Energy Update 12.10.16

The road is getting bumpy friends. People are lying low: physical ailments pushing our mental and emotional boundaries. There is risk of depression, injury, illness and irritability. We are wading through deep, dark, sticky energy on a personal and global scale.  As Gaia and her passengers release eons of dense, heavy karma we are going to feel like we are literally walking through mud at times. Stay with your tribe! Drink water. Create. Rest.  Use healing therapies like sound baths, reiki and meditation. Find and talk to people who are experiencing similar. Try to come back to the heart as often as possible. Be mindful, in the present. These cosmic waves are powerful allow yourself time and space to adjust..go with the flow, things will happen as they should. 
Much love beautiful people and safe surfing. Namaste 

#cosmicwaves #globalpurge #soultribe #onelove #onepeople #oneworld 


2 thoughts on “Energy Update 12.10.16”

  1. Just read your article in WAKE UP WORLD.. Best explanation l’ve read yet…answered most questions l’ve had since l received shakipat from my guru eight years ago…Thanks


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