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Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Aurora Update 16.5.22 #FollowtheYellowBrickRd

Follow the Yellow Brick Rd πŸ’›

Divine Feminine Divine Masculine Archetype Activation in Twin Gemini Moons 16.03.22 to 16.04.22 βœ…  ☯️

Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 16.5.22 Gateway transitioning us. Powered up in the current energy field 444 lightbody activation. Shadow work and Upgrades beautiful people. We. Are. Doing. This.

Upgrades to our Mind Body Soul temple are available. Nature, meditation, self care, rest, movement and expansion of knowledge help us access and activate celestial upgrades.

Manifestation is heightened, sharpened and clarified. Stay positive in your mindset. Catch negative thoughts or behaviours and release them. Work to stay calm and you will feel Aligned. Less stress more flow 😌

Dissolve fear or anxiety in Divine Love of Self and our Beautiful world. Celebrate your achievements. Own our Shadow Self. Scorpio takes on Shadow work with fearless precision. Allow the silt to settle to clear the path. Allow lower vibrations to rise to the surface, let the path clear. The Yellow Brick Rd will take us safely to the Emerald City. Know we are magical, Lit, protected and healed as we go Over the Rainbow 🌈

The Lunar Eclipse will realign us if we lean into her. We can burn out when we push ourselves through Transformation corridors trying to maintain our normal routines and output. Now is the time to stoke Soul Self. Turn the soil 🌱 Water and nourish Self. Full moon rituals to reset in lunar light letting go of past trauma, burning and blowing debris from the path. Set Intentions in Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Gateway vibrations for deep healing and infinite expansion. Honour the Goddess in Divine Lunar energy field.

πŸ¦‹ The spiritual path takes work, we use up lots of energy as we radically transform in Light Gateways. The Yellow Brick Rd is the path out of the Matrix. We free our Mind consciously and consistently. We activate our heart chakra to pilot our sacred temple. We speak our truth with clarity, courage and conviction. We sharpen our senses in Scorpio full moon clarity and precision. Mind Body Soul health and wellBEing, balance and centred, calm and quick, cool and clear. Manifessstaaaaation vibraaaations! We Dreamweave in Dorothy’s footsteps πŸ‘  Kansas is long gone friends πŸŒͺ

Tribal Unity Consciousness activation on the Aurora Ascension wave 2020 – 2022 Brothers and Sistars. Matrix core codes war, poverty and division are dissolved, deactivated, in positive loving mind set and intention. We decommission the machine. Separation on the material plane. Collective responsibility actioned by the collective consciousness. There is no Blue pill anymore. We either go through the looking glass, fall down the rabbit hole, swallow the red pill or we cling to our demons, our plugs. Inertia, the paralysis of the Bystander is tick tocking outta here. We Activate Intention on the material plane. Soul Truth. Collective Truth. Second Coming.

πŸ— Our truth is our authenticity. Our heart knows the way ❀ Create time in our daily lives to accommodate Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 16.5.22 powerful transformation corridor. To fully embed upgrades coming in on lighter frequencies we create time, space, energy and Intention.

Honour our Mind Body Soul Temple during Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Transformation Gateway. Acknowledge the effects on our energy level, heart weaving and thought processes. Everything slows down internally as we navigate Scorpio Shadow work and Lunar Eclipse Expansion. Allow this. Allow space for Self, and others, to be a bit slow, confused or irritable. Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is shadow work friends. Be kind to Self. To ascend we lighten our load. We climb beautiful people #BaseCamp #5dRealm

Headspace, Quiet, Nature and Time are the Keys πŸ— to Expansion. The spiritual path takes internal work leading to external application. We magnetise 🧲 inner truth, self worth and self knowledge when we Make Time and Space for Self. Upgrades to throat, root and heart chakras are coming through on this Scorpio Lunar Eclipse.

🌬 Mantras
I breathe in light and exhale anxiety
I Am Amazing
I Am Beautiful
I Am Wise

I connect with Goddess vibration in lunar light

I receive all upgrades available at this time under protection of my Higher Self

All energy not of my creation I return to source

I share love
I receive love
I Am Love

Namaste πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

🌈 Crystal kids are feeeeeelin it. Let them rest, be in nature and explore. Fexibility and Quiet Time for their spiritual growth will help. Healing crystals Tiger Eye and Quartz.

⏳ The more time and energy we can devote to May 2022 Lunar Eclipse Gateway the more we will get from her. If you feel like all you want to do is dance, meditate, bathe, read, paint and journal then do it!!!!

Much love and Light 🌈


2 thoughts on “Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Aurora Update 16.5.22 #FollowtheYellowBrickRd”

  1. Love you girl! Thank you for sharing! Resonating always with your writings and have nooo idea why because personakt not very clair-anything.! πŸ˜† Greetings from Sweden πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Lets do this! 🌈 Happy happy!


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