​3d reality is really biting this week. Seeing the truth in people around you and in global politics is unbelievably depressing and shocking. 

As the revelations continue allow yourself time to process the truth. Powerful emotions like anger, fear, alienation, despair are part of the waking up process. 

If we were waking up in a floaty, higher vibration planet or dimension we could be all levitating, loved up and 5th dimensionny. 

Here, planet Earth circa 2016, not so. This is a brutal world to wake up in. Many of us will subscribe to ‘human beings are a virus on the planet’ when we recognise how people are treated. But there are dark forces at work here, manipulation, deception, unbelievable greed and dark magik. The deeper you dig the darker the rabbit hole gets. Really. 

To stay sane it’s essential to remember the incredible beauty and overwhelming humility and love ordinairy people have for each other. The darkness comes from the kabal. Yes it exists in our homes through tv and media and in our lives in the shape of manipulative people. Always listen to and trust your instincts no matter what anyone says to you. 

There is hope, there is love and there is grace among authentic people. Avoid the sheeple, the predators and the selfish. Embrace the warmth and kindness in yourself and the good souls around you. Much love beautiful people, namaste.

#apology #standingrock #veterans #onelove #onepeople #awakening


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