Reality Bites.

The third wave of higher dimensional energy is on its way, 9-12 September, and the interweb is buzzing with channelled transmissions, guidance, hope and fear. 

Many things can block our ability or motivation to realign, sometimes getting out of bed, feeding yourself and just leaving the house can feel like insurmountable challenges. If this is how you’re feeling you’re not alone. If you are feeling angry with the world, the greedy evil men that have been running the show, or your anger is closer to home with family, work colleagues or friends who just don’t get it, you are not alone.  If you’re feeling beaten, despairing, depressed or deceived, you are not alone. 

I don’t have any great words of wisdom for any of the above.  I’m struggling with severe Goddess Rage; an ego (inner child/chimp) that won’t shut up in my head; disgust at the ignorance, disrespect and brutality humans show each other and the planet. My hands are burning, like my blood is boiling, waking up several times a night with hands “that feel like two balloons”.

I know what I should do: eat well, drink tonnes of water, meditate, ask for protection, upgrades, light and love from my guides. Channel all pain, anger and despair through my heart chakra to cleanse it. But today all I can think or feel is ‘when is it time?’ How much more of this can we (peaceful people) take? I am READY. Ready to ascend (with my soul tribe), ready to blow this gig, exit stage left, leave ignorance, violence, deceit, greed and fear behind. 

The political monstrosity that is playing out, the poverty, pollution and depravity of this dimension has got me today. 

I will meditate, I will breathe, I will heal. But today I’m FEELING the ‘Beam me up Scottie’ in a world that is tipping many of us over the edge. Tribal love, healing and connectivity will save me. Writing this will help me. I’m reaching out, if you’ve resonated with any of the above know this – you are not alone. And if this third wave does propel us into higher frequency dimensions brrrriiinnggg it on, what took you so long?

(Agitated but trying) namaste. 

Love and peace forever maaaaan.


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