A little about me…

Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I graduated with MA, MSc and PGCE. Before moving to East London I travelled in Australia and Europe. I taught English Literature and was a Head of Year in high schools for 15 years.

I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. My awakening was a home coming, a huge cosmic hug from the multi verse. My interest is in supporting and guiding those who are waking up to the matrix, to connectedness, to higher dimensional frequencies and zen vibration. I specialise in supporting people who are identifying as starseed, lightworkers, indigo, crystal or volunteers.

My awakening was triggered by a dual discovery of starseed communities online and Dolores Canon’s Three Waves of Volunteers. Resonating with starseed, volunteer, lightworker, indigo I began meditating and my whole life changed. Leaving teaching to become a stay at home mum, I retrained as a meditation teacher, crystal healer and Reiki energy healer. A natural psychic, I have been reading tarot cards for over 25 years. Everything fell into place.

I started blogging on Facebook, awakening5dhealing, about life, the universe and everything in 2015, following this with a WordPress blog in 2016. I am a guest writer for In5d and Higher Self on YouTube, publishing several posts each month.

East London has a growing, vibrant healing community. I have had the opportunity to do guided meditations at local Healing Festivals, as well as regular pop up healing evenings accompanied by Tibetan Singing Bowls. Creating sacred space for group meditation with sound healing is a magical and beautiful privilege.

I work with clients for Reiki and crystal energy healing in person and online. I also do starseed tarot readings with crystal pendulum for guidance and channelling. If you are interested in any of these services please contact me by email for more information.

You can find me on Facebook, WordPress and YouTube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

Morag _/\_


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