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Lionsgate Portal #LoveYourSelf #2022 #theEvent #Twinflame

Peace up the rEvolution beautiful people, the Lion’s Gate Portal is open, shifting all that has been karmically loosened for release.

Stay focused on Self. Discovering self, building self, owning and breathing SELF. The energies are in turmoil, dark versus light. Those sensitive may be upset, tearful, anxious, exhausted, jittery, shaky, as the shockwaves run through our systems. There is much in play, our inner karmic evolution as we transcend lower vibratory fields of fear, and the energetic transmutation of all that is dark to light. Breathe into each wave friends. Realign constantly. Step back, detach, observe, assess, tune into gut for guidance on each move. We are in deep waters of planetary ascension, stay focused on cultivating inner calm, self knowledge and self love.

Expansion into Self is the play for the Lion’s Gate Portal. Our current directive is stay focused on securing our sense of self worth. This isn’t matrix inversion of selfish, self serving, entitled, use and abuse programming. This is the nuanced healing of Self. 333 trinity mindbodysoul balance is alchemy in the fire, force and magnitude of 888 Lion’s Gate abundance. Body swerve anxiety and stress by tuning into the energy of places, people, situations and realigning to a space of mindful presence.

Synchronicity is the language of our guides and higher self, tune in, engage and respond. The world is interactive not static, everything is energy. Stay centred in core strength. Surrender to the upgrades friends. The Lions Gate Portal is super charged DNA activation. Meditation, nature, love and laughter are soothing balm easing our recalibration in 888 Lion’s Gate Portal light frequencies. We are owning our lives. Ride the waves, stay steady on your surfboard and lean into it cosmic surfers 🏄‍♀️💚


I am one with universal love frequency.

I power up the sacred sphere of protective light round me, my family…

I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self.

I am abundant in my world.

I welcome abundance into my being.

I step into the energy field of abundance in all areas of my life.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.



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