Welcome to awakening5dhealing 🙏🏻.

Awakening5dhealing is not only a website, it is a support system for those waking up, searching for truth and wanting to raise their mindbodyspirit vibration.

Life, the universe and everything is covered in my blog! Research expansion of consciousness triggered by cosmic activation of our chakra system. Find energy updates and guidance for awakening souls, starseed and lightwarriors. Discover channelled messages helping us understand the bigger picture. Explore archives, allow your energy to resonate and lead the way.

Spiritual Life Coach online and in person. Healing therapies, reiki energy healing, aura cleanse, crystal healing, channelling clients Higher Self and learn-to-meditate. I connect with universal love flow to shift blocks, clear negativity and boost clients’ mindbodyspirit system for integration of high frequency upgrades. I use a crystal pendulum when channelling clients’ Higher Self for guidance. I also teach mindfulness, meditation and mantras for manifestation.

We are on the frontline of a rare, momentous planetary shift to Enlightened Unity Consciousness, as predicted by the Mayans and many others. We and Gaia are ascending, on the material plane, to higher dimensional wavelengths, realities where peace, love, creativity and joy flourish. We heal matrix and karmic wounds, release negativity and integrate upgrades. We can realign our mindbodyspirit systems to fifth dimension zen frequencies.

The multiverse is magical, mysterious and beautiful. Join me as we surf cosmic waves of recalibration. Cultivate inner stillness, explore truth and connect to universal love frequency. We are riding waves of transformation, transcending the third and fourth dimensions to fifth dimensional love vibration. All welcome!

In love and light beautiful people.

Morag at awakening5dhealing

‘Yes! I love your posts, they bring so much comfort, clarity and calm to my life. So beautifully and eloquently written, as always x.’

‘Beautiful. I love all your work, this captured perfectly what I feel and am going through.’

‘This was one of the most helpful posts I’ve read in a while. Thanks for being a clear channel and inspired voice.’

‘Morag is a warm, kind and very sensitive person. She read my energy accurately and very quickly. I enjoyed her insights and felt she was caring about me as a person and as a healer.’

‘Morag’s channelling into the situation and guidance was incredible. The energy work and reiki was very powerful and I’m feeling so much better.’

‘Morag is a tremendously gifted & intuitive reader & teacher.’