October Manifest

October manifest is upon us. Rest and take things easy, don’t feel rushed, not everything has to be done at once. Be mindful, breathe in the present and enjoy it. Relax, let it flow.  It’s all happening just as it should and each one of us is playing our part just as we should. Let go of anxiety, give your ego/inner child a hug. Breathe into your chakras, align them.  Be in nature as we organically realign to the love frequency in nature. If like me, you live in the city, then find your nearest park and plonk yourself under a tree. Breathe. 

#matrixmalfunction #reboothumanity #freedom #oneness #chakrabalance #cosmicwaves #awakening #gratitude #transition #higherfrequencies #bemindful #manifestyourdreams


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