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Capricorn to Aquarius Activation Portal 24.07.21

24.07.21 Full Supermoon Capricorn to Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius foretold by many ancient civilisations is here. We ride cosmic waves of transformation as we evolve to Tribal Unity Consciousness.

We shift from root chakra shadow work to upper chakra expansion. Clearing the debris makes way for higher frequency magnetism. Manifestation is maxed up in supermoon portals.

Feeling stuck, ground down, held back, in a rut or forever pushing against something is going to give way now. Let the release happen. Barriers to our happiness are evaporating in our divine will. We stand up for, we action our right to peace and joy. Be happy with Self. The really tough bit is coming to a close. Rainbow light floods the Gaia plane.

We have been nimble, cautious, fearless and quick witted to climb rocky, tricky Capricorn energy. The full moon transitions us to Aquarian energies of upper chakra expansion.
Aquarius vibrations activate throat, third eye and crown chakras. We drop into our truth. We communicate with more clarity. We channel ancestral wisdom. We tune up our senses, our gut, our psychic powers. Our crown chakras expand in knowledge of the world, Self and the Divine.

Channel Aquarius super moon upgrades in meditation, ceremony and journalling. Harness shift vibrations by securing understanding of Self. Magnetise full moon portals in dreamweaving.

The magic is in the journey as much as the destination beautiful people πŸ™πŸ½ #transcentral #whattimeislove

Love our sacred temple space, peace ❀


1 thought on “Capricorn to Aquarius Activation Portal 24.07.21”

  1. Indeed. This world feels both catastrophic and pregnant at the same time. We are clearly moving, and beginning to recognize that we always move from here (life)

    Lovely to hear from you Morag

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