Energy Update 29.10.16

Brace yourself people. Whatever bad feelings you have, no matter how intense and overwhelming they are, they WILL pass. We are experiencing a deep wave of All Hallows Eve, accelerated year 2016, karmic purge. The veils are so thin between dimensions, they may seem to some transparent, creating a sense of disconnection and slippage. 

If this is happening to you intensely you are probably starseed, lightworker, empathic or a transmuter. A lot of the emotions whirling round your system are not yours. You are channeling other people’s fear, despair and confusion. 

Breathe deep. Release, release, release. Sleep if you can. Watch a good film, read a book. Disconnect from your ego. Hug your ego and tell it to rest. Breathe. Open your heart to the love frequency through children, nature, soul tribe, meditation and mindfulness. Connect to your higher self. Seek protection and guidance from your guides and higher self. Laugh. Release. Breathe.


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