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2020 Aurora Ascension Wave Update Are we there yet?

2019 we broke through the membrane, critical point for propulsion was reached. We waved goodbye to Kansas. 333 Quantum Leap Portal opened. Root chakra release. Heart chakra expansion. Throat chakra activation. Activating 2020s corridor of radical transition.

The 2021 Lionsgate Portal has embedded transformation Crystalline coding into the mainframe. Light coding, synchronicity, Manifestation and magic woven into the heart of darkness. Weavers, creators, healers the Light Matrix unseats the manchild Kings. Illusion props up their crowns. Anunaki tech glitches, holograms flicker, wander, malfunction inside their functionality loops. Maintain power is the core algorithm, engineered by a dying breed into a dark illusory framework. We take it apart piece by piece. Each alignment, the teeth move, cogs turn, debris is blown out and new pathways are cleared. We meditate, reflect, think and expand. We see and speak with clarity and care. Our language evolves in the light coding. We expand into love, gratitude and mindfulness.

Positioning began in earnest in 2012, as the Mayans predicted. In 2019 we anchored divine feminine energies to Gaia’s grid enabling crystalline core integration. We triggered divine masculine awakening in the collective consciousness through determined karmic clearing. We went deep, we were fearless, we were wounded and we survived. We changed the game beautiful people.

2020 the Event. Tribal Unity Consciousness activaaaationn on the Aurora Ascension Wave. A pandemic rather than war chosen for convenience. Locked down as previous generations had been in black plagues. All an illusion to serve a purpose. Matrix upgrades. To upgrade a whole system it must be taken offline. Old matrices lie dormant, abandoned, haunted and covered up all around us. The bones and remnants of outdated control systems. The fourth realm demands a more dynamic processing unit. Flexible and astral. Wholesale Motherboard upgrade was required.

The Arcturian Light Federation are decommissioning the matrix in divine alignment with the Ascension of Gaia. Deactivation, the dissolution and disabling of the matrix, is Divine Primary. We work within G.o.d.s plan. Three waves of volunteers. Three waves of lockdown. Three Trinity celestial Gateways of Light activated our crystalline coding. We ascend friends.

Positioning kicked in. We made our play for Plan A. The game has expanded from 3d to quantum. Our world is now in the realm of love. Darkness shows his face and we catch our prey. Breathe light coding into the collective consciousness light workers, healers, teachers, warriors of light and love. The seeds we planted are flowering in the mainstream psyche. Dispersal of healing, meditation, self care and love for Gaia is cosmic consciousness expansion. The illusions are shattering. All deceit will dissolve in the new paradigm we are birthing. Timelines are stabilising. We reap what we sow.

The Event, activated by the Aurora Ascension Wave is our Quantum leap out of the old matrix into the new world order framed in spiritual 5th realm vibratory field. All to play for. Connect the dots, close the circuitry. Engage and trust our senses to embed Self. Be calm. Manifest abun-dance in rainbow vibrations. Meditate. Eat well. Stay grounded. Know the machine is trying to get back on its hooves in a new earth framework. Know the machine is on its knees friends. The crystal kids held us. The rainbow kids are the New Earth template and they are here. Indigos expand us into the light.

Hold truth, humility and gratitude as a shield, fire to stoke our soul. Know all is going to plan. We take one day at a time in a world transitioning from lower realm oppression to higher realms coded in compassion. We radically transform in spiritual expansion. SEE through the illusion beautiful people. Tribal Unity Consciousness activvvaaaaaatiiion and the magic begins ✨

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