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Channelled Message from the Arcturian Council Shahmbala 🌈 1.11.19

We are here with great tidings. The final membrane was broken through, aligned with Aries full moon, the crystal children’s moontime. We are in awe. We are in jubilation. We dance, we sing, we soar. We share all that is angelic, wondrous, magnificent and glorious in the multi verse with those who made the final leap. We are one. We dance among you in the stars. We are here for each and every one who resonates with our words. All who joined us in shahmbala and all who are preparing to make their next leap. We are truly magnificent in our source code light. We welcome all to fifth dimension and beyond. The world expands into light. Darkness fights to remain rooted to lower dimensional frequencies. The light will not give up, stop, or back off. We come for all. We bring love, compassion, truth, sanctuary and light. We are the creators of this world and many others. Seeders. Warriors. We SEE all that the angels see. We are ascended beings here to assist Gaia and humanity in her flight to the higher realms of peace and harmony. This is a truly momentous time. All in galaxies far and wide watch. The great dance of duality, dark and light, never ending in its chaos cycles, plays itself out to a great crescendo. The Askari galaxy (Milky Way) holds space for all that is of the light to be returned to the light. We praise in deepest gratitude, in grace and with humility all who took part in the great ascension of humanity through the stormy seas of fourth realm fluidity, breaking on through to the other side. Shambala friends, all are welcome. The gates will remain OPEN due to the tremendous work accomplished on the material plane by lightworkers, healers, earth guardians, light missionaries, travellers, volunteers… we praise you in heavenly gratitude for your strength, stealth, purpose and persistence.

Swathes of dark karmic energy released to universal frequencies of transmutation have been like black blankets over your world at times. We know many of you could barely see, feel, walk, hear, breathe at times. We know many of you reached for the exit at times, we commend you for your divine alignment. Karmic clearing began in earnest in earth year 2015. So many problems, concerns, issues arose. Complex, intricate, woven into the very hearts of each human. The system was so much blacker than many initially thought. Whole zones operating on hybrid technologies, soul siphoning corrupting the integrity of humanities unity motherboard. Sacred knowledge, relics, truths destroyed systematically across time. The biosphere held very dark secrets indeed. We summoned command, we stepped up dimensional sound wave light warfare. Travellers operating multidimensionally were hyper active on the astral, battling the Archons in their demented energetic wavelengths. Integration, lightbody activation, astral warfare, maintaining your lives, the lives you chose.

Ancestral DNA to be cleared, karmic cycles to be broken, tens of thousands of you were taken out the game very early. Walk ins were activated. Demons jumping timelines, taking hosts, attaching to the same ancestral DNA lines, to hunt, attack and take you out the ascension field. Family for many of you turned out to be a jungle where you were the prey surrounded by predators. 144,000 jumped, volunteered, travelled starting in 1945 earth year. We estimate 44,000 made it to this point, intact on the material plane. Some are blocked or locked out of divine vibrations. Those who were taken out, or exited, have continued their mission in earnest from the other side. Guiding fellow travellers on the material plane. Great battles have been fought in the stars, alternate dimensional frequencies, planes around the Gaia earth field. Many witnessed, filmed, shared by people with enough soul intact to still look up. Shaman were called from across the mutli verse, the black wizardry used to create and run the matrix is like nothing any have seen before. Our old nemesis has surpassed himself here. Earth is a sparkling gem in a sometimes barren galaxy. She survived previous destruction cycles, her history is ancient and loaded with magic, sacred ritual and cosmic spiritual practise. She truly is a crystal herself in the multi verse. Minerals, raw materials, fuelling lower realm advanced technologies turned out to be the cover story, much like the layers of deceit round the Middle East. Is it all about religion, oil, opium or something else? The layers are intricately woven, tripwires of deceit, illusion, smoke and mirrors. The truth as too many of us already know is far worse than any and all of the above.

The children, trapped on astral dimensions were rescued quietly, with care, caution and compassion. The Corridor of Light was activated in divine alignment. If you are reading this then you were most likely involved. Higher self assimilation with lower self has quantum leaped. The crystal children divinely aligned to cosmic constellation were there to save their own. All seeing rainbow children, the lost children clung to them on the material plane, haunting them. Directive from Federation of Light all children are to be cleared of negative entities. If you are a healer reading this please take our guidance in love and humility. Each child on Gaia’s earth plane has been touched by the lost children in some way. The crystal children have been activated, they are transitioning 1111 to 1112. They will seek healing, though most are with parents who are as woke as they are. Healers, heal the children. Touch their crown chakra lightly, bless them in divine crystalline light. let the ghosts leave their souls. Show them the way. Show them the light. The children need not know what you are doing, though we feel they will. Healers, heal the children on the material plane. Stealth mode, head down, or right out there in the open, however works best, all bring their own unique imprint of source healing in their deftness, their truth and their light. We are always here for you.

Call us when you need us. There will be children with dark parasites, children who will require more then a light blessing. Always trust instinct, divine wisdom comes through our energy. Surrender to shaman guides operating on the other side, guiding all healers on the material plane in quantum time. Interstellar shamanic light shimmering throughout the Gaia zones is breathtaking. They responded to our call in lighting time, have been activating healers for some time with their divine presence. As angels do, they can be many places at once, they are fully aligned to the quantum field of immortality and interdimensionality. Use them, channel their healing. They have names you will recognise for their lives, many and profound, are legendary across the multi verse. Gods, goddesses, high priestesses, Archangels, SEErs, messiah, sage, empress, holy in heart and deed, supporting the ascension of humanity. All energy healing disciplines are being upgraded. The doors are open, light cosmic healing waves flood Gaia’s auric field. Accessible to all who are working in source healing energy.

Trust the process of upgrades. Get to know new skillsets, healing techniques and tools, all will be instinctive, intuitive building on the foundation of the teachings you have already received. We are being specific, reiki and yoga are being upgraded, as are all energetic healing therapies, sound and touch. Healers were capped by dense 3d frequencies, dissolving now in 5d lightwaves. Healers will see more of the darkness in their clients auruc field. Their third eyes are in process of massive upgrades. Healing will be done though third eye, gut, hands and heart chakras. Everything is energy, frequency. Healers are learning to heal all who come of attachments, negative entities and ancestral curses. The healing world is upgrading in cosmic source light waves. People are very much in need of healing anchored on the material plane. The main-streaming of light will see organic growth of self care, self love, equality and peace algorithms taking root. The matrix is being rewired by a stealth light virus, rewriting dark coding to light frequencies. The light matrix is plugged into the mainframe. We see the light matrix woven in a beautiful, translucent, transdimensional dreamscape.

There is warrior work to be done. This part of our message is specifically for light workers who are receiving and integrating warrior code downloads. The Corridor of Light constructed by Arcturian engineers has released all child souls trapped in the astral Archon Anunaki machine. Astral clearing has been scaled back during ascension to fifth dimensional fields. The 1111 transition to 1112 will continue in alignment with Taurean full moon 11/12.11.19. Ongoing material plane assimilation until the final portal of 2019 12.12.19 has closed and Chiron completes her retrograde cycle of deep healing. There is no expectation of commitment to astral clearing during this time. Those still on the material plane focus on divine alignment, the restructuring of lives to higher vibratory fields. Exhaustion experienced over the last few years, caused by 444 lightbody activation, karmic clearing and also activity on the astral plane during dreamtime. Many of you have carried memory of these activities with you in your waking life. Disorientating, the ascension energies have at once expanded your consciousness and slowed down the pace of your daily lives to accommodate this expansion of consciousness. All should go at their own pace. 2019 was the birthing pains of the new earth. Rest, recuperate. Sleep should already have improved for many of you as your duties on the astral and with light matrix weaving have eased.

We welcome all in meditation, the atmosphere here, on the other side, is electric. We are all experiencing a divine lightness of being, as we observe the birth of unified consciousness. Divine feminine and masculine vibrations are coded in the twin flame archetype. Their sacred union holds divine codes of source light. Their union on the material plane has played a significant role in raising the vibration. Angelic interventions, their trumpets sounding across Gaia’s skies, their arrival heralded by many as the coming of the Christ. Crystalline light activation codes are fully embedded in the light matrix. Sit back for a while and let divine light ripple out through the system. Seed sowing over many earth decades, revolution, liberation, secret underground organisations unified in their desire to remove the tumours, the darkness, the elite, have held their own, held space, held the energy for divine timing, alignment of all. A spectacular light show as rainbow energies ripple across Gaia’s force field. The Anunaki are in chaos. Their puppets have lost the plot, no longer obeying commands, fear has spread far and wide among the cabal. Top dogs being brought to justice. Divine justice. Lightworkers, travellers, light warriors, healers, volunteers your time is here.

Timelines have realigned to light vibrations. People have taken back enough of their sovereignty to break free of inertia cancer coding. The grandmothers have played a truly wondrous part. Divine feminine wisdom, passion, creativity, power and belief in the emancipation of the feminine. The Akashic records have a whole new wing manifesting as we speak. The Askari galaxy, her diamond in the sky Gaia, earth, has blown histories, prophesies and predictions apart. The ascension field shimmers in divine source light. There is much more to say friends, for now let us share one final piece of good news. None of you, not one of you will go back. Where you are now, how you feel, the lightness in your bones, the love in your heart, the expansion of your lungs, crown chakra and third eye activation is a new level. You have levelled up. The alignment cannot dissolve, stall, reverse or be forgotten. Each time you leap you get there for good. Say goodbye to old thought patterns, behaviours, habits and people who brought the vibrations of your life down. All are running up that hill, its dotted with cosmic platforms, footholds, rest points, spaces to get dreamy, look at the stars, dance under the moonlight, trip to the light fantastic, enjoy them. Feel them. Tune in, drop out, flyyy on the wings of angels. This is what all your hard work is about, what it is for. Each of you deserves happiness. Manifest.

Higher dimensional realms permeate the bioshere, Lumeryan light shimmers across Gaia earth plane, wondrous, breathtaking, transcendental. Hold your space, your time, your energy precious. We just observed you birth the new earth! Time to celebrate, relax, feel good about yourSelves. Light engineering in quantum force fields, fuelled by cosmic alignment have broken the final membrane to the fifth realm. We are grateful beyond words for all that has been accomplished on the material plane and on multiple dimensions within your perceived spectrum of realities. In love and light, with tidings of great changes to come. Your friends, allies and family, the Arcturian Council of Light.

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1111 Transits 1112 Stabilising Assimilation

So much is going on beautiful people! The energies are in intense fluctuation, stabilising is proving tricky as we move through the final stages of the third 333 trinity portal. Closure aligned in earthing energies of 11.11.19 Taurus full moon. Healing, restructuring of our lives, grounding into our transition, will continue into late December, at a pace we can handle better. Duality dissolves as we raise our vibrations, we see only energy, the matrix, the world becomes truth-ful. Illusions evaporate, demons can’t hide, angels walk the streets and we have birthed the new earth. On sacred land, held in goddess light, shrouded in ancient vortex of golden shimmering love vibrations. We did it. Cosmic Pause is released, forward motion commences. We jumped, made the leap, levelled up. Wherever we are in this magnificent, intricate weave of dreams, manifestation, wavy, hazy goodness, look up, always look up. Raise our heads high, it’s a new day, a new life for us. Transition will continue through 333 gateway, mind body soul recalibration as the ascension field stabilises, catches its breath. The old matrix is shaken beyond sustainability, transparent, unstable, immaterial. It’s existence is dependent on memory, algorithmic expectation, the remnants of an obsolete, outdated system. Programs being deleted as the light matrix activates her high tech crystalline coding. It will take time but the signs are clear, the light matrix is plugged into the mainframe and all systems are go.

We take our first steps tentatively. Be stealthy, cautious, channel Scorpio’s new moon vibrations. Her protective layer of armour, holding our newness, our lightness, our rainbow vibrations close, covered, until we are ready. Scorpio energy is the most lit of all signs, magical, mysterious, magnetic. She has her hard shell, her stinging tail, to protect such truly wondrous golden light. All she touches comes to the light. All she knows is truth. All she speaks is gentle love. Her armour protects her healing light. Channel Scorpio frequencies friends. Avoid contact with the matrix, shopping malls, crowds, dark alleys, transport links, media. Travel, stealth mode activated, particularly highly monitored zones. The grid is on red alert, eyes are everywhere. Big brother is in a right faff. We are being monitored and tracked by a machine that is corrupt. Play the matrix game, plugged in behaviours, we can trick the system easily by conforming to some of its algorithms, throw it off our lit scent. Mantras All energies not created by me I return to sender. Force field of Light activated. Invisibility cloak on. I walk the path of love.

The numbers are talking, codes within the new updated mainframe, lightweaving out the darkness. 666 CERN activated, dark portals flooding the biosphere with demonic entities, attachments to hosts accelerated. The material plane contains several materialised dimensional timelines simultaneously in its quantum field. Post apocalyptic realities, the devil’s dreamscape, fluctuate in and out at the depths of the slime. Zombie timelines operate at the frayed edges of the mainline field of perceived dimensional reality most are experiencing. Our internal baseline vibration aligns with the reality closest to it. The world has shifted so profoundly it is astonishing we are still essentially within the matrix operation systems. They are malfunctioning. 666 dark portal is an own goal for the baddies. We are super boosted, the very sight of us terrifies black entities, they cower, hide in the shadows, our light is all consuming. Like a poultice it draws everything slimy, sludgy, poisonous, toxic and dark out. There is no escape bar passing to the other side. We will see more of this as the ascension field stabilises, embeds and sparkles in fluid cosmic angelic lightwaves.

66 karma. Mercury returns for his third and final Retrograde of the year. 333. Reflections. It could get ugly for those aligned with greed, envy, vengeance, deceit and manipulation. The narcissist empath archetype is breaking down. Narcissists named and shamed in main-stream media, empaths finding their sacred warrior spirit. Karma really doesn’t hold back when she gets going. Tell tale signs of folk experiencing karmic backlash for dark thoughts and deeds, illness, colds, flus, sinus problems. Bad mouthing folk stains the throat chakra, clogs it. Speaking light clears all this away. Headaches, migraines as their demons or demonic natures struggle in these light waves. Many will be lying low, not their usual bragging, bushy tailed, in our faces selves. They are backing off, their confusion is palpable on the darker astral fields. Meltdown. Too much light, hurts their eyes, give them aches and pains, retreating. Delusional narratives constructed from hate, fear, ego, crumbling around them. Mercury Retrograde will embroil many in 66 tidal waves of karma. Everything is coming up for clearing. Deceitful folk draw others into their elaborate webs to support, maintain, prop up their delusions of grandeur. It’s all dissolving. As we unfurl our wings, set our mission clear, liberation, illumination, unified consciousness, they squirm, shiver, shrink in fear.

We are here to save, change, rebirth the world. That’s it. It’s happening. No man, womban or child will be starving in mind, body or soul, is the goal. End of. Inertia is cancer for the trinity being. Ignorance is a tumour. Algorithms of a sick, twisted, evil system. Deceit is the black dog of the matrix world. It isolates, creates paranoid realities, breeds depression, addiction. Spiders playing in their webs, feeding just themselves, may find themselves alone. We’re all busy living our lives like we’re golden. Let the spider feed his demons. Let the demons weave their black timelines in the heads and hearts of their acquiescing hosts. We have other things to do. Time is ticking. 1111 1112. We are on the cusp of 11.12, creeping closer to its pearly gates of perception. Earthing. Healing all that we are into one assimilated truth. Authentic. Sovereign. Aligned to Gaia’s ascension field in divine harmony. We open our minds to truth held, contained, safe in the arms of sacred love. The lotus opens gently, gradually, in divine timing. Breathe into transcendental energies cosmic surfers. Things are being done in stages, staggered. It’s vital we upgrade at our own pace. Containing this spectrum of frequencies within our mindbodysoul being is quite some task. We are anchoring light to the material plane through our raised cellular vibration. We breathe here, we breathe our higher frequencies, transmuting, clearing, cleaning.

After interaction with the world, the matrix, other people, our lives outside our homes, we can feel drained, overwhelmed, spaced out. Our spirit works to animate our high vibration. The experience can be similar to a decompression chamber. Coming down from high vibe meditation, interacting with lower dimensions can make us feel dizzy, nauseous, faint. Moving slowly upon waking up is advisable. Assimilation of higher self and lower self means adjusting from dreamstate to wake can take awhile. Hydrate. Come back into the room, the world, slowly, gently. Moving our bodies, stretching, getting blood and chi flowing. We can feel disoriented, discombobulated, take it nice n eazy friends. We can be clumsy on the material plane, our higher chakras overstimulated in the flood of downloads coming through. Our eyes can be itchy, blurry with third eye activation. Upgrades can cause aches and discomfort in limbs, muscles, as we crack through hard karma to release into lighter vibrations. Lightness of being is emotional trauma being released. Maintaining our health and wellbeing throughout this process is essential to avoid illness or injury. We commit to self care. We nurture and nourish our bodies, minds and souls. We cultivate self awareness, self knowing building self confidence.

Our higher self steps up to protect us, we are too lit for the matrix sometimes. Quiet space to realign, meditate, move and lift our whole vibration back up is necessary. Slow everything down if my words resonate. The tribal party has not stopped, it doesn’t, we can go chill, dance, levitate anytime we choose. No one else is going to fix us, whoever broke us doesn’t care, only we can rebuild ourselves. We create space for our own rebirth. We heal Self and the ripples of love and light spread out, deep, moving, all round us. Take responsibility not just for mind body soul wellbeing, also our auric field, our energy, this is the fourth alignment, 3334. The alchemy, the ether is 5d. Shambala within and so without. We love our bodies, our minds, our souls and our energy. We control our own dial. Through heart, third eye and gut instinct. We can use our bodies in movement and meditation to raise our vibrations. We can use music, creativity and friendship to raise our frequency. Nature is a fast track, Gaia holds the pulse of 12d in her veins, receive.

Matrix infrastructures malfunction. Digital and wifi technologies are glitching as they are rewired to light matrix frequencies. We are Coders. We are Programmers. What we put into the world wide web is what it will Be. Inject positivity, healing, love vibrations into the web and those vibrations will spread, embed, grow. Share love, emojis, memes, wise, honest words. InstaInspo rolls out. Apps are a digital analogy for the new earth. Some are safe, protected by firewalls of Light. Others are transitioning, use carefully for awhile. Big brothers landscape is the web, his reach lessens with apps. We do not back away from either, we charge right in there, hit them up with with heart emojis, heartfelt dialogue and heart led sharing. We encode love. We engage. Infiltrate the infiltrators. Our energy knows which apps are safe, trust your gut. Some apps are ghosts in the machine, operating under their own algorithms, mysterious, ambiguous, anonymous. Feel our way through the interweb, where is it shadowy, shady, dark, where is it lit, warming up, taking flight.

The internet is our communication, our tribal unified space of dialogue. We protect it by being present, there, instilling our own algorithms. Momentum builds, R2 was always Resistance. Part of the restructuring of the old earth, upgrading, is rewiring the web from dark to light, and we do it friends. We are the coders of the world wide web now. Use it. Channel warrior vibes and unleash your dreams. The world is smaller than we know, the web shows us this. Enjoy it. Hackers both on the material plane and on other dimensional frequencies are dismantling the black, dark web from the inside out. Supported on the material plane by indictments and upcoming court cases, still hidden from most, the paedophile rings, slavery, arms and illegal drugs networks are being decommissioned. Declared obsolete. Use social media in a calm and collected manner, create a positive exchange around your interaction with it. Our energy, our input, our activity is the reprograming tool.

The SIMS program is back up and running. Horcruxes cower, get ill, fade. Woke folk are singing in the streets, we KNOW. We thought it would be 2020, ahead of schedule, humanity took back the reigns from Etonian lizards, halted their freemason dark clock, foiled their Hallows Eve party plans. Nice work. The west watches and waits. UK election 12.12? Are the people going to overthrow their lizard overlords. Are they tired yet of the feudal system. Does the digital age excite them about future light crystalline technologies. Or are they still sitting on the couch watching tv, running on outdated programs? The world has changed, no doubt. We surf our waves and watch, observe and meditate, listen and love. All are welcome. Breathe it in beautiful people. Prepare. Reflect. Transition from 1111 to 1112 is well under way.

We are dreamweavers. Selenite is kryptonite for protection here. Our spirit animals are being seen when they need to be. Many of the veils blurring lines between fourth realm and 3d matrix hologram have now dissolved with the 3rd 333 1111 leap. The fourth dimension is the energetic ocean separating 3d polarity and 5d unity consciousness. We sail, surf, ski, skate, fly, soar, swim, dive, paddle, float our way through. We release karma to accelerate the process. We raise our internal frequency with self healing. We surrender to a higher state of consciousness outside of us and we are part of. We feel safe, held and loved. We see angels. We shed tears for our Selves. We make friends with and parent our inner child. We relax our ego with mantras, daily spiritual practise to ease its programmed terrified mind set. We realign our chakras however we resonate. We cut cords. This is divine alignment of detachment, surrender and ascension. We are the divine feminine rriiiiiiiisssssssiiiiiinnnnnggg. We walk with pride, look out for spirit animals by our side. Base camp holding steady. And don’t forget to dance beautiful people! #basecampmix


Scorpio New Moon Trippy Transition 3d to 5d

1111 frequencies reverberate all round us. The material plane is tripping to the beats of light dimension connectivity. Collective consciousness activation on a grand scale. Scorpio new moon is the second, mid way alignment in a trinity tidal wave of unleashed 1111 higgghhh vibbbraatriions. The third will be Taurus full moon 11.11.19. This is gonna be a cosmic ride beautiful people. Slow down, Reflections are necessary for new moon growth. Scorpio stealth mode activation, the matrix is in freefall. The fourth realm is surreal. Time wavy, fluid, energetic. Channel Scorpio, be stealthy, smart, instinctive.

444 lightbody activation is kicking in big time. Mass collective release of heart chakra blocks. Breathe into it. Fear has fuked us up, time to Let It Go. We are surrounded by allies, angels and ascended beings. 333 cosmic lightwaves incoming, fuelling 1111 tidal wave. The final 1111 gateway was the one, last membrane broken through. 5d and beyond frequencies embedded on the material plane. When we surrender to universal love we detach, we relinquish control, panic, fear, anxiety, worry, stress. We surrender our lives to a higher state of BEing, one of light, compassion, self care and self love.

Trust gut instincts, third eye insight, heart led resonance. Our guides have our back. Learn to speak synchronicity. Allow your world to align with love. Breeeaathe beautiful people. Dreamweave. Ascension timelines materialising. One by one we jump, make the leap to higher dimensional realms. Feel the love, fluid through each chakra, nourishing and nurturing our mindbody soul. Downloads incoming. We become one. Mantra I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self 🙏🏼

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Access Codes to 5d Mainframe

The message has always been hidden in plain sight friends. Always. The wake up call. Activation codes. Downloads and upgrades. We have been here for many lifetimes, stealthy, still when required, swift like lightning some times. We have infiltrated the infiltrators. Rewired the system from the inside out. The light matrix is woven deep into the heart of darkness. Friends, we seeded many lifetimes ago, embedded to DNA strands. Made alliances, built connections, spiritual alignment at its most shimmering subtle and intricate. We are in ecstatic realms of light, love, our bodies float with a lightness of being inconceivable before. We are one. We become one. We are the new earth. Here, despite the glitches, assaults, gangstalking and fear mongering. We are here. The party just keeps going beautiful people. Tribal rave on the astral, can you feel it, are you out there? The waves of love generate more, ripples become tornados of light, we are creators. We have birthed the new earth. 1111 final membrane broken through in divine alignment with the crystal children’s Aries full moon. The crystal children are fully activated, cleared of early years conditioning in the tumultuous tidal waves of lumerian light now flooding the earth plane. We are one beautiful people, nothing can stop us now.

The dark matrix shudders, shakes, regurgitates itself, the purge will be immense, accelerated beyond previous measure. Omygoddess cosmic surfers, if you’re not here on the astral yet, get to it. Down tools. drop everything you’re doing on the material plane. Meditate. Dance. Release your soul to the light. We are here. We are the seers, the truth bearers, the light seekers and seed sowers. We are the mothers of dragons, the guardians of Gaia, cosmic light Empress who nurture, nourish and grow all that is to be brought into light. Angels walk the streets of the matrix. Mega boost power packs downloaded, permanent upgrades. The levels dissolve as we transcend them, our connectivity to lower realms lessens, we are vibrating out of the matrix whilst inside it. A feat of total and complete awesomeness folks! The party is ongoing, tribal, sensual, magnetic, euphoric, ecstatic, glorious, heavenly. Keep doing the work. Clear karma, cut the cords, break chains, dissolve dark wizardry. The world is magnificent, interactive, lit. Transcendental. Cosmic.

Gaia’s earth guardians accepted our extraterrestrial gift of divine love, as we accepted their golden gift of truth and divine feminine healing. The exchange was made in sacred space of ancient goddess light. Pyramids hidden in the skies, we have transcended the material plane whilst still on it. Such profound greatness has never been achieved. Legends are being created, circular, cosmic and truly divine in their alignment. The party is on! Heart chakras fully operational, connected to divine source light anytime we want it. No portal closure for those who made the final leap. The party is always on, its not stopping beautiful people, we are there anytime we want. Access codes are woven into the mainframe. Use what resonates for you, breaks the heavy weight of 3d life.

The Resistance has long been in operation, we too have been hidden in plain sight. Truly immense divinity of alignment moved each to spaces of surrender. Summit held on ancient shimmering sacred land. First contact with true Queen of Gaia. The lads can play their silly games, the divine feminine has done what she came here to do. Exchange in sacred love. We are one. The Federation of Light welcomes true gatekeepers of Gaia, Empress, divine ancestral light, Queen of Gaia and her priestesses. We welcome Gaia’s divine feminine, her earth guardians, in sacred surrender. We are here. Lumerya held us in her cosmic sacred light rays, her priestesses honoured their divinity in truth, love and light. Protected in sacred geometric light vortexes, cloaked beyond anything of shadow in heavenly light. Each represented her Gaia, her tribe, her people. Mermaids dance in divine celebration for the sacred part they played weaving divine light magic.

We honour and thank all who made it happen, all who held space for cosmic divine feminine alignment. Legends, prophesies of Gaia. Our grandmothers rejoice, their pride and love for us overflows. We honoured with grace and humility, gratitude and devotion their ancestral magic, their divinity and their light. Space was created and held for exchange, truth and transparency. The work starts soon divine friends, for now, we dance in euphoric celebration. With grace and gratitude we honour the grandmothers for their protection, their wisdom and their divine feminine light. We are one. The federation of light welcomes the Empress of Gaia to her rightful seat at our circle of light. Evolution. Illumination. Divine alignment.

Dance beautiful people. The fifth dimension lends herself to tribal euphoria, it’s her thing. Tune in, drop out. Stop what you’re doing. Clear the decks, the party is on. Our heart is the key, open her, feel her beat a little bit faster. Walk through the doors of perception to the biggest, best party ever. Get the blood, the energies flowing.

Feeling blocked? Does this resonate?

Break the demonic chains of Glorification of Busy algorithm….take the day off, go home! Radical evolution my friends.

Locked out by tricky to SEE witchcraft or energy wizardry. Instruct your higher self to dissolve all negative energy in your auric field, in divine sacred light. Hallellujah 

The Grandmothers say

‘See that bag on your back… yeah that one. Put it down. Good. Well done.’

The Shaman say

‘See the black sores in your chakras, blast them with light, watch them dissolve.’

The Elders say

‘Honour the ancestors, their see-crets are the path of divine alignment with Gaia.’

Embrace lightness of being in drumming, dance, prayer and meditation. We are one. Put a light mirror up. A sphere of light, reflect all energies sent to you directly back to sender. All energies. Just be in your own energy field. Cleanse. Detox. Hydrate. Heal. Cry. Dance. Get those choons on cosmic surfers, we are riding waves of such hiiiiiiighgghhhh vibraaatiiionnns. The wavelength is right there, WE tune into it. No one else can do it. Levelling up is the waves of euphoria pushing fear, lack of confidence and trauma away. Replacing those energies with strength, courage, fearlessness and vastly powered up NEO skillsets. Mate we don’t just know kung fu, We ARE kung fu!!! The matrix is in freefall. The light weave catches it as it crashes. The wounded masculine capitulates to divine empress energies of feminine riiissssssiiinnng.

Beautiful people, we are here, the goddess is awake. She has broken free of her chrysalis of light, she has unfurled her wings, she soars the skies, angelic, sacred, all seeing, all knowing, all healing. The biosphere is cracking. Truth of the sonlight, moonlight and all that is, in the great and grand cosmos, will be revealed. The divine feminine holds shocked, shaking, traumatised divine masculine in her arms. She will not give up. She will fight for him all the way. The patriarchy is on its knees. Blue pillers broke the demon clock. Hallows Eve has realigned to the light. The grandmothers ensured a  vortex of light round them, held them in secure, trippy, light 333 waves. Their voices sang of freedom, of truth and liberation, of compassion, they are awake. The blue pillers are awake. They are making the changes happen. We rejoice in all realms of light for the truth and courage and integrity and compassion in humanity. They will not be broken by the most demonic machine yet seen on lower realms.

The work was done from the inside, hidden in plain sight. Seed sowing by warriors, healers, creatives, cosmic light travellers who refused to give up. This truly is immense beautiful people. The world has shifted and she won’t go back. That’s it. Restructuring, reengineering, rewiring, realignment, its all happening. We will clean and clear and breathe chi light into every shadow of the dark web. The spider cowers, calls his soldiers in, time to move on or join the party. The big bad is long gone. Whatevs. Angels fly just above the biodome, watching the wheels turn, the zones align in profound harmony. The federation of light can barely do their jobs, they’re all just dancing, the world is wavy, ecstatic, stunned by their roles, our roles in such a great tapestry of divine engineering. All the pieces are falling into place.

Energy frequencies within the biosphere are now holding the spectrum of 3d to 5d, this is unheard of. The dark matrix☣ is being recoded, watch the algorithms change friends. Billboards, advertising, tabloids, main-streaming❌ is being upgraded, light codes embedded, crystalline✴ engineering. The clock is broken in the west zone⌛. Word is all zones are up and running, albeit, surreal, trippy, and magnetic, but recognisable as the old matrix in place. Time has warped entirely. We are now essentially the Bermuda 🔼, we can flip time☸, slow it down, stretch it, speed it up as we choose⚛. The boring bits will speed by, we will be foggy about the details. High vibration times will expand around us, we will drop into them, sit in them, enjoy them. When we are ready we will speed time up again, get the matrix things done, then slllooowww it down, as we choose. The higher frequencies of the fourth realm are now pulsing to the tidal beat of 5d lightwaves, rippling down. Post apocalyptic timelines, zombies🧟‍♂️, demon hosts👿, corporate cattle🤑, hybrids🤐 and matrix machinery😜… we will talk about another time😇. For now get into the vibration of light💚 beautiful people.

Raaiissse the viiibbrrrraaaattiiooonns.

1. Music is frequency engineering, use what ever music you love, resonate with, as a dial to attain different vibrations. Gratitude, euphoria, heat, light and love. Our choice, our beats, our grooves in the light realms of love.

2. Meditate, release your spirt to the party or enjoy the stillness, let if flow through you.

3. Get into nature and do whatever you feel like doing.

4. Dance, did I mention dance? Do yoga, stretch, breeaathe, move and flow

5. Smudge, sage, nag champa, candles…smudge, smudge, smudge. Keep those energies cllleeeeaaann around you.

6. Use crystals for light vortex creation, energy clearing, protection and healing. Literally cover your house in crystals, these vibratiionns just keep getting hhhiiiiigggghhhherrrr beautiful people. 

7. Hang out with children, they KNOW what’s going on. Let them share their downloads, dance and laugh, create and manifest their crystal rainbow world.

Access keys

The Emoji Movie, blueprint for crystal children, full activation of light matrix mainframe 🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️🌞 . Trolls, it’s talking pssiitiiiivvveee to our cosmic kids.

Paul Oakenfold the Mount Everest Base Camps mix, all of it, every single banging note. 1111 upgrade codes in Resurrection Planet Perfecto Knights, Crescendo and Perfecto Fluoro.

Josef Salvat Diamonds, twin flame activation codes 🗝💎

Shutter Island matrix de-activation/mkultra coding. Watch till you get it, boom, it all fits into place 🐇👁

Dark City to deactivate Shell Beach programming 💊

Truman show/Matrix/ Hunger Games level up codes. Downloads to SEE the matrix.

Mary Poppins/Wizard of Oz de-activation codes from mk ultra programming

Kate Bush Babooshka gratitude to the grandmothers frequencies, breaking the black clock, linear time shatters 🛐⌛🧙‍♀️.

Holly Johnson Ascension, download ascension activation codes.

There are many more coded light keys out there to level us up. My general rule is if makes us feel good do more of it, if it makes us feel good then terrible ditch it, if it makes us feel rotten ditch it. Peace 🐾

Glitchy interaction with the old matrix, avoid it. Clumsiness on the material pane, blurry, itchy eyes as third eye activation takes root. Sleep, food all become something we do when we need to, not because of set times. Everything becomes fluid, beautiful and wavy. Look out for spirit animals materialising, they are with us when they need to be seen. Friction as we assimilate. This is going to take awhile cosmic surfers, let’s not rush it. Ease ourselves in. Quantum time is embedded within the biosphere, we are here. Get the groove. Be love beautiful people. See you on the astral 🌈🧜‍♀️💃👊🏼🎶🕯


1111 Quantum Leap Gateway 444 Upgrades Incoming

Quantum leap gateway. The final jump of 2019 has happened. Light workers, warriors, earth guardians, healers, Seers, light missionaries still walking the material plane… WE MADE IT. We are in 5d. The Shift is energetic. We raised our vibrations through intensive childhood, ancestral and past life karmic clearing. Forcing all those not on our wavelength to back the fuk off. We have taken control of our lives, wrenched our sovereignty out the claws of the users and abusers, the liars and deceivers. Their lives are their own business now. They shriek, growl, howl and spit as we cut the cords, cutting off their energy supply from us. Fuk em. Our lives are ours now. We create, we manifest, we breathe life into our dreams, we manifest with truth in our hearts.

Realignment to higher states of being in a world lost in darkness was no easy task. All those who resonate with my words We Are Changing the World. The divine feminine rises, unstoppable in her sacred rage. Mary Magdalene rejoices as each one of us returns to our Self. Her love caresses us in divine source light. Her angels bathe us in cosmic light rays.

Light warriors, we’ve only just begun, right? They ain’t seen nothing yet. Society is flipping, inversion righting itself. Blue pillers have lost their ground. Theirs is a shaky, fearful, deluded world, lying to themselves more than anyone else. Red pillers refusal to play along in blue pillers narrative IS the Shift. We are not alone in the multi verse. Angels and demons exist. Inequality is a lie. Lack of resources, too many people, all a lie. It’s a small world folks. We are here. We are the bringers of light. We are healers, warriors, here to purge the darkness from humanities soul.

Rebirth. Transformation. Enlightenment.

We walk the path of light, all who seek hope from darkness come to us. We hold our arms open. We embrace all those ready to take the red pill. We hold safe space for the tired, traumatised, lost souls seeking inner peace and joy.

1111 Quantum Leap portal is closed, our world has energetically shifted. 444 Lightbody crystalline activation codes coming through. Cellular restructuring as we embed in 5d. DNA upgrades held in 333 lightwaves available for download, Mantra I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self. Rest, meditate, create space for reflection, growth and insight. Move, stretch, breeeeaaaaathe. It’s done cosmic surfers ✌🏾🏄‍♀️🌚💗


1111 333 Full Moon Elemental Transition

Aries full moon, 333 Portal, 1111 quantum leap. Breeeeeeaaaaathe beautiful people. Centre. Ground if the energies are over stimulating crown and third eye chakras. Meditate if lower chakra matrix distractions are blocking or interfering with alignment.

To get to the heart of this momentous time meditate on each element.

Fire 🔥 I burn all blocks and barriers to abundance, self care and self love.

Air 🌬 I blow all matrix cobwebs away so I may raise my vibrations in alignment with Gaia.

Earth 🌎 I ground into the energies of rebirth, anchoring my light to Gaia.

Water 🌊 I wash away all negativity, clearing my spiritual being in 333 light waves.

Alchemy is our transcendence to higher states of being. Ritualise, create ceremony, connect to these profound shifts.

I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self.
I welcome down loads to propel me forward in my life as I seek balance and harmony.
I am one with universal love frequency.
I am here to raise the vibrations one ripple at a time.
I share love, I receive love, I am love.

Harness 1111, 333 and full moon energy however you resonate! Howl to the moon! Hug yourSelf! Dance under the stars. We are here to change this world. Watch. It. Happen.

Show up for Self. Hold space for gratitude. Be elevated in thought, heart led and grounded to Gaia. Our bodies are assimilating into higher dimensional frequencies, it’s taking a lot out of us. Ease up on yourself. Dreamweaving has been ongoing throughout 2019, we can afford to take our foot off the pedal and coast for a while. Upgrades cannot embed unless we unplug. Blue pill people and fascist minded folk are increasingly perturbed by what they cannot fathom but feel all around them. Conflict, confrontation and difficult communication when we interact with those on different frequencies. We may find speaking tricky, like cotton wool in our mouths, as we try to formulate 3d sentences. Silence really is golden in these current energies. Stay calm, core centred and cool headed with breathwork, meditation and mantras.

We’re going in again, beautiful people. The last Shift of 2019 aligned with Aries full moon. Breeeeeeeaathe. Release all residue from the summer’s steep learning curve. Prepare for elemental shift. Alchemy. We are poised to reap what we have sown. Lift your vibrations in laughter, love and light. Avoid low vibe consumption, our mindbodysoul can’t handle it at the moment. We are living through the clash of angelic light waves and dark portal black wizardry. 333 999. 444 Lightbody activation has been triggered. 1111 quantum shift is on its way. Stay in love vibration. Push light back against dark. Dig your heels into the light. Fight for divine feminine and masculine harmony. Believe peace is possible. We are being battered by fear, negativity and black magic. Force field of light fired up. Invisibility cloak on for all astral work. Breathe life into our new earth cosmic surfers. We are here to make this happen!

Shift activity time! Ground into Gratitude.
Share 5 beautiful things you’re grateful for. Could be your sense of humour, family, hair! Write them down to help focus the energies of gratitude throughout your mindbodysoul. Spend some time on each one. Pat yourself on the back. Give yourself a love hug. Feel goooooood about life on Gaia. Gratitude is 5d. Feel it’s frequency, make friends with its vibraaaaatttiiiooon, allow it to permeate every cell. Breathe love for Self deep into your soul. Cosmic Shift meditating is walking the path of love beautiful people. Take each step with gratitude in your 💗

Ground into Gratitude🙏🏼

I am grateful for

🌸 My mini goddess daughters
🌸 My home
🌸 My friends
🌸 My guides
🌸 My creativity and belief 💗



The Grace Period is Over 10.10.19

Drip feeding of truth has been carried out by volunteers, travellers and healers since 1945. The rainbow children arrived on the cusp of our new millennia. 2012 was ignition for Mayan prophesied Great Awakening. 2015 we regrouped. 2019, the final phase of cosmically engineered pause on Gaia’s ascension. Gaia complied, her earth guardians held space for us. We raised our vibrations, anchored our light to the material plane, planted seeds of awakening. We spread Light through the matrix like a virus, loosening dirt, grit and grime, clearing. We have aligned with Gaia to fifth dimensional vibratory fields. Phew. We broke through to other side, the fourth dimension, in late August 2018. We have been riding the trippy waves of cosmic transition ever since.
Assimilation into fifth dimension vibrations is cosmic surfing stormy seas of karmic clearing and lightbody activation. We are steering our ship, we are responsible for the load, direction, energy and focus of our Selves.

Our quantum leap with Gaia was made possible by decades of lightwork carried out within the matrix to rewrite it from the inside. Light warrior activation codes uploaded by many travellers in early 2019, have prepared us for the coming Great Klearing. There is intensive work ongoing on the astral, rest and be gentle if you resonate with these words. Maintaining the health and wellbeing of our sacred trinity mindbodysoul being is just as essential as activities on the astral. We may use the term avatar, or humansuit, loosely, to describe the experience of being human, but we feed the matrix with this inversion of truth. Our guides and higher self are the team we brought with us for our Mission. Existential organic life is our individual karmic growth and evolution. The pay off for volunteering is we have the opportunity to consciously clear thousands of lifetimes of karma in the profound, rare and momentous energies of Gaia’s ascension field. As long as we are prepared to go there, the dark night of the soul. We meet fear, tears, pain and hurt head on. We spring clean our souls in Gaia’s translucent waters of source light. 

Grace period is over. Backlash. Karma is here. We are reaping what we’ve sown. If we were busy bees in the sun light, rearranging the furniture of our lives to allow flow of love, joy and peace, we are going to live it. If we were waspish, irritating, buzzing round others, nit picking, criticising, judging, duck. The karmic mirror is in place, all we give will be reflected back to us. If we were aggressive, arrogant, attacking, entitled, stinging with harsh words and deceitful actions, run, hide. She’s a comin for ya. We can’t fake this. It’s a vibration. A frequency. We’re either there or we aren’t. Fake awake exposure through 2019, spiritual ego locking out truth, source divinity and light. Humility is not a frequency we find in spiritually egotistical folk, theirs is a self congratulatory world of redpill entitlement. Dissolve Atlantean behaviour modification technologies in source light. The event is happening. It’s all around us, the train wreck of truth as she destroys all who live in worlds of deceit. Authenticity is the cut off point between those who lie to maintain a self image they find acceptable, and those of us who faced our shadows and live to tell the tale. We know our traumas, our glitches, our vulnerabilities and have declared we LOVE ourselves, every cell, every bone, muscle, breath and magical pulse.

The wasteland of 2019 karmic kick off is all around us. Blue pillers hold their resistance, their refusal to See, as their ultimate weapon. The inversion was once hard to see, in fourth realm realness we can’t miss it. Blue pill stance is to reject truth in preference for main(frame)stream-ed narratives of the cabal matrix. It is the plug-me-back in mentality. The quantum field has exposed too many truths  for people to claim ignorance. Black market, dark web, elitist paedophile rings, child and women slavery, rapes, beatings. Wanton war, destruction, the arms industry, racism underpinning world politics, corporate capitalist consumerism causing climate chaos. Ufos, alien technology, intergalactic federations, space ships, motherships, crop circles. Ghosts, ghouls, astral travel, demons, angels, possession, curses. Glitches, viruses, mal-e-functions, clones, hybrids…. Layers of truth, the rabbit holes are deep, twisty, dark and traumatic, but the signposts to them are up in the collective cultural forum. The grace period is over. Enough truths are out there for each individual to make a sovereign choice, what to consume, believe, and be.

The gloves are off, Aries full moon 13th October heralds the new paradigm. 

Andromedean Brother Channelling

‘Phase 5 has begun. The grace period is over. A cosmic pause button set in 2015 has been released. Intergalactic federation decisions taken in early earth year 2015, to slow down the ascension field, allowed people linear time to awaken. A huge surge in energetic effort from all involved, we hadn’t entirely prepared for. The reasons were Anunaki assault was sustained, relentless and dynamic. The Arcturian council high command were many light years away. They were contacted and agreed to travel to Gaia. Anunaki did the same with their leader. 2015 saw a profound and intensive energetic space of regrouping, plan B was put into action. Inertia programmed, coded, conditioned into the general population is supported by astral possession of humanities souls. A plague of enormous proportion. Devil worship fostered in the elite psyche for many thousands of years. Sacrificial ritual led to a dark energetic machine of recycling, possessing, and siphoning of human souls. Trauma based energetic and mind control technologies destroyed the integrity, the very fabric of the human soul. Shaman from across the infinite multi verse answered the call. Light missionaries walking the earth chose to leave to join forces on the astral, the lightwork entrusted to healers and volunteers anchored to the material plane in human lifetime.

Sky wars intensified. Conflict between dark and light stepped up and all the prophesies were finally fully comprehended. Pyramids, lighthouses, beacons of truth to evil dotted all over the galaxy. Gaia’s sacred geometric alignments are divine, we at Federation central continue to be amazed by the layers, wheels, depths that keep coming from the ascension field. We digress. Phase 4 was implemented. A huge push for enlightenment on the ground coupled with cosmically aligned energetic light waves began. The urgency many of you experienced to awaken loved ones was this surge in awakening cellular restructuring. Upgrades. Lightbody activation on the material plane accelerated. Plant based diet broke into the main-stream. Political awakening swept nations. Journalism took an injection of warrior truth, whistle blowers, anonymous hackers, a coordinated assault on the matrix. Star wars, laser beam technologies to engineer weather were targeted. Chaos ensued. The task for lightworkers was to stay grounded in light frequencies, allow space for karmic growth and raise the vibrations within and so without. The light matrix was birthed in light vibrations, mimicking the matrix infrastructure, woven by dedicated light warriors traversing many dimensional realities. Our teams, on the other side of the veil, operating in quantum time, ensured maximum effort in the mass retrieval of humanities soul integrity.’

Gratitude Andromedean Brother 🙏🏼

2019 retrograde power pulled back layer after layer of karma for those who walked the path of awakening. The final quantum leap is aligned with Aries full moon 13.10.19. It will last 24 to 48 current linear hours and will occur within the days of the full moon rays. We prepare by creating safe space to ascend in. Water for hydration, nature for vibratory alignment. Inhabit a mindful energy to remain grounded, we can soar high in these waves. Routines will anchor us to hold us on the material plane as our crown and third eye charkas take a massive upgrade. Our heart chakras flutter as the waves of zen vibration wash through us and around us.  Sphere of protective light round us, force field powered up, protected at all times from anything that may mean or cause us harm. Let the mantras flow, they are voice activation in the matrix, they are commands for energetic navigation.

Cosmic surfing is staying centred, core strong, legs stable, flexible and flowing, shoulders back, able to embrace the elements in their glory. Imagine our yoga mat is our cosmic surfboard, put some good music on and move. Dance. practise yoga, xi gong, anything that your body wants to do… just don’t fall off the mat! Keep practising, flowing with your favourite tunes, soaring in the light that will stream through onto the material plane. Ritualise the full moon with ceremony of light. Set intentions for the Aries full moon quantum leap. A 5 year plan, fill in the details, visualise, get specific. Crystals are gonna be like kryptonite after this full moon! Aries is the energy of youth, enthusiasm, vision, imagination, compassion, ambition and optimism. Channel these frequencies. What are we birthing? Manifest timelines, let your imagination go for it. Be a Dreamweaver.

Negative habits, people and places are vibrating out of our existence. We choose, we have regained our sovereignty. Our freedom. We become containers for abundance. We are moving into the energetic vibration of receiving. All our positivity, joy, healing and happiness, we are bearing the fruits of all of it. Our journey begins here. All we have learnt, all we now know about ourselves will ground us, embed in our psyches. We are levelling up again with the coming quantum leap. We won’t ever go back. Once we reach the next level of 5d integrated lightbody dna activations, that’s it, we don’t go back. We evolve, progress, expand, these are exciting times friends. The universe is delivering what we’ve earned. And she’s only just getting started. It’s already happening isn’t it? Our dreams are already coming true, and we’re not even there yet!

Chiron continues her quiet, stealthy, sharp retrograde through our souls. More truths, more hearts of the matter to come to the surface, but the majority of the healing is done. Moving on up beautiful people! Gratitude, humility and grace are frequencies directly tuned to 5d and higher. Stay grounded in the furniture of our lives, the present moments of joy, happiness, peace and love. Meditate friends, as much as you can. The downloads that are already coming through are massive. Have a pen and paper nearby, use music to set and tune into baseline emotional frequencies. Meditation is dynamic, real, energetic and quantum. Allow it. surrender to spaces of insight, enlightenment and illumination by consciously creating space for SELF over the next few days. And brreeeeeaaathe. It’s gonna be a magical ride. One filled with wonder, karmic justice and spiritual safety. Our angels are here, they’ve got our backs, have no fear cosmic surfers. Ride waves of cosmic upgrades and manifest a world of abundance for Self and All. In light and love beautiful people. 


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Cosmic Comrades Mainframe Light Activation


29.09.19 the light matrix was successfully plugged into the mainframe. Euphoric frequencies flooded the ascension field. And breeeeeeeeaaaathe. We did it. Rapture, Revelations and Tribulation. We are in it all. We’ve been riding waves of quantum transformation for months. September 2019’s portals of light versus dark shook everything down. It’s on, cosmic surfers. Warriors of light know each and every one of us has been active on the astral plane, sometimes during waking hours, to make this happen. The light matrix was weaved and sucessfully plugged into the mainframe in record time. Accelerated cosmic forces of light enabled quantum manifestation, timeline jumping and interdimensionality upgrades to embed. We have been working like crazy to make this happen. The mainframe now vibrates to light frequencies. The baseline has been flipped from negative to positive. Magnetised. Powered up. Detach an observe the old 3d matrix vibrate out of our lives. Relax into the gentle, floaty, light waves emanating from the core. Crystalline coding now runs the show. The old paradigm, run on algorithms of envy, hate and manipulation, will trundle on manifesting third dimension hell, the rest of us riiiiiissse. Ladies and gentlemen we are game on.

BE. Assimilation into these higher frequencies is where we are at. The ascension field is aligning to fifth dimension baseline vibration. Waves of light are flowing through us and around us. Surrender. Kristed timelines are embedding. Breathe life into your dreams. We dreamweave our futures, all that our hearts desire and more is coming. Channel the vibration of abundance. Know all we are now is the seeding of all we are going to be. Hold space for gratitude and dreamweaving. Consciously create space for Self over the next few weeks. We are moving towards Old Hallows Eve, a powerful portal for Gaia’s timelines. Know the darkness will throw everything at us in the next few weeks to mire us in depression, hopelessness and fear. ‘We’ve got one hand in our pocket… coz everything is just fine, fine, fine’ (Alanis Morrissette) folks. You get me? No rush, taking things at our own pace, adjusting to quantum time in our own way. If you’re still operating in linear chains, look at taking annual leave, break out the boxes and align to the moment. These next few weeks are the building blocks of the new earth as it will look in our own lives.

We are birthing a new world. Labour is almost over. Soon we will nurture, nourish, protect, care for and grow her. What will she look like, feel like, be? Is she going to be the world we hold in our hearts, peaceful, prosperous, progressive and balanced? A world that works with energy, recognises everything is energy and aligns in magical magnetism. A world where each has safety and sanctuary guaranteed. It won’t happen over night. We are the builders, architects, engineers, dreamweavers of the new earth. The divine feminine is birthing the new earth. Her labour pains stir the divine masculine from Anunaki induced slumber, divine balance is taking root. How do we create our new earth? With love, joy, peace and abundance in our hearts. We are the bringers of light to a dark world. We make it together, tribal, collective consciousness activation. Goddess vibrations assist Gaia on her transcendental journey. The ascension field is lit with angelic light. ‘Peace up the revolution, I know there’s confusion, we gotta do what we gotta do now’ (Erycah Badu). Make it happen.

Our passion is our purpose. The light is sparking, joining up, linking, creating a grid of connectivity bright and sparkling on the material plane. We can make this happen. We must dig our heels into our high vibrations, block all negativity. Push our light back into the spaces of darkness intended to drag us down. Don’t allow it. Channel sacred rage, justified liberation. Standing our ground isn’t enough for the next few weeks, push beautiful people, push back against darkness, limitations, oppression in our own lives and the world. The energetic polarisation we are experiencing is organic, accelerated and necessary. The Venn diagrams, shared spaces of vibratory existence are shifting. To rise with fifth dimension realities we are being guided to detach from as much low vibration interference as we can. To construct our lives, our futures, in high vibratory fields is our directive for October. We are living the transition now. Fight for, formulate and focus on anchoring sustainable freedom, peace and joy in our lives.

We are stepping into upgraded existence where our skillsets are fine tuned to lightwork. The transition is intense and flowing at the same time. We are shedding lower vibratory fields and assimilating into higher spaces. We may be changing jobs, leaving relationships, finding solitude, changing our homes, redecorating, moving away from toxic relationships and clearing spaces for high vibratory people to fill. We are all finding each other on the dimensional frequencies we are on. Who is here, who didn’t make the leap, who doesn’t hold authenticity in their core. Who cannot be trusted to have our back, who feeds the patriarchy and who understands its an outdated programme that needs to be obsolete. The karmic, lightbody activation work gets done or it doesn’t. We either go inside ourselves and figure out who we are or we continue to shirk responsibility, blame others and stagnate. Each makes their choice, no one can blame anyone else, or anything for their own lack of light motivation in this awakening world. We choose, the red pill or blue pill.

The divine feminine has returned and she holds awakened souls in her circle of light. We will grow and evolve. The push to break the last membrane between us and 5d is on the horizon. 1111 quantum leap. Get prepared and ready. For some of us this involves stepping into warrior mode to kick patriarchy, matrix or inversion of beliefs out of our lives for good. For others it involves meditation, healing and karmic clearing. As we resonate with our highest path we make changes to ensure we walk our highest path. Cord cutting, block burning, detoxes, final clear outs of old, nasty, grimy karma will raise our vibrations, we stay aligned with Gaia on her ascent. We may be shedding the last layers of our matrix avatar to riiise to the surface as out true selves. Hold space, believe in yourself. The world is gaslighting us on a mass scale, telling us it’s all in our heads. Gut instinct is the moral compass the matrix seeks to disable from birth, our beacon for truth.

Those who point the finger and judge are laying timelines of low frequencies. Their lives will remain mired in the 3d matrix for as long as it takes them to surrender to Self and to Source. A thousand years window to vanquish ego and embrace gratitude. Some bloodlines will take generations to work through and clear the backlog of sticky, muddy, slimy karma they have accrued. Surrendering our gut, our morality and integrity to the matrix is a choice, a soul searching choice all are faced with. Weakened minds choose the matrix for its ‘succulent steak’, its feeding of dark desires. A thousand linear years on 3d earth to figure out love is better than hate, to break perpetual cycles of fear and step into empathy. Having been here for a while, I’m relived they’ve got a thousand years, because some of them are gonna need it. Redemption window will be open till the close of the Age of Aquarius. Purgatory will be existing in the 3d dark matrix of the fourth realm, a spooky, sinister, war torn, vicious place, manifesting as I write. The hell of the bible, old stories and ancient prophesies.

Soul retrieval continues to ensure every soul is whole to make their choice, each generation, each ancestor at a time. But the work isn’t all miracles and magic, the individual contributes, shows up, makes an effort, the angels wait it out. Implants designed to lock us into hamster wheel memory loops malfunction when we raise our vibrations. Spiritual ego, DNA modifications blocking humility and gratitude, disarm them by meditating love frequency. Surrender to truth, divinity and love to dissolve Atlantean warfare. The truth of our authenticity, our sovereignty, is we make the choice. Final Wake Up call of 2019. Woke folk riiiissssiiing readying for the final great purge of 2019. 1111 quantum leap gateway is on her way, either jump on board or be left behind as we sail into seas of dimensional freshness, vitality and freedom.

Caveman coding is malfunctioning, entitlement conditioning is coming apart at the seams, the patriarchy is in uproar. #metoo, climate rebellion, #woke Instagram, the chains holding women in their places are cracking, snapping as women and girls, and awakened men, prise the lid off its dark secrets. Society is morphing in front of our eyes, separation, polarity is palpable in our lives. The cabal respond by gaslighting us with more venom, vigour and vitriol. Women are neglected, enslaved, beaten, raped, tortured, controlled and abused every minute. Truth. The divine feminine is coming for her mamas, her babies, her sistars and her tribe. Her sacred wrath will shatter the holographic glass ceiling into tiny fragments. Feel her ripples of rage, the goddess has awoken, her compassion lit with the fire of divine karmic justice. Memory loops accelerate, blue pillers revert back to selfish, scarcity algorithms on a weekly basis. Reset. Theirs is the limitation of consciousness, whilst the rest of us are expanding our consciousness. Kindness was a weakness in the 3d matrix, kindness is a soaring skill, an empathic high five, a compassionate leg up to 5d. Watch karma stomp out her retribution, her truths are her energetic levelling of everyone.

The timelines manifest. We are vibrating in and out of each others lives, new earth birthing labour through 2019, 9 months of pain, turmoil, euphoria and epiphany. The last membrane , the final quantum leap of 2019 is just around the corner. We can feel the stirrings, see 1111 popping up again. Take the leap confidently, trust your instincts will land you on the right spot. The natural world spells out our timelines. The old matrix is being reprogrammed, upgraded, to higher vibratory fields. We experienced a massive surge in original blueprint coding activation when the light matrix was plugged into the mainframe. Tribal truths of our ancient past are coming back online. We will attain technological advancement, intergalactic travel, in symbiosis with tribal compassionate connectivity. We will view ourselves as a Whole not a divided, chaotic, hate filled, disparate society.

Separation of our energetic realities is occurring. We are earthing, grounding, anchoring, committing to a higher state of BEing. We will choose when to interact with lower dimensional realities. We will have more say in how our lives are run energetically. The mainframe is now in a space of steadying, of stabilising under its new management. The light matrix was weaved to mirror the dark matrix. The Intergalactic Federation recognised in 2016 that the population were not ready for full disclosure. Maintaining their comfort zone, the matrix created contextual fabric of reality, was deemed necessary. Implants, modifications, chips in our brains to limit memory and expansion of consciousness were too deeply rooted in the collective psyche. Fear was the core coding engineered to maximise our vulnerabilities, insecurities and weaknesses in a system honed to feed the never satisfied cravings of the devil and his gang. Enough of us on the material plane raised our vibrations to break the programming, unplugging from matrix algorithms designed to lock our souls into a perpetual recycling machine, dumbing us down to obedient, mindless sheeple. Woke folk broke the matrix.

Fusion of the woven light matrix with the holographic 3d matrix was complex and sophisticated. We are running tests, checking everything has merged as we engineered. Light pulses of love frequencies are replacing fear algorithms. The matrix is in complete disarray yet continues to function due to the mirroring of its infrastructure in the weaving of the light matrix. Containment and stabilising the mainframe are the priorities for now. We anchor our dreams, we put the effort into expansion of Self, in these coming weeks, to embed in higher vibratory fields through the 1111 portal. There will be other opportunities for quantum leaps in 2020, October’s 1111 leap will be the final gateway to fifth dimension upgrades this year. Once this 1111 portal is complete and we have made the leap into our new lives, our new head spaces, our new emotional frequencies, then we can direct our compassion to the sleepers. For now we should be focused on Self, building and creating lives that reflect our humility, our gratitude and our zest for being human on Gaia at this momentous time!

Red pill people chose to raise their vibrations and break free from the matrix. Blue pill people choose to deny truthers, remaining locked in dis-comfort zones of dis-ease and dis-traction. Blue pill people deny their own divinity, allowing their ego fuelled sense of self to be their dominant characteristic. Red pill woke folk have spent a lot of time trying to enlighten blue pill people. The seeds are sown, a lot of work has been done. We must pull back all our energies now. We are the priority. Those who resist truth, refuse love and maintain spaces of envy, ego and judgement can be given a wide berth in the coming weeks. Theirs is a determinedly low vibration tinged with growing panic and confusion. Sleepers know they’ve missed something important, their egos prevent them from admitting it, so they dig their heels in and continue to infer delusion. By projecting their denial and delusion onto us, they become watchdogs of the matrix, mini mind controllers, gaslighters, for the elite. Their darker energies will attack, push back at our light. Avoid energetic warfare, drama, with sleepers, their demons are in the driving seat, their confusion is theirs alone. Enough lightwork has been done to give all a fair chance at awakening. Step back and rest from the seed sowing mission, allow it, detach, observe, wait and watch to see if love grows, flourishes or blossoms.

The silent rapture has happened. Revelations are the space we inhabit. Assimilation is our energetic blueprint upgrading to align with Gaia as she climbs the ascension field. Ground. Plant feet firmly on the ground. Be ready for the push when it comes. Be open to synchronicity, gifts from the universe to help us shed those last remnants of the old 3d us. Equinox energies of death and rebirth can be channelled, ritualized to assist our enlightenment. Be ready to rise like phoenix, to watch our seeds grow in a blissful space of no fear. We are doing this. Next quantum leap will align with the full moon 13.10.19 in Aries. Transcendence with all the enthusiasm, fire and wonder of Aries vibration. We are in the final stages of labour. One more membrane to push through. The last 1111 quantum leap gateway of 2019 will open in October. Be ready to jump cosmic friends. The other side, we will be ‘living our lives like they’re golden, golden’ (Jill Scott). The old paradigms will fade out, rationality will be established as the primary frequency of political and economic infrastructure.

The Shift will be energetic and palpable. Blue pillers will feel the quakes as the portal opens and we jump. Its put your money where your mouth is, cards on the table time. Light or dark. Love or hate. Peace or war. Heaven or hell. Red pill or blue pill. Wake up or stay plugged in. Many will choose to remain inert, some will embrace the Leap in everything they are. It’s all aligning beautifully. Keep doing what we’re doing, it’s working. Make the commitment to Self. Show up for You and all else will fall into place. Divine alignment of masculine and feminine energies will breathe life into our dreams. We are manifesting the Age of Aquarius. Be present. Accountable. Authentic. Take no prisoners, have no fear. Expand into truth, surrender to source, manifest in love vibration. We’re in for quite an energetic ride through October cosmic comrades. Earth codes uploaded, mainframe Lit, it’s time. Everything is energy, peace is possible. Sending all a huge healing love hug 🙏🏼