What is it? Part 3 

What do I do about it?

As our systems adjust to these higher frequencies we are literally becoming lighter. To make this transition, this shift in consciousness, our mind-body-soul upgrade needs to shake off denser lower frequencies.  The key to raising our cellular frequencies and not getting ill, checking out or giving up is to seek balance between the Mind, Body and Soul.  

Talk therapy, holistic therapies like cranial sacral therapy, neural realignment therapy, meditation, shamanic healing, past life or qhht hypnotherapy can help balance our mind body soul. Meeting other people who are also feeling confused or seeking deeper spiritual practise is a great way to navigate the trickier aspects to awakening.  

Water is very clearing, whether its a cool shower, a warm bath or a swim all can help clear our ethereal bodies of unwanted stuck energy. Gong or sound baths raise our frequencies, help us release blockages.

Crying, as hard as it is, is very good for us. We can trigger emotional release, watching a sad film, listening to a moving piece of music, looking through old photo albums… each time we sit in an uncomfortable emotion (shame, guilt, grief, pain, hurt, sadness) we are essentially lancing that bubble of pain.  Feeling it, looking it in the eye, allowing it, WILL release it. When it’s over, it will be gone, dissipated as energy into the universe. This is a very hard process. The only thing I ever read about Shadow Work that has helped me has been to repeat three words over and over ‘This will pass’. And it always does pass.

Seek stillness in nature.  Step into nature as often as possible.  Walk through the park rather then up the High St, even if its a longer route. Nature helps us to be more mindful, engaging all our senses in the present. Nature realigns us, like plugging a phone into a charger, the mind-body-spirit frequency is cleared and powered up. 

Reiki, spiritual kundilini or breathwork yoga, acupuncture, herbal remedies, hiking, colouring in, spending time engaging with children. All holistic therapies can help calm and nourish our fragile egos and open our hearts to a more heart led existence. Energy work like reiki can shift blockages, reduce stress and lighten the (emotional) load. Meditation will still the ego, open the heart and encourage the flow of energies through our ethereal bodies, as Gaia shifts.

Learning about the Chakras: what they are, what they do, how to maintain them is hugely beneficial to understanding this awakening process. Many yoga, meditation and breathwork classes will teach you about chakras, as will research.  They are essentially the ‘power points’ of our systems. The portals that draw energy in and release energy. The more you know the more you can look after them the calmer and more connected you will be as a mind-body-soul being.

Be with tribal soul mates whenever possible (you know…the one’s who make you feel good about yourself).  Avoid drama – other people’s control dramas, global political dramas and your own ego’s dramas. Drama drains energy, literally.  Avoid the mainstream media in all its guises, reading, watching and listening to hate, fear and fascism will programme you to feel and display these emotions. Value your space, protect it, filter closely what or who you allow in.  If you cannot avoid any of the above then take measures to protect yourself, crystals, meditations and mantras are good for this as is asking for protection from our guides. Rebalance yourself after exposure using water, crystals, meditation, sound baths, holistic therapies, seeking rest and stillness and realignment.

It is about aspiration and free will. We can change anything anytime. The way to raise the vibrational frequency of those teeny tiny quarks (smallest particles in our bodies) is to transmute all energy, all emotion through the heart chakra. Like a washing machine, if we put all those low vibrations, fear and greed into the wash, our heart will clean it, the dirt comes out, released.  The heart is compassion, kindness, humility and love.  Higher frequencies are higher for a reason.  This is about aspiration to love, to release fear. When we shake off those denser, stickier, darker emotional energies we allow space for gentler, calmer vibrations to flow. This in turn connects us to those frequencies around us of similar nature. Love is the cosmic energetic flow, the ‘dark matter’, the language of the multiverse.  

We should seek balance with our body, mind and soul. Easy if you’re a monk on a Tibetan hillside (we would all be levitating by now!), but down here on planet earth, ground zero it is hard. Polarisation of our world, speeding up of time, destruction, fear, war, injustice, poverty, racism….shall I go on?  So if you reach for those Oreos, pass on that early morning swim, collapse in front of a glass of wine don’t beat yourself up!  This is the matrix, the third dimension and we are here through choice, destiny, it is our soul purpose to be here, so we ride these waves as well we can, accepting imperfection as natural and organic whilst aspiring to a higher vibrational way of life.

It’s all about calming and deprogramming the ego, taking care of the body and the mind and opening the heart to love, compassion and humility.  Practise mindfulness, be in the now, experience the present and the past and future will learn their place.  Believe in a peaceful future on Gaia and it will happen.  And when the shadow work gets to much reach out for help, there are many, many avenues available. Hug a tree!

Much love



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