Arcturian Council Message for Light Warriors

Dearest ones we communicate with those who resonate. We are the Arcturian Council, we are invested in Gaia and those who dwell on her. We bring news of the war for all souls on Gaia. We are bringers of love, light and higher consciousness.

We are revealing ourselves as others are. Our ships are decloaking. It is time for full disclosure. Some talk of fact and fiction. These views, and that of others, are from a singular timeline. We see all timelines. Resist being conditioned to fear by prophesies of doom. The end times are the beginning times. This is the end of one era and the beginning of a new era. We cannot foresee the future because Gaia and her people will choose their path or paths. Multiple divisions are still likely, with many Gaia’s on different wavelengths. This will create a lot of energetic disturbances in this part of the galaxy. We and others are concerned about long term fluctuations of Gaia. Stability leads to balance and equilibrium. We seek this for Gaia and humanity.

The sky war is creating profound disturbances in Gaia’s frequencies. Souls are being released from contracts. Work has been done. Catalysts set in motion. Gaia and her people are about to ride incoming photonic light waves, intended to embed higher frequencies in and around Gaia. The Anunaki are fighting this. Shields are up that must be dismantled. This is the process Gaia is immersed in. A war of frequency. Chaos reigns where peace shall flourish.

From this space in time we are preparing those who are awake to prepare those who are not. Compassion should be shown. Revelations will be made of advanced technologies, races and craft beyond many of Gaia’s inhabitants’ comprehension. Preparation is key. Breaking down the barriers to truth. We are here to recognise warriors of Gaia, truth seekers and truth bearers, for the work that has been done.

Pathways are convoluted yet at times crystalline. Primary moments in mankind’s evolution. 2018 vibrates high on our charts of quantum projection. Please do not panic. There are great disturbances all around you. We seek to ease your souls, there is much protection in place. We, the Arcturians, and our allies have taken our stance to prevent further destruction. We cannot directly affect those living on Gaia. This is the mission of light warriors. We see an energetic front line, a battle fighting the onslaught of negative, low vibrations. The human cabal are unleashing weapons to create fear, chaos and destruction. Take strength and belief from us dear ones. We are watching over you. We are your guardians and your protectors. Let light stream into your hearts. Know the universe is a far most vast and glorious place than you can imagine. One day humanity on Gaia will take her rightful place in the galaxy. This day is approaching.

Warriors of Gaia step up to your mission. No ripple of high vibration is too small, no pulse of heart chakra love too weak. Gaia embraces all positive frequencies, immersing herself and humanity in evolutionary recalibration. We seek to reassure and praise those who hold a steely belief in humanity. Your optimism is as golden light piercing the darkness. We are grateful and in awe of your tenacity, stamina and love. We are one with humanity and with Gaia in her ascension. In love and light, your guides and protectors, The Arcturians Council.

Energy Update Jupiter Retrograde

We are moving towards a tidal wave of photonic light, intended to embed humanity and Gaia in higher dimensions of truth, peace and possibility. A dense, heavy depression of the frequencies triggered by Jupiter in Retrograde prepares us for this cosmic quantum leap. We are in the inhale, the energetic ebb before cosmic light flows. We are pushing through a pull back of energy, an intake of cosmic breath before the rush of higher vibrations. There are layers to Jupiter retrograde, crossed wires will snap and crackle. Our perception of reality will take on a dreamlike quality at times. As we release global and individual karma we clear the energy waves for unified expansive consciousness. We will complete this Jupiter retrograde cycle in June 2018. The Spring, March, Equinox heralds a time of realignment, we can prepare for incoming tidal waves of high frequencies. These cosmic waves will be marked by the Summer, June, Solstice.

Pushing through Jupiter’s retrograde some days may feel like quicksand, others sticky like wading through mud. Life may take on a Technicolor quality. Some are becoming more acquainted with upgrade waves, what they feel like and how to manage them. For others all of this is very new. We can feel untethered as the energetic vibratory fields fluctuate. Our solar plexus is being activated by Jupiter’s Retrograde. Our centre, our core is where we connect to universal energies, where we build our balance, our equilibrium. We are in this pull back of energies to prepare for cosmic DNA activation. We experience retrogrades as mindbodyspirit beings.

Symptoms of Jupiter Retrograde:

  • Stomach cramps and upsets
  • Lower back aches and pains
  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Heavy limbs
  • Increased anxiety
  • Trouble meditating or doing yoga
  • Bursts of high vibration energy
  • Sugar cravings
  • Sensitivity to artificial light
  • Technology glitches
  • Misunderstandings and crossed wires of communication
  • Intense karmic release, emotional release
  • Heightened physical and emotional sensitivity to confrontation or drama
  • Demons coming to surface for release
  • Magical interaction with the natural world
  • Thinning of veils, increased intuition penetrating people’s matrix avatars.
  • Dreamlike quality to life.

Surrendering to the natural flow of universal love will release anxiety and stress, allowing love to flow through our daily lives. Our Solar plexus connects and guides us. Our gut instincts read the energies around us. Matrix avatars can’t fool our solar plexus. Avatars can fool our eyes, our third dimension senses, not our energy antennae. We will see truth in our personal lives and on the world stage. Masks will fall. We may end relationships, change jobs, move home. Political activism will increase. We can expect revelations and epiphanies profound enough to dismantle pillars in our lives. This is realignment for upgrades. We increase chi flow by reorganizing our lives to maximise core balance and expanding consciousness.

By tuning into our mindbodyspirit system we learn to speak the language of energy. The higher we vibrate the clearer the flow of energy from our feet to our crown, the more we can integrate upgrades. With each chakra activated, kundilini awakening, we change, we grow and we become universally connected beings. Our solar plexus clears and comes online, we become better at understanding and responding to gut feelings. Our instincts sharpen. Third eye chakra activation enables us to tune into psychic senses. We begin to read energy. We also forge clearer communication with our higher self and guides. This may manifest as predictive visions, vivid dreams or awareness of activity in other dimensions. We develop a stronger resonance with our highest frequencies.

We can prepare for this coming tidal wave of love light by allowing Jupiter’s retrograde to teach us what we need to know. Karmic release can overwhelm us, especially when we are struggling to stay upright in high winds of cosmic retrograde. Use nature, soul tribe, creativity, music and meditation to realign after difficult bouts of emotional release. Seek holistic healing therapies to realign our systems energetically. We can experience problems meditating as the energies pull back preparing for forward motion recalibration. Don’t worry about this, there is a rhythm to all we do. For some meditating can take us too high when we need to be grounded. For others the ability to meditate is clouded or disturbed by the intense release of chaotic karma around us. Using water, swimming, baths and showers to clear negative energies from our system will refresh and realign us.

Jupiter’s retrograde is underpinning how profound the upgrades coming our way will be. The Mayan Prophesy of Enlightened Unity Consciousness is the quantum transformation we and Gaia are immersed in. We can become active participants, driving our own evolution. We can release, strengthen, balance, clear our minds, bodies and souls. We can cultivate agility in our minds and bodies. Seek spiritual growth through inner knowledge and outer truth. Increase our psychic abilities through mindfulness, mantras and meditation, promoting peaceful manifestation. Be guided by universal synchronicities, gut instincts and third eye sight. Surrender to the moment. Connecting to universal flow will help us navigate Jupiter’s retrograde. Self care will prepare us for this prolonged pull back of frequencies. It’s cosmic surfing time! Stay protected and tuned into to love vibration. In light and love beautiful people.


I am grounded, I am safe, I am protected.

I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid.

I am one with universal love frequency. Namaste.

Waking Up to the Matrix

We live in a world where reclaiming our sovereignty, our I Am, is rEvolution. Where we are conditioned to compete, conform and comply, self care is anarchy. To prioritise our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is to wake up from a trance state, a zombie slumber. Programmed through religion, education, culture and mainstream everything, we mistakenly believe primitive narratives for our existence. Waking up is asking questions as well as karmic release. It is following the white rabbit down burrows of lies to find nuggets of truth. To begin to assimilate a bigger picture of Gaia and humanity. To zoom out as well as inwards, examining, decluttering, seeking authenticity, micro to macro. Like any online game the matrix has foundations, core untruths that it’s existence requires we accept. These pillars of deception were built by the architects to enable control.

Here are some of the core untruths sold as fact in the matrix.

We are alone in the universe. We are the only intelligent lifeform in the universe.

Time is linear.

We are central to the universe.

Some of us are better than others. Some of us deserve more than others.

Our planet does not have enough resources for everyone.

Our planet is earth based not ocean based.

Our governments, ruling families, have our best interest at heart.

Our economic circumstances are fate not oppression.

As a naturally inquisitive and adventurous species humans need to be handled, mind controlled to submission, to swallow these fear ridden narratives. Our energetic life force cut off, stifled, poisoned and blocked to prevent our innate curiosity opening doors of perception. The matrix is the name given to this embedded system controlling our mindbodysoul beings. We can never be fulfilled in the matrix, the matrix requires we must need, want, more. There is no exit strategy from survival or consumerism. Like big pharmaceuticals and California talk therapy, we are conditioned to remain locked in a continuous quest for more. We are conditioned to focus on what’s missing not what’s already here. We see no end, no resolution, no moving on. This is hamster wheel, repetition programming to keep us plugged in. We lose sight of what we do have. We lose our experience of the present, we become mind-less instead of mindful. Stress, anxiety and fear blurr our vision, destroying our ability to connect to the moment.

Mainstream advertising, religious rhetoric, economics and education feed our insecurities. We are sold quick fixes, gambling, alcohol, gadgets and status symbols to distract us from long term holistic healing or health. The matrix makes sure we remain in a negative vibratory field by convincing us we will never be, or have, enough. This breeds fear, envy, frustration and stress. All low frequency emotions. Like magnets we draw more negativity to us. We manifest our fears creating matrix utopia. We become the driving force of 3d negativity. We become the protagonists. We do the elite’s dirty work for them. We create, maintain, feed and manifest negativity. It is up to us to free ourselves from low frequency matrix mindset.

We are in a vastly accelerated universe where technological advancement is propelling us into other worlds. The same is happening to our mindbodysoul system, we are being rejuvenated, reenergised, upgraded. We are receiving a cosmic jump start to activate dormant strands of DNA, triggering our energetic systems, bringing us online with higher vibratory fields of existence. This is rEvolution. But it is our choice. We can choose to ignore, mock, dismiss and dismantle quantum spirituality. We can choose to ignore truths, disclosure and exposure, of depraved elitist control. We can ‘choose a big television’ to program us every day into ignorance and submission. Or we can ‘choose life’. It is up to us. No-one can make us release our fears, our pain, our hurt, face the dark night of the soul. No one can make us meditate to embrace higher frequencies of love and light. No one can make us declutter, rearrange the furniture of our lives, letting go of stress and fear and replacing them with inner calm. We choose. This is our truth and our right as sovereign beings.

When we embrace ourselves as mindbodyspirit beings we go inside for wisdom, growth and stillness. We connect to peace. We embody peace. We manifest peace. This is enlightened unity consciousness. As technological advances propel us deeper into the first half, of the first century, of a new millennia, we are evolving as a species. We are leaving behind primitive hand to mouth existence. We are raising our vibration to higher states of consciousness. Exploration of our outer and inner worlds is accelerated with giant leaps in technology. As a race we are being offered an opportunity to break free from predatory control and take the reigns of our own evolution.

We are entering the Age of Aquarius, the Return of the Divine Feminine is knocking on our door. The realignment of masculine and feminine on Gaia and in humanity is long overdue. A return to tribal consciousness where the able take care of, and responsibility, for the vulnerable, the young, the infirm. Where inclusivity is the name of the game not exclusivity. Where passions, creativity, and nature are celebrated. We are manifestors. We can change the world, one positive, peaceful, compassionate day at a time. In love and light beautiful people.


I am one with universal love frequency.

I am expansive, I am protected, I am grounded.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.

Message from Mary Magdalene #internationalwomensday

Goddess rage is being unleashed across the globe, women and all those in their feminine energy are waking and furious. Misogyny underpins the system of control we have existed in for thousands of years. A backlash against the innate goddess in every woman. Masculine energy threatened by the power, strength and unfathomable layers of mysticism and magic in women. Misogyny has also targeted men who exist in their feminine energy, creating a false ideal of men as tough, unemotional beings. Men have curves. Men are sensitive. Men can be hurt. Many men feel hemmed in by the strict rules of engagement forced upon them in the matrix.

This is not the whole story. The harsh and vile truths behind misogynistic programming has led to relentless violence perpetrated against women. In the UK two women a week are murdered in domestic violence situations. Powerless men are shown they can have power over women and children. Powerful men are shown trophy females will improve their social standing. The aggressive male is the dominant force empowering men who feel disempowered by social, cultural, religious or economic constraints. It feeds the underbelly of humanity drawing out the darkness, the demons, the destruction. This is constructed abuse of the feminine embedded into the machinery of the matrix.

The matrix is grinding on relentlessly, refusing to give us space to breathe. The plight of women and those in their feminine energy, on planet Earth, is deeply traumatising. Patriarchal systems embedded into our societies push women down into tiny, raw cages of oppression, violence, abuse and slavery. Women and children bought and sold, ritualized grooming and abuse. Wholesale objectification and submissive conditioning through mass media and advertising. Women battered by husbands hard wired to loathe women. From paedophile rings to supermodel sex parties, where the female is the product, the status symbol, all are victims of sick, twisted, dark patriarchy. Fear of women’s strength, beauty, wisdom and their goddess energy has driven the elite rulers to integrate intrinsic algorithms of control ensuring most women will police themselves from childhood. This is survival. We all share a dangerous world. We all share a beautiful world.

We see pockets of female empowerment in the Saharan tribes who have put men into the subordinate role. The career women of the West attempting to even the playing field. The warriors of the East standing up for basic human rights in dangerous territory. This abuse of the feminine has gone on for thousands of years. Many humans in their feminine energy have been trapped karmically by fear and torture, unable to evolve organically. Matrix algorithms of divide and conquer condition women to view each other as competition. The sisterhood has been in the firing line for thousands of years. Cosmic karmic purge triggers goddess rage for release. The prophesised Return of the Divine Feminine. What do all those in their feminine energy do with this awakened rage? How do we release it? Where do we put our fear for the vulnerable, our fury?

The return of the divine feminine is shaking up this world. Fear is a primitive emotion, it arises out of survival, of feeling threatened. This is 3rd dimension wavelength. Feminine energy is from love, it is compassion, nurturing, community and progression. Balance between the masculine and feminine, regardless of gender or sexuality, creates the greatest progress. For a whole planet to be immersed in the violence of this patriarchal elite is dangerous. The destruction of women, of those in their feminine energy, is embedded into ever major religion, every political governance, cultural and economic programming. It’s not an accident or a by product of the cabal’s greed, it is engineered.

To honour International Women’s Day I am sharing a channelling from Mary Magdalene received in meditation. This was not an ordinary meditation. This was angry, pained, inner screaming meditation. Anger fuelled by domestic violence statistics, female murder and rape at the hands of male domination. Anger ignited and burning over many years. The systematic persecution of women across the globe. So in a state of fury and frustration I meditated. I was asking for something to help me exist in a world where women are beaten, raped, trafficked, groomed and oppressed every minute of every day. Mary Magdalene answered me.

Mary shared with me her fury at how she has been portrayed on Gaia. For thousands of years her name has been used to represent treachery and betrayal in women’s hearts. A figure head for why men should not trust women. Never recognised as her husband’s wife, best friend, lover, companion and colleague in their spiritual healing. Painted as lesser than Jeshua (Jesus), not worthy of marriage, of family respectability, of a place at her husband’s last supper. Maligned by history, strategic narratives to belittle, demonise and erase her from our collective consciousness. None of this is true. Mary was her husband’s equal in every way.

Mary Magdalene zoomed me out into space. I saw planet earth, Gaia, a sparkling jewel in the cosmos. Mary Magdalene showed me how she gathers up every feminine soul leaving this lifetime at the hands of male abuse. I watched her figure simultaneously catching each and every victim as they died. Scooping damaged souls up as they left their bodies, she caressed them in her arms. She created ribbons of golden light as she zipping round Gaia, her movements swift and gentle. I asked through tears ‘how can you be there, all over the world, all at once to catch everyone?’. Mary Magdalene told me ‘I exist in the quantum universe, I can be everywhere at once’.

Mary Magdalene showed me her sanctuary of golden light where she takes all those battered, bruised, traumatised feminine souls for rest, nourishment, recuperation and love. They only return to the karmic cycle of life when they are ready. And this is what Mary Magdalene does. Despite the systematic decimation and subjugation of her life on Gaia, she transmutes her fury to love by rescuing all who have suffered at the hands of male domination. Mary envelops her wards in golden love light, she rescues hundreds, if not thousands a day, dying at the hands of misogyny. Mary visits and cares for many others, doing her best to protect those in danger. This is Mary Magdelene’s self chosen mission, her way of righting the many wrongs done to her and goddess energy on our world. She assured me she will not stop. Those who have suffered at the hands of violence and sexual predators are rescued in death, nurtured and cared for by Mary and her goddess angels. It was beautiful. It was deeply reassuring and it was magical.

Since this meditation, when I am exposed to the ugliness of masculine entitlement, superiority or sexism, homophobia, violence or hate I am taken back to this vision. I see Mary Magdalene in floaty golden light moving round the planet, using her quantum magic, rescuing and resuscitating all those beaten and abused to a bitter, violent end. Mary’s mission is to rescue and care for beleaguered, feminine souls. I no longer suffer from prolonged bouts of goddess rage. I’m still human and therefore get furious but it passes as I steep myself in Mary’s light, in her fiery warrior determination. In her dignity. In her cosmic, high frequency, ascended being goddess power. I’m sharing this today because I feel many others will resonate with my fury and frustration and the soothing balm of this meditation. There is light, there is hope and there is love out there in the cosmos for us. We are not alone, thank the goddess! In love and light beautiful people.


I thank Mary Magdalene for her love, her protection and her belief.

I honour the goddess within me.

I connect to universal light, anchoring this light to Gaia.

I am a warrior of Gaia, a goddess of light.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I send love protection and guidance to all those in their feminine energy damaged by masculine energetic dominance.

I am a sovereign being of love and light.


Message from the Arcturian Council 11° Portal Opens

Message from the Arcturian Council of Twelve.

This is a message for those who resonate with our truth. We are here in peace. We bring news of the sky war and the sea war. We speak of battles unseen by most of humanity, yet occurring as we speak in Earth’s skies and her oceans. Technology advanced beyond most people’s concept, we speak of a war for the souls of the people of Gaia. We understand that many difficult times lie ahead, challenges that will draw out the truth, humanities purpose in the cosmos. We want to give you hope, news of timelines of manifestation, of the Great Shift, a rare event.

We are recognising the heavy energy many of our lightworkers are mired in currently. There is a great deal of synthetic and static and corrosive energies. The elite, as you call them, the Annunaki, the reptilian overlords, are using sound wave technologies to bombard populated areas with intense low frequencies. This is triggering a depression in wavelengths, vibratory fields of light are struggling to penetrate the gloom. These sound waves are drawing your energy down, lowering your vibrations, slowing down chi flow. We see a trance state of fear rising. We see with colours, a haze of disconnection, of depression as we say. We are concerned that as the matrix hologram unravels and individuals are exposed, lies are revealed, there will be sensory overload. A crash of unity consciousness.

This is no time to dim your lights friends. Whilst many feel battered and are taking refuge away from people, transmuting in solitude, others are ploughing into the energetic fray. We are asking those warriors of light on Gaia who hear our words to anchor your light to Gaia’s grid. The games being played out in front of you to trick you and deceive you are malfunctioning. We understand the fear of waking up. And we understand the pressure to not wake up. We ask that you trust your instincts. Keep your light shining in the face of fear, derision or self sabotage. There is a sense of pressure building, the machine cranking up its dial to push the vibrations down. The battles are being fought in ways you cannot imagine. When fear steps in zoom into your centre. Remember this is all a dream and one day you will wake up.

M: who are you?

We are ascended beings who seeded many planets over many timezones in space. We are very old. We forget how to speak to the young. We forget how raw and vivid life is to be young. Humans and Gaia are both young from our perspective. You bring us great joy. We are not gods to some and we are gods to others. It is a matter of context and definition.

There have been liberties taken on this small planet in a far corner of the cosmos, liberties that were foreseen but underestimated. There is outcry over this. We are one council of several who have some sense of responsibility. We seek to spiritually guide humanity to higher planes of existence. As sovereign beings we can only walk the path ourselves we cannot make others do so. Like concerned parents we are coaxing you, we are aware of the dangers you face. But we also bring a greater sense of life, of many lifetimes, timelines, realities. There is adventure throughout the universe, a far greater picture than humans have been allowed to see for too long. We understand the repetitive programming of the matrix creates deeply felt confusion, making it hard to see truth in lies. We are sorry for this.

M: what are the technologies you speak of?

The technology being used in and around Earth is quantum. It operates on systems beyond human current comprehension. Interestingly it was invented by humans in future timelines. The cycle of creator destroyer is as old as time. Dimensions are set by frequencies and frequency is set by energy. Harnessing energy, using it is a way to steer the very fabric of our realities, we can fold time. The oceans are where a battle is being won for the final vanquishing of low vibratory fields of darkness on Gaia. The skies are being fought over as each side monitors the other. All try to hide from the prying lens of the smart phone.

Some of the battles have been fought in different timelines from the one you are experiencing now. For humanity the timelines are jumbling about, switching, glitching because there is such a great amount of quantum technology being used around you. As we watch it is as if everything moves at once in slow motion and at high speed. We cannot imagine how strange time must seem to awake people on Gaia. There seems to be no pattern to its fluctuations. We see many diffent layers of Gaia when we look at her. Operating on so many wavelengths at once has zapped her. We can see many different scenarios, timelines playing out, backwards, forwards and all around. We look for patterns and repetition. We look for proportionality. Manifestation.

M: what about the god thing?

Every soul counts. Every living thing has a spirit guide, a higher self, a soul, a way to expore the universes in all their complexity. We are not the architects, we are merely further along the path to enlightenment. We have met several races who operate at levels way beyond us. Who have forgotten much of what it is to be a mindbodyspirit being. Who have existed for many eons as beings transcendent of time and space. They may be the architects. We may all be thoughts in a great giant ETs head! We have noted souls have affiliations, connections, associations with the same part of the universe or the same souls or the same mission. We find this interesting. There may be organic reasons for this. Or it may be a greater plan is at work.

We urge all who resonate to let go of fear. We are your teachers, your ancestors and your guides. We care for you as our own. We ask warriors of Gaia to continue to meditate, to connect to the natural world of Gaia, raising her vibrations through love. This will stabilise Gaia in higher vibratory fields of light. The chaos that is everywhere will calm down. People will be able to reveal their true selves. There are hidden enemies within and they must be unmasked and vanquished. Humanity has a lot to do to contribute to her own ascension. We, as one of her many guardians, are here to support this.

Warriors of Gaia stay strong, stay in the light. Do not hide your light, when others tell you to dim your light shine it brighter. Shine like a super moon on a dark night. Replenish your energy stores with fifth dimension healing. Energy is where its at and we need to raise the energy as we enter the 11° portal marked by the full moon. We want people to evolve at their own pace as much as possible. But we also understand this is impossible in Gaia’s situation. So we urge you to stay close to that space of inner stillness, anchoring your light, connecting Gaia to cosmic love frequency.

We are one with all creation, masters of our destinies, sovereign beings of light. We are the Arcturian Council in love and in light.

Full Moon Magic

Vibrations are rising hiiigghh friends.

Meditate, dance, cry, be. Release. Surrender. Become one with the universe. Trust her to show us our path.

Activate third eye. Open. Clear. Tune up. Commune with your angels. Hear your higher self.
Feel the embrace of soul tribe quantum love. Listen to your heart.
Hug your ego. Chant. Breathe. Be still. Be wild. Be joyful. Set your soul free. Let her soar skies of love light.

These are cosmic crazy times friends. Release the fear. Free our hearts. The arc of our soul, let ourselves go.

We are one. We share love. We receive love.
We are love. We are safe. We are wise.
We are wild and we are here.
Present. Connected. Grounded. Elevated. Expansive. Strengthened. Balanced.

We are warriors of Gaia and we are here to raise the vibrations on Gaia. We are here to transmute all the darkness into light. We will rise like phoenix from the holographic hellfire of the third dimension.

We are coming for you darkness. Make way. Get ready. The light is coming. All shadows will be illuminated, all dark corners excavated, all evildoing exposed. Out with the dark. In with the light. The time has come.

Step up indigos, light workers, warriors of Gaia, believers in a new world. The rainbow children are here. We have arrived. We hide no more. We conform no more. We shun our true selves no more. Hear us. Follow us. Let us heal you. Bathe in lighter vibrations where anxiety, stress and fear evaporate. Where our empty spaces fill with love. Where our souls are nourished. Our egos held safe and sound.

We have arrived and we will change our world, your world, this world. Approach us knowing we see. Knowing we are not in a trance. We are not dumbed down. We are awake. And we know. And we’re coming for the darkworkers. Predators. Vampires. Lizards. We know. We see. We are not scared. We embrace all in love vibration.

We are protected by those wiser beyond our imaginings. Those who many have believed to be gods. Their love surrounds us. It infuses us with a strength. A power, an energetic fireball of freedom, of love, of peace.
Know this, we are here.
We share love, we receive love, we are love.

I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid.
I surrender to universal love frequency.
I power up the shield of love around me.
I am protected. I am safe. I am love.
Take me beyond, I surrender to universal love. Namaste.

Heart and Third Eye Chakra Activation On Gaia

Each of us has a story, our story, the nuts and bolts, bricks and mortar of our being. Who we were, are and aspire to be. Gaia also has a story. Who she was, who she became and where she wants to go. Gaia is an organic being, her breath is the frequency of nature. Her heartbeat the rhythm of the seas. Her soul, ancient and wise, emanating love vibrations. Gaia is going bye bye to the matrix, the third dimension, the panoptican prison. As prophesied for eons Gaia is raising her frequencies in line with cosmic intervention. Gaia is transcending to fifth dimension zen. Her time and our time has come. Gaia’s chakras expand, releasing blocks, stuck, dense karma. Gaia shakes herself free from holographic control. Gaia is shifting her baseline frequency, transcending the heavy dark third dimension. Gaia is awakening as a quantum being. Gaia’s chakras are triggered, activated, brought online in a celestial maelstrom of rEvolution.

Just as our mindbodysoul system is being cosmically activated so is Gaia’s. Glastonbury, in the UK, is where Gaia’s heart chakra is and where her third eye chakra currently exists. As a nation we hold the heart and third eye chakras of Gaia. What does this mean for the UK, for Gaia?

Arguably the birth place of the current stock of elite, bloodlines of royalty and aristocracy interbred to retain power. The UK as a microcosm of global politics and economics is in chaos and turmoil. The chasm between have and have not widens every day. We are a tax haven home to oligarchs, elite global citizens and Arab princes. We house the European seat of royalty. The City of London along with its trinity partners Washington DC and the Vatican hold the power play reins of world political economics. A country in its own right, untouchable to foundation societal laws, the City of London is able to operate secretly for the global elite it services. We also have the Brexit debacle, the ultimate Tory tantrum. And the rest of Europe stares aghast at the immaturity and short sighted ideology of blue blood, money obsessed, power puppets deceiving a naive and uneasy electorate.

Torn apart at dinner tables across the country, British people are having a profound identity crisis. Are we service to self or service to others? Older generations promised security are now the sole support to younger generations unable to get a foot on the capitalist ladder. A tidal wave of distrust washes over the UK. We don’t trust our government, our police or each other. Divided and conquered by fascist tabloid rhetoric and hate filled imagery blasted into our psyche constantly. The cold corporisation of our schools turning children into Pink Floyd sausage meat. A country whose imperialist past is responsible for much of current global division. More lies are exposed. We are deep in the trenches of truth disclosure. Facing the sludge and slime of predatory paedophile rings operating at the highest levels in establishment seats of power. We witness the exposure of the Catholic church, the political elite, the entertainment programming industry and corporate kingpins. It’s not just the depravity we must process but the level of organisation evident, the secret societies, in-the-know-nods of the smugly entitled. We brace ourselves for more traumatic truths as whistle blowers stand up and share what they know.

As a nation we are traumatised, divided, lost in a sea of turmoil and chaos. Grenfell Tower should have shaken the elite into some form of shamed submission. It didn’t. This is a ruling establishment who are bred and moulded for power. They know nothing else but money, greed, status symbols, competition and debauchery. Our previous prime minister was outed as being a member of elite societies where ordinary people are openly referred to as ants, cockroaches, insects to be trodden on. Where sexual acts with a pig’s head are ritualistic normality. He survived those revelations in parliament. Our current PM weathers political storms of incompetence, narcissism and sinister machinations like teflon, everything bounces straight off her mechanical, fake smile. Still in power. What will it take to ignite compassion in the hearts of Britons? Unite us in love against a depraved elite or mobilise us to vote for social-ism over capital-ism? To move from service to self to service to others?

As a microcosm of global political economic power structure the UK is a good place to start. We have viable alternatives, Jeremy Corbyn and his team of heart led people, individuals uncomfortable with the current secret handshakes state. There is no doubt the UK is blasted with programming, conditioning mind control algorithms through culture, education, entertainment and religion. As is every other country to varying degrees. Does that offer enough of an excuse for those who consistently vote in a government who openly pledges to cut and sell the National Health Service? Who accuse the poor of deceit and treachery? Who regale the masses with grand, royal weddings to distract and entertain whilst all the while subliminally reasserting they are the ones who belong in power. From seaside towns to villages to new towns and sprawling cities the UK twists and turns itself inside and out trying to wrestle with these great fundamental questions of collectivity versus the individual.

We are the heart chakra of the world. Love, compassion, empathy, soul nourishment and collective consciousness emanates from our land. High frequency energy is pumped through Gaia’s veins, through a land dotted with ancient tombs, standing stones and spiritual pilgrimage. Our skies are laced with criss crossing chem trails. Our food laced with preservative, synthetic junk. Our subconscious minds programmed every day eat this, buy this, look like this, be this. It’s relentless. And offensive. And subversive. And it needs to stop. In the UK we are a born and bred nanny state, barely evolved from the feudal system. We hobble about like damaged toddlers, fearful, suspicious, and insecure. We are told from birth we need the state, the church, education to tell us who we are and what we should do with our lives. There is very little social mobility, room to manoeuvre, where you are born pretty much dictates your life choices. This is openly accepted by a population beaten down, beleaguered by wars, disease, poverty, oppressive social conformity and hardship.

Has Britain got Stockholm Syndrome? Kidnapped, we have come through hundreds of years of torture and trauma to relinquish our sovereignty to our captors. This is the UK today as it has been for hundreds of years. A glorified technological feudal system where people accept the decisions of the powerful with apathy, helplessness or applause. The carrot of capitalism, you too could have a big car, a foreign holiday, a trophy wife, if you WORK hard enough, is a tried and tested tool of control. And if you look at the polls more than half the country still adhere to this. So where does all this leave us? We are the beating heart of Gaia. We have the love to revolutionise our world breathing in our land. Where is our compassion, our empathy, our unity? We are a country at war with itself, a metaphor for the world. We are ruled with an iron fist cloaked in powdered wigs, gold and gilt.

We are also the current site of the third eye chakra. We, who hold dear ancient sites of light love wisdom. Of astronomical quantum knowledge. The home of academia, scholars, universities, where education and knowledge is held in high regard. This isn’t all the third eye activates. Pineal gland alignment in humans is connectivity to guides, higher self, ascended beings. It is a clear channel to higher vibratory fields of existence. It is the connection to a quantum world. Does the UK show evidence of third eye activation? We are home to many cosmic crop circles, maybe they are a sign our third eye chakra at Glastonbury has been activated? We are an ancient and mystical land, are we a wise people?

The British are bombarded by establishment rhetoric, mired in Masonic systems of control. Are we awakening as a nation or is conscious living simply a trend? Are we coming online with higher frequencies? Do we lead the way globally for enlightened unity consciousness? Maybe we should watch this space. Will Jeremy knock the lizards off their perch? Will the conservatives collapse in a heap of collective unity? Will we excavate the darkness to clear the way for light? Redesign our economic and political, corporate systems to reflect progressive politics? Will we unplug from a toxic system of abuses and mind control?

Glastonbury is a sacred space no doubt. When we zoom in and inspect it we see a tale of ancient tales, joy, free styling, free loving creative, high vibration celebration. Glastonbury festival celebrates our druid roots, our love of the land, of spirituality and creativity. And we see Jay Z and Beyonce, kingpin with his trophy, cash cow queen bey, owning the pyramid stage. Attempting to channel all the love generated in this magical space into darkness. Glastonbury festival is out to grass this year and maybe the UK is as well. Maybe we need to process all these revelations, the horrors of exposure and the implications of disclosure. Maybe we too need time out to recover our roots, our senses, our vibrancy.

The UK is an ancient land of magic and mystery long before the Romans came with their pyramidal politics, their Egyptian bloodline fixation. Maybe this is what is being ignited. An ancient warrior spirit of quantum dimensions. We are a people of nature, peace and collectivity ruled by a small group of inbred lizards who seek to maintain power through destruction. We are here and we are thinking. Trying to figure it all out. Who, what, why, where and how to change it without more war and destruction? Narcisstic nationalism versus global tribalism. Jedi knights like Corbyn and Bernie Sanders in the US stand for grass roots politics, truth, humility and compassion replacing greed, competition and conformity at the heart of our society. We have people willing to take on the establishment in their nests of gold and glitz. Who debate daily with the blue blood glitterati on our behalf. The least we can do is vote for them to enable them to keep fighting for us, for peace, for equality and abundance.

Do we take the debates to our dinner tables, our frontline tv couches? Do we try and bridge the polarity chasm in our homes, our families, our workplace? Or do we avoid energy vampires who mimic the elite, who agree with individualist politics and accept the need for Matron, in our current case Teresa May, to pull the boys into line and restore hierarchical power? It’s a sick and twisted power play for paedophile predators to literally feed off our life blood. The veils are lifting. Third eye activation on a global scale. Macro to micro, how will the British people respond?

The heart beats, the third eye opens. Who we are and who we will be may well come down to UK politics. If we overthrow the elite, we essentially cut off the head of the snake. We break apart the secluded City digging deep into its vaults to unearth and liberate all its wealth and dirty little secrets. We destroy human trafficking systems, deep state economics supplying a demand for depravity. We uproot the blue blood bloodlines and banish them from our fair and green land. We have the means to do it, the light warriors to lead the way, do we have the heart or the foresight to do it? No pressure Brits!!! We are travelling through time and space, part of a rare evolutionary leap into higher vibratory fields of light. This is Gaia’s story and ours, let’s believe in and manifest a happy beginning! Stay heart led and steeped in self care beautiful people 🤗😊🙏🏻.