Hug loved ones, sing, dance, create and share. Protect yourself. Be kind, show gratitude with humility and grace. Kick your heels up and have some fun. Laughter is tonic for the soul. Celebrate the authentic love in your life. With love and light, namaste.

Life becomes smoother when you let go of what you think you ‘should’ do, or feel you are ‘expected’ to do. Do what you feel is right for you. Manage your life on your terms, no one else’s.  Connect to your inner groove, your intuition and wisdom, uncluttered by society’s labels, pressures or stresses. This is not selfish this is self care. Mantra: I know myself, I am my self, I love my self. Namaste.