Cosmic Waves Update 4.11.16

Low energy, overwhelmed by crowds, trippy sense of time? Feel like if one more person mansplains to you, you might go crazy? Absolutely had it with rude people, manipulative people, competitive people and obnoxious people? Big highs, love energy and connected beauty followed by lows of ‘beam me up scottie’ emotional roller coasters? Have an overwhelming sense to ‘run for cover’? 
Well the bad news is this is how it’s going to be until we get this uber super, mega massive full moon past us. The timing of the US elections cannot be coincidence. The kabal know their celestial events. The big shake down is coming. 

We are in a strange no man’s land of waiting, dimensional slippage; cosmic upgrades causing system overload for many of us. Our mind-body-soul systems being stretched, bridging multi dimensions, existing in the matrix and higher frequencies at once. Clashing with people not on our frequency. Many people feel bombarded with information, deceit, greed and this is generating fear, confusion and anxiety. 
Waiting to know know our political fate, caught between the devil and the deep blue sea as we watch ordinary Americans torment themselves with the non choice they’ve been given. A psychopathic war monger or a psychopathic rapist? 

If you do get it together to connect meditate and be on the love frequency don’t forget to send love vibrations to the American people, and the people living the wars caused by the US military corporation. Send love to the Rainbow Warriors gathering their clans to take back their land from the oil-dollar corporate elite. 
The good news is we’ve been preparing for this all our lives. Many of us have identified being here on this planet at this time as their mission. We have the tools, the guidance and the quantum connection experience to know what to do when things get this sticky, this tense, the energy this dense. 

Allow yourself to stop, sit, and do nothing. Put off what can wait till next week. Make do with what you’ve got. Be grateful for what you’ve got. Realign in nature and get your soul tribe round to laugh and be in the now. Release programmed expectations, pressure and stress. If you’ve not got your soul tribe in your life call them, meditate and put out the call to the universe ‘bring me, show me, connect me with my soul tribe’!
This is the time of the Moderate, the rational masses who seek nothing more than a safe and healthy life. Not yachts, penthouses, fancy frocks and gold dusted power. The time of the ordinairy person. The extremes battle it out around us, we are in a war zone for our hearts, minds and souls . If we feel tired, burnt out and emotional it’s completely natural. Just being awake is being at ground zero in the middle of a huge cosmic energetic storm of light and darkness, polarity, extremes and the fear this generates. Breathe. Rest. Share love and receive love. Take a load off yourself and take it eazy.

If you’ve experienced a break up, loss or are going through profound changes in your life know this is an organic process, we are being guided by our higher selves and other compassionate beings and ascended masters. We are to learn to trust the universe. Disconnect from the persistent and relentless fear agenda of the matrix. Step out of a linear existence obsessed with chunking life up into tiny slices, each with its own expectation and pressure. Let it go. Release it. Cry. Sleep. Breathe. Meditate. Be still in your own light and shadow, be your own alchemist: combine the shadows of your life and soul with the cosmic universal love frequency to find a flow, a groove in tune with the universe. Accept the bumps along the way. It’s OK folks! This will pass. 
Love and light beautiful people.



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