There is a density to the energy over the next few days. The weight of the super moon’s frequency blast to upgrade our heart chakras, is taking a toll on our mind body soul systems. Roll with it, don’t fight it, let it be. The activation of our heart chakras is a deeply powerful recalibration. 

Throughout this accelerated year we have experienced intense waves of higher frequencies, bringing us online with Gaia’s transition to higher dimensions. As each chakra aligns we respond as whole beings; our mind, bodies and souls releasing toxins, karmic clearing. We have faced fears in waking up to the truths in our world. Self care, courage and commitment to spiritual growth through meditation, self respect and self love has been the thrust of this year’s transition.

Over the next couple of days listen to your body. You may need to rest a lot. The heart chakra raises our whole systems frequency, the impact can be felt in low energy levels. We should try and give ourselves time and space to recalibrate, create a consolidation period to let these energetic shifts take root and become part of us. 

Ignoring symptoms of recalibration can lead to blockages, old energetic grooves remaining, pulling our vibration back down. You may feel irritable, angry and snappy. Try to relax and avoid stressful situations. 

The heart is the home of our emotions, it is the transmuter chakra, like a washing machine it cleans negative energies trapped in our systems. This takes energy and effort, though we may not be aware of it. You may feel cold symptoms, aches and pains and general tiredness. This is an organic process, one we embrace by being respectful of our bodies and treating ourselves gently. Much love beautiful people. Namaste. 

Mantra: my heart is open, my mind is awake, my body is balanced.

Super Moon Loveliness

Our heart chakras are being activated as we move through this third and final 2016 super moon. The kundilini is rising, the light connecting our hearts to the flow of universal love frequency. 

Celebrate soul tribe, bask in their energetic company, recharge, rebalance and realign each other.  

If you are seeking soul tribe, meditate and call to your people. Use these powerful super moon rays to draw your soul tribe towards you. Ask your guides to guide you to each other. 

Cut the chords from energy vampires (you know, the ones who make you feel rubbish about yourself). Make room, create space in your life. 

Look into people’s eyes, the ones who look back are the ones you’re interested in. Identify your passions, open your world to possibility. 

Down time, the sanctuary of a good friend, the exhange of soul nourishment, this is heart led love, relish it. Namaste.

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​10 Helpful Hints for a Heart Led Christmas Season

For those celebrating Christmas, this is the season of good will to all, a time of giving… and consumerism, commercialisation, consumption. The pressure to buy, buy, buy.  How do we survive this kind of pressure with our soul, our dignity and wallets intact? Here are ten helpful hints for a heart led Christmas season.

1. Work within your means, no debt, no I owe yous, give only what you can. Be authentic. Accept tradition but try to discern where tradition ends and money grabbing competitive programming begins. Shake off pressures from family or friends. These pressures only affect us if we allow them to.

2. Strip away glossy marketing programming, none of us is living these lifestyles.  Hyper aggressive advertising relies on making us feel inferior. Distance yourself from all mainstream media especially advertising. Marketing is manipulation. Period. Don’t be manipulated.

4. Be creative. Make things. Decorate things. Share your time and energy with people and activities that enhance your life, raise your vibrations, make you feel safe and satisfied.

5. Stand your ground as a sovereign being. Don’t be bullied or pressurised against your will. Be authentic to yourself and not afraid to tread on people’s toes, incur offense or backlash, you matter. Your feelings matter. Make this a special time for yourself and those you love.

6. Look out for synchronicity and number sequences as well as animal totems to keep you on the right path. These are the main methods our guides and higher self use to communicate with us. They will warn us if there is trouble ahead or reassure us if we are on the right path.

7. Take appropriate action to protect yourself and cleanse yourself from negative vibrations using breathwork, stepping away for time out, crystals and asking guides for protection. Meditate to keep your frequencies high. Set focused intentions, to stay open, heart led, protected and calm. Protect and hold your space. Breathe into your solar plexus for strength and stillness.

9. Send love to all souls left wretched by the extreme assault on the population by the kabal. Refugees, people queuing at food banks, homeless, ill or alone. Appreciate what you have.

10. Listen to your heart and open and tune into your third eye. Try and limit your ego’s influence by being aware and circumspect when dealing with it. The ego is the main target of matrix programming and therefore is going to be assaulted over this period to keep you chained to the illusion of economic ‘gifting’. This illusion is a lie to pit us against each other, make us compete. Divide and conquer, the kabal’s most successful strategy for control and domination.

This season, at its heart, is about love and gratitude. The winter solstice marks a time for gratitude to Gaia, for what she has given us. Be with the people who matter and minimise the time you spend with those who do not vibrate at your frequency. Retain a sense of self.

Hug loved ones, sing, dance, create and share. Protect yourself. Be kind, show gratitude with humility and grace. Kick your heels up and have some fun. Laughter is tonic for the soul. Celebrate the authentic love in your life. With love and light, namaste.

Life becomes smoother when you let go of what you think you ‘should’ do, or feel you are ‘expected’ to do. Do what you feel is right for you. Manage your life on your terms, no one else’s.  Connect to your inner groove, your intuition and wisdom, uncluttered by society’s labels, pressures or stresses. This is not selfish this is self care. Mantra: I know myself, I am my self, I love my self. Namaste.

​3d reality is really biting this week. Seeing the truth in people around you and in global politics is unbelievably depressing and shocking. 

As the revelations continue allow yourself time to process the truth. Powerful emotions like anger, fear, alienation, despair are part of the waking up process. 

If we were waking up in a floaty, higher vibration planet or dimension we could be all levitating, loved up and 5th dimensionny. 

Here, planet Earth circa 2016, not so. This is a brutal world to wake up in. Many of us will subscribe to ‘human beings are a virus on the planet’ when we recognise how people are treated. But there are dark forces at work here, manipulation, deception, unbelievable greed and dark magik. The deeper you dig the darker the rabbit hole gets. Really. 

To stay sane it’s essential to remember the incredible beauty and overwhelming humility and love ordinairy people have for each other. The darkness comes from the kabal. Yes it exists in our homes through tv and media and in our lives in the shape of manipulative people. Always listen to and trust your instincts no matter what anyone says to you. 

There is hope, there is love and there is grace among authentic people. Avoid the sheeple, the predators and the selfish. Embrace the warmth and kindness in yourself and the good souls around you. Much love beautiful people, namaste.

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Obama cashes in his ‘1 free gift’ voucher before he exits and Standing Rock Earth Warriors storm to victory. With the eyes of the world watching on social media US Corp. has stood down. The exposure of the true nature of the US military, the greed of the corporations and the importance of oil to both proved too risky. The irony that it was their own trained service men and woman, thrown on the scrapheap for surviving war, arriving in their hundreds to protect the true people of the land, truly is poetic justice. We salute you all for your passion and power. We might just have won round one people! The message has been delivered loud and clear ‘Waking up and not happy with what we see!’ Love and light beautiful beings.