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Libra Full Moon Portal 16th March to 16th April 2022 Scales of Justice

Twin Libran Full Moon Portal

The Goddess Themis raises the Scales of Justice in the Light vibratory field of Twin Libra Full Moon Portal 2022. Dreamweavers, Lightworkers, Truthers and Healers we position for the next Phase… Justice. Apache drums beat. The Butterfly Men awaken. Dreams take flight. The inversion of archetype Divine Feminine Divine Masculine is BEing addressed. The Dark 5g matrix upgrade has stalled. The cabal run war programming to recode us into the matrix. Fight fear with gratitude. Anxiety with mindfulness and fatigue with rest and meditation. Keep our vibrations high friends 🙌🏽

Stay strong Brothers and Sistars. We generate Love frequencies of Light deep in the heart of darkness. Last breaths. Last stand. Babylon falls. The Tower crumbles. Judgement calls. Use every tool we have to combat fatigue. All signs are holy and divine. We follow the white rabbit to truth. We follow our hearts to find Self. Stand in your truth. Know it is all a front. Hall of mirrors. Illusion and delusion. Magic tricks and disappearing acts. There is nowhere to hide as light penetrates dark.

The New Earth blueprint activates on the material plane. Crystalline Exit the Matrix codes encrypted in the Twin Libra Full Moon portal. Use music, meditation, dance, solitude, nature and breath work to keep our Mind Body Soul sacred temple in 5th realm Love vibrations. Visualisation, ceremony and self care to navigate intensive micro to macro shadow work. Hold tight beautiful people 💕 We Make this Happen. We are the Actioners. The Game Changers. Justice will be served. In light and love beautiful people 👣



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