So this happened…

Hey beautiful people, hope y’all are riding these waves ok πŸ„β€β™€οΈ This is a shout out to my social media peeps, I trust and send my light out so you guys find me here!

Facebook permanently disabled my accounts, including Instagram. It was always going to happen, at some point my algorithms would trigger their black firewall.

I’m taking the opportunity to rest (social media is tiiiiiime consuming!) and work on my website πŸ€— Membership will be available soon, exclusive access to meditations, energy updates, channelling and webinars.

Gregg Prescott at In5d has been proposing alternative social media platforms for some time. I will keep you posted on where I go next.

Peace up the rEvolution cosmic surfers πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ„β€β™€οΈπŸ’–


999 Dark Portal Daily Protection Practise

The whole world and his cosmic canine have come to watch the greatest show on earth, of light and dark playing out in Gaia’s ascension field. Starseed, lightworkers, light missionaries, healers, shaman, time travellers, cosmonauts walking the material plane, we are being hit with a force field of intense dark frequencies. Heavy vibrations carrying emotive wavelengths engineered to corrode integrity, dissolve self esteem, corrupt core strength, cut cords between chakras, fill our energy fields with negativity and generally fuk us right up. We stand our ground, drenched in the light of crystalline lightwaves. We are activating as light beings inside a dark matrix. Dark portals are psychic attack on a grand, global, mass scale. Yep. I’m not kidding. The 999 CERN activated corridor of darkness (the cabal really are this stupid) is doing three things to us. You ready folks, its hardcore. *triggers ahead*

Flooding the material plane with astral entities, etheric parasites, tortured lost souls, demons and drifters, anything they can suck out the astral and funnel at us. Some ghosts will gladly go to the light, others will fight tooth and nail resisting, refusing. Birthed in black holes of evil they have no concept of love. The fear they generate activates smaller dark portals woven into the 3d matrix mainframe, coded in human psyches. Think JK Rowling’s Dementors, vacuuming all the joy and love out of the atmosphere, petrifying us in dense fear frequencies. They hover over cities and towns, their black hole souls blanketing the atmosphere in heavy sinkhole depressions. They cause bad weather, bad moods and bad energy. Our third eye responds to dementors the way we respond to a sketchy looking gang of hoodlums, exit stage left, alert, avoid, alert, avoid, don’t make eye contact, head down, get indoors. Force fields of light up when out and about beautiful people, this isn’t paranoia, this is 3rd eye sight, stealth mode advised. Selenite is kryptonite to darkness, line pockets, kids n homes with it.

Helplessness, low moods, loss of self esteem, doubting ourselves, doubting our perception and understanding of the world. Doubting our own gut, our third eye communication, our heart biorhythms of truth and love. CERN is like a smoke machine at a rave, pumping out black entities, saturating our atmosphere with astral parasites seeking to drain our chi, our light, our love. How do we know these low feelings are being generated outside of us and put into us? Because we’re not down, we’re not upset, we’re not unhappy in our core. We’re flying high on waves of 333 Portals of Light. We know the world is changing, we are the change and we consciously see and manifest timelines in determined lit angelic positivity. Detach. Observe Self. Are low feelings mine? If they are look at the causes and try and ease stress and anxieties with healing and meditation. If negative emotions are not of our creation, we are confused by their heavy vibrations, they will feel External not Internal. Get rid of them. Mantras are Voice Activation instructions in the matrix. All energies not created by me I return to sender. This should be a daily mantra during dark portals. Clean our energy field and mindbodysoul soul frequencies throughout the day, especially if exposed to commutes, crowds, synthetic lights, air vents, air conditioning systems, artificial atmospheres or pollution. Super clean in nature if fortunate enough to live near it!

Hallucinogenic properties are engineered in dark portal energy wizardry. Inversion. Black mirrors to the light, love filled, trippy, floaty lightness of being we experience in 333 or 1111 portals. Instead we experience bad trips, dark visions, we see the astral, the dark web, the spider and his soldiers, ghosts, ghouls haunt us. We feel helpless, hopeless, paralysed, our mojo feels long gone. We can lose our connectivity to source, feel shaky in our truth, lightworker down. This is the aim, to frighten us so much we believe we are locked into post apocalyptic zombie timelines. The machine works on inverted manifestation. By controlling our minds, programing us to wavelengths of fear, greed and competition, they are able to control and embed our manifestation in negative frequencies. We expect the apocalypse (we’re already in it, the end and beginning times are here) because it’s shown to us every day on tv, billboards, tabloids and our streets. We lose belief, feel hopeless, despairing, terrified and lost. We in turn manifest those timelines. It’s a labyrinth of chemical induced, astral warfare. We are being targeted friends, take ownership of this. If it manifests as gangstalking trust guides and angels are by our side at all times. If it manifests as depression, loss of confidence, seek healing therapies to realign. If we feel intimidated by sheeple pointing the finger and saying we are crazy for BEing spiritual, woke. We say ‘red pill and proud’, we stand our ground. We are not crazy, the system is.

We live in a world where the poor die everyday, the super rich rub our faces in their obscene wealth and most folk turn a blind eye. Anyone defending this needs their head read. We, my friends, the woke folk, know about the Anunaki, astral entities, the matrix, Babylon, and all its evil rabbit holes, we are the ones who will get everyone else out of this mess. So stand our ground, don’t let these dark curses, black trips, hardcore comedowns, shake our resolve to raise our vibrations in love, light and laughter. Joy is the best weapon against these dark portal frequencies. Creativity will realign our frequencies. Laughter and love, intimacy and beauty, will restore our faith in humanity. Fuk em. We know ourSelves. We know where we are, much of the amnesia is lifting. Trust SELF above all else. Channel Truman, even when it was totally ridiculous that his whole world could be constructed around him, to manipulate and use him, he stood his ground and trusted his gut. We have to trust our gut in these current dark energies.

We are being intensively battered by hallucinogenic bio warfare harnessed in CERN frequencies on the astral, now funnelling into to the matrix. We have to trust ourselves. *Spoiler Alert We are living Shutter Island friends. We ARE Ted Daniels. Hallucinatory drugs to make us lose our mind, our sanity, our connectivity to our truth, our gut, the real world, are in the air, in our food, in our fags, in the water. We were plugged in as soon as we arrive. Teddy is already drugged when we first meet him on the boat, it was in the cigarettes. He has been fighting them, trying to retain his consciousness just before we meet him. He is not sea sick, he is sick from the drugs they have given him. The plaster and the bruises, new, fresh, just happened. They ambushed him at the jetty before he even got on the boat. From birth, even before, locked in patriarchal wombs, we are ambushed from the start. Amnesia, migraines and suspicion etch his face as he fights to regain his balance. We never see Teddy not drugged by them. He fights to hold onto his truth, he recognises them as Nazi. He has a strong gut and knows himself. He knows they have drugged him, he has lucid times that he holds onto. Much like Guy Pearce in Memento, Teddy is trying to piece together what they’ve done to him during his woke moments. We are Teddy and Guy. We are Truman awakening to a terrifying reality, Katniss fighting for survival in a gameshow for the rich. We are Neo waking up, unplugging from what our eyes, the elite, the world tells us is truth and what our gut knows to be lies. All these films are trying to tell us, we are poisoned, dumbed down, drugged right from the start. We unplug, wake up, fight the system, by trusting Self over everything else. They Live, we put on the glasses, we choose to stand and fight for truth and divine justice.

We can break black portal mind control waves in regular, anchored, mindbodysoul nourishment practises.

  1. Mantras for protection, clearing and healing.
  2. Cleansing and clearing energy, smudging daily.
  3. Yoga, meditation, nature.
  4. Journaling helps us know ourselves. We can read back and break memory loop technologies by reconnecting with previous insights, epiphanies and growth. Our journals become our memories, evidence of our journey to self knowledge and self love. We create a record of our truth till we break memory loop programs for good.
  5. Dreamweave, Pinterest, screenshot, visualise and believe in our dreams. Our future, happiness and love, we create in our new world. Dreamweaving is key to dissolving negative chemical mind warfare. We are the creators of the light matrix blueprint. Our dream weaving is manifestation of love within the matrix mainframe. We are the coders, upgrading the system from the inside out.
  6. Trust. Trust the light matrix is plugged into the mainframe. Trust all will work in our favour if we allow it. Avoid filling spaces with stress, anxiety, fear, these energetic frequencies are dense, cloudy, they fog up our third eye, block our gut instincts. They’re sticky like webs, clinging to our truth, seeking to dim it, mist it in shadows and doubt. Instead clear all that negativity away and surrender to a space of divine trust, the universe has got our back. The light matrix is PLUGGED in, we can build its power by recognising it, seeing it, and feeding it with our own positivity, optimism and self assurance.
  7. Essential tool kit for dark portals – smudging, light and dark crystals for personal and home protection, water for hydration and quiet space for meditation, reflection, connection to guides and clearing.

The biggest threat to the woke community during this CERN activated corridor of darkness is disruption of our peace of mind. This is what they are targeting. They want us to give in and think we’re crazy because they tell us we are. We’re not. We are questioning a system that is clearly, utterly and completely wrong in every single way we look at it. A system run by paedophiles, for paedophiles, by paedophiles. Yep. That’s the ugly, dark, hardcore truth. Even the Daily Hate can’t ignore TrutH, aristocrats, and Tinseltown, rabbit holes popping up everywhere. Entertainment, politics, economics, social welfare, war, resource control all of it is a complex cover for child and female sex slavery. The end point of all the rabbit holes, the horrible evil bitter poisonous pill we have to swallow to finally, completely, wake up. This is all about child sex rings. The people running the show need, want, choose to abuse children and women. This is their fuel. Whether we subscribe to Crowley theories of devil worship, or any of the other myriad of theories as to why they want our children’s innocence, to rape us of our futures, our lives, our world, is all out there for us to figure out.

The Matrix is the construct to cover it all up. We facilitate mass child sex networks by ignoring truth. The normalisation of paedophilia is main-streaming as I write. So when told by our sexist boss, nosy neighbour or narcisstic lover that we’re crazy, flaky, ungrounded, tripping, paranoid or fucked up because we don’t believe the system, stand our ground. Say the words the unbelievers, liars and deceivers, devil pleasers, sheeple and show offs don’t want to hear – children are being raped in a system that feeds off them every single day. We don’t trust our governments, our leaders, our kings and queens, too many lies, too much deceit and rampant corruption. Where are the missing children? Words that make black and blue pillers balk in fear, horror and distaste. Narcissistic curses and glorification of busy algorithms block all these truths. Their lives are about bills, busyness and bullshit. We ain’t crazy, its the fekin world that’s crazy. Channel Truman, channel Neo, Trinity, Dorothy and Alice, don’t believe everything we are told. Find out. We can feel really shaky, freaked out, anxious, scared, unsure of ourselves during these intense waves of psychic attack. Truth needs to be told to stand strong amid tsunamis of negativity.

Break the energy wizardry of this black portal by KNOWING SELF and refusing to allow anyone else to shake that self knowing. Self awareness, self trust, self care, we have worked hard to cultivate, grow and evolve. Harness 1111 quantum leap courage, 333 lightwave confidence and 444 lightbody activation. We stand our ground. Anchoring our light to Gaia. We will not be moved. 999 dark portal wants us to waver, dissolve or destroy what we know to be truth in our heart. There’s more of us than them, and we are only just getting started. The light revival of humanity is happening and we are here to ensure nothing gets in the way of liberation. Use our own force field to block, dismantle, dissolve and derail all negative energetic attack, whether its from CERN, a callous colleague at work, an old curse or matrix implant. It all adds up to the same thing. Stay in the light. Stay protected. Be savvy, secure in your self worth, stealthy and stable. We can do this, no problem.

We stay focused with dreamweaving our intentions into the manifesting timelines of our world, weaving positivity into Gaia’s ascension field. Look for evidence of the light matrix plugged in. Surrender to divine protection by releasing stress and anxiety and allowing the universe to take care of us, to guide us through the labyrinth of dark portal activity we are blinded by currently. Our third eye is a hotline to our higher self, our heart is hardwired to the angels. Channel, raise our vibrations, tune in and stay there, it’s all good beautiful people. A walk in the park will energise, a walk by the sea will blow the cobwebs away, hugging a tree will realign us to natures high vibrations. Laughter, love, peace and happiness are our weapons, our tools for safe surfing black waves, whilst still riding those higher vibe 333 activation waves of lightbody goodness. In light and love cosmic surfers 🐾


Anunaki, Psychic Attack and Light Protection

With so much going on energetically it becomes tricky identifying causes and effects. 444 lightbody activation, triggered by 1111 or 333 light portals is different from symptoms of 999 dark portals. All of the above are affecting us. We move through the closure of 1111 quantum leap, establishing our biorhythms in 1112 steadying ourselves in higher vibratory fields. 333 light gateway continues till mid December, heart, throat and root chakra activations. We release ancestral, past life and childhood trauma in 66 karmic clearing. And to top it all off we are being subjected to the most intense dark portal we’ve experienced so far. There’s a lot going on folks, I’m going to break it down here and offer some tips for navigating energetic friction with our mindbodysoul intact.

1111 and 333 portals of light trigger 444 lightbody activation in our mindbodysoul being. Light portals open in our atmosphere, penetrating the biodome, flooding our atmosphere with high frequency cosmic waves. We have been experiencing these waves intensively since 2012. Lightbody activation is the expansion of our chakra system, bringing us online as energetic beings. We experience physical, intellectual and spiritual awakenings, upgrades and downloads. Our lives change as we seek to embrace, accommodate and integrate upgrades to our DNA. To create energetic space for upgrades we release karma. Upgrading from 3d to 5d on the material plane in one lifetime is virtually unheard of in the multiverse, certainly a lifetime as short and limited as the human linear life span. Andromodeans live for 900 to 1000 years, they are able to experience all the magic, wonder and growth of the enlightenment in a calm, easy going manner, time stretches for them. Human life span has been artificially manipulated. We are a GM population. Food, air, water and manufactured goods are engineered in low vibrations, toxic for our evolution. Sadly none of this is by accident.

The Anunaki infiltrated earth many moons ago. The Anunaki worship satan, the fallen angel, he is their idol, their god, their master, their warlord. Despite being limited to lower dimensional frequencies due to their low vibration, the Anunaki have developed quantum technologies to cloak themselves, shapeshift and jump dimensional timelines. It was easy for them to subdue humanity, they have done this many times before. Since 2012 people have been trying to align with Gaia’s ascension field, this is what our mindbodysoul being wants to do, raise our vibrations. We are being locked down, chained, blocked from accessing lightwave downloads. Whilst Andromodeans were able to welcome their prophesied ascension, exploring lightbody activation, karmic clearing and ancestral healing in a deeply spiritual and technologically advanced way. Humanity’s awakening is more like an emergency road side rescue, paramedics on hand, jump start required.

There is a massive, tightly coordinated rescue mission in full swing for the hearts, minds and souls of humanity on earth. Travellers, volunteers, lightworkers and healers infiltrated the matrix the only way we could, by taking on human lifetimes. Many of us have questioned the need for amnesia when we entered, we have been told this was for full immersion in the matrix, so as not to be identified. This is true. We did agree to a certain amount of amnesia to aid our navigation through childhood. However the amnesia backfired, first wavers were devastated spiritually and emotionally by raw violence, fear and greed here on planet earth. Many were taken out before they reached adulthood, underprepared for post war 1950s, 60s earth. Second wavers took more power back, came in more awake to the evil presence here. Third wavers holding the fort for transition, too many lost, inert, apathetic, confused, egotistic, caught in the spiders dark magic web. Many of us have been taken out by a vicious system that knew we were coming and had been hunting us in many different ways since we got here.

We have been susceptible to narcissistic manipulation due to our empathic natures. We have been seduced by addiction due to our desperation to expand crown chakra awareness out of the boxed in matrix, losing connectivity to our organic physical wellbeing. Some of us have been targeted by dark entities in human hosts and on the astral. Sleep paralysis, demonic visitations, psychic attack, black magic and dark energy wizardry have all been used to take us out the matrix. In our physical 3d world we have been chained up, our wings pinned from birth. They. Saw. Us. Coming folks. It’s time we wise up and start owning our survival, our prowess and our warrior fire. The empath is rising from the flames, and she is not happy. She looks around, eyes wide open, SEES snakes, lizards, vampires, users and abusers, feeding off her, twisting her mind up, ripping holes in her heart and her soul. Does she forgive? Does she forget? She detaches with boundaries of self love, observes the feeders writhe in fury and agony as she cuts off their energy supply. She feels sacred rage, seeks divine justice for all the harm they cause to the innocent, the vulnerable, the needy and the disempowered.

Karma will do her beautiful, swift and sage work. The souped up, fired up empath can sit in a sacred circle of light, load up her light weapons, protect herself in divine crystalline force field, and take aim. Fire at will. This is a new world friends, warrior upgrades coming through. Light burns the darkness. Literally burns it. Light sears into black souls causing a myriad of symptoms, nothing quite making sense. Headaches, gut aches, chest pains. We can pull out every single knife in our back in deep meditative shamanic self healing. What do we do with them when they’re pulled out? Do we dissolve them in light or fire them right back at sender. We can construct a light mirror, a sphere of mirror light all round us. As we exist inside our force field, our mirrored force field, we can instruct the mirror to reflect all negative energies sent to us right back to sender. The mirror reflects, blocking all their energies getting to us, permanently returned to sender, ain’t no bad karma in that. If folk are sending us love they’re gonna get it all back. If they are stabbing us in the back, the front, all sides, well, it could hurt when it is reflected back at them. Our higher self will show us we are being attacked in synchronicity, numbers and meditation. We will experience a sinkhole in our energies. We send fuel to our sphere mirror, making sure it is returning everything to sender.

We experience the physical, material plane wrath of these people so used to draining us energetically. Without us, their props, their narratives crumble, they expose their true snaky natures in desperate, irrational, illogical behaviour and actions, betraying themselves to all who are observing. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. Some, bullies, are just fly by night nasties, riddled with entities feeding off their weakened, greedy, corrupt natures. Others are hunters. If you resonate with my words, feel you have been hunted, know that it is a compliment, we clearly make such powerful waves here that the darkness felt the need to assign us our very own demon handler. Whatever. Cut them out, burn them out, vacuum them out of us anyway we can. Reputable shamanic healers can clear entities as well as ancestral curses, attachments and even demonic hunters sent to take us out the game. If this resonates instruct your higher self to find you the healer you need to clear your energies mind, body and soul. The time is now to cut it all out. Hunters are weakened in the ascension field, their addictions are catching up on them, they are plagued with illness, migraines, stomach problems, kidney, liver and heart issues. They are distracted by their own twisted sickness.

How to identify parasites, players and hunters and how to get rid of them energetically for good.

  1. In all walks of life we experience bullying, intimidation, gossip and backstabbing. It confuses us as we feel we don’t do anything to instigate the negativity, toxicity and unpleasantness. Our light is bright, we were largely unware of it for decades, yet all these demonic attachments, parasitic entities can see us coming a mile off. An alcoholic boss? She is going to pick on the lightworker in her team, whose light hurts her demon alcohol attachments. An envious partner, they will belittle, diminish, blow out our light as often as possible, it reminds them of their own inertia, apathy and weakness. The lightworker is just BEing, YET his or her presence is offending, assaulting, burning negative attachments, entities. Sometimes the human host will not know why they are so vile to the innocent lightworker, negative behaviour can be a compulsion when feeding attachments.
  2. Loss of energy, appetite, self esteem, sleep and peace of mind are the hallmarks of psychic attack. Whether this is from an individual or on a larger scale within the matrix, we must learn to combat these attacks by consciously protecting our energy.
  3. Witchcraft has its own signature, a heavy, black note of bile planted into our energetic beings. It can cling to our DNA for lifetimes, plaguing ancestral family lines with sores, depression, anxiety, black holes for self esteem. In order to take off the heavy, dark cloak of witchcraft we embrace our angels and our divinity. We heal. We seek help if we can’t get it off by ourselves, from reputable healers able to deal with ancient and new witchcraft curses.
  4. A family member, carer or close friend has tried to hurt, wound or even kill us. Hunters jumped into families as soon as they were able to identify the blood lines travellers were attaching to for clearing. If we resonate with the traveller identity, being hunted since birth or early childhood is a common experience. Stealth mode, soldier training and divine trust in the truth in our gut, is our survival, our armour and our mission.
  5. The demon hunter will have a human servant, a feeder, an individual who upholds them, their needs and their construct of the world above all else within the family unit. This may have forced other, normal members of the family, into orbiting roles, pushed away by the dark intensity of these old energy connections. Narcissism, violence, sexual and emotional abuse, mind control and manipulation will be the hallmarks of family life if you have been hunted either as a traveller or as a volunteer from arrival in the matrix.

The good news is since the activations, we are so light filled we burn negative people, their attachments and their demons, just by our physical presence. They will separate from us physically, we literally hurt their being, but will continue to come at us on the astral and in the digital world, seeking to troll us, disrupt our higher biorhythms, haunt us or paralyse us in dark witchcraft. It’s up to us to take steps to protect ourselves. We can choose to protect ourselves and move on. Or we feel the call to sacred rage warrior missions in preordained contracts regarding our mission here. Lightwarriors are receiving a new set of upgrades through this 333 portal. Accompanying and building on upgrades integrated earlier in 2019 during previous 333 portals, we are now experiencing a massive upgrade in our supernatural abilities. Ghosts, ghouls, demons attachments, dark portals, its all becoming as real to us as shops, trains and stations. None of this has been happening by coincidence, we are joining the dots now. Our lives are taking on a holistic, decompartmentalised context as we assimilate with our higher selves, we SEE the bigger picture.

Lightworkers here to raise the vibrations, heal the world, change the world in peace, love, light and harmony, protection is key to survival. Lightwarriors I feel your sacred rage, Christ in the market place, divine justice, we’re coming for you frequencies, protection is key to our survival. All of us are receiving massive downloads, upgrades, as we push through this current maelstrom of energies.

5 Essential protection steps for light filled folk.

1. Mantras

All energies not created by me I return to sender.

Force field of Light up.

I construct a mirror between me and *** blocking their energies from me and reflecting back all they send to me. Namaste.

2. Black and white crystals for light protection, dark energy transmutation and clearing our auric field.

3. Paying close attention to number patterns, synchronicities, feathers, all are messages from guides, higher self, the universe, to help us lean into Divine alignment.

4. Smudge, smudge, smudge. Sage. Incense. Essential oils. Daily.

5. Self care forces us to put boundaries up, pushing folk who hurt us away. We maintain those secure spaces with Self confidence self awareness and self love.

We are doing this. We’ve made it this far and we ain’t going anywhere. The world has already changed. Her ascension from 3d to 5d is elemental. In fire we burn all blocks, all limits to our wellbeing and happiness. In air we breathe new life into our mindbodysoul being, dream weaving truth into our lives. In earth we ground to Gaia, anchor our light and connect to nature’s divine frequencies. In water we surrender to the flow of universal love, we are the containers, we hold space for the ascension of Gaia. In ether we achieve the alchemy of soul integrity, we release our spirit to energetic bliss. The angels sing with us. The Federation have our backs. The matrix is being rewired to light vibbraaatiiiooons. We hold love for Self above all else, protecting, caring for and nurturing ourselves in source love light. Sending y’all a big cosmic love hug x


1111 Transits, Twins and Transformation #taurusfullmoon #theShift #mercuryretrograde

11/12.11.19 Taurus Full Moon is going earth us beautiful people. He brings all the magic and mysticism of full moons, rooted in Taurean self belief, focus and commitment. Connect to Taurus Full moon vibration in grounding ritual and mantras. State our intentions under the glittering gaze of the full moon. Honour our worth in the maintenance of boundaries constructed through painful self work, Self healing and self love. Cultivate Self awareness. Anchor our divinity to the material plane. Use yoga to dynamically move our energies from root to crown and back again, get our chi flowing. The energies are transforming from dark to light, connect in meditation, dance and mindfulness. Know yourSelf. We are putting in the foundations of our new earth lives. Make them strong and flexible. When we know ourselves we lean in to rip curls, tidal waves and tsunamis of Light and dark portal activations. Inner peace comes from cultivating harmony and balance in our lives. What roots are you putting down? How are you manifesting your dreams? How are you protecting your energy, heart and mind? Enjoy insights from Taurean truths, tune into full moon high vibbbraaaattions for dynamic dream weaving beautiful people.

Mercury’s 3rd and final retrograde for 2019 will close 21.11.19. Glitches will test our resolve. Delays and obstacles will manifest instantly if we are out of alignment with our lit path. 66 karma accompanies Mercury’s Retrograde. It’s getting messy out there folks. People whose lives revolve around shallow standards are getting real grumpy as retrograde 66 karma bites em where it hurts. Sketchy, bad, toxic moods accompany karmic payback. Folk refusing or resisting reflection, blame others for their own perceived misfortune. Empaths breaking narcisstic chains detach and observe. Energy vampires kick off when their energy supply is cut off. Exposing their deceitful, manipulative personalities, their selfish agendas. Some folk are walking round with karmic whiplash, karma mirrors have shown them some uncomfortable truths recently. When folk cannot uphold their neat, Self congratulatory narratives they face a choice, dissolve the storytelling and get real or deny, refuse, resist truth. People whose lives revolve around status, require Extras, bit players, human props, to substantiate, colour in the stories they tell themselves. Projecting their anger and frustration as one by one empaths wake up and cut negative energetic cords. Spidery people weave webs of deceit and lies because they cannot face themselves. All illusion is being dissolved in 1111 Shift awakening vibrations.

666 dark portal is still in mid flow. For those souls whose karmic output goes into darker, evil, violent energies their karmic payback with 666 shadow frequencies is vicious. Watch the folk who are getting mindbodysoul ill, whose hyena personas are slipping to reveal something bitter, desperate, unpleasant behind their matrix masks. Fake facades crumble in searing 333 lightwaves. Step away from those panicking, twisting n turning, shrieking and howling in the new paradigm. Integrity, compassion and truth, cosmic surfers, are the biorhythms of our new earth. Each walks their own path and deals with their own karma. The astral dark web fights hard for survival. The Spider weaves his black matrix, his soldiers working overtime to keep his web secure. The light matrix is plugged into the mainframe. We witness light and dark operating within the hologram. 666 Transits to 999. Too much pressure on blue pill folk? Everyone is spacing out. Time is no longer linear, it’s fully automated quantum. Sleepers operate in short memory cycles, the only way to break them is to Wake Up. Meditation, mindfulness and gratitude breaks memory loops. For woke folk observing sleepers operating in entitled, ignorant, short memory loops we disentangle from seed sowing and detach from their journey. Enough work has been done for now.

222 twin flame, soul mate vibrations ripple through the ascension field. Twin flames hold the knowledge. Twin flame sacred union anchors source frequencies onto the material plane. Twin flame union is a quiet, underground, stealthy movement. Mirrors teach. Reflections help us understand who we are. Illusions dissolve. Soul mates ignite our spiritual enlightenment. Soul mates have travelled together before. Soul mates are the building blocks of alignment on our journeys, we meet when we are ready for each other. There are still a lot of 1s around highlighting individual vision, sovereignty, integrity, worth, value, nourishment and nurturing. 222 vibrations permeate the 3rd 333 Portal. Our soul Self work releases negative algorithms, clearing energetic space for positive connections to be made. Breathe into 222 vibrations, let them wash over and through you if you are already with soul mate or ready to connect. Call twins and soul mates in meditation. Harness Taurean full moon energies, consolidating all we have learnt about Self, securing us for the journey of love.

333 third and final cosmic gateway of 2019 closes with the passing of Chiron’s retrograde on 12.12.19. Aligned with the 12.12 Portal we will experience a surge in high frequency energies, Momentum. Heart Chakra activation has been ongoing throughout 2019. The collective consciousness is experiencing the Shift from greed politics to empathy policies. 12.12 will be an opportunity, a cosmic gateway, we can move through as a collective. The Shift will be from service to self to service to others. Whether we, as a collective, make this quantum leap will depend on politically awakened blue pill folk and the engagement of indigo millennials. Will they make their voices heard? Are they strong enough to fight for their sovereignty? Heart chakra expansion is release of fear, and integration of spiritual enlightenment. Humanity is Shifting from Ego to Heart. Chiron retrograde, the wounded planet, is healing our collective consciousness to facilitate this transformative quantum Shift. Her transit through the Crystal Children’s constellation of Aries continues till 2027. All is in divine source light alignment.

Transformation is happening. The Light Matrix is plugged into the mainframe. Detach and observe. Soul Retrieval is in full swing on the astral planes, more of this soon. 666 Transits 999. Protect our auric field from dark portal energies with white and black crystals, light warrior mantras and higher self love. Shield up. Create vortex of protective light round our homes using selenite, tourmaline and obsidian. Smudge. Clear energies of self, family and home regularly through this 666 portal. The light is spreading across the ascension field like wildfire, nothing can stop it now. Intense unrest on the astral plane as CERN floods lower etheric realms with demon entities. Warrior uploads coming through in response. Traveller activations. Calmly download, collate and integrate in meditation, creativity and journaling. Conservation of our energy is key to assimilating DNA upgrades. Now isn’t the time for dimensional jumping, the astral is dangerous in its desperate disarray. Our higher selves are handling that side of things for now. Trust the assimilation of material plane organic existence and crown chakra akashic wisdom. Surrender to source, love, angelic, higher self vibrations. Trust, listen to our gut!

Chiron, the healing planet, remains in retrograde through Aries constellation until 12.12.19. Activated by Scorpio new moon, we are balancing the birth of the new earth with the harsh realities of the matrix. Protect our new, ecstatic, enlightened Aries energetic core by cultivating protective Scorpio vibrations. Scorpio holds the vibrations of magic, wisdom, caution and care. She is deliberate, pragmatic, sensitive, gentle and kind. Let our third eye do the talking. Be instinctive, intuitive, stealthy by channelling Scorpio energies pulsing through the ascension field. Protect Self, be Lit and Love in safe spaces. Trust the universe in her alignment of divine masculine and feminine. We are at the heart of a great dance between light and dark. We can surrender to the Light and allow her goddess frequencies to hold us through our transformation. We can detach from negativity and choose to open the doors of perception, to See 5d shahmbala Light. We are allowed to be happy. Read it again. We are allowed to be happy. Revolution of the matrix is Dreamweaving our happiness into our reality. Manifesting our joy will break the 3d hologram for good. Hold Self in heart space and all will be divine in source alignment. We are the new paradigm. We hold ourselves sacred, create circles of divine light, as we move through current clashing energy waves.

Light workers rest, enjoy zen energies on the higher realms. Integrate downloads in peaceful contemplation. Stretch, engage in stimulating interactions. Our time is coming. We prioritise peace of mind, security and safety in upholding boundaries, keeping all those who seek to disrupt and lower our higher biorhythms at arms length. This is their karma as much as it is ours. 444 Lightbody activation codes, root to crown activations coming through. Are we welcoming the transformation from 3d to 5d? Soak up Taurean full moon rays for consolidation of assimilation activated by the Crystal Children’s final 333 Portal of 2019. Load up on 1111 Light fuel held in cosmic lightwaves for the coming months of physical, organic Shift from Fear to Love. Take it easy in these last few weeks of 2o19, we really have worked so hard this year. Love yourself extra special at this time. Set goals, intentions for 2020 under the profound power of all these immense energy portals. Dreamweave. Anchor. Earth. Alchemy is the elemental Shift from ego to heart, mindbodysoul activation, expansion, unification and elevation. We are responsible for our growth, our evolution is in our hands as individuals and as a collective. Be present. Be awake. Be kind to yourself. In light and love beautiful people.


I am thankful for all I have learned this year.

I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self.

I am one with universal love frequency.

I am having a calm/magical/reflective/energised/joyful day.

I am of the light all that is dark cannot harm me.

I am protected at all times from anything that may mean or cause me harm, in divine light.

Shield of love up.

I call my twin to me, if he or she is ready I am here.

I call my soul mate to me, I am ready for the growth we shall ignite in each other.

I call my soul tribe, I am ready for the love and joy we will create and share.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

Namaste πŸ™πŸΌ


Silence isn’t always Golden #divinefemininerising

People are silent towards others for many reasons. Something on their mind, not as engaged as normal. Distracted, unwell, bored or maybe just rude. Some folk project their mood onto others, dominating the frequencies with their low vibrations. Others use silence as a power tool, leverage for powerplays, agendas and manipulation. Silence has become a weapon in our patriarchal society. Domestic abuse, mental and emotional, often circle round the use of silence. Silence as punishment. Silence as judgement. Silence as criticism. Silence undermines the listener. Being left hanging is never a nice feeling. In our digital world silence infers potential ghosting. Oh hi feelings of rejection and abandonment, great to see you guys again, not! No one likes being ghosted. Nor do we like having the reasons for our termination explained to us. It’s a tricky one. Ghosting hovers round online silence like a bad smell. Makes us jittery, defensive, uncomfortable. People seek authenticity in their relationships to avoid the uncertainty of silences.

How does a person facing a wall of silence respond? A person secure in their worth will NOT fill the silence with nervous chatter. They will not soak up negative energies conveyed in the silence. They will not chase the silence. They will not interpret or over think or second guess motivations behind the silence. So what do they do? Give the person space till they feel like filling it? Reach out? Stay present but get on with their own lives? A comfortable silence is cultivated when folk know and like each other. It is a secure vibration. Silence outside of a confortable connection is an insecure space, one that can vacuum our identity, drain our self esteem, lower our self confidence. Silence in families delivers oppression, dense low frequencies, a bitter brew. Self expression, awareness and emotional development can be stunted in families where silence is used as a power tool. In relationships silence can become a weapon of mass destruction, belittling the receiver. In the work place silence can be used to keep people on their toes, nervous for their job security, causing stress, anxiety and illness.

Silence is golden only when it is chosen.

Divine feminine throat chakra expansion is the activation and celebration of Voice. Women breaking through barriers of silence. In families, loaded with expectation. In job interviews, crackling with inequality. In work spaces, weighed down in job in-security. We find our voice we break glass ceilings, people pleasing algorithms, we stop chasing. Breathe into other people’s silence. Detach. Are they rude? Distracted? Players? Unkind? Who knows?!! Only they can express their feelings. Step back, protect Self and see what they do. For women this is challenging, we are intensively conditioned to seek approval from others. Goddess energies ripple through the ascension field. Tap into Empress vibrations when feeling vulnerable, insecure or unworthy if dealing with someone’s silence. Walls of silence can erode our self worth. Block silence. Dissolve it. Step away from it. Go deep into Self. Seek guidance in meditation. Filling another person’s silence is never a good idea. Own it makes us uncomfortable #awkward. Give yourself a hug. Remember You love You so it’s ok if someone else chooses not to expend energy to communicate with us. It’s ok. Look out for souls who enjoy our energy, our company, our humour. The folk who will love us, challenge us and grow with us #soultribe.

Peace beautiful people πŸ™πŸΌ


Channelled Message from the Arcturian Council Shahmbala 🌈 1.11.19

We are here with great tidings. The final membrane was broken through, aligned with Aries full moon, the crystal children’s moontime. We are in awe. We are in jubilation. We dance, we sing, we soar. We share all that is angelic, wondrous, magnificent and glorious in the multi verse with those who made the final leap. We are one. We dance among you in the stars. We are here for each and every one who resonates with our words. All who joined us in shahmbala and all who are preparing to make their next leap. We are truly magnificent in our source code light. We welcome all to fifth dimension and beyond. The world expands into light. Darkness fights to remain rooted to lower dimensional frequencies. The light will not give up, stop, or back off. We come for all. We bring love, compassion, truth, sanctuary and light. We are the creators of this world and many others. Seeders. Warriors. We SEE all that the angels see. We are ascended beings here to assist Gaia and humanity in her flight to the higher realms of peace and harmony. This is a truly momentous time. All in galaxies far and wide watch. The great dance of duality, dark and light, never ending in its chaos cycles, plays itself out to a great crescendo. The Askari galaxy (Milky Way) holds space for all that is of the light to be returned to the light. We praise in deepest gratitude, in grace and with humility all who took part in the great ascension of humanity through the stormy seas of fourth realm fluidity, breaking on through to the other side. Shambala friends, all are welcome. The gates will remain OPEN due to the tremendous work accomplished on the material plane by lightworkers, healers, earth guardians, light missionaries, travellers, volunteers… we praise you in heavenly gratitude for your strength, stealth, purpose and persistence.

Swathes of dark karmic energy released to universal frequencies of transmutation have been like black blankets over your world at times. We know many of you could barely see, feel, walk, hear, breathe at times. We know many of you reached for the exit at times, we commend you for your divine alignment. Karmic clearing began in earnest in earth year 2015. So many problems, concerns, issues arose. Complex, intricate, woven into the very hearts of each human. The system was so much blacker than many initially thought. Whole zones operating on hybrid technologies, soul siphoning corrupting the integrity of humanities unity motherboard. Sacred knowledge, relics, truths destroyed systematically across time. The biosphere held very dark secrets indeed. We summoned command, we stepped up dimensional sound wave light warfare. Travellers operating multidimensionally were hyper active on the astral, battling the Archons in their demented energetic wavelengths. Integration, lightbody activation, astral warfare, maintaining your lives, the lives you chose.

Ancestral DNA to be cleared, karmic cycles to be broken, tens of thousands of you were taken out the game very early. Walk ins were activated. Demons jumping timelines, taking hosts, attaching to the same ancestral DNA lines, to hunt, attack and take you out the ascension field. Family for many of you turned out to be a jungle where you were the prey surrounded by predators. 144,000 jumped, volunteered, travelled starting in 1945 earth year. We estimate 44,000 made it to this point, intact on the material plane. Some are blocked or locked out of divine vibrations. Those who were taken out, or exited, have continued their mission in earnest from the other side. Guiding fellow travellers on the material plane. Great battles have been fought in the stars, alternate dimensional frequencies, planes around the Gaia earth field. Many witnessed, filmed, shared by people with enough soul intact to still look up. Shaman were called from across the mutli verse, the black wizardry used to create and run the matrix is like nothing any have seen before. Our old nemesis has surpassed himself here. Earth is a sparkling gem in a sometimes barren galaxy. She survived previous destruction cycles, her history is ancient and loaded with magic, sacred ritual and cosmic spiritual practise. She truly is a crystal herself in the multi verse. Minerals, raw materials, fuelling lower realm advanced technologies turned out to be the cover story, much like the layers of deceit round the Middle East. Is it all about religion, oil, opium or something else? The layers are intricately woven, tripwires of deceit, illusion, smoke and mirrors. The truth as too many of us already know is far worse than any and all of the above.

The children, trapped on astral dimensions were rescued quietly, with care, caution and compassion. The Corridor of Light was activated in divine alignment. If you are reading this then you were most likely involved. Higher self assimilation with lower self has quantum leaped. The crystal children divinely aligned to cosmic constellation were there to save their own. All seeing rainbow children, the lost children clung to them on the material plane, haunting them. Directive from Federation of Light all children are to be cleared of negative entities. If you are a healer reading this please take our guidance in love and humility. Each child on Gaia’s earth plane has been touched by the lost children in some way. The crystal children have been activated, they are transitioning 1111 to 1112. They will seek healing, though most are with parents who are as woke as they are. Healers, heal the children. Touch their crown chakra lightly, bless them in divine crystalline light. let the ghosts leave their souls. Show them the way. Show them the light. The children need not know what you are doing, though we feel they will. Healers, heal the children on the material plane. Stealth mode, head down, or right out there in the open, however works best, all bring their own unique imprint of source healing in their deftness, their truth and their light. We are always here for you.

Call us when you need us. There will be children with dark parasites, children who will require more then a light blessing. Always trust instinct, divine wisdom comes through our energy. Surrender to shaman guides operating on the other side, guiding all healers on the material plane in quantum time. Interstellar shamanic light shimmering throughout the Gaia zones is breathtaking. They responded to our call in lighting time, have been activating healers for some time with their divine presence. As angels do, they can be many places at once, they are fully aligned to the quantum field of immortality and interdimensionality. Use them, channel their healing. They have names you will recognise for their lives, many and profound, are legendary across the multi verse. Gods, goddesses, high priestesses, Archangels, SEErs, messiah, sage, empress, holy in heart and deed, supporting the ascension of humanity. All energy healing disciplines are being upgraded. The doors are open, light cosmic healing waves flood Gaia’s auric field. Accessible to all who are working in source healing energy.

Trust the process of upgrades. Get to know new skillsets, healing techniques and tools, all will be instinctive, intuitive building on the foundation of the teachings you have already received. We are being specific, reiki and yoga are being upgraded, as are all energetic healing therapies, sound and touch. Healers were capped by dense 3d frequencies, dissolving now in 5d lightwaves. Healers will see more of the darkness in their clients auruc field. Their third eyes are in process of massive upgrades. Healing will be done though third eye, gut, hands and heart chakras. Everything is energy, frequency. Healers are learning to heal all who come of attachments, negative entities and ancestral curses. The healing world is upgrading in cosmic source light waves. People are very much in need of healing anchored on the material plane. The main-streaming of light will see organic growth of self care, self love, equality and peace algorithms taking root. The matrix is being rewired by a stealth light virus, rewriting dark coding to light frequencies. The light matrix is plugged into the mainframe. We see the light matrix woven in a beautiful, translucent, transdimensional dreamscape.

There is warrior work to be done. This part of our message is specifically for light workers who are receiving and integrating warrior code downloads. The Corridor of Light constructed by Arcturian engineers has released all child souls trapped in the astral Archon Anunaki machine. Astral clearing has been scaled back during ascension to fifth dimensional fields. The 1111 transition to 1112 will continue in alignment with Taurean full moon 11/12.11.19. Ongoing material plane assimilation until the final portal of 2019 12.12.19 has closed and Chiron completes her retrograde cycle of deep healing. There is no expectation of commitment to astral clearing during this time. Those still on the material plane focus on divine alignment, the restructuring of lives to higher vibratory fields. Exhaustion experienced over the last few years, caused by 444 lightbody activation, karmic clearing and also activity on the astral plane during dreamtime. Many of you have carried memory of these activities with you in your waking life. Disorientating, the ascension energies have at once expanded your consciousness and slowed down the pace of your daily lives to accommodate this expansion of consciousness. All should go at their own pace. 2019 was the birthing pains of the new earth. Rest, recuperate. Sleep should already have improved for many of you as your duties on the astral and with light matrix weaving have eased.

We welcome all in meditation, the atmosphere here, on the other side, is electric. We are all experiencing a divine lightness of being, as we observe the birth of unified consciousness. Divine feminine and masculine vibrations are coded in the twin flame archetype. Their sacred union holds divine codes of source light. Their union on the material plane has played a significant role in raising the vibration. Angelic interventions, their trumpets sounding across Gaia’s skies, their arrival heralded by many as the coming of the Christ. Crystalline light activation codes are fully embedded in the light matrix. Sit back for a while and let divine light ripple out through the system. Seed sowing over many earth decades, revolution, liberation, secret underground organisations unified in their desire to remove the tumours, the darkness, the elite, have held their own, held space, held the energy for divine timing, alignment of all. A spectacular light show as rainbow energies ripple across Gaia’s force field. The Anunaki are in chaos. Their puppets have lost the plot, no longer obeying commands, fear has spread far and wide among the cabal. Top dogs being brought to justice. Divine justice. Lightworkers, travellers, light warriors, healers, volunteers your time is here.

Timelines have realigned to light vibrations. People have taken back enough of their sovereignty to break free of inertia cancer coding. The grandmothers have played a truly wondrous part. Divine feminine wisdom, passion, creativity, power and belief in the emancipation of the feminine. The Akashic records have a whole new wing manifesting as we speak. The Askari galaxy, her diamond in the sky Gaia, earth, has blown histories, prophesies and predictions apart. The ascension field shimmers in divine source light. There is much more to say friends, for now let us share one final piece of good news. None of you, not one of you will go back. Where you are now, how you feel, the lightness in your bones, the love in your heart, the expansion of your lungs, crown chakra and third eye activation is a new level. You have levelled up. The alignment cannot dissolve, stall, reverse or be forgotten. Each time you leap you get there for good. Say goodbye to old thought patterns, behaviours, habits and people who brought the vibrations of your life down. All are running up that hill, its dotted with cosmic platforms, footholds, rest points, spaces to get dreamy, look at the stars, dance under the moonlight, trip to the light fantastic, enjoy them. Feel them. Tune in, drop out, flyyy on the wings of angels. This is what all your hard work is about, what it is for. Each of you deserves happiness. Manifest.

Higher dimensional realms permeate the bioshere, Lumeryan light shimmers across Gaia earth plane, wondrous, breathtaking, transcendental. Hold your space, your time, your energy precious. We just observed you birth the new earth! Time to celebrate, relax, feel good about yourSelves. Light engineering in quantum force fields, fuelled by cosmic alignment have broken the final membrane to the fifth realm. We are grateful beyond words for all that has been accomplished on the material plane and on multiple dimensions within your perceived spectrum of realities. In love and light, with tidings of great changes to come. Your friends, allies and family, the Arcturian Council of Light.

awakening5dhealing, Lightbody Activation, Planets and Portals Energy Updates, The Matrix

1111 Transits 1112 Stabilising Assimilation

So much is going on beautiful people! The energies are in intense fluctuation, stabilising is proving tricky as we move through the final stages of the third 333 trinity portal. Closure aligned in earthing energies of 11.11.19 Taurus full moon. Healing, restructuring of our lives, grounding into our transition, will continue into late December, at a pace we can handle better. Duality dissolves as we raise our vibrations, we see only energy, the matrix, the world becomes truth-ful. Illusions evaporate, demons can’t hide, angels walk the streets and we have birthed the new earth. On sacred land, held in goddess light, shrouded in ancient vortex of golden shimmering love vibrations. We did it. Cosmic Pause is released, forward motion commences. We jumped, made the leap, levelled up. Wherever we are in this magnificent, intricate weave of dreams, manifestation, wavy, hazy goodness, look up, always look up. Raise our heads high, it’s a new day, a new life for us. Transition will continue through 333 gateway, mind body soul recalibration as the ascension field stabilises, catches its breath. The old matrix is shaken beyond sustainability, transparent, unstable, immaterial. It’s existence is dependent on memory, algorithmic expectation, the remnants of an obsolete, outdated system. Programs being deleted as the light matrix activates her high tech crystalline coding. It will take time but the signs are clear, the light matrix is plugged into the mainframe and all systems are go.

We take our first steps tentatively. Be stealthy, cautious, channel Scorpio’s new moon vibrations. Her protective layer of armour, holding our newness, our lightness, our rainbow vibrations close, covered, until we are ready. Scorpio energy is the most lit of all signs, magical, mysterious, magnetic. She has her hard shell, her stinging tail, to protect such truly wondrous golden light. All she touches comes to the light. All she knows is truth. All she speaks is gentle love. Her armour protects her healing light. Channel Scorpio frequencies friends. Avoid contact with the matrix, shopping malls, crowds, dark alleys, transport links, media. Travel, stealth mode activated, particularly highly monitored zones. The grid is on red alert, eyes are everywhere. Big brother is in a right faff. We are being monitored and tracked by a machine that is corrupt. Play the matrix game, plugged in behaviours, we can trick the system easily by conforming to some of its algorithms, throw it off our lit scent. Mantras All energies not created by me I return to sender. Force field of Light activated. Invisibility cloak on. I walk the path of love.

The numbers are talking, codes within the new updated mainframe, lightweaving out the darkness. 666 CERN activated, dark portals flooding the biosphere with demonic entities, attachments to hosts accelerated. The material plane contains several materialised dimensional timelines simultaneously in its quantum field. Post apocalyptic realities, the devil’s dreamscape, fluctuate in and out at the depths of the slime. Zombie timelines operate at the frayed edges of the mainline field of perceived dimensional reality most are experiencing. Our internal baseline vibration aligns with the reality closest to it. The world has shifted so profoundly it is astonishing we are still essentially within the matrix operation systems. They are malfunctioning. 666 dark portal is an own goal for the baddies. We are super boosted, the very sight of us terrifies black entities, they cower, hide in the shadows, our light is all consuming. Like a poultice it draws everything slimy, sludgy, poisonous, toxic and dark out. There is no escape bar passing to the other side. We will see more of this as the ascension field stabilises, embeds and sparkles in fluid cosmic angelic lightwaves.

66 karma. Mercury returns for his third and final Retrograde of the year. 333. Reflections. It could get ugly for those aligned with greed, envy, vengeance, deceit and manipulation. The narcissist empath archetype is breaking down. Narcissists named and shamed in main-stream media, empaths finding their sacred warrior spirit. Karma really doesn’t hold back when she gets going. Tell tale signs of folk experiencing karmic backlash for dark thoughts and deeds, illness, colds, flus, sinus problems. Bad mouthing folk stains the throat chakra, clogs it. Speaking light clears all this away. Headaches, migraines as their demons or demonic natures struggle in these light waves. Many will be lying low, not their usual bragging, bushy tailed, in our faces selves. They are backing off, their confusion is palpable on the darker astral fields. Meltdown. Too much light, hurts their eyes, give them aches and pains, retreating. Delusional narratives constructed from hate, fear, ego, crumbling around them. Mercury Retrograde will embroil many in 66 tidal waves of karma. Everything is coming up for clearing. Deceitful folk draw others into their elaborate webs to support, maintain, prop up their delusions of grandeur. It’s all dissolving. As we unfurl our wings, set our mission clear, liberation, illumination, unified consciousness, they squirm, shiver, shrink in fear.

We are here to save, change, rebirth the world. That’s it. It’s happening. No man, womban or child will be starving in mind, body or soul, is the goal. End of. Inertia is cancer for the trinity being. Ignorance is a tumour. Algorithms of a sick, twisted, evil system. Deceit is the black dog of the matrix world. It isolates, creates paranoid realities, breeds depression, addiction. Spiders playing in their webs, feeding just themselves, may find themselves alone. We’re all busy living our lives like we’re golden. Let the spider feed his demons. Let the demons weave their black timelines in the heads and hearts of their acquiescing hosts. We have other things to do. Time is ticking. 1111 1112. We are on the cusp of 11.12, creeping closer to its pearly gates of perception. Earthing. Healing all that we are into one assimilated truth. Authentic. Sovereign. Aligned to Gaia’s ascension field in divine harmony. We open our minds to truth held, contained, safe in the arms of sacred love. The lotus opens gently, gradually, in divine timing. Breathe into transcendental energies cosmic surfers. Things are being done in stages, staggered. It’s vital we upgrade at our own pace. Containing this spectrum of frequencies within our mindbodysoul being is quite some task. We are anchoring light to the material plane through our raised cellular vibration. We breathe here, we breathe our higher frequencies, transmuting, clearing, cleaning.

After interaction with the world, the matrix, other people, our lives outside our homes, we can feel drained, overwhelmed, spaced out. Our spirit works to animate our high vibration. The experience can be similar to a decompression chamber. Coming down from high vibe meditation, interacting with lower dimensions can make us feel dizzy, nauseous, faint. Moving slowly upon waking up is advisable. Assimilation of higher self and lower self means adjusting from dreamstate to wake can take awhile. Hydrate. Come back into the room, the world, slowly, gently. Moving our bodies, stretching, getting blood and chi flowing. We can feel disoriented, discombobulated, take it nice n eazy friends. We can be clumsy on the material plane, our higher chakras overstimulated in the flood of downloads coming through. Our eyes can be itchy, blurry with third eye activation. Upgrades can cause aches and discomfort in limbs, muscles, as we crack through hard karma to release into lighter vibrations. Lightness of being is emotional trauma being released. Maintaining our health and wellbeing throughout this process is essential to avoid illness or injury. We commit to self care. We nurture and nourish our bodies, minds and souls. We cultivate self awareness, self knowing building self confidence.

Our higher self steps up to protect us, we are too lit for the matrix sometimes. Quiet space to realign, meditate, move and lift our whole vibration back up is necessary. Slow everything down if my words resonate. The tribal party has not stopped, it doesn’t, we can go chill, dance, levitate anytime we choose. No one else is going to fix us, whoever broke us doesn’t care, only we can rebuild ourselves. We create space for our own rebirth. We heal Self and the ripples of love and light spread out, deep, moving, all round us. Take responsibility not just for mind body soul wellbeing, also our auric field, our energy, this is the fourth alignment, 3334. The alchemy, the ether is 5d. Shambala within and so without. We love our bodies, our minds, our souls and our energy. We control our own dial. Through heart, third eye and gut instinct. We can use our bodies in movement and meditation to raise our vibrations. We can use music, creativity and friendship to raise our frequency. Nature is a fast track, Gaia holds the pulse of 12d in her veins, receive.

Matrix infrastructures malfunction. Digital and wifi technologies are glitching as they are rewired to light matrix frequencies. We are Coders. We are Programmers. What we put into the world wide web is what it will Be. Inject positivity, healing, love vibrations into the web and those vibrations will spread, embed, grow. Share love, emojis, memes, wise, honest words. InstaInspo rolls out. Apps are a digital analogy for the new earth. Some are safe, protected by firewalls of Light. Others are transitioning, use carefully for awhile. Big brothers landscape is the web, his reach lessens with apps. We do not back away from either, we charge right in there, hit them up with with heart emojis, heartfelt dialogue and heart led sharing. We encode love. We engage. Infiltrate the infiltrators. Our energy knows which apps are safe, trust your gut. Some apps are ghosts in the machine, operating under their own algorithms, mysterious, ambiguous, anonymous. Feel our way through the interweb, where is it shadowy, shady, dark, where is it lit, warming up, taking flight.

The internet is our communication, our tribal unified space of dialogue. We protect it by being present, there, instilling our own algorithms. Momentum builds, R2 was always Resistance. Part of the restructuring of the old earth, upgrading, is rewiring the web from dark to light, and we do it friends. We are the coders of the world wide web now. Use it. Channel warrior vibes and unleash your dreams. The world is smaller than we know, the web shows us this. Enjoy it. Hackers both on the material plane and on other dimensional frequencies are dismantling the black, dark web from the inside out. Supported on the material plane by indictments and upcoming court cases, still hidden from most, the paedophile rings, slavery, arms and illegal drugs networks are being decommissioned. Declared obsolete. Use social media in a calm and collected manner, create a positive exchange around your interaction with it. Our energy, our input, our activity is the reprograming tool.

The SIMS program is back up and running. Horcruxes cower, get ill, fade. Woke folk are singing in the streets, we KNOW. We thought it would be 2020, ahead of schedule, humanity took back the reigns from Etonian lizards, halted their freemason dark clock, foiled their Hallows Eve party plans. Nice work. The west watches and waits. UK election 12.12? Are the people going to overthrow their lizard overlords. Are they tired yet of the feudal system. Does the digital age excite them about future light crystalline technologies. Or are they still sitting on the couch watching tv, running on outdated programs? The world has changed, no doubt. We surf our waves and watch, observe and meditate, listen and love. All are welcome. Breathe it in beautiful people. Prepare. Reflect. Transition from 1111 to 1112 is well under way.

We are dreamweavers. Selenite is kryptonite for protection here. Our spirit animals are being seen when they need to be. Many of the veils blurring lines between fourth realm and 3d matrix hologram have now dissolved with the 3rd 333 1111 leap. The fourth dimension is the energetic ocean separating 3d polarity and 5d unity consciousness. We sail, surf, ski, skate, fly, soar, swim, dive, paddle, float our way through. We release karma to accelerate the process. We raise our internal frequency with self healing. We surrender to a higher state of consciousness outside of us and we are part of. We feel safe, held and loved. We see angels. We shed tears for our Selves. We make friends with and parent our inner child. We relax our ego with mantras, daily spiritual practise to ease its programmed terrified mind set. We realign our chakras however we resonate. We cut cords. This is divine alignment of detachment, surrender and ascension. We are the divine feminine rriiiiiiiisssssssiiiiiinnnnnggg. We walk with pride, look out for spirit animals by our side. Base camp holding steady. And don’t forget to dance beautiful people! #basecampmix


Scorpio New Moon Trippy Transition 3d to 5d

1111 frequencies reverberate all round us. The material plane is tripping to the beats of light dimension connectivity. Collective consciousness activation on a grand scale. Scorpio new moon is the second, mid way alignment in a trinity tidal wave of unleashed 1111 higgghhh vibbbraatriions. The third will be Taurus full moon 11.11.19. This is gonna be a cosmic ride beautiful people. Slow down, Reflections are necessary for new moon growth. Scorpio stealth mode activation, the matrix is in freefall. The fourth realm is surreal. Time wavy, fluid, energetic. Channel Scorpio, be stealthy, smart, instinctive.

444 lightbody activation is kicking in big time. Mass collective release of heart chakra blocks. Breathe into it. Fear has fuked us up, time to Let It Go. We are surrounded by allies, angels and ascended beings. 333 cosmic lightwaves incoming, fuelling 1111 tidal wave. The final 1111 gateway was the one, last membrane broken through. 5d and beyond frequencies embedded on the material plane. When we surrender to universal love we detach, we relinquish control, panic, fear, anxiety, worry, stress. We surrender our lives to a higher state of BEing, one of light, compassion, self care and self love.

Trust gut instincts, third eye insight, heart led resonance. Our guides have our back. Learn to speak synchronicity. Allow your world to align with love. Breeeaathe beautiful people. Dreamweave. Ascension timelines materialising. One by one we jump, make the leap to higher dimensional realms. Feel the love, fluid through each chakra, nourishing and nurturing our mindbody soul. Downloads incoming. We become one. Mantra I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self πŸ™πŸΌ

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