Cosmic Energy Update 27.11.16

We are in a brief hiatus. It may not seem like it if you are at Standing Rock or in a refugee camp or experiencing emotional trauma, there is an energetic break occurring in the propulsion of Gaia’s and our expansion of consciousness, awakening. What we are experiencing is the ripples of manifestation from the previous wave of cosmic shifts (November’s super moon, preceded by October’s transitioning dimensional surge ). This manifesting is happening in our daily lives, what we hope for, envisage, in each small decision, action and thought. 

Our light work is not just in our big relationships, ideas and belief systems, it’s in all the small interactions we experience. Those everyday moments when we connect with other people, the bus driver, neighbour, shop keeper. How we manage conflict, irritation, aggression and general communication is light work. 

Keeping our frequency high is the aim of the game. Keep pulling it up, no matter how tricky day to day life is, or how infuriating world and local politicians may be or how money affects you. Do whatever you can to stay full of calm, peace and love. Treat yourself with care and respect, the rest will follow. Meditate. Breathe into your heart. Power up your core. Open your mind.  The ripples of our energetic field affect us and our environment, keep the faith beautiful people, make your energetic waves calm, balanced and strong.  Namaste.

Mantra: I am calm, I am humble, I am graceful. 


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