Morag is a warm, kind and very sensitive person. She read my energy accurately and very quickly as soon as we started talking on Skype. I enjoyed her insights and felt she was caring about me as a person and as a healer. She has done a tarot reading for me too which was very interesting. I highly recommend her services to anyone. A beautiful human being. Imi S

Morag provided support and understanding at a time when I felt overwhelmed by recent intense spiritual experiences. Her channelling and guidance is helpful and insightful and her awareness of other realms is reassuring. She is also super friendly, and really easy to talk to. I was so lucjy to find such a wonderful being, whose light shines brightly and can help guide us back towards our souls true purpose in this realm. Jenny Vale

I was feeling unwell – drained, stuck, unmotivated and lost?
I asked Morag to do some distance reiki for me. There were a few sessions, and she sensed there was a strong energetic cord around my sacral chakra that was linked to ancestral anxiety. It was blocking me and needed to be released. We worked in stages -there were tearful moments..it was incredible how i was feeling during the healing and letting go process. The sensations were odd..it was like ur on a boarder line of a feeling/s…it’s like there are 2 musical notes very different in sound but somehow harmonic! These were multi dimentional parts of myself speaking to eack other. I felt the heaviness and sadness slowly slip away. It was indeed a poignant, revealing and transforming process on a deep level. Morag’s channelling into the situation and guidance was incredible. The energy work and reiki was very powerful and I’m feeling so much better. I believe what Morag did – the energy work was on a Shamanic level. I strongly recommend it. Alina Gavrielatos

I had a tarot reading with Morag via Skype several months ago. During the reading, Morag offered clarity and perspective to some personal dilemmas I was facing that I simply had not considered. I was given a new insight which helped me move forward with what I was experiencing by really getting to the heart of the matter. Morag is a tremendously gifted & intuitive reader & teacher. I highly recommend her for a reading. Yvonne Szigeti

This Guided Meditation class hosted by Morag is great and I really enjoy it. It is nice to take an hour out of your busy day to think about you. Morag has great energy it is a pleasure to see every week at Guided Meditation, she always has something you can take back into your own life after the class. Otis Fulton

Awesome guided meditation! Morag does very well at guiding the class through a very peaceful and deep meditation. I very quickly felt comfortable and engaged. Being new to meditation I also felt enlightened and inspired by the sessions with Morag. I certainly recommend this class! Theo Hicks

This meditation group is unique and special. Every Tuesday I am looking forward to relaxing my mind and improve my breathing. The atmosphere is very relaxing and welcoming. Highly recommended. Love it xxx Serhat K