Cosmic Wave Update 19.09.16

Divine soul mates, soul tribe, twin flames all are being called to each other. Seek creative passions.
We are getting closer. So much shadow work has been done from 2012 onwards, accelerated in 2015 and 2016, many more people waking up every day. 

Lightworkers, volunteers, starseed reaching the big part of the mission. Those awakening are now moving on their path seeking guidance and searching for their true free spirit.  

This is a balancing act, a tug of war we are being pulled in different directions, different dimensions and timelines. This is what it is to be hyperdimensional beings. We must learn to manage these dimensional pulls being present in each reality, finding our true authentic self and staying there. Like a boat on stormy seas aspire to stability and calm in the face of chaos and fear.

Letting go of matrix behaviours and programming. Taking better care of our bodies. Improving our diets, mind food and soul food. Moving with the cosmic flow, the moon and the seasons, feeling less controlled by the man made concept of time. 

Seeing the value in our past, the beauty in our present and the potential in our future.

What do we want? Create it. Believe in ourselves and in the good of this planet. See with our third eye.  Visualise who what and where we want to be. 

Manifest. Accelerated year, accelerated manifestation.  Learn who you are. Be true to who you are. Release self sabotage behaviours and mental processes.  Release toxins from mind and body. Release fear. 

Wish upon a star, if you believe, it will come true. 
Safe surfing people!



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