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30.11.20 Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Portal Open

The opening of the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Stargate ignites transformation in our BEings. Many of us have cried like we haven’t cried before through 2020. Healing is being turned inside out, surviving, getting turned inside out again and surviving again, repeat. We’ve been hussling, challenged on every level of our mind body soul BEing. And the healing is not letting up beautiful people. We are the Kings and Queens of today, the Rainbow Children are the architects of our New Earth, we hold space and allow them to plant their seeds, create, nourish and grow our new world. We have been adapting, pushed out of rigid, relentless routines and social rules of engagement. We are reclaiming what it is that makes us human, happy, tribal and expansive. Our families, our friends, our passions, our lives are full of beauty, it was under our noses all along.

Second Lockdown runs along side Second Wave of Transformative Light Portals. CERN has been activated. We bar, block, blast apart all negative frequencies from CERN, 5G masts and the multitude of other ways our frequency is under attack. We do this by refusing to dip into darkness, fall into despair, crash into helplessness. We align. We choose the spaces where we feel safest and we magnetise more of this. We cut out energy vampires, cut cords with trolls, handlers and controlling poeple. We are discovering resources we didn’t know we had in us. The ability to face our demons, our fears, our truths and stay standing intact. Trust Self above all else. 

Our human rights are under direct fire as we awaken and transcend the lower realm. Face masks block the throat chakra, cut off our breath, limit our ability to read one another, create hostility in anonymity. Fear is stripping us of our natural human instincts of socialisation. We fight to protect our rights with petitions, demonstrations and people power. We protect those too frightened to question authority. We stand up for those vulnerable to the fear being generated to intense and relentless levels through 2020s transformation. We help those who need help. We support those who need our support and we reach out to receive love and support around us. Truth speaks loud and clear beautiful people. The NWO are making their play, how we respond is up to us. 

The Arcturian Light Federation hold us all in celestial Light Waves of Transformation. We have laughed and we have cried, we have resisted and we have caved, we have fallen and got back up, we have crawled and danced our way through 2020. Transformation takes no prisoners, she coming to get us whether we like it or not. Resistance is futile and yet resistance is all we have to the power, the pull of truth in our vibratory landscape. Inner to outer, micro to macro, it can happen no other way.

It is already done beautiful people. Abundance is ours. Manifestation is the name of the game DREAMWEAVERS. To combat evil we step into our Dreams. We light our passions with energy, commitment and focus. We set the intention to walk our highest path through the heart of darkness. We repeat this mantra realigning ourselves each time we are derailed, how often is required. Some days we may need to draw breath into our soul several times just to navigate the day, other days we may be on lighter frequencies of release and ease. Resistance is futile yet it’s all we have to block us from facing our truth. Allow it cosmic surfers. We are all doing our best. We have fought hard to be positioned for 2020 as we were. We have worked and we still work Lightbearers, Truthseekers, Wayshow-ers and Light Bringers. Healers hold space for Self and All as we transform. We riiiiiiiiise friends.  

Gemini full moon is Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine healing. The Twins depict the ultimate battle and balance between the feminine and masculine. As women fight for their voice, their rights, their sovereignty, are men feeling emasculated, weakened, threatened or vulnerable as women take back their power. Is it time for men to surrender to women and allow us to carry some of the load the patriarchal society places on men’s shoulders. As each woman awakens to her divine feminine truth she turns her attention to her men. The divine feminine rises, the divine masculine heals. Each heals the other. The Gemini Twins hold a mirror between them. Each reflects the truth at the other. How do we as a collective navigate this vast transformation of the masculine and feminine soul path. Balance is equality, earnings, status and achievement. On a deeper level, the fabric or weave of community, masculine and feminine, centers with mutual and shared respect and recognition of the skills each brings to the tribe. Celebration of the feminine and celebration of the masculine is the goal beautiful people. There is a place for it all. Let our darkness through, its a part of us. Instead of expressing barriers perceived to protect us, we are being activated to intimacy. Tribal Unity Consciousness is co-created compassionate community.

The final Lunar Eclipse of 2020 encourages us to close unfulfilling chapters in our lives, shift our mindset from negative to positive and break self abuse behavior cycles. 2020 has given us all the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives. Pulled out of our matrix hamster wheels in lockdown, isolated with our self or our tribe, we have been in energetic shamanic healing tents transforming from the inside out. Gemini Lunar Eclipse is our chance to make the SHIFT. Timelines have been sown in Manifestation Corridors throughout 2020. Our set intentions, our focus are coming to fruition. Confusion over which timelines will drop is being cleared in the Lunar Eclipse portal. Go inside for answers to the big life questions. Our gut knows everything. Our heart sees everything. Our souls knows our path. It is all inside us. We clear debris, blocks, toxins and low self esteem algorithms to reconnect with our mind body soul temple. Manifestation in the matrix is swift when we KNOW what we want. Lunar eclipses of this magnitude are celestial activations, offering a unique chance to find, choose and walk our destiny.

The Shift is happening. Our world is transforming. Upgrades are coming through. Mantra – I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time, under the protection of my Higher Self. Expansion is calming ourSelves, balancing our energy, setting intentions and Weaving our Dreams. We don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, 2020 is what we wanted. The shape and form may not have been what we expected. The Fear pandemic is a restructuring of the world, streamlining the NWO. Its not working. The Woke movement and the Self Care movement have derailed the Cabal’s Plan A. We are all Shifting to Plan B. Adjustment and adapting to babylonian algorithms in the Matrix allows for changes in direction. This Gemini Full Moon Eclipse is a Shift in our timelines. Detach from expectation of others if you can, we each have our wounds, our traumas and our scars. We hold each other and walk beside each other as we transform.

Stay tuned for video Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Update on one off purchase or join the awakening5dhealing community and receive weekly video energy updates and guided meditations.  

In light and love beautiful people.



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